Wondershare UniConverter Review: Best Video Converter?

What is Wondershare Uniconverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is an impressive video conversion application. Wondershare UniConverter is developed thinking of offering a true Swiss Army knife when it comes to working with video.  It will also allow us to download only the audio of a certain video, and of course, many other functions related to video, such as transferring, editing video, compressing videos so that they occupy less and have the same quality, and other functionalities. 

This application basically combines multiple functions and features within itself, offering users the possibility to convert video very easily with different start and end resolutions with original profiles and also customizable. 

Wondershare UniConverter should be considered as a suite of applications and not as a single application. The large number of features it has makes it a very interesting tool that allows you to download a video to convert within a few clicks.

It empowers you to convert audiovisuals from almost all formats to audio, keeping the quality of the audio as much as possible, as well as downloading an audiovisual just by having the link to it, and later being able to edit it if you so wish.

It supports some virtual reality devices and 4K video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, so it is ready for the new devices and new platforms on the market. Its aim is to allow you to enjoy videos on different devices, as it helps to play MP4 on TV, for example. You can use it to watch videos on Apple devices, Android devices, VR, game consoles, etc.

One of its main features is being 30 times faster than other options, made possible by using lossless conversion technology and supporting GPU acceleration (it supports hardware acceleration from NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics ).

The program also instantly detects all the videos from our source to perform the desired conversion, be it from iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, professional cameras, DVDs, USB sticks, external hard drives, computers, and more.

Wondershare Uniconverter Review

Wondershare UniConverter Review
Easy to use8/10
Value for Money 7/10
Customer Service8/10

User Interface

One thing that sets this video conversion software apart from others is its user-friendly and user-friendly interface. There are many people who are not that tech-savvy and find it difficult to deal with software and computer programs. But with UniConverter, it becomes really easy and undemanding.

Wondershare has provided its software with an interface with which you will feel familiar, especially if you have used any of its other programs in the past, since the distribution of the elements and the design is quite similar, with the only difference being the color. In addition, the large number of tools that you can use in it makes it one of the most complete options on the market.

When you start UniConverter, you will see a very well made designed and modern-looking interface. At the top, you will see five highlighted icons that will take you to five different tools that this software offers (with many other options as well).

Uniconverter has left us with a very good taste in general. The aspect that has been most pleasant to us has undoubtedly been its interface: clean, simple, very visual, and with the necessary amount of text.

It even supports drag and drop. The design is so neat and orderly that a beginner can easily use and get what they want. The catalog of options when converting files is the widest that we have been able to see in a converter program, and if we add all the additional functions to this we have a fairly complete suite.

Platform availability

The program is available for both Windows and MacOS, 

When it comes to this Windows App, you can use it on some very old devices. You can use it on Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10. UniConverter is not available on all platforms and is limited to Windows and macOS because editing is mostly done on computer systems or windows / macOS will be the primary system. So it makes sense if the software is available on these two platforms. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is the same as for Windows.

 You don’t need a powerful machine to run this software. However, if you have enough resources, this tool can perform the tasks efficiently.

Also, it has both a paid version and a free one. The latter, as has become customary for developers, offers users quite a few freedoms , making the gap between the standard version and the Premium version not so wide.

The software is available on the official website and can be downloaded and installed directly without any hassle. 

Speed ​​and performance

During my Uniconverter review, I noticed that the speed of conversion was fairly higher than other converters available on the internet. After 2 days of usage, I must say Wondershare UniConverter is a fast and reliable video converter. But, performance naturally depends a lot on your computer’s technical data. 

You probably know that converting videos is very complex – especially if you change the resolution and make several adjustments to the original file. When it comes to the performance of this application, it is difficult to provide specific numbers, as it depends on the power of your computer. However, we can say that I am more than happy with the speed with which UniConverter ran my tests, even if it is not the fastest available.

For example, I used this application to convert a 1080p video resolution with a file size of 168 MB. The output file was 720p video and the format was not changed (it was MP4 at both ends). Therefore, I have significantly reduced the size and resolution of the video file – from 1080p to 720p for a video of 5 Minutes. The whole process took a little 6 minutes.


Although conversion is the main purpose of this program, we must say that it is much more than a simple converter, since it allows you to perform other tasks flawlessly.

Video Converter

As mentioned, the video converter  is the main element of this program and it shows because it is also the most complete. From it we can convert more than 1000 video formats. Also, when it comes to converting the video, the possibilities that Wondershare UniConverter amazes us with features. You can select the thumbnail that you want to appear, add effects and watermarks , trim the video to only convert a part and, of course, choose both the output format and the compression you want it to have.

Audio converter

Not only limited to videos, Wondershare UniConverter can also convert your audio files from one format to another based on your needs. The application allows you to choose the output file format before starting the conversion process.


Wondershare uniconverter video editor

The program’s editor is very easy to use, and it provides you with tools that you may need. It allows you to create professional level video and extra features with which you can retouch the videos that you convert or download.

With this editor you can copy, paste and move any scene or fragment of the video that you are editing. Besides this, it allows you to add effects and filters to the image. Of course, if you are using the free version, your videos will be rendered with a watermark. This will not be the case if you pay for the premium subscription.

Save videos from any site with one click

Wondershare uniconverter downloader youtube

After the converter, the download function is the most helpful in this program. It is quite simple so we will not go into much detail explaining it . With it you can download a video from any page as long as you have the direct link to that video.

The downloader gives you the freedom to choose how high the quality of the video you are downloading will be, being able to set both the image and audio level, as well as the format, which greatly influences the final size of the video you download. The paid version even allows you to download thumbnails and subtitles. Surprisingly, I found out using this feature multiple times during my Uniconverter Review

Burn to DVD 

The third most powerful function of the program is to record the videos that we convert, download or edit on a DVD disc. The tool works so flawlessly when it comes to burning to DVD. This option is enhanced by the possibility of editing the videos before proceeding to record them , which allows us to cut and paste fragments of the video, as well as add filters to the image to give it a different tone.

The speed with which this program is going to perform will depend directly on the hardware you have , but in general it is quite fast in this sense. 

Transfer Easily.

The “Transfer” option is pretty basic. What it allows you is to link to a smart device to send the files and later edit them in UniConverter.

In general, this is what this tool does and the devices with which it is compatible are the following:

  • IOS devices.
  • Android devices.
  • Video-cameras.
  • Physical storage disks.


Wondershare uniconverter

The toolbox is a section where you will find an interesting range of extra functions making things much easier and considerably improving your efficiency.

Among all the tools that we can find here are:

Some useful features include:

  • GIF Maker: allows us to create an animated. GIF image from a video that we have previously converted or downloaded.
  • Image converter: this is the program’s secondary converter, which is intended to work with images.
  • Screen recorder: this tool allows you to record the screen of our computer, and the video that we will obtain as a result will be of good quality, this being one of the most powerful secondary options of the software.
  • Metadata repair: if you have a video that we cannot play because its metadata is damaged, with this tool we can repair it automatically by simply dragging it to the software interface.
  • Video compressor: as its name says, it allows you to compress video files to make them less heavy and take up less storage space.
  • Transmit to TV: allows you to transmit our videos so that they can be viewed on the SmartTV or any television with a TV Box device.
  • VR converter: with it you can convert normal videos to virtual reality (VR) format, obtaining satisfactory results.
  • CD recorder: as with the DVD recorder, in this function you can do the same but with our audios, to have them immortalized on a CD.
  • CD extractor: this will allow you to extract files saved on a read-only CD.

Some of the exclusive features of Wondershare UniConverter include

GPU Acceleration – Accelerate conversion speed, supporting NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics hardware acceleration.

Optimization for Multi-Core Processor – Make full use of the multicore processor to speed-up conversion.

Convert Videos to Different Formats Simultaneously in Batches – Video Converter Ultimate allows you to convert several videos to different formats at one time with one click.

Merge Multiple Videos into One – Do you want to combine video clips into one for convenient viewing? Video Converter Ultimate combines them for conversion.

Lossless Conversion Technology – Powered by industry-leading and unique APEXTRANS technology, convert videos without any loss of quality or video compression.

The list is endless. With all these functions, Wondershare UniConverter is a very complete program in which you will have all the tools to work with your videos personally or professionally. Its ease of use makes it suitable for all users, even those without advanced knowledge. 

Pros and Cons about the application

About 1000+ formats supportMany of it’s useful features are only available in premium subscription 
Modern user interface designTakes time to learn about all the features and options
Has editing features like trim, crop, rotate, add effects, watermark, subtitles, etc.Some of the videos shot by iPhone where not supported by the application
You can download 4K videos from streaming  sites like YouTube and moreH.265 conversions are slow
Has fast conversion speeds and ensures high quality converted videoNo Blu-Ray Disc Support
Can convert videos from external disks
2D to 3D & VR conversion
Simple process of merging videos in just a single click
Optional GPU acceleration support

Uniconverter Free Vs Uniconverter Paid

Main FeaturesUniConverter FreeUniConverter Paid
Convert videos to 150+ formatsLength limit (1/3)Full length
Download videos from online sources5 files limitUnlimited downloads
30x faster video conversionYesYes
Streaming media file to TV5 minutes limitNo limit
Screen recordingYesYes
Download youtube videos as MP3NoYes
Convert video / DVD to different formats NoYes
Combine videos into oneNoYes
CD Writer / CD ConverterNoYes
Customize the DVD menu with various DVD templates.NoYes
Compress/Convert videos.With watermarkNo watermark
Transfer videos or music to Android / iOS devices.5 files limitUnlimited
Free technical support and upgradeNoYes


Its price is $ 59.95 for the yearly subscription. However, it would be more value for money if you buy the lifetime version at $ 79.95, In the case of the Mac version, the price is the same, but there is also a multi-user subscription for $ 119.95 that will allow us to install it on up to 5 computers simultaneously.

However, I must say that the free version can do all your basic tasks effectively. You can install the free version from here with limited features and use it without any issues. The free version can perform all the basic functions that you may need from any video converter.

Wondershare allows us to pay with PayPal for our convenience, but we can also buy with our bank card. If you have questions about this application, there is a demo version to be able to test the application before buying it for both macOS or Windows.

Resource consumption 

To install this tool in your PC, you need at least an Intel or AMD 750 MHz CPU, 100 MB of hard disk space, and at least 256 MB of RAM. A wide variety of GPUs Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are also supported.

About the version of macOS, at least Mac OS X 10.7 is needed. The application needs an Intel-GHz processor, 100 MB of hard disk space, and 512 MB of RAM. To get the most out of UniConverter’s GPU performance, you’ll need a Mac model built in 2012 and beyond.

While converting, it took about 650MB of RAM and took about 85-90% of CPU (I was using an i3 powered PC). While using it, I didn’t encounter any lag, and the process seemed very smooth, even with my not-so-powerful PC. 

How To Get Started With an Uniconverter?

The first step to use any product is to download it, therefore our first step in the guide to using Wondershare UniConverter is to download and install the product.

1. Download Wondershare UniConverter from here.

2. Double click on the .exe file to install Wondershare UniConverter

3. Since Wondershare UniConverter is multilingual, you will need to select the setup language> Next.

4. Read the EULA (End User License Agreement)> Next.

5. Browse to the destination folder to save the installation files and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Wondershare UniConverter installation process.

6. Once Wondershare UniConverter is installed, log in with your Wondershare ID / update. To login, click the Login button.

7. Enter Wondershare ID and password or license email and registration code. Click Login / Register to login. Then you will see a new window with the email address and the current plan activated.

Note: Wondershare ID refers to the account created on Wondershare. Manage your purchases. If you have purchased Wondershare UniConverter after December 9 th 2019 the email address you used to buy the product Wondershare is your ID. However, if you bought before December 9 th 2019 e – mail from the previous license and registration code Wondershare ID.

Now that you have Wondershare Uniconverter installed in your PC, let’s look at how you can use the application for your productivity. I have simplified it to the maximum so that you understand it in the best way, since it is a very easy to use program.

Here are the the basic functions of the tool:

There are 9 main options, each for a specific task.

  1. Video Converter
  2. Audio Converter
  3. Downloader
  4. Video Compressor
  5. Video editor
  6. Merger
  7. Screen Record
  8. DVD Burner
  9. Toolbox

Most of these are self-explanatory, but some need a guide to use for the first time. So, let’s check some of them in detail.

To Convert

To perform a conversion we do not need to be experts in quantum physics. Just follow these steps that we expose you below :

  • Enter the program and position yourself in the «Convert» section and once there enter «Convert».
  • Then click on “Add files”, which will open a file browser for you to upload the video you want to convert. This can also be saved if you simply drag the audiovisual to the interface of the aforementioned sections.

  • Next to the video, you will find a downward-pointing triangle that, when clicked, releases a drop-down list with all the conversion parameters.
  • At this point, you must choose both the format to which you want the files to be converted, as well as the quality of the audio. Once you have everything established, you just have to click on “Convert” and wait for the process to run.
Wondershare Uniconverter converting

To Download

Downloading a video in this program is one of the simplest things you can do in it. The steps to follow are those:

  • Go to the “Download” section of the program and then click on “Paste URL”.
Wondershare uniconverter downloader
  • Paste the address or link of the video you want to download and wait.
  • Now you will see a window with all the parameters that you can set such as image and audio quality, thumbnail download and subtitles.
  • When you have everything ready, just click on “Download” and you will only have to wait for the video to be completely downloaded.
Wondershare uniconverter downloader youtube

DVD Burning

Finally, I am going to explain to you how to record a video on a DVD. This process will seem familiar if you have used similar programs in the past. The steps you must follow are the following :

  • Enter the software and position yourself on the “Burn” option.
  • Now you must click on “Add files” to find the videos among the files on your computer.
Wondershare uniconverter DVD burner
  • Now you must select the option “Load DVD” or “Load DVD” to give this format to the recording. Once this loads, you can select your DVD menu template.
  • Once all the parameters are set, just click “Burn” at the bottom of the interface and insert the DVD disc you want to burn. Now you just have to wait for the process to finish.

Ease of use

Cropping videos via Uniconverter 

Beginners may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available on this tool. However, you can learn and master this tool with a little effort.

It all starts with adding a video that you want to convert. You can click “Add files”. or better yet – simple Drag and drop the video to the central area of ​​the user interface of this tool. After a few moments, the application imports the video and you should see its details.

Import video to Uniconverter 

Now the real fun begins. On the right side, you’ll see your video preview along with three useful tools below. You can Crop or Crop your video Crop this add an effect, watermark, caption, and more As you make all these changes, real-time previews are displayed. It is important to mention that there are professional tools that can really optimize your video. You can customize it Brightness, contrast, saturation, and more When you’re done click “OK”. to apply the changes made.

Video effects available on Uniconverter 

Then check the right side of the user interface. Here you can see various settings for your video’s Output Format. You will see numerous different video formats and resolutions that have already been optimized for the best possible result. Alternatively, you can select a video format based on the playback device.

Customer Service 

Wondershare UniConverter is a unique application – however, several different tools are included. We are sure that you will become familiar with all these tools and would like to find out about the optimal use of them. Here are several guides offered by Wondershare.

On the official website of this application, there is a page called “Guide” on the main menu. Find out everything about UniConverter here. If you choose this guide, you will see several different links that explain the specifics of this application. Congratulations to Wondershare for this useful resource.

If you encounter any technical problems, be sure to visit the support center for that application. Here you will find many frequently asked questions and links to various options for contacting Wondershare. There is even the possibility to chat live, but it is powered by a chatbot so that you won’t find “real people” there.

Do I Recommend Wondershare Uniconverter?

In recent weeks I have been testing Wondershare UniConverter, a software that serves both to download videos from different Internet pages and to edit and change the format among more than a thousand possible options. Also, if you want to create your funniest memes or burn videos to DVD, you can also do it from the same program, created by the Wondershare group.

During my Wondershare Uniconverter review, I found out many useful features and most of the other tools’ developers don’t think about including. One of its main strengths is the possibility of carrying out all these mentioned actions and many more from the same software. To use it, you just have to access the following website and download Wondershare UniConverter. The user can use the free version of it to perform the most basic functions, although there are some limitations.

Wondershare UniConverter is a very complete application with many features that for those users who frequently work with video on the Internet, it can be extremely useful due to its versatility.

Without a doubt, it is highly recommended to have Wondershare UniConverter , as it is one of the best video conversion applications with a high conversion speed, being able to convert a video in a few minutes even if it is very heavy.  It is easy to use, has numerous functions and certainly meets all your requirements. Let us not forget that you can also download, record, edit and transfer videos with UniConverter and more.

The aspect that has been most pleasant to us has undoubtedly been its format: clean, simple, very visual, and with minimal design.

The catalog of options when it comes to converting files is the widest that we have seen in a converter program, and if we add all the additional functions, we have quite a complete software for all your video conversion needs. However, the ability to download both MP3 and MP4 has failed us a bit, we expected more variety in this regard. On the other hand, it is true that we can always convert this format to another. After all, there are 1,000 to choose from!

We must not forget, however, that this is not an editing application, so if you are looking for an advanced editing format with a timeline, this is not your software. It fulfills its functions very efficiently and can be a very good option for all types of users. In conclusion, yes, it is definitely the best tool you can get and you must try it.


Is Wondershare UniConverter free?

Yes, Wondershare UniConverter is free. But there is a paid version of it too which includes many extra and handy features.

Is Wondershare UniConverter good?

To be honest, Wondershare UniConverter is actually one of the best tools that you can get right now. It’s feature packed and will fulfill all your needs.

How do I install Wondershare UniConverter?

You can directly visit this here and download and install the application on your PC.

Does UniConverter have a watermark?

In the free version, Yes. It does have a watermark. But you can always get rid of that by buying a premium subscription. 

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