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If you have experimented with camera apps then you must be aware that there are basically two kinds of camera apps, one for casual users and one for professionals or serious photographers.

Best Free Camera App For Android

Today, I am going to talk about the latter and tell you about Open Camera and why it is the best. So, let’s begin. 

What Is the Open Camera?

Open Camera is one of the most preferred camera apps by professional photographers. It is completely open-source with no ads. But what makes it special are its advanced features. Things like exposure lock, focus assist, noise reduction, and enabling/disabling image stabilization are some of the features that you’ll rarely see in other camera apps. 

Open Camera
Open Camera
Developer: Mark Harman
Price: Free
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When you won’t have someone to click your photos you can just say Cheese and it will click your photo. Isn’t that amazing? And of course, there are other common things like HDR mode, customizable ISO, portrait and night modes, etc. You need to have Camera2 API enabled to fully access all the features. 

What Features Make Open Camera Better?

I personally prefer Open Camera after using it for so many months and trying out other apps. While there are so many features, there are a few which make it better than its competitors. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Exposure Lock: You Might have noticed how the intensity of light changes in your video when you move your smartphone around, or when other objects appear in front of the camera. This may be good sometimes but when you are recording a video it just blows out the looks. So, locking it at a perfect point can elevate the video quality and make your videos look professional. 
  1. Noise Cancellation: You may not find this feature in stock camera apps but it’s a really useful thing, especially if you’re someone who records videos more often. It can block out distant noise and reduce distortions in the sounds. You also get the option to select any external mic as an audio source when you connect it. 
  1. Image Stabilization: You don’t necessarily have to have a gimbal for steady and smooth videos. Open Camera Comes with Optical  Image stabilization which can drastically reduce the shakiness of the videos. This will work even if you don’t have Image Stabilization on your stock camera. 
  1. Lock Focus: When you define your face or any other object as the main subject then it will lock the focus on that particular object no matter how it moves. This is a really good feature when you want to record your videos while walking or just moving around. 
  1. Anti Banding: Have you noticed how the light in the videos flicker when you record a video with an artificial light source? Well, you can now solve that with an Open Camera. Just head onto the settings and find an option called Anti banding and choose it as 50Hz (for India) and you’ll see the difference. You can select 60Hz if you live in the US or Europe. 

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How can I improve my Android camera quality?

You can opt for any other professional camera app like Open Camera or Google Camera to improve the camera quality if your stock camera isn’t good enough. 

Which apps are the best for professional photography?

You can try out Open Camera or Camera MX for professional photography. Both have unique features that can be really helpful for clicking amazing photos. 


If your stock camera bores you and you want to try out different features, or you want professional-looking photos then it’s time for a change. Open Camera is lightweight and quite advanced in features and is Open Source, it’s free. It packs almost all the features that you would need from a camera app, from manual focus to adjustable shutter speed. 

What I love most is how easy it is to use despite being so advanced. It just feels very native and you never feel alienated. It just elevates the whole level of videography and photography, and you’ll instantly notice that difference. In my opinion, it is one of the best camera apps for anyone, and you must try it out. 

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