Tempered Glass Vs Matt Screen Protector Vs Gorilla Glass

If you have a smartphone then you must have heard about Gorilla glass, Tempered glass, and recently trending Matte screen protectors. These have been in the market for a long time now and people are still confused about which one is for what purpose and what they should choose for their smartphones. 

Tempered Glass Vs Matt Screen Protector Vs Gorilla Glass

So, in this article today, I am going to discuss each one of them in-depth and help you figure out which one you should be going for. You will also get to know what I usually prefer to use on my smartphone. So, let’s take a closer look at each one of them first. 

Corning Gorilla Glass 

Gorilla Glasses are made by a brand named Corning. It has been making other glasses as well, but Gorilla Glass is the most popular among the smartphone brands to use. Brands have started to use it for both front and back glasses now because of its resistance towards damages. 

Source – Corning

This glass is made of a material called alkaline aluminosilicate, which is formed by joining together aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. It is not a material that is found anywhere in nature, in a normal way. It is a material that has been designed to be light, thin (just 0.4 mm thick), but also has the ability to resist damage and scratches. 

There are different versions of this glass as well, like Gorilla Glass 5, Gorilla Glass 4, etc. You can check the specifications of your smartphone on Google to find out what version of Gorilla Glass has been used in your smartphone. The most recent versions of Gorilla Glasses are better, obviously. But one thing you should note that you can’t apply Gorilla Glass by yourself. It is manufactured and installed in the factories. 

Matte Screen protector 

Matte Screen Protectors have an interesting layer of plastic that has the ability to absorb light, making it less reflective. Reducing the light the smartphone panel will receive can help you see more easily under harsh lighting conditions like bright sunlight. Another advantage of Matte Screen Protectors is that they don’t catch smudges and fingerprints easily, unlike the glossy ones. 

The matte protectors are also very cheap to acquire, although there are some disadvantages to them as well. They are not resistant to impacts, meaning your screen won’t get any protection if something falls on the screen or your phone falls. This will only resist scratches. Another disadvantage is that being a bit translucent, the screen will be less bright. This can reduce the color accuracy, making everything look faded out. 

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Tempered Glass 

Glass or tempered glass protectors are made by heating glass and cooling it immediately. Resulting in a type of glass that doesn’t break like all the others. This type of screen protector has multiple layers and built-in silicon on the bottom that could absorb shock and create an adhesive tempered glass. 

In this way, when our phone receives a sharp enough blow or fall, it will be the tempered glass that breaks instead of the screen of our phone, making it the ultimate lifesaver. However, the tempered glass protector also has its drawbacks. Being a more resistant product, it provides a certain thickness to the terminal. It also attracts fingerprints and smudges more, so if you’re someone who gets upset over smudges, then tempered glass might not be the perfect choice for you.

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What I Use And Recommend 

I use tempered glass for both of my smartphones and there are certain reasons for it. I am someone who drops phones quite often, from the table, while walking. So, for me, damage protection is the utmost priority. I don’t mind having fingerprints and little smudges. Glass will break, that is inevitable. But using tempered glass means that tempered glass will be broken first, not your phone’s screen, which will reduce the impact by a great amount. In most cases, screens get protected.  

But, yes, you have to buy another one and let me tell you, tempered glass is not as cheap as matte ones. But, it’s always cheaper than getting a new screen, so that works for me. Also, if you want no fingerprints or smudges on the screen then always look for something called ‘Oleophobic coating’ while buying a Tempered Glass. This will resist fingerprints and smudges but can be more expensive than the regular ones. 

However, it all depends on you, what you want and what your priorities are. I have explained all the important things that you should be aware of before buying a screen protector. I prefer the protection of smartphones overlooks, so I go with Tempered Glasses. If your priorities are different then you can choose accordingly. 


Should I put the tempered glass on Gorilla Glass?

You first have to clean the screen and then place the tempered glass on top. Then remove the protective layer, align it perfectly and press softly. You can use a stationary eraser and rub it to remove the air bubbles, if any. 

Which is better tempered glass or Gorilla Glass?

Tempered glass and Gorilla glass are two different things. But in comparison, Gorilla glass is much stronger. 

Is a matte screen protector better?

It may be better if you are looking to eliminate fingerprints, smudges, and wanting a less reflective screen. For protection, tempered glass is better than Matte screen protector.

What type of glass screen protector is best?

Tempered glass is certainly the best screen protector for your smartphone. It will give you protection from accidental damages and scratches. 

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