Wired Mouse Vs Wireless Mouse – Which One Best For Your Needs?

Most users get confused about what mouse they should go with. Are wireless mice better than wired ones? So, today I am going to bust some of the myths and find out which one is better for what kind of user. 

Wired Mouse Vs Wireless Mouse

I am going to discuss both the benefits and downsides of using wired and wireless mice so that you can decide for yourself which one to go with. I will also tell you which one you should go for if you’re a gamer or just a regular user. So, let’s see what each of the two offers. 

Advantages Of Wired Mouse 

Wired Mouse

The first thing I love about the wired mouse is that you don’t have to worry about the connectivity with your PC. You don’t have to scroll through your PC’s settings to troubleshoot your mouse. It’s just plug-and-play. Another big advantage is that it uses your PC’s power to work. You don’t need to have batteries or charge them to use. It’s just more convenient. 

A Wired mouse has a better response time than a wireless one, for obvious reasons. This may not matter much for a regular user, but for a gamer, this can have a huge impact on the gameplay. Most wired mice you’ll find will have programmable buttons and good RGB lights. Also, comparatively, wired mice will be less expensive than wireless ones. 

Disadvantages Of Wired Mouse

Talking about the disadvantages, there aren’t many. But the first thing I find troublesome is that the cable is mostly tangible and can break easily after a few years or sometimes months. If you’re a rough user then it’ll be a problem for you. 

Also, many mice come with a short-length cable, which restricts the distance from the PC to use them. If you sit a little far from your PC then you have to always check for the cable length of the mouse before buying. 

Advantages Of Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse

The first and foremost thing about the wireless mouse is the absence of any cable. This gives so much freedom to the user as you can use a form from a long distance without worrying about the distance from the PC. Carrying it around also becomes easier without any wires. So mobility is an advantage here. 

The second thing which I absolutely love is that these mice are efficient in power saving. Most mice today come with sleep mode, it’ll just power itself off when it’s been idle for a few minutes. You can move or press any button to make it active again. This saves a lot of battery. 

Disadvantages of Wireless Mouse 

Just like the wired ones, these mice come with a few cons. The first thing is that it gets its power from a battery. So, be ready to change it often if you’re going to buy wireless mice. Also, keep one as a backup as you never know when it’ll run out of juice. You can always look for rechargeable batteries if you wanna save some bucks.

The other thing is that the wireless mice are comparatively more expensive than the wired ones. Costs are inevitably higher because of the advanced tech used. Some brands provide rechargeable mice and sell charging docks with them, which drive the prices even higher. 

Which Kind Of Mouse Is Better For Gamers?

If you’re a PC gamer then I’ll always suggest you go for a wired mouse. These are budget-friendly and have a much better response time than the cheap wireless ones. You know how much response time can matter in games. Also, most wireless gaming mice will be expensive, so it’s always a smart move to go for the wired ones. 

Which Kind Of Mouse Is Better For A Regular User?

For a normal user who doesn’t play games on the PC, they can get either wired or wireless, according to their needs. A desktop user can have any of the two and it won’t make any difference. Of course, if you want to have better aesthetics for your PC, wireless is the one for you. 

But for the second category of users, who own a laptop, will find a wireless mouse as a perfect fit. Because mobility was the whole point of buying a laptop, so better get a mouse which you can carry around easily with you and you’ll have ease of handling. 


What’s the latency difference between a wired and a wireless mouse?

Wireless mice typically have more latency than wired ones. The difference narrows as you move to the higher budget mice, but it’s still there. 

Which is better for gaming, a wired or a wireless mouse?

For gaming, a wired mouse will always be preferable against a wireless one. 

Does a wireless mouse transmit radiation?

Yes. A wireless mouse will emit radiation. In fact, all wireless devices do, that’s how they work. 

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