5 FREE Ways To Recover Data Easily

If you want to recover data from your storage device it may be a pen drive, memory card, hard disk, etc then you are at the right place.

Recover Your Data


I want to tell you a very important point that you need to keep in mind before using these data recovery softwares.

Please don’t select your storage device as a recovery drive from where your data was lost or deleted. I know that was totally bouncer for you but let me further break down that sentence. Below mentioned software asks you to select the path (location) after selecting your storage device from where you want to recover your data.

So please don’t select your same storage device to store your recovered data.

Let consider one example. Inside your computer, there are 5 partitions on your hard drive named A, B, C, D, E.

If you want to recover your data from your hard drive partition A then select it and scan it.Now don’t select partition A to store that recovered data you need to select different partitions like B, C, D, E, etc.

After you got your files then you can copy-paste it on hard drive partition A or you can move it to partition A that’s totally okay.

1. Recover Your Files using Wondershare Recoverit

Let’s see how you can recover your data using well-known and popular software named Wondershare recoverit.

This software is very good and accurate in recovering data from any storage device but the problem is this software only gives you 100MB data recovery in the free version.

So if your data is like pictures, song and if you know that your file size was less then 100mb then you can use recover it to recover your files.

Now let’s jump into how you can use recovery to get your data back.

I hope you already download recover it by pressing the above button now open it and follow my steps.

With this software, it is very handy and easy to recover your data you need to just select location from where you want to recover your data.


You can found your internal hard drive partitions on the hard drive section and external devices like pen drive, sd card, memory card on external device section and you can also select desktop, recycle bin or specific folder to recover data.

select location to star scaning

This software takes some time to recover your data and when it’s done you can able to see a preview of that file and also able to recover your files for free if they are under 100mb.

recovering data with wondershare recoverit

But if your files in total are more than 100mb then you need to go with their paid plan.

recovering selected files with wondershare recoverit

That’s how you recover your files using recoverit and this is my personal favorite software because of its accuracy.

2. Recover Your DATA using Recuva

Recuva is another great piece of software that you can use to recover your data from your memory card, pen drive, hard drive or any storage device.

There is no limit in Recuva in terms of how much data you can recover but the problem with Recuva in free version sometime it fails to recover some of your files wheres recovery it does perfectly but with 100mb limit.

But I like one feature about Recuva that it provides a deep scan that can scan all recoverable files as well.Anyways let’s see how to recover your important data with Recuva.

Download Recuva first by clicking the below button.

Now I hope you installed it on your windows after that follow these steps to recover data.When you open it Recuva shows you, welcome wizard.

Recuva wizard

Simply click on next and then you need to select which kind of files you want to recover.

choose file type in recuva

You can select the file according to your needs.

You can select all files or only pictures or only videos and more it depends on you.

Now you need to select from where you need to recover data so for that you need to specify location here.

file location from where you want to recover data in recuva

In case of a pen drive or memory card, you can select in a specific location and select your memory card or pen drive you can do that same as well with your specific hard disk partition.

select specific location in recuva

But if you are not sure from where you want to recover your data you can select I’m not sure so this option scan all attached storage devices and gives you all recoverable files.

Make sure to enable deep scan you probably thinking what is that deep scan?

enable deep scan in recuva

A deep scan is an option inside Recuva that scans your storage devices very deeply to find out files that can be recovered.

So you can enable this option as well but it takes up to one hour to complete the scan.

Tip –  If you recently formatted or deleted your files and want to recover your files then you can go without a deep scan because it is very easy for Recuva to recover recently deleted files but if you are really want to recover all data then select deep scan.

Recuva takes three steps to recover your data:


2.Analyzing Damage

3.Analyzing File content

Then you got your recoverable files you can see in the above screenshot some files has a green icon and some have a red icon and yellow as well.

recoverable files in recuva

You must need to only select green icon files because these files are 100% recoverable as compared to the red icon or yellow icon files.

If you want to know the exact location from where your data existed just right-click on any white space inside Recuva and change the view mode to Three View.

view mode three view in recuva

I suggest you enable thumbnail view from view mode so you will get some idea about that file as well.

To recover any file just select it and then press the recover button that you can see on the right-hand side in the Recuva interface.

3. Recover Deleted DATA using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If in your case Recuva did not do a great job then you can try the EaseUS data recovery wizard to recover your important data from corrupted hard disk or from corrupted sd card etc.

With the help of this tool, you can recover up to 2GB of data for free so let’s see how to recover data from your storage device.

When you open it you need to select a location to start recovering your data. Wait for a while this tool scanning your files that can be easily recovered.

EaseUS Data Recovery interface

Easeus divide files into three section:

  1. Deleted files
  2. Lost files
  3. Existing files
selecting files for recovering using easeus recovery tool

Go through each and every folder and select files that you want and please don’t select files that you don’t want because in the free version you can only recover up to 2GB.

Now select your files and click on the recover button and one window will pop up that asks you to select the location where you want to save your data.

specify location where you want to save your recovered files in easeus recovery wizard

That’s how you can recover your data using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version.

4. Recover Files Using Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill comes with 500mb free data recover and if you need more you need to go with their paid plan.

When you opened this software you did not able to see all partitions this only shows your hard drive or any flash drive that attached to your pc.

disk drill interface

You need to click on that hard drive to see your partition and you can also specify recovery methods it may be a deep scan or search for lost partition.

disk drill recovery partition

But I recommend you put it on a deep scan and then click on search for lost data.

After a few minutes or hours depending upon your data size it will show you all files in a well-organized format.

select your files to recover USING disk drill

Provide location or path where you want to save your data and you are done!

specify location where to save your recovered files disk drill

5. Recover Photos and Videos using Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar data recovery tool gives you an option like Recuva first you need to select what kind of files you want to recover from your dead hard drive or any flash drive.

Stella data recovery free edition

Then just click on next and in this step select your hard disk partition or flash drive from where you want to recover data.

recover from selected drive stellar

You can also enable preview to see a small preview of your files and this software goes through 5 phases to recover data.

scanning in stellar data recovery

After stellar data recovery finished 5 phases you can click on recover to recover data.

recover data using stellar data recovery

This tool provides 1GB free data recovery.

Conclusion: Before doing anything with your data make sure to take a backup of it and then do what you want because your data is more important than your storage device keep this thing in your mind.

Data Recovery FAQS:

Can lost data be recovered?

Yes, as long as you did not format your storage device it is very easy to recover your data and if you format it and did not add extra data on your storage device then you can still recover your lost data very easily.

how to recover data deleted from recycle bin?

You can use tools like Recuva, recover it to recover your data from the recycle bin.

How do you recover permanently deleted files?

If files were permanently deleted then it may be not easy to recover but you can use tools like Recuva and put scan mode on deep scan it will definitely help to recover some files.

How can I recover my data for free?

If you want to recover your data for free you can use tools like recover it, Recuva, EaseUS data recovery wizard and use their free plan that can recover a decent amount of data.

Is it possible to recover the deleted files?

If you don’t fill up your storage device with new files multiple times then it is very easy to recover deleted files.

how to recover data after formatting?

If you format your storage device and did not fill up it with new data then it is possible to recover data after formatting using data recovery software.

How do I recover my desktop data?

If you want to recover your desktop data then you can use data recovery tools like Recuva, stellar data recovery, recover it, or disk drill.

how to recover data from a flash drive?

Flash drive is also a storage device and you need to use recovery tools to recover your data from your flash drive.

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