7 Ways To Fix The Disk Is WRITE Protected Problem Right Now

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Plugged in an SD card or USB Drive and the systems pops a message saying the SD Card The disk is write-protected. Are you in need to remove the write protection message and continue with the work you were opting to?


The Disk Is Write Protected Fixed

You plan to format, rename, or delete a file in your SD Card or Pen drive and it shows write-protected disk error, you should read this article to get the correct solution to remove all such errors.

Error Checking

The very first thing you need to do is to check for any errors in the Disk. This is a good method to let your system to first check for any solution if needed and is repairable through the system itself. Plugin the pen drive or SD Card and follow the steps.


Start by right-clicking on the SD Card or Pen Drive folder and got to Properties. In the properties section, search for tools in the top taskbars. In the tools menu, you will be able to see the Error-checking options. Click on the Check button in the list.


On clicking the check button, a pop-up window will open asking Scan and Repair Drive. Click on this button.

Jayendra Error Check 21

The system will scan the disk and will correct the errors in the drive. If the issue persists, please move to the next solution.

A low level Formatting using tools

I am telling you a few of the most prominent options for a low-level partition of your drive to clear the write-protected error.

EaseUs Partition Master

There are conditions where the computer cannot repair your pen drive or disk for any error; in that case, you will need to format the pen drive or SD card at a lower level. Formatting at a lower level can clear the drive’s system requirements which are fixed in the drive.

EaseUS Partition Master 21

For a low-level Formatting method, you will be using software called EaseUS Partition Master. Download and Install it from a reliable source. Open the software on your computer and search for your Pen drive in the list of all the drives.


Select you attached drive in the list, on the left side of the window you can see a list of Operations you can do with the drive using this software.

Click on Format partition from this list and it will give you a low-level partition of the pen drive.

Hard disk low-level Format tool

Another tool for low-level formatting of the drive can be Hard Disk Low-level Format Tool. Download and install the tool to your computer and continue to the next steps.

Download Brave Browser
Note No need to buy the tool if you want it to use once or twice, just click Continue for Free to start with and proceed to next step.

After installing the software, in the open window, you will see the connected devices with the computer. Select your pen drive and continue to next step.

HDD low level format small1

On the next tab, search for the LOW-LEVEL FORMAT option on the top. Click on that option and press the FORMAT THIS DEVICE button on the button. The drive will get formatted and ready to roll.

HDD low level format small Format This Drive1

If the format doesn’t work this way, try by checking the box above it mentioning “Perform Quick Wipe” and again low-level format for the device.

Using Malvastyle To Fix The Disk Is Write Protected

For this software, you will be downloading a Zip file from the internet. Install Malva Style Software on your computer and an icon will be added to your Start Menu with the name “Launch Disk Repair.exe. Click on the disk repair on the start menu.


The window will have a “Disable USB Write” checkbox on the top left corner, click on it and proceed. On the drop-down menu for the USB the Only option, search and select the drive you have plugged in.


Following this, click on the Disk Part and pop-up Command Prompt will open and asks you for a confirmation to format the device. Make sure there are no important files on the drive and then simply press Yes on the tab and the disk will be formatted.

PNY Technologies

There are times when the pen drive or SD Card completely stops working and needs to be brought back to the Factory Settings.

For those cases, it is a great website where you can get the software according to your requirements and bring the disk back to default factory settings. If you want to format or clean or just check for the solution in the pen drive or SD Card, just go to the website.

In the website, go to the Services section and there you can see the software which can be used as per the need and requirements matching to the computer and drive configurations.

Pny technologies usb flash drive repair
Note: The method is effective majorly for HP pen drives. It also works for other drives and SD Cards but gives best results with HP pen drives.

Using Command Prompt

Search in the CMD in the start menu, and choose Run as Administrator by right-clicking on the Command Prompt button. In the Command Prompt, type diskpart and simply press enter. The system will ask for disk partition option, type list disk and the system will provide you with a list of all the disks connected with the system.

Command prompt

Select your pen drive from the list (disk 1 in this case). For selecting, type your disk name and enter. After the disk is selected, type Attribute Disk and enter.

Disk partition command

On the top options, if The disk is write protected you will be seeing a Yes in the “Read Only State”. As a next step, type Attributes Disk Clear Read-only and the disks read-only will vanish.

You can cross-check after completing this process to check if the process worked or not.

Change through Registry Editor

In the registry, there will be some policy specified for the storage devices in the system. You have to remove or change this policy from the default values according to your requirements. Open the Run command from Start menu and type “Regedit” in the Run command.


Windows will pop up in the screen, in the list mentioned, search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Open it and click on systems, and expand the dropdown. Click on the Current Control Set option in the list, another list of menus will open. Click on Control in this list and search for Storage policy.

Registry Editor - Control

If there is no such thing in the list, right-click on the Control option, and create Key. Name it Storage Device Policy, now right-click on the blank window and DWORD (32-BIT) Value. A file will be created in the list, name it as write protect.

Registry Editor - Setting Write Protect Value

You have to modify the doc value, for that right-click on it and click Modify.

Registry-Editor-Setting-Write Protect-Value

A tab will open, in that tab, change the value from hexadecimal to decimal by clicking on the checkbox. The value in the Value Data, make the value 0.

Now you can try to format your drive and look if the write protect option is solved.

Recover Data With Recuva

Recuva is a Data Recovery software which can help you get the data extracted, even from write protection disk in the system. All you need to do is to download and install the software from the Internet and put the drive into deep scan mode.

The software will show all the present files in the drive, simply copy and paste the content in your hard disk and the pen drive is ready to format. The software is however not connected to The disk is write protected issue but is necessary to recover your important data before you work with any of the mentioned process to save your data.


The software will scan and extract all the files error-free so you do not need to worry about the data in the pen drive or SD Card.

Download Filmora SCRN For Free

Learn – How to recover data from write-protected storage device

The Disk Is Write Protected FAQs

How do I remove write protection from my pen drive?

MalvaStyle and EaseUS Partition Master Software are some great options to fix all the write protection removal and fixing of the pen drive.

What is meant by the disk is write protected?

By definition, write protection of drive is a physical mechanism that helps in preventing any modifications and erasure of data from the storage device, usually the Pen Drives, USB Devices, SD Card and other External Hard Disk. Write Protection also protects copying of the data inside the drive or export anything from the drive to other devices.

How do I unlock a write protected SD?

Sometimes, there are some physical switches on the pen drive or USB Drive which you plug in the SD Card to get connected to the computer. See if flipping the switch can change the write protection option on the SD Card or USB drive. You can also try re-inserting the card in the slot or the USB Drive to fix the issue.

How to remove write protection from SD card?

There are various methods to remove the write protection from SD Card, you can simply do it with the computer through Command Prompt by clearing the read-only option of the SD Card or through error checking of the SD Card in the computer system. This is also possible through third party software like MalvaStyle, Hard Disk low-level format, EaseUS Partition master or website like PNY Technologies can provide you with the right software.


I hope your the disk is write protected problem was solved if not then do let me know in the comment section.

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