4 Ways To Fix SD Card Damaged Try Reformatting It Easily

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One of the most popular storage devices we know today is the SD Card for all our Phones and Cameras. You have arrived at this article because you would have probably received a message “SD card damaged try reformatting it”. 

sd card damaged try reformatting it

You try rubbing and cleaning the SD Card to make it work but the issue persists making you lose your temper. But what other stuff can you do to get it rectified? I will explain 4 simple techniques in this article about how to solve the problem.

SD Card Damaged Try Reformatting It

sd card damaged try reformatting it

There is an important thing to note is that every time the SD Card displays this message it is reducing its potential to work on its full flow. So, whenever you get such an error, stop using the card or avoid storing important data on the same card. 

So, let us start with the basics, you will need a laptop or computer system to work with the issue, to begin with. Get a Card Reader and plug in the SD card with the computer and understand How to repair the damaged SD Card.

Using CHKSKD To Fix Damaged SD CARD

The first thing we can do after plugging-in the damaged card is, go for a Check Disk option. For this, you need to open the search bar and search for CMD, open Command Prompt from the result through the Run as Administrator option. 

A window will pop up, type chkdsk [space] {letter of SD card}:/f. The letter “f” here means a full scan of the SD Card. The computer will scan the SD Card and repair any error it finds in the Card to rectify the issue. 

chkdsk f

The problem should have been gone by now or you can use the following trick to solve the problem. 

FIX Damaged SD CARD Without Format

The software can be found online, just search for Find and Mount and download it.

Install the software on your computer. On opening Find and Mount, you will see a list of the connected devices with the computer. Select your SD Card which is having trouble working in the phone, right-click on the SD Card option, and click on Scan.

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A pop-up window will open mentioning Select Scan Method which can guide you with the type of data scan you need. Choose the Thorough Scan option to look for your data in the SD Card. 

find and mount

Wait for the Software to completely scan the device and find all the data as a partition in the device. On completion, there will be a partition created in the windows, simply right click on the partition and click Mount As option.

Select a Drive letter from the drop-down in the pop-up window. 

select method of scan

The partition you just built is mentioned in your computer; open the drive to see for all your data. Copy the data from this drive to another drive you want to save the data and format the SD Card finally. After you format the SD Card, copy the files back to the SD Card to view in your mobile. 

Scan With Error Checking Tool

If you are looking for correcting the Damaged SD card repair without format, then this can be a solution for you. The computer usually has an inbuilt error checking tool in it which can be used for finding a solution. For this method, after you have connected the SD Card with the computer, go to the options in the SD drive shown in the computer. In the drop-down, click on Properties at the bottom of options chart. 

Download Advanced System Optimizer

In the properties tab, there is the option of Tools, click on it. You will find the Error Checking tab with a clickable Check-in button. Click on the button and the computer will ask for a complete Scan and Repair Drive option, click on it and the system will check for all the issues and repair it. 

updating driver of sandisk

After doing the repair here, try inserting the SD Card in the Mobile or Tablet again and check if there is still any error left in the SD Card. 

Recover DATA & Format Trick

Recuva is a free tool available online to recover the data in the SD Card. This software can recover all the data from the SD Card and lets you copy all the data to secure space at your convenience. Then you can format your damaged SD card and paste all data in your SD card again after repairing the card. 

To start with the process, download and Install Recuva on your computer.

After you install the software, the computer will add an option in the device which can be seen by Right Click on the drive. On the right-click, you will see Scan for Deleted Files click on the option and just click Yes on the pop-up window that follows. 


Recuva is now running on your computer, you will get all files that belonged to your SD Card. You can simply copy the files and paste it in your computer. 


After the data has been copied, you can format the SD Card through options command. Just right click on the SD Card on your computer and choose Format. The computer will open up a window for formatting, uncheck the Quick Format button and click Start to format the device. 

format disk

After formatting is done, you can re-copy the files in the SD Card and your SD Card ready to be inserted back in the Mobile and used. 

Learn To – Recover your data from sd card

SD CARD Damaged Try Reformatting It FAQs:

How do I repair Damaged SD Card without Format?

For getting your SD Card Repaired without damage, either choose the Disk Checking manager through Command prompt or use the properties tool to manage to let your system check for the issue and solutions. If you are confused with the data in the SD Card to be lost, there is software like Find And Mount or Recuva which can help in getting the data stored in the Card, and then you can format the Damaged SD Card. 


If you are getting an SD Card Damaged option on plugging your SD Card on your phone, here are some of the options which can be used to clear up the issue. You can use the Chkdsk command to fix the card, use third-party tools like Find and Mount or Recuva to recover the data and format the SD card, Repair the SD Card using the Error Checking tool. 

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