36 TRICKS To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily

No one likes slow windows right?

If you are struggling with slow windows 10 speed and want to improve and speed up windows 10?

speed up and optimize windows 10
Speed Up Windows 10

Speed Up Windows 10

In this article, you will find 29 ways to improve your windows 10 speed so you will get better performance and less lag on your windows.

1. Removing Temp Files

if you want to increase your Windows 10 speed then you can remove temporary files it will help to slightly speed up your computer’s speed.

To remove temporary files follows these steps:

  1. Press Window+R key
  2. Type %temp% and press enter
  3. Now CTRL+A to select all files
  4. Press SHIFT+DELETE key to delete it
Remove Temp Files

After doing that you need to follow these steps to speed up windows 10:

  1. Press Window+R key
  2. Type temp and press enter
  3. Now CTRL+A to select all files
  4. Press SHIFT+DELETE key to delete it
temp files

Temporary files are those file which used by windows for a temporary purpose.

In Windows 10 you can use the Storage feature to automatically remove temporary files.

you can enable this feature by going windows setting and then System>Storage>Configure Storage Sense and then enable this option as you can see in this screenshot.

Storage Sense

2. Disabling Startup Apps

You might also notice when you start your Windows10 some programs and apps will start automatically.

This is because in your Windows some apps and programs automatically started when the computer starts.

In the end, it will take a little bit more time to start your Windows and increase your boot time.

But the good news is you can disable startup app by yourself for that you need to go to task manager or you can also go to your startup apps on your Windows setting.

I will show you both ways which you can use to disable startup apps, program, and services.

This simple trick can speed up Windows 10 boot time.

Startup Apps Using Task Manager

3. Task Manager To Disable Windows Startup Apps

Follow This Steps:

  1. Right-click on the bottom bar on your Windows 10
  2. Go to Task manager 
  3. Now select the startup option
  4. Disable unwanted apps and programs


Please don’t disable antivirus, audio driver and mouse or touchpad related apps and services.

After doing that next time when you start your Windows 10 you will notice your boot time is decreased and those apps will not automatically start again.

It will slightly improve and speed up your Windows 10 because they don’t run in your window’s background.

4. Using Windows 10 Startup Apps On Windows Settings

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Windows settings
  2. Select Startup Apps option
  3. Disable Unwanted Apps, programs
Startup Apps On Windows Settings

Here you will find the same option which I show you on task Manager but you will also find some additional Windows apps that you don’t find on Task Manager so from here you can disable all unnecessary or not required apps and programs.

5. Disk Cleanup

Some software and apps add backup and shadow copy but it is necessary to remove all of this backup and software shadow copy if you don’t use them.

disk cleanup

Look at below Steps to know how to remove them:

  1. Go to my computer
  2. Now right-click on your C drive
  3. Select properties option
  4. Here you will find an option called disk cleanup just select it and clean all files.

6. Make Sure Your Drivers Are Up To Date

Driver update also impacts on your windows computer speed because older driver gives you less performance as compared to the latest driver of that particular hardware.

Let’s take one example:

If you are using Nvidia graphics card and I know you already install its driver but if you don’t update them when you got an update then what happens it will not able to use the maximum performance and efficiency of your hardware when you play high graphics game or do some stuff which requires GPU.

This is happening because when you get a new update of the driver it will add new features and fix small bugs and also improve performance.

So now you understood how important it is to update your driver now let’s see how you can update your driver.

7. Using software like Driver Booster

Driver Booster SCAN

I personally use driver booster to update all of the drivers

You need to install this software called driver booster and then it will automatically scan all available drivers for your computer or laptop and update all of that in just one click which is great.

It will save your lot of time but there are some limitations if you are using the free version.

Also Read – Driver Booster Review

The free version didn’t give you all drivers update options.

If you are using a paid version of driver booster you will get all features to automatically update if the driver update is available for that particular hardware.

You don’t need to manually go to their website and see if an update is available or not.

Driver booster take care all of those things and update all the driver for you in just one click you can also set up automatic scan it will automatically scan if there any driver updates available.

8. Enable Ultimate Performance Mode

If you are a heavy user of Windows 10 like me then you need to enable ultimate performance mode on your Windows 10.

This mode is not enabled by default on your Windows 10 but you can enable this mode using Powershell trick.

Enable Ultimate Performance


  1. Open Powershell
  2. Copy This command : powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  3. Paste-on Powershell & press enter
  4. Now go to power option & enable ultimate performance

Refer to this video for more information on how to speed up Windows 10 using ultimate performance.

After enabling this mode you will get a huge performance boost on your system because this mode will use all possible and available settings to provide you maximum performance and speed on your Windows 10.

You can watch the above tutorial to quickly understand how to enable ultimate performance mode on your Windows 10 to get maximum performance and speed on your PC or laptop.

It will consume more battery after enabling it but it’s worth it.

9. Disable Transparency Effect

Did you notice this thing on your window pc? When you have a Transparency effect enable it will take few milliseconds extra to load any settings on Windows but when you disable the Transparency effect it loads Faster so I also suggest you please disable Transparency effects as well.

Transparency Effect

Steps to disable the Transparency effect:

  1. Go to Windows settings
  2. Go to personalization
  3. Select colors option
  4. Disable Transparency effect

10. Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update

You already know how Microsoft forces for windows update.

So to update windows 10 in background Microsoft by default enable Windows Update service.

This service automatically scans and see if any Windows 10 updates are available or not.

Stop Windows Update

So if you disable this option it will help you to speed up your Windows 10 little bit.

But the problem is if you disable windows 10 service it will start again when you restart your computer or laptop.

So I found another way to do that you can use an updated blocker to disable Windows update and it will not start again when you restart your pc.

Download: Windows Update Blocker

11. Update your Windows 10 weekly

Now you probably think I already told you to disable Windows 10 updates but in this method, you told me to update Windows 10 weekly.

Listen to me in the previous method I told you to disable Windows 10 automatic update but it is recommended to update your Windows 10 to get some extra features, small bug fixes including performance improvement which Microsoft gives you via updates.

Update Windows Weekly

Now I hope you disable Windows 10 updates using windows update blocker tool.

Now open that software weekly and enable Windows update service and see if there is any update available and then update your windows10 and then disable it again using windows update blocker.

Please watch this video for more information:

12. One-Click Optimization Tools

You can use one-click optimization software like glary utilities which automatically removes junk files, protect your system, and optimize your windows for better performance.

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13. Use Solid State Drive

Now it is very obvious everyone knows that if you use SSD then you will definitely get huge performance improvement on your machine because SSD is better than your  Hard disk.

SSD can easily outperform expensive to expensive hard disk very easily.

SSD Performance

So you can buy a good SSD and add it to your laptop or computer.

Install your operating system on SSD, not on the hard disk which gives you a huge amount of performance and speed up your Windows 10.

But before buying SSD you need to check out which type of SSD support on your computer or laptop.

I prefer Samsung’s SSD and I use Samsung 860EVO currently.

Refer to this tutorial to select SSD for your computer or laptop.

Tip: You just need to replace SSD with hard disk and if there is an optical drive slot(DVD slot) change it with caddy and place your hard disk there.

14. Defragment Your Hard Disk

If you are using SSD then there is no need to defragment it but if you are using hard disk then it is recommended to defragment it.

Pros of Smart Defrag

You can use tools like smart defrag to defragment your hard disk.

Also Read – Smart Defrag Review

You can use smart defrag to trim your SSD if you don’t know what is trim read faq section below.

15. Add more RAM

This is another great way to give a new life to your computer or laptop by adding extra ram to it.

But you need to check how much extra ram you can add on your computer or laptop.

There are many types of ram like DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 but which one you need to add on your system you need to know about your system’s specifications.

For that, you can use tools like CPU-Z or Speecy

Refer to this video for more information

16. Advanced Settings


Did you know inside your computer there is an option where you can specify what you exactly want better performance or better user experience?

To know how to enable and set this option please follow these steps:

  1. Go to my computer
  2. Right-click on it and go to properties
  3. Select advanced settings
  4. Go to the performance setting

17. Visual Effects

Advance Settings To Get better performance

You need to select it for better performance to get maximum performance in your windows 10 but keep it on custom and enable thumbnail and screen font if you don’t do that it looks too ugly so make sure to keep it checked and click on apply.

18. Processing Scheduling

Adjust performance for program

Go to advanced options and select adjust for best performance of programs do not select it for background services.

19. Virtual RAM

If there is no ram available on your computer then your computer uses virtual ram to store files for a temporary purpose.

So it is necessary to allocate Virtual RAM and if you have SSD then you should select it because it gives faster speed as compared to when you select your hard disk as virtual ram.

So as you can see I also select my SSD for virtual ram.

virtual ram

Follow these steps to allocate Virtual RAM:

  1. Click on Virtual RAM you found this option below processing scheduling
  2. Click on change and unselect automatically manage paging for file size for all drivers
  3. Select your SSD and select System managed size
  4. Click apply and close it

20. Choose Better Antivirus

Sometimes due to viruses, your windows 10 became extremely slow so you can use a better antivirus program prefer paid one to get better security.

Scan your computer on a daily or weekly basis using an antivirus program or you can also schedule a scan using an antivirus program.

I use Bitdefender antivirus because it is affordable and lightweight as compared to other antivirus programs that are available in the market.

21. Disable Unnecessary Services Using MSConfig

Background service is the main villain for your windows 10 performance and battery.

To disable unnecessary service you can follow these steps:

  1. Press WIN+R key
  2. Search MSConfig press enter
  3. Go to background services
  4. Hide all Microsoft service
  5. Now select services that you don’t want
Msconfig To Stop unnecessary services

I recommended you to do not disable services related to antivirus and audio.

22. Use Brave Browser

No there is no direct relationship with window speed but this Browser block unnecessary ads and trackers and gives you better user experience on the web with great speed.


So you will get better speed and security if you use Brave Browser because speed is our primary goal and everyone needs online security.

23. Disable Unused Settings

If you do not use some of the settings like radio, camera or microphone then please make sure to turn it off.

To do that go to windows settings>privacy and here you will find a camera, microphone, and radio option keep it off if you don’t use them.

You can also disable more settings like these that you don’t require by watching this video:

24. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

This is quite obvious but it is necessary to uninstall apps and software which you don’t use anymore because services related to that program will run in the background and consume ram and your computer’s resources.

But nowadays if you uninstall apps and software which you don’t require but some files and services related to that program keep running in the background even you uninstall them so it is necessary to remove those also.

You can use tools like Iobit Uninstaller to remove those apps and software in a few clicks.

25. Turn off Background Apps

If you don’t use Microsoft apps then you must need to disable them because they continuously run in your windows background.

Disable unused background apps to reduce boot time

To turn it off go to windows setting>privacy>background apps and turn off let apps run in the background

26. Up To Date Your Softwares

The software update also plays a major role in your computer speed and performance.

If you found any update related to software you should update them but the problem is sometimes we don’t know where to find software updates.

Iobit Software Updater

If you don’t want to manually update software and apps you can use the IObit software updater which can automatically update software for you.

27. Diagnostic & Feedback

Microsoft uses your data in order to improve their services and products which can slow down your computer and laptop a little bit.

You can limit that by going to windows settings>privacy>diagnostic & feedback.

Diagnostic Data

28. Diagnostic data:

You can not completely stop diagnostic data but definitely you can limit it by selecting this option to basic.

Improve Inking & typing:

Microsoft gets your inking and typing data if this option is enabled you can disable by turning it off.

Tailored Experience:

This takes information about which website your browser to show you personalized tips and tricks and also ads too.

So make sure to disable this option also.

29. Limit Windows Search

Cloud Content Search:

Windows search add extra result from bing, outlook, share drive, one drive that most of the people like me never use so make sure to turn cloud content search off.

You can do that by going to windows search>search>permission & history>cloud content search and uncheck Microsoft account and work or school account.

Permission & History


Windows search store your search history on your device to improve your search suggestion but make sure to turn it off as well.

Searching Windows:

Searching Windows

A lot of windows search results can take more time to show you the result for your search query but make sure to limit that as well by going to windows search>search>searching windows >find my files and select it to classic.

And also exclude folder which you don’t want to show in search results.

30. Only Install Require Software & Apps

There is no rocket science behind this you already know more apps and software takes more space, more resources, more ram, and more background services, In the end, it slows down your overall pc performance and speed.

So please only install the required software and apps.

31. Privacy Options 

Go to Microsoft settings>privacy>general and here you will find change privacy options.

Make sure to turn everything off I don’t want to tell you more about this because everything is self-explanatory.

Privacy Options

32. Turn Off Gaming Options

If you play games on your windows then it is necessary to off this option to get better speed and performance in windows 10.

Xbox Game Bar:

Go to Windows settings>gaming>xbox game bar and then disable Xbox game bar option

Gaming Options


Go to Windows settings>gaming> capture and disable all option

Game Mode:

Turn on game mode so windows optimize your windows to speed up windows 10 for better gaming.

33. Only Open Required App & Software At A Time

If you are a person like me you who open multiple apps and software at a time but if you don’t use them and they also run in background and services related to that app or software continuously running in the background until you close that software.

In some cases even you close that app or software services related to that particular software or app run in the background until you restart your PC.

So just think about it if you opened 10 to 15 software and you use only 2 or 3 of them then you will find your pc became extremely slow.

So I suggest you open only required apps and software and not open unnecessary apps and software.

34. Make Sure To Keep Empty Space

If you fill your hard disk or SSD with too many files and there is no space available.

Make sure to keep empty space on the hard disk as well as on SSD because windows use storage in case there is no ram available to store paging files and also some programs often create cache files and they also need some space on your drive to store those files.

35. Stop OneDrive From Syncing

Onedrive is a very useful feature to sync your files between cloud and pc but if you don’t use it make sure to turn it off so you will get better speed.

I personally don’t use one drive because services related to one drive continuously run in the background.

36. Create And Restore Using Restore Point

Restore points are a very important part of windows 10 but most of the people ignore this.

System Protection

If you create a restore point it will help you to restore your software, apps and other settings on the date when you created the restore point.

You will find this option under system protection but you can also search system protection by pressing windows key and type “System Protection” and then you need to select your disk where the operating system is installed.

If you feel your pc became very slow then you can restore it to state when you created that restore point it will take 5-10 minutes and then you can see a little bit of performance and speed improvement.

Note: Only apply if you created a restore point in the past and to be on the safe side you can also create a restore point after applying all the methods and tricks which we talked about before.

Speed Up And Optimize Windows 10 FAQ

How can I speed up my windows 10 for free?

If you want to speed up your windows 10 for free you can update your software and drivers, clean junk files using tools like advanced SystemCare, defragment your hard disk using smart defrag and install only required software and apps.

How can I enable ultimate performance in windows 10?

If you want to enable ultimate performance open Powershell and type this command: powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 and paste on PowerShell and enable ultimate performance from power option.

What files can I delete to speed up my computer?

If you want to speed up your windows you can delete files like temp files and also do a disk clean up and remove all.

Necessary To Remove Prefetch Files?

Some so-called Tech Expert suggests you remove prefetch files but I don’t recommend you to remove those prefetch file because Windows uses those prefetch file and maintain automatically.
But what happened if you delete that prefetch files your Windows or any program will take a longer time to load and again generate those prefetch files which takes a little bit more time so I suggest you please don’t remove those prefetch files.

Is trim needed for SSD?

Trim is a command which tells SSD to wiped out blocks that are no longer in use so it is necessary for better performance if you are using SSD.

It is good to overclock CPU?

No, if you overclock your CPU your CPU generates more heats, required more power and if you know what you are doing then go for it.

Why computer slow down over time?

If you are thinking about why my computer became slow down over time then here are some reasons:
You did not clean your pc physically
Maybe thermal paste is not in proper proportion
Due to junk files
Due to viruses and trojans
You did not defragment your hard disk

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