Odysee Video Platform: Really YouTube Alternative?

Nowadays a small number of companies have full control over the flow of information and boycott the sole purpose of the internet. The Internet is a place where everyone has the freedom and independence to speak and have a voice.

In the process of providing freedom and independence, Odysee was created and launched by LBRY, inc in December 2020. In this article, I am going to walk you through what is Odysee? How is it different from YouTube? is it really a youtube alternative? So, let’s begin.

What Is Odysee?

Odysee YouTube Alternative

Odysee is a new people-first video platform launched in December 2020. Built on blockchain technology, this platform helps creators who want to own their content from start to finish and be rewarded for sharing without threats and judgment.

As it is based on blockchain technology means that the creator’s channel can never be deleted or removed. When created it will be recorded permanently in the ledger.

In simple words Odsyee is a video platform based on blockchain technology LBRY, it welcomes all kinds of diverse content and healthy discourse. It encourages people to support their favorite creators and also offers multiple ways through which creators can earn rewards like tipping from people, sharing content, and bringing new people to the platform. 

Odysee Useer Interface

It is hurdle-free as you just need to have a channel to join over Odysee and it supports YouTube migration seamlessly.

What Is LBRY?

The LBRY is a decentralized file-sharing and payment network built using Blockchain and BitTorrent technology. Anyone can create an account over this network and share content that can not be deleted.

BitTorrent technology helps LBRY to perform server-less, which means it doesn’t rely on its servers and uses peer-to-peer file sharing to serve content to its users.

LBRY also has its own cryptocurrency “LBRY Credits” (LBC), using this currency creators can charge users to view their content or earn tips on Odysee. In addition to that users can earn rewards as an LBC through using the platform and inviting other people to it. 

Why Odysee is Different From YouTube?

If I talk about the Odysee platform it is somewhat the same as YouTube, as it is a platform where you upload your video, people watch your videos and you earn money. But both of the platforms vary a lot over the functionality and design.

YouTube is built using multiple server-side technologies whereas Odysee is based on blockchain and BitTorrent technology and their UIs are entirely different from each other.

Some of the Notable Difference Between Odysee and YouTube are:

MonetizationCreators get paid through:
Views by validated user
Tips from creator
Creators can earn through YouTube Partner ProgramAdvertisements
RewardsRewards are received in the form of cryptocurrency (LBC)Rewards are received in the form of regional currency.
ControlCreators have full control over their content hence the company can not remove or delete video or channels.YouTube can ban, delete or remove your channel or content at any time.
Search AppearanceContent on Odysee does not appear in the search engines.  Content can appear in search engine
AdsNo adsAds
User BenefitUsers can earn LBC credits by watching videosNo earning is there for users apart from content consumption.

Should I Use Odysee As a Viewer?

Whenever there is a new launch of a product or service there is always a debate about why people should use it. If I consider Odysee, why would people visit the Odysee website to watch videos if there is already a platform (YouTube) which people have been using for years?

So I’m gonna pinpoint some of the key reasons why you should visit Odysee to watch videos.

  1. You will get rewards as a form of LBC which you can exchange in regional currency.
  2. You will get a login bonus and can earn LBC by inviting friends to the platform.
  3. Can consume seamless content
  4. Access to some interesting content that is banned on other platforms. 
  5. Freeform Ads. 
Odysee rewards section

And the most important reason to join Odysee is that it can serve as a backup for your videos, memories even if you have lots of them. Once the video is uploaded it will be there all time.

Should I Join Odysee As A Creator?

Odysee is made to return the power and control of the videos to their creators. If you are a creator and wondering whether you should join Odysee as a creator or not? So, let me tell you few things.

If you are a beginner at this video creation then choose both the platform YouTube and Odysee.

It’s not that you have to upload videos to both the platforms separately, you just upload your videos to YouTube and Odysee will keep on syncing your videos to the channel you have created on their platform.

Odysee for creators

And if you already have a few hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube then Odysee can serve as a secondary platform that will store your video and if due to any mishappenings your channel or your videos is lost, it will work as a backup server.

Either you are a beginner or you have a popular channel on youtube I would recommend that you sync your channel with Odysee, it will surely benefit you in one way or another.

Apart from serving as a backup Odysee can also turn out to be another platform to monetize your video content and earn LBC credits. It is growing its user base day by day so it might help you earn some extra income, and guess what, who doesn’t love the extra cash.

Odysee Sync YouTube Channel Support

As I have said earlier you don’t have to upload the video to both platforms, Odysee provides YouTube channel sync features with this all the videos which you have on your channel or the video you gonna upload on your channel in the future will be sync to the Odysee channel you have created.

Odysee sync youtube channel support

Syncing of YouTube videos to the Odysee channel works seamlessly so you need not worry, just make sure you allow sync features and grant access to your YouTube channel.

The minimum requirement for a channel to qualify for the sync program is that your youtube channel should have recent and regular uploaded content and the channel should have a minimum of 300 subscribers. 

Odysee Key community Guidelines

Although Odysee allows creators to upload any kind of content they want, there are a handful of community guidelines that you should follow while uploading your videos.

some of the important guidelines are:

  • Content or posts that incite hatred or violence towards a particular group or person(s).
  • Content or posts that promote terrorism, criminal activity, or credibly calls for violence.
  • Excessive bullying of persons not well known within the public sphere
  • Content uploaded with the intent to shame, deceive or insult a minor.

Pros & Cons Of Odysee

Full control of the contentEarning is only received in the form of Crypto
even the consumers can earnThere is a minimum requirement for a YouTube sync program 
Can serve as a backup for videos 
YouTube sync feature 

Future Of Odysee

Odysee is a futuristic video platform based on blockchain technology. People behind Odysee are trying to make a more independent video platform than any other present in the market, where people can upload anything they want.

In a simple view, you can call it a YouTube alternative but in my view, there is still more than that. Three are still more features that are yet to be revealed as the CEO of Odysee Jeremy Kauffman said that they are planning to make more than 10x growth in 2021 and there are still some big features on the way.

Odysee is going to be the successor of  YouTube which will return the power back to the creators.


What is Odysee?

Odysee is a blockchain-based video streaming platform, just like YouTube, it allows creators to create a channel and upload videos. Through Odysee you will be able to earn LBC and these LBC can be converted to regional currency.

Is Odysee safe?Is Odysee safe?

Yes, Odysee is entirely safe as it is based on blockchain technology, videos uploaded to it will be hosted on the LBRY network, and once uploaded they cant be removed.

Is Odysee owned by Google?

There might be a possibility that while searching for Odysee you will come to know that Odysee is a company that was bought by Google in 2015, but the company Odysee and Odysee video Streaming Platform is an entirely different thing.

Does Odysee come free?

Yes, there are no charges to use Odysee whether you are a consumer or a creator both can earn for Odysee. 

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