11 Ways To Fix SD CARD Not Detected (Free)

Fix SD CARD Not Detected Problem

For Smartphone

1. Eraser Trick

Many of the times there are chances of Carbon composite in your memory card or SD card. Which is the reason behind your memory card not working or detecting on your phone or computer? To solve this problem all you have to do is take a reason and rub it on your memory card.

eraser to remove carbon

In the Maximum of the cases it removes the Carbon From the card. Same case for the Pen drive, many times there is Carbon composite too on the upper part. Open up the Pen drive and rub the eraser on it. Now you can check these by connecting them to your computer or phone.

This is one of the simplest tricks to solve your issue. Someone with common sense must have invested this. If the problem was Carbon composite then surely memory or Pen drive will start working which was earlier not working.

2. Wipe Cache Partition

If your phone is not detecting your memory card or SD card then you can use the “wipe cache partition recovery mode” inbuilt in your phone. In order to do that you have to turn on the recovery mode of your device. To turn on the recovery mode you have to Long press “Volume + Hone key” or “Volume + Power button”. You can also check how to turn on the recovery mode of your device on Google to ease the process.

wipe cache partition

When the Recovery mode is turned on you will see many options and you have to find out “Wipe cache partition”. You can use your volume up-down button to scroll within the options and use the power button to select one.

So select the “Wipe cache partition” and press the power button. It will Wipe out all the cache in your memory and it will solve your memory card boot detecting issue.

Note: If you are going to follow the above steps please take a backup of all your data. Many times users select the wrong options that might cause you loss of complete Data.

3. Format Using PC

Many times we face this problem that the computer detects the memory card but the Phone does not. And we think our memory card not working. To solve this issue all you have to do is connect your memory card to the computer and open my computer. Now open the Drive and Cut all the data of it and save it to your computer.

android phone

Now format the Drive. Do not select the Quick Format option and again Format it. Now insert the memory card into your phone, your problem might have been solved.

format disk

Again connect it to the Computer and Copy all the Data of the drive in it. By doing this you will have all your data of your Memory Card or Pen drive back into it. After that insert in your phone. Hopefully, now your phone is detecting the Memory card and it starts working.

This trick definitely fixes your micro sd card not detected an issue in your android device.

For Computer/Laptop

1. Update Driver From Device Manager

If the problem is your SD card, memory card, pen drive, hard disk or any external Storage device is not detecting on your computer or SD card. Then to solve this problem you have to update the Driver of your computer. For that, you have to follow below-motioned steps

  • Open your Computer or Laptop and Insert the Storage Device in it.
  • Go to the Device manager
device manager
  • Search the Disk Drives and Select the storage device of which you have to update the Driver.
device manager
  • In my case it is Sandisk then right click on it and select Update Driver.
uninstall driver
  • You will see two options on your screen; you might have to follow both of them one by one
updating driver of sandisk
  • Select “Browse my computer for Drivers”
  • Then Click on pick a list from The List.
let me pick from list of available drivers
  • Select Model and click next
select disk driver
  • After installing it click on action. Now click scan Hardware changes.
scan for hardware changes
  • And At last, restart your computer. Check whether your issue is solved or no
  • If that not works, again you have to click update driver and Choose “Search automatically for Driver”
  • Now click search for updated drivers from Window Update. It will update the driver automatically.
  • Restart your computer; hopefully, your problem will be solved.

2. Uninstall Driver From Device Manager

Even now if your SD card, memory card, Hard Disk or any other external Storage device is not detecting in your computer or laptop then you can uninstall the drivers related to that disk.

That might be able to solve the problem. In order to do that, you have to follow the same step as above and after selecting the Driver you have to right-click on it and select uninstall and click on it. Then click scan for hardware changes and Restart your computer.

uninstall driver

Many times after uninstalling the Driver installs new drivers automatically and solves your issue. After Restarting check whether your computer is detecting the drives or not. Your computer will detect the Memory card or SD card which was not detected before.

3. Update All Drivers Using Driver Booster

Many times other Drivers affect the external storage Drivers and cause the issue of Pen drive not working or SD card not detecting. To solve that you can install a tool called “Driver Booster” in your system. You will get the download link of it exactly after this method. Download the tool and install it on your system and then scan it.


It will detect all the outdated Drivers and show you the list. Simply click on it and update that Driver. Outdated Drivers or Other Drivers cause you the issue of Pen drives not working. This tool will help you to fix your issue.

After updating outdated drivers you need to restart your pc to fix sd card not detected issue.

4. Change Drive Letter

Even after following the above methods, your System is not detecting the SD card, memory card, Pen drive, Hard-disk or another external storage device. Then you can change the Drive letter to solve this.

To do that goes to the Disk Management section on your computer.

create and format

Then select your memory card or Pen drive and right-click on it. find the option saying “Change Drive Letter”. Click on it and change the Drive letter.

change drive letter

The letter in inside the brackets “()”. Click OK and then a popup will appear to click yes.

changing drive letter

This method does not cause any change in your system. It is just a trick that solves the issue. Your Pen drive not working may start working after doing this. Hopefully, this might solve the issue of a pen drive or memory card not working.

5. Due to Unallocated Space

Many times the space of your drive Unallocated automatically means it is not allotted in actual. In simple words, you will not be able to find your drive on your System.to solves the problem you have to again go to the Disk Management and you will find Stripes of two colors.

unallocated space

Blue and Black, Blue refers to the Allocated storage while black means Unallocated. If you are seeing the Black stripes on your external device that means it is Unallocated. You have to right-click on it and click on “New Simple Volume” then click next each and every time. This will simply create a new Volume.

create new simple volume

6. Uninstall USB Mass Storage Driver

Many times the issue of Memory card or pen drive not working or detecting is due to the mass storage. It might not show there, because of that. To solve the issue of mass storage you have to follow these easy steps. Again you have to Go to Disk management and look for mass storage.

uninstall usb mass storage

Under Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller you will find a USB mass storage device. Right-click on it and click uninstall. After uninstalling you have to go to Actions and Click on scan for Hardware Changes. After following these steps, simply Restart your computer and check whether your problem is solved or not.


Even after Uninstalling the Mass storage has not solved your issue then now we are going to update it. Updating USB mass storage Device related Drivers fix the issue of Pen drive not working on the computer. In order to update the Mass storage Driver, you have to go to Disk Management.

Under Universal Serial Bus controller you will find a USB mass storage device. Right-click on it and Click Update mass, storage Driver. After doing that you have to follow the same steps as I mentioned in Updating Disk Driver (Method 3). After doing that simply restart your computer or Reinsert the Drive and check whether your problem is solved or not.

Note: In case of Updating or Uninstalling the USB mass storage Drivers, you might not be able to find your device. In order to view those you first have to enable “Show Hidden Devices” on your system. After that, you will be able to find your device in the list.

8. Populate And Format Trick

Many times our memory card or Pen drive is not populated so its details are not shown. Which causes you the issue of Pen drive not working or memory card not working? This method includes three procedures so read it carefully and your Pen drive or memory card not working issue will be solved.

select your disk driver

To fix that again you have to go to Disk management and Under Disk Drives select your External storage device. Right-click on it Choose properties and click on it. Now under the volume tab click Populate. In this section, you will see all the details about your storage device. This might have already solved your problem.

after populating

If not then after populating we have to open CMD or Command Prompt and Run it as Administrator By right-clicking on it. Type “disk part” and press enter. Now type “list disk” and again enter. It will show you the list on the screen.

You can identify your disk by looking at the Storage capacity of that Drive. Now type “select” and after that type that “Device name”. For example, if Your Device was Disk 2 type “select disk 2″ and press enter. Now type “cleans” and press the center. Once it is cleaned you will see a message “Please insert the Disk into Drive”. Which is because we have not created the Partition?

To create partition type “create partition primary” in CMD and press enter. It will create the partition. Now we have to format the Disk so type “format” in CMD and press enter. The formatting process might take some time. So wait for the process to complete and it will solve your problem of Pen drive or memory card not detecting or working.

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These storage Devices became an important part of our life. This is due to the Data stored inside it and the loss of that data might cause a lot of trouble and regret. I have shared many methods that you can simply use and save yourself from such problems.

You can follow the methods suitable for you and repair your drive easily. None of them are difficult to perform or use any external resources. You can solve it just by using your phone and computer. I hope the above article was helpful to you.

If your sd card not detected problem was not solved do let me know.

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