5 BEST Ways To Repair Corrupted Video Files For FREE

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Have you ever been in a situation where you put up your favorite video on the computer system and come up with the issue like these –

  • Video files not opening
  • Video files got corrupted
  • Video files not opening properly
Repair Corrupted Video Files For Free

Repair Corrupted Video Files

If yes then here are 5 ways that you can use to Repair Corrupted Video Files For Free.

Error Checking Tool

There is a situation when the video files in the Pen drive or SD Card does not run properly or doesn’t open at all. Through our computer, the first thing we can do is check if the file is corrupted or is it the storage device which is causing trouble.

For starting with it, we first check using the Error-checking tool in the System. The process starts by Right-Clicking on the pen drive or SD Card drive shown in the Computer. Drive options will open; go to the Properties section in it.

error checking

In the properties, tab click on Tools which will redirect to the Error Checking tab. Following the step, click on the Check button. A new window will pop up asking Scan and repair the drive, click on the button, and wait for the system to find any errors in the SD Card or Drive and repair it for usage.

scan and repair

By now, the pen drive may have started working and you can see the video.

Adding Extension To Video File

It is often seen that there is no extension file on the video name. This leads to the computer or mobile phones to not detect how to play the video. The user has to take care of such a situation by himself. For carrying out this, the user has to first right click on the video file seen in the drive. Click on the Rename option which will pop the rename option in the system.

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For renaming, at the end of the file name, put a “Dot” followed by mp4, Mkv or avi. This will allow the computer to read the file as a video file and it will show the time duration and the video file details now.

adding extension to file

Using VLC Media Player

Through this solution, we will be using VLC Media Player for repairing the video file. First, you have to visit this website and follow the steps along. On the website, there is an Upload option for the video, or choose files from the computer option.

Click the button and upload the video file online and click on the Start Conversion button. The website may take a minute or so and will convert video to AVI format. After the conversion, click on the download button and let it download completely.

vlc media player

Now, search VLC on your computer and go to the Tools option on the taskbar in VLC Player. In the drop-down menu at Tools command, you will be able to see the Preferences option at the end of the dropdown.

tools in vlc

In the Preferences pop up command, look for the Input/Codecs command and click upon it. You can see Damaged or Incomplete AVI Files.

always fix avi damaged files

In the drop-down menu here, click on the Always Fix which will repair files. The AVI file we have converted online should now be open with VLC Media player to play successfully.

Corrupted Video Files Repair Tool

This is a technique that will require software on solving how to fix corrupted video files. The software is called Corrupted Video Repair Tool which you can easily search online or follow this link to use the software.

1. The software can only repair 50% of the total video file. So we will first double the video and then we can repair it through the software to get the complete video repaired for free.
2. You will need a reference video to make the software understand the type of video you are about to get repaired. Shoot another video with the same FPS and Lens and extension to make the software understand your video.

On your computer, check all the details of the corrupted video, the Frame rate and size of the file, etc. These should be precisely the same as that of your video. Now, copy your corrupted video and paste in the same folder with a different name. Search CMD on your computer and choose Run as Administrator for opening Command Prompt.

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Now, select the corrupted file folder location from the taskbar and copy it. Now, paste the location in the Command Prompt window and remove the Slash (/) symbol from the end and press enter on Keyboards. 

opening location

Now, you have to type the command,

copy/b “1.mp4″+2.mp4” Combine.mp4

1.mp4 and 2.mp4 are the file names as you have saved on the computer. The CMD Prompt will combine the two videos and will produce another video in the folder with the name Combine File.

commands to combine video files

Now, you have to go online and download software called Grau GmbH mentioned through this link or you can search online. Download the software, a Zip file will be downloaded, simply extract the contents of the Zip file and Install it on your computer.

grau gmbh video repair software

Run the software in the PC; it will show the software is running in demo mode and you can get only 50% of the corrupted video repaired.

grau gmbh video repair software download

But we have already doubled the video which now is going to be repaired in only half will be a complete video. In the Software, select the combined file from your computer, and on the reference movie file, select the second video you shot at the same frame rate. Now, simply click on the Scan button and the repair work will be started.

grau gmbh video repair software choose reference movie

You can find the Repaired movie clip on the bottom side of the software window. You can now check the output folder and see for the repaired video on your computer.

Using HandBrake

There are times when the video file gets decrypted and the system cannot run it due to lack of understanding of the file format.

You will have to encrypt the file first to run it in the computer system Our this technique is dependent on this trick. Again, through this technique, you will have to download the software to play the corrupted file. Simply, press on this Link or search for Handbrake Opensource Software online and download. Install and run the software on the computer.


In the software, you will be able to see File – Open in a single video file option to select the video from the folder.

drop a file

Select the corrupted video file from the computer and let the software scan the file incomplete. On the top, there is a Preset option that can tell you the earlier format of the video. On the dropdown, select the required video to pixelate you aspire for.

select file

In the Summary video format, select the drop-down and change it to MKV format. Before encoding the video file, save the format with options and Save As with your desired name and now Click on Start Encode, and the software will take some time and finally repair the file and save where you have selected the file to save as.

Handbrake mp4 export

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To Conclude

These are few of the worked and proven tricks for recovering the corrupted videos on your computer or any drives. If you still have any questions related to how to recover corrupted video files, please see the website or contact us to help you out.

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Repair Corrupted Video Files FAQs:

How to Repair Corrupted Video Files?

You can try error checking tool and adding extension to video file and also you can use some video repair tools to repair your video files.

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