9 Ways To Repair Corrupted Video Files Perfectly

Videos are usually very valuable files for anyone since they can contain important memories, work content, and even some people are professionally dedicated to creating audiovisual content.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for a video file to become corrupted or corrupted. The cause can be as simple as an incorrect shutdown of the computer or an erroneous Internet download, although format changes and compression processes also sometimes cause unexpected problems. 

Repair Corrupted Video Files For Free

Sometimes errors appear in the headers of the video files or read/write, without forgetting the always dangerous computer viruses, luckily, it is possible to repair video to avoid this type of problem. Even if you accidentally deleted a video file, it doesn’t completely vanish from the disk. Some part of the data remains there. It’s possible to recover that file using a third-party recovery tool.

Recover & Repair Corrupted Video Files

Video recovery and repair is not as complex as people assume it to be. And, for your convenience, here is the article which can help you with all the hassle. I am going to teach you how to repair damaged video files in MP4, MOV, AVI, M4V, M4A, and F4V formats in a reliable way, something that can get us out of more than one trouble. If you are looking for how to repair corrupted video files, then this guide might help you. 

1. Recover damaged video files using Recoverit

Recoverit Data Recovery is a reliable recovery tool that gives you the ability to get back your deleted/lost data. It supports restoring files damaged by a virus, power failure, accidental deletion, and formatting. Whatever its initial causes, Recoverit Data Recovery is guaranteed to recover files from Hard Disk, SD card, Pendrive, and more. You can use it to recover all kinds of data, including video files too. 

Recoverit also offers a free version of this software that, among its advantages, it should be noted that it is easy to use and that it offers complete file recovery.

Salient features:

Wondershare Recoverit supports a variety of file types. You can restore photos, audios, videos, files, documents, emails, and any other type of file. So no matter what file you lost, Wondershare has you covered.

Most likely, you will recover your deleted file with Wondershare Data Recovery and that is because the software features several different recovery options.

Wondershare Recoverit allows you to check a preview of the files found in the scan so that you can choose the files you want to recover. This is certainly useful, as retrieving all files and then searching for the most important file can be a bit of a hassle.

Steps to follow:

1. When you open the tool, you can see many options to recover your file. These options are for selecting the location from where you want to recover your file. choose the location where the data corresponding to our file will be searched and click on ‘Start’

recoverit home

2. Once this is done, RecoverIT will start to perform a quick scan, which once completed will show us a preview of some files.

recoverit scanning

3. If you cannot find your lost files, you can try the “Advanced recovery” option located in the bottom left of the screen for a deeper search.

4. When you have the possible files we were looking for, Recoverit previews the files that can be restored before continuing with the recovery phase. You just have to select the desired files and click on the “Recover” button to make them available again.

recoverit recovered

5. With the free version, you can only recover up to 100mb of the file at once. You can buy the subscription after checking the preview of your files. 

6. It is recommended not to save the recovered files in the same drive where they were deleted or lost to avoid any problems, always save them in a new location that you can easily remember.

2. How to repair corrupted video file using Wondershare video repair tool

Wondershare Video Repair can repair any video that gets damaged during the recording, recording, editing or saving process. 

Wondershare Video Repair is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. This video file recovery software is easy to use and features a high repair success rate, the application can fix all kinds of problems from logic errors to corrupted videos. 

Also, compared to other video repair software, Wondershare is relatively easy to use. Here are some simple steps you can take to fix your file.

Salient Features

Currently, it offers two modes: fast and advanced. Quick mode fixes minor problems in a short time, while the advanced mode is known for the sophisticated algorithm that can fix critical problems.

If you opt for the advanced repair mode, a sample video should be uploaded from the same device and format as the damaged video file.

Wondershare Video Repair can fix all kinds of problems related to a corrupt video file like blurry or pixelated videos, audio/video problems, corrupted metadata, files that cannot be loaded, black screen, missing header, and many others.

Besides that, the application handles issues related to file transfer, read/write errors, video conversion, compressions, system crashes, corrupted storage, etc.

Multiple videos can be uploaded and repaired at the same time. It also supports other common formats like MP4, M4V, AVI, MPEG, MKV, 3GP, FLV, etc.

Steps to follow:

1. To get started, launch Wondershare Video Repair and load the videos you need to repair. You can drag and drop the files to the interface or simply click the “Add” button, which will display a browser that will allow you to easily locate the files.

Wondershare video repair home

2. After adding the videos, click the “Repair” button, this option will show the progress in a screen indicator and it will not take long.

Wondershare video repairing

3. When the Video repair tool repairs the videos, the application will notify you. You can now preview the video files and check if it is repaired properly. 

Wondershare video repaired

4. But, here’s the catch. In the free version, you can only play the fixed video. You cannot download/save it. You have to buy the subscription for it (and it’s worth the money)

5. If you are going to buy the subscription, make sure that your video file is repaired properly and you are able to play it. 

3. How to recover corrupted files using Recuva

Recuva is a feature-rich file and data recovery program that lives up to the best we have used. For starters, it allows you to recover data from reformatted or damaged discs, improving the chance of a successful recovery. A deep scan mode is also available, which is useful for finding hidden files.

As I have mentioned before, we know that when we delete a file from our computer, it does not completely disappear from the hard drive, but those specific sectors that used to occupy that data become available again, so that they can be occupied by other files. As long as we do not save new data that is written on top of the old, the information can be retrieved. And how to fix corrupted video files? Recuva is going to help you. 

Salient Features 

Meanwhile, Piriform Recuva was designed to be fast and efficient, reducing business downtime when recovery is needed. You can also take a snapshot of your recovered files and create a virtual disk image to avoid future data loss.  

You can recover data like images, audio (MP3), documents, videos, archives, and emails from any storage Windows device can read, like digital cameras and hard disk drives (HDD).

In addition to this, Recuva supports data recovery from virtual hard drives (VHD). And it even allows you to create and restore a new VHD. Finally, you can use the secure overwrite tool to ensure that confidential or confidential files are actually deleted forever. 

Recuva’s user interface is simple but effective. It includes a drop-down menu for unit selection, a button to start a new scan, and a pop-up options window. In the options menu, you can select your language and specify the client’s design. You can also choose different scanning options, including deep scanning and scanning of un-deleted files. 

Steps to follow:

1. When you open the Recuva application, you can see the Recuva Wizard windows. You simply have to click on ‘Next’. 

Recuva wizard

2. Now you will see the windows where you have to select the file type which you want to recover. In case you want video, simply choose ‘video’ from the list. Or, you can choose ‘All Files’ and click on ‘Next’.

Recuva file type

3. Now you have to select the location from where your files were deleted. Select ‘In a Specific Location’, Browse and select. 

Recuva file location of deleted file

4. Once you have chosen the location, click on ‘Next’.

5. Now, from the popup, you have to select ‘Deep Scan’. As the name suggests, it will Deep Scan the location which you selected. 

6. Now the application will start scanning the disk and will show you the estimated time. 

7. It will list all the deleted files in a list format. You have to see the status of the files you want to recover. If the status is not ‘excellent’, it will recover damaged files that you don’t want.

Recuva status

8. Now after selecting the files, click on ‘Recover’ and choose the location where you want the files to be saved.

Recuva location of recovery

4. Recover damaged files using iCare data recovery

iCare data recovery is a well-known tool for recovering your lost and corrupt data. It is also compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and macOS operating systems. Windows and Mac versions are constantly being updated to support new devices and data loss scenarios. Also, the scanning process is very fast, and you can preview the content of each file without any limitation. Though its free version is also available, it will be missing some of the useful features. 

Salient features 

The main highlights of this program are that it will allow us to recover accidentally deleted files, recover files from lost partitions, when the hard drive or SSD has failed, and even if our PC has been affected by ransomware. This application will recover your video files even if they are corrupted.

Like most of these programs, it allows you to restore numerous types of files, from photos to videos, emails, or all kinds of documents. This program has a free version that will allow us to recover up to 2GB of data without having to purchase a paid subscription. 

Steps to follow:

1. When you open the tool, you can see the windows where you will be asked to select the scan mode. Simply choose ‘Advanced File Recovery’

iCare select scan mode

2. Now in the next window, select the ‘Options’ tab

3. Now here, you will have to select the file types you want to recover. 

4. Tick on both ‘Recover Raw Files’ and ‘Recover Raw Files Only’. Also choose the type of files you wish to recover (Graphics, Multimedia, document…) and click on ‘OK’.

iCare options

5. Now you have to select the drive from where you want to recover your files. And then you have to click on ‘Next’

iCare select partion

6. iCare will start the process of recovering your data. You can see the info in the new window. 

iCare recovering

7. When the process completes, you will see a list of all the files. You can also see the preview of them. 

8. Select them manually and click or “Select all’ form the window and click on ‘Next’.

iCare select files

9. Now you will get a window to select the location for saving the recovered files and click on ‘Next’.

10. Now, a new window will popup saying ‘Saving is completed’. It will show you the location of the saved file. 

iCare saving completed

11. Now you can see your file and saved in a ‘Raw folder’

5. Add an extension to fix corrupted video files

This trick is really simple. Sometimes, the extensions of files get changed for some reason and we assume it is corrupted. But in reality, you can’t play that video just because your video player is not able to recognize the file extension. 

Windows OS is not the perfect one. And a file changing its format (extension) is not a rare problem. Sometimes a video file extension will change to some other format, and you may sometimes find it is even missing an extension.

What you simply need to do is just change the extension of the file. So, here is how to repair corrupted video files? 

Steps to follow:

1. You can see that your file’s icon is just a blank white page. And you won’t be able to play it that way.

no extension on file

2. Select the particular file by left-clicking once on that. 

3. Once your file is selected, right-click on it. You will now see a lot of options.

4. Simply choose the ‘Rename’ option from the list

Rename file

5. Now, and the end of the name of the file write ‘.mp4’. For example, if the name of your file is ‘ABCXYZ’, then simply write ‘ABCXYZ.mp4’ in the name and hit Enter from the keyboard.

6. Now you will see that the icon of the file is changed. 


7. Double click on the file and check if you can play it. 

USEFUL Guide To Read :

6. convert video file to fix corrupted video file

Sometimes when you download a video file or edit the video, it’s extension gets changed and it becomes unplayable. It’s very common.

Video files and delicate things on your PC. There are various reasons for it. Even a minor error could prevent them from playing. 

Video compression process, on various occasions the improper use of third-party tools for video editing can cause poor video compression and corrupt the MP4 file.

Sometimes while downloading a video in a heavy MP4 format from the Internet browser, after a cut in the Internet network, can interrupt the process of downloading the MP4 file completely. Interrupting the file copy to an external removable disk, after copying or cutting an MP4 file to a removable media can cause data loss too.

Broken video headers are a common problem too. The header file has all the information needed to run the video file correctly. An MP4 video file with the broken header prevents a PC from playing the video correctly or even opening it.

In most such cases, the Handbrake tool can save your time and effort. It is a good lightweight application that can change the format of your file. It is also open source. This transcoder supports video encoders like H.265 (x265 and QuickSync), H.264(x264 and QuickSync), H.265 MPEG-4 and MPEG-2, VP8, VP9, and Theora. 

Let’s look at how to recover corrupted video files using an extension changing tool, Handbrake.

Steps to follow:

1. When you open the application, you can see a window that will ask you to say the file. Click on ‘File’ and locate your corrupted video file.

Handbrake Source selection

2. Now Handbrake will load your video in a few seconds and then you will see an options window to change the settings of the video.

3. Make sure your video format is MP4 in the options.

Handbrake options

4. In the top right, you can see that there is an option called ‘Presets’. Click on that.

5. Now, you can see many different presets for your video. You don’t need to get confused now. Simply choose ‘Fast 1080p 30’ from the list (if your corrupted video is 720p, then choose that’.

Handbrake preset

6. Now here comes the main part. Choose the video format as ‘MKV’, and then you have to choose a location for saving the video.

7. To do that, choose ‘Browse’ in the bottom part of the window and choose a location for saving. 

8. Now from the top of the window, choose ‘Start Encode’ and Handbrake will start the process of encoding. Your file will be saved in the location which you had selected. 

Handbrake encoding

7. Reference video trick to fix corrupted video file

This is an excellent trick which not many people know about. When your video gets corrupted and you want to fix it, you have to have another video with the exact same settings as your corrupted video. Confusing? Let’s check that out in detail. 

For instance, your corrupted video is hot using your smartphone. Now you have to shoot another video with your smartphone. We will use that as a reference. You can see that your corrupted and your reference video will have the same setting (you can check this in the ‘Properties’ section.

Now how to recover corrupted video files? Using a tool called ‘Video repair tool’ by Grau GambH. With just a few steps you are going to get your files back. 

Steps to follow:

1. ‘Rename your corrupted file as ‘1.mp4’ and then create a copy of it, rename it ‘2.mp4’ 

2. Now you will be left with two same corrupted files. Copy the files in Drive D (Don’t place them inside any folder)

copy in drive

3. Now search ‘CMD’ in the search option of your Windows OS, right-click on it, and click on ‘run as administrator’

cmd open

4. Now simply write     “D:”   and hit enter (only write what’s inside “  “)

5.  Now paste the following command

copy /b “D:1.mp4” + “D:2.mp4” CombinedFile.mp4

And now hit Enter

cmd combined

6. Now you can see a new file has been created ‘CombinedFile.mp4’

7. Now to you have to open the tool ‘Video repair tool – Grau GrambH

8. When you open the tool, a window will pop up saying ‘Only 50% of the video will be repaired’. You don’t need to worry because we have combined two corrupt videos into one in the above steps.

9. Now in the tool, click on ‘Choose movie’ and then locate the ‘CombinedFile.mp4’

Video repair tool Grau

10. Now, below that, click on ‘Choose reference movie’ and locate the reference video.

11. Now simply click on ‘Scan’ in the tool 

Video repair tool Grau scanning

12. The video will be repaired and will be saved under a new folder ‘Repaired’ in Drive D.

Video repair tool Grau repaired

8. Error checking to fix video file not playing issue

The best thing about Windows OS is that it comes with a built-in error-checking tool. Yes, you heard that right. You can directly check the error and fix them without any third-party tool. 

This can be applied with any hard disk, pen drive, and any storage device where your corrupt file is located. In this process, the whole drive is going to be scanned and it will try to fix all the errors appearing in that Drive. This process is not very effective but you can try and find out if it works in your case. So how to repair corrupted video files? Let’s see how you can do this 

Steps to follow:

1. Firstly select the drive where your corrupt file is located (If the file is in Drive D, you have to select drive D), and then right-click on it. 

2. Now, a list of options will appear, select ‘Properties’ which will be present in the bottom. 

Error checking properties

3. A window will pop up, where you have to choose ‘Tools’

Error checking tools

4. After that, you can see two options, the first one being ‘Error checking’. Simply click on ‘Scan’

5. It will trigger the process of error checking which will hardly take a few seconds to execute. 

Error checking scan drive

6. After this, you will see a pop up saying ‘Your Drive was successfully repaired’. Check if you can play your video now.

error checking scanned

9. VLC player trick to repair your video files

You must have heard about VLC haven’t you? VLC is extremely popular and for good reasons – it’s free, supports all kinds of video files, and you don’t need additional codecs for anything, and can be extended beyond its capabilities using infinitely available plugins. But did you know that VLC can help you repair your corrupted video files?

VLC is a favorite among Windows users for many reasons. And it doesn’t disappoint us though. Having an in-built video repair option in a media player is just icing on the cake. It is a great tool for people who already use it as a media player as they won’t have to download other free video repair software. You don’t even need a third-party app for it. 

The process is simple and hardly takes a minute. You can conveniently repair any type of video file you want. 

Salient Features

To fix corrupted videos, you have to go to Tools and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

After a window opens, click Entries / Codecs.

Scroll down to the location of the damaged or incomplete AVI file and see the drop-down menu called Always fix.

After saving your preferences, you can play the video without errors.

The tool is compatible with Windows systems, and it is completely free.

You can also add skins, extensions, and much more.

There are no ads, spyware, or user tracking.

Steps to follow:

1. Firstly, make sure that your corrupt video file is in .avi format. If it’s not, then simply go to this site and upload your corrupted video. 

Online avi video converter

2. You will see the option ‘Choose Files’. Click on it and locate your corrupted file.

3. It will trigger the process of uploading your file. Once done, it will look something like this.

Online avi video converter start converison

4. Now, you have to click on ‘Start Conversion’ without changing any setting or options. This will trigger the process of conversion of your file. 

Online avi video converter converting

5. It will hardly take a few seconds to complete. Once done, you will see a page like this.

avi video conversion complete

6. Now you have to click on the ‘Download’ option and your file will be downloaded. 

7. Now, you have to open your VLC media player.

8. In the VLC home window, you can see an option called ‘Tools’ in the top section. Click on it

VLC home screen

9. Now you can see many options have popped up. Locate the option ‘Preferences’ (it is the bottom-most in the list).

10. You will see another window here. Now click on ‘Input/Codec’ from the window.

11. Under ‘Input/Codec’ you can see another option reading ‘Damage or incomplete AVI files’. By default, it will be in ‘ask for action’. You have to click on it and change it to ‘Always Fix’

VLC simple preferences

12. Now, you have to click on ‘Save’ 

VLC preferences save

13. Now, simply head on to your downloaded AVI file and open it with VLC media player. It will automatically fix the issues with the file. 

Recover Corrupted Video Files FAQs

Can corrupted data be recovered?

Yes. When we delete a file from our computer, it does not completely disappear from the hard drive. As long as we do not save new data that is written on top of the old, the information can be retrieved. 

How do I recover a deleted mp4?

There are many methods to do so. But the simplest of them is by using a recovery tool like Recuva. It can easily dig up deleted data and recover them.

How do I repair a corrupt .mov file?

.mov files can be repaired using video recovery tools like Wondershare video recovery. You can fix it using error checking in windows.

How do I fix a corrupted MKV file?

Corrupted MKV video files can be repaired easily using third-party tools like video repair tools by Grau GmbH. You also try changing extensions or using tools in VLC media player.

How do I play corrupted videos?

You can change the extension and see if you can play it. If not, you can use third-party tools like Wondershare video repair and see a preview of your repaired video file for free.

Can I fix a corrupted mp4 file?

Corrupted mp4 files are definitely fixable. There are a lot of tools to help you with it. Also, there are options in Windows to fix corrupted files.

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