11 Most Useful Websites for Android Users

There are plenty of websites available that claim to help you with your stuff but it is really safe to use any website. Also, as the options increase, it becomes difficult to choose which one should you use

Most useful websites for android users

So, this article is all about the best useful websites for android users, which are safe to use and which provide the best value.

Most Useful Websites for Android users

1. Fakemail.net

There are times when you need to provide your email address in order to download anything or perform further action on a website, but providing your email to every website you visit is not safe.

fakemail.net homepage/interface

At this point, you can use a very useful website, fakemail.net to create a fake email id that you can provide to the website which you think is not safe.

This mail will remain active for a certain amount of time and with this mail, you will be able to send and receive messages. The best part of using fakemail.net is that you will keep your original email safe and healthy and away from millions of spammers.

2. XDA Developer

XDA developer is the most useful website for android users. It is a community of several million mobile and windows users that works towards the development of various hacks and features related to Android OS.

XDA developers home screen

It is the world’s largest Android forum where you will get to discover various apps, root tools, kernels, and a lot more. You can even find a solution to the problem you are facing in your android phone.

You can even try out different hacks provided to get the most out of your smartphones and for that you need to be a programmer or developer.

3. Free Stock Photos

You would have wasted hours searching for the high-quality wallpapers for your android phone, or even good quality stock footage.

So, here I am with three websites unsplash.com, pexels.com, and pixabay.com which are the best website for downloading free wallpaper and stock footage for your android devices.

pexels.com interface

These websites offer copyright-free high-quality stock images that you can use as per your desire. They offer free photos in various formats and sizes and have images related to every category that you can think of.

4. PDF Drive

PDF drive is a kind of search engine that lets you search for downloadable pdf on the internet for any related topic. Haven’t you wasted so much time searching for the PDFs related to any topic?

PDF drive home screen/interface

This could be the best and very useful website for android users who are constantly looking for downloadable PDFs to read. You can even find pdfs of various books that you can download and read for free.

If you are a reader and don’t want to spend a lot of money on books you can refer to pdfdrive.com and use it to download pdf books and enjoy them for free.

5. Technical Jayendra

This website could be a one-stop solution for all your androids’ hacks, tips and tricks, and information related to android.

This website offers valuable information on various aspects of android and provides content that really helps in solving problems or getting your things done easily.

This website covers all the android related terminology, problems and their solutions, best practices, useful resources, and a lot more.

6. Quora.com

This could be the best website for android users who search for a lot of queries on the internet. It is a place where you can find answers related to every question you have.

If you don’t find the answer you can even ask your questions and there are thousands of people who are there to answer it.

quora homepage/interface

Quora is a platform that lets people ask questions and provide an answer to the questions they know. You can even gain followers by answering questions and use them accordingly.  

Quora also offers its android apps which gives more controls to its android users. Just sign in and start asking or answering.   

7. Google Reverse Image

Have you ever wanted to know about any image that you have or, you have an image on your smartphone and you don’t have a clue about what in the show and what information it displays?

google reverse image interface

Then I am going to tell you the best place where you can upload your image and find information regarding it. It is the tool offered by Google at Google Reverse Image which lets you upload an image and search through it for information related to that image.

All you have to do is go to google reverse image, upload the image, and click search you will get every possible information regarding your image.

8. Find My Device

This is another most useful tool for android device users which is offered by Google. This tool could be a life-saving tool for someone who has just lost his/her smartphone.

google find my device interface

With this tool, you will be able to locate your device, ring your device, and even wipe out all the data that your device has. You can even lock your phone until you get it back.   

The down part of this tool is that the phone needs to have an active internet connection to perform these activities if invoked.  

9. Virus Total

This is a very useful website which lets you scan files for any virus or malware that can affect your system. You have lots of files on your smartphone but are you sure that all are safe and unaffected by any harmful computer virus.

virus total interface

Virus total gives assurance of not having any bad code inside a file. You can simply upload your file on the website and scan for the virus.

With virus total you will even be able to scan URLs before visiting them to know if they have anything file, scripts, etc. that are harmful to your system.

10. Remove.bg

Removing background from an image is not an easy task if you are not familiar with photoshop it is going to be very hectic and time taking. 

To save you from all those steps and time wastage I am going to provide the best useful website for removing image background for free. 

remove.bg interface

Remove.bg provides you with the tools and interface through which you can simply remove your image background by uploading the image and clicking on remove background.

Many times when we are editing photos, we need to remove the background of certain images so that they can be mixed or placed on other images.

This website gives you the accurate and clean cut image after the background is removed and you can download it, use it as per your desire.    

11. Unscreen.com

This website is very useful for those who are video creators, unscreen.com offers tools through which you can remove the background of any video and use it over others.

This is the best greenscreen remover website for android video creators which offers a very intuitive user interface for your work.

unscreen.com home screen/interface

It offers a limit of 5-second background remover in its free version and if you login you will get an extended limit of 10 seconds for video background removal.

With unscreen.com you can even remove the background of other videos which don’t have a green screen, just make sure the video background has a common constant color.

Most Useful Sites for Android Users FAQs 

 Which are the most used websites for Android users?

Some of the commonly used websites among android users are pexels.com for free stock photos or videos, remove.bg as a background removing tool, quora.com for queries and google tools for mobile safety or additional information.

What are the most useful websites?

Some of the most useful websites are google tools, remove.bg for removing image background, fakemail.net for creating fake emails so your primary email remains safe, quora.com for question and answer and free stock photos site which includes  pexels.com or pixabay.com. 


All the above websites that I have discussed are very useful websites for any android users. They can save you a lot of time or even from filling spam mails in your inbox. 

If you know any other websites that you think should be included in the list let me know in the comment section.  

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