3 Ways To Recover Data From RAW Drive (Easily)

The RAW drive is a state which disables the accessibility of files in a memory device. Basically, all the files become incompatible with the system which leads to not showing files on the system. However, there are methods to access the files of a RAW drive using some of the best and trusted 3rd party data recovery software.

Recover Data From RAW Drive

Hence, in this post, I will be listing 3 of the best methods to recover your data from RAW Drive using listed software.

1. Using iCare

iCare lets you take back-up of all the data in your hard drive, it also allows users to take back-up of raw drives which comes in quite handy.

iCare select scan mode


  1. Firstly, Download iCare and install it.
  2. Then, Insert the SD card in the system and make sure it detects
  3. Now, after installing the tool open it
  4. Select “Advanced file recovery
  5. Select the drive or the SD card 
  6. Click Next, now it will scan the device
  7. Now, select all the partitions shown and click next
  8. Select all the files showing or the files you want to recover
  9. Click on all the partitions
  10. Click on the “Recover” button
  11. Now it will start scanning
  12. Now allocate where the backup file you want to store
  13. Once you have selected the location click “Ok
  14. And you are done

So, make sure to recover all of your data before heading to the next method which is all about cleaning and formatting.

2. Using TestDisk

This is another free data recovery tool available on all the major platforms. This tool might seem a bit complicated to operate but surely performs quite well when it comes to the results. Anyways, once you go through the steps mentioned below you won’t have any issues regarding the process.

Note: You will have to use the Arrows and Enter keys to navigate and select the commands respectively.

testdisk recovery files


  1. After downloading TestDink open the software
  2. It will open up just like the CMD of the system
  3. Now, move the cursor down and select “Don’t Record Anything
  4. Then, navigate and select the memory drive
  5. After this look for “Hint” below and select the partition according to the hint
  6. Suppose mostly the partition hint will be “Intel” or “EFI GPT” so press enter after selecting it
  7. Now, select “Analyse” and enter
  8. Look for “Quick Search” at the bottom-most section select and enter
  9. Now, scanning of files will begin 
  10. In addition, you can also go for the “Deep search” option
  11. Then, after the scanning is completed press “P” on your keyboard
  12. Now select all the files by pressing “A” or “Shift+A
  13. Then press “C” or “Shift+C” to copy all the files
  14. Now, navigate through and select the location to store recovered files
  15. Then select the folder and again press “C” or “Shift+C” to paste recovered files.
  16. And you are done

3. Using Recoverit

It is one of the best advanced data recovery software you can get online. If you wish to use this software then you will have to purchase the advanced/essential version. Hence, if you are looking for a premium and advanced tool to frequently recover data off of drivers then this software is surely the one. Anyways, further are steps to recover data using Recoverit.

recoverit home edited


  1. Firstly, download Recoverit and open it
  2. Now, just select the location or the drive
  3. Then click “Start
  4. The scanning process will begin now
  5. After the scanning is completed, select the files to be recovered
  6. You can also select and categorise files according to the type
  7. Preview of certain files are available if you wish to view them, you can
  8. Then just click on “Recover
  9. And done


What is raw drive recovery?

When a drive is in a RAW drive state, it tends to disable the accessibility of files in it and it can be recovered using a 3rd party recovery software. Hence, recovering the inaccessible files is raw drive recovery. 

Is it possible to recover files from a wiped hard drive?

If the files are deleted or the drive is formatted then yes, the files can be recovered using any advanced recovery software. If the files are somehow wiped by the OS then it is quite difficult to recover them.

How do I erase data from a hard disk so no one can ever recover it?

There are a few software that specializes in wiping data completely from the drive. Hence, if you are in search of these kinds of software then just google disk wiping software and you will find an appropriate one to use.


So, these were the 3 software that can help you recover data from a RAW drive. Hence, if you found this post useful then share it with your friends and colleagues who might need help. You can further check our website out to go through more posts like this.

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