2 Ways To Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card/SD CARD (Easily)

Personal or Official data is one of the most essential possessions to people and most of the users tend to store the data in an external memory device to frequently access it and at times the external device malfunctions or gets corrupted which could be highly troublesome for some users. 

Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card/SD CARD

Hence, In this post, I will be showing a few methods to recover data from your corrupted memory card within a minute or two. Hence, read ahead!

1. Recover Data Using Recuva

Using Recuva, you can back up plenty of the deleted files from the external drives or the local drives with decent accuracy. You also can use Recoverit, a paid tool or in case you are searching for an alternative for Recuva then you can try iCare. 

recuva deep scan


  1. First of all, download Recuva and install it to proceed further.
  2. Insert the SD card in the system and make sure it detects
  3. Now, after installing the tool open it
  4. Press “Next
  5. Select “All files” in the “file types
  6. Click “Next
  7. Select the drive or the SD card
  8. Check box on the “Deep Scan
  9. Click on “Start
  10. Now it will start scanning
  11. Then, select all files or the files which you want to recover
  12. Click on “Recover
  13. Now allocate where the backup file you want to store
  14. Once you have selected the location click “Ok
  15. And you are done

If this method didn’t work for you then proceed to the next one.

2. Format with MiniTool Partition Wizard

Here you will have to use a 3rd party tool to format the memory device in a higher-level process. MiniTool Partition Wizard has the highest probability to fix all the issues regarding the external device, also you can easily change the file system and format the storage device within a few steps mentioned below.

minitool partition format


  1. Before you proceed, download the MiniTool Partition Wizard and install it.
  2. After installation, open the tool
  3. Look for the disk
  4. Right-click on the particular disk
  5. Click on “Format
  6. Click on “File system
  7. Change it to FAT32 or exFAT (Select FAT32 if the memory device is less than 32GB and if it is higher then select exFAT file system)
  8. Click “ok
  9. Click on “Apply” and confirm 
  10. Now the formatting will begin and finish within a few seconds.

Once the formatting process is completed, you can again go on to the 1st method and recover the files using any of the recovery tools you wish to. Then, copy all the files to the external device and most probably you will get all the required files back.


Can I recover data from a corrupted memory card?

Yes, you can recover most of your data from the corrupted memory card using Recuva or iCare, in case you are looking for a much more advanced recovery tool then you can go for Recoverit which is a paid tool and surely is worth it.

Why my SD card got corrupted?

The SD card mostly gets corrupted because of unwanted files or viruses in the memory card which mostly sources from the internet or when used in different systems.


These were two of the easiest ways to Recover Data From a Corrupted Memory Card. So, if you found this article useful then share it with those who might get help out of it. Also, you can visit our website for more amazing tech-related content to get your daily life running effectively with your system.

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