6 Ways To Fix Memory Card Not Showing In Mobile But Showing In PC

Most of the smartphones these days are equipped with sufficient storage built in the smartphone itself but users who tend to click pictures and shoot videos do require an external memory card after a year or so in their smartphone. The most frequent error that occurs to a smartphone user regarding the SD card is the memory card doesn’t show In Mobile but shows on PC. 

Memory Card Not Showing In Mobile But Showing In PC

Basically, if you are using an SD card in the smartphone then this error will occur for sure. Hence, in this post, I will be helping you out with some methods to get rid of the problem regarding SD card detection. Following are those methods:

1. Insert SD Card in Other Smartphone

First of all, you will have to insert the SD card in some other smartphone to make sure that there is an issue with the SD card rather than the smartphone.

Hence, just insert the SD card on a different smartphone and device, if it works then there must be an issue with the SD card slot of the device or even an issue with the software of the smartphone, you can rather visit the service center or just check our website to get the solution regarding memory card and smartphone issues.

2. Clean the SD card and the Slot

There are times when you will notice the dust particles or carbon particles stuck in the memory card (on the golden part) and the slot as well, this also leads to issues with the SD card.

So, to clean the SD card you have to be gentle and have to get rid of dust precisely because one scratch on the memory card and will be useless and inaccessible. Hence, take a softly textured cloth piece and rub it gently over the memory card, or you can also use a hot blower or hair dryer to cleanse the SD card slot and also make sure not to overdo it. Lastly, you can use an eraser to clean the SD card but you need to be highly cautious otherwise you can physically damage the SD card too.

3. Remove Bad Sector

Basically, at times the SD card has some bad sector issues in the storage unit for which the phone can’t detect or read the data in the SD card but it can be fixed in the computer system through CMD.


  1. Insert the SD card in the system and make sure it detects
  2. Click on the windows search bar
  3. Search for “Command Prompt or CMD”
  4. Right-click on it and Run it as administrator
  5. Type “CHKDSK (allocateddrive-letter):/r” and enter
  6. Then it will start scanning and repairing the device
  7. And done

4. Change File System Using CMD

Changing the file system might fix the issue for you because it automatically cleans and changes the filesystem which is kind of a formatting method but by using CMD. Also, make sure you have taken the backup if the data in the SD card is essential to you.


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Command Prompt or CMD”
  3. Right-click on it and Run it as administrator
  4. Type “convert (allocateddrive-letter):/fs=fat32” and enter
  5. Now the file system has been changed to fat32
    (if you face a size issue error then there will be no volume selected shown in the CMD)
    Note: FAT32 does not allow copying files of a size more than 4GB. Also for storage of more than 32GB use exFAT and the rest FAT32. 
  6. And finished

If changing the file system of the SD card didn’t work out then head on to the next methods below.

5. Wipe Cache Partition Using Smartphone

Before you begin this method, I will recommend you to take a backup of all your data and information on the device because there is a chance that you might lose it. Use apps such as Google Photos, Google Contacts, Drive, etc to take back-up of all the data in your device.

So, if you don’t have a computer system to solve the issue then you can try it on your device through recovery mode, but you need to be cautious while you do so. Hence, only go through the steps mentioned below.



  1. Turn the device off
  2. Then press the volume up and power button at a time for a few seconds. Note: Accessing the recovery mode differs in some of the smartphones if you are unable to access the recovery mode then just google it.
  3. Now, you will enter into the “Recovery mode
  4. Look for the option “Wipe Cache Partition
  5. Select it by pressing the “power button
  6. Use volume up, down buttons to navigate
  7. This should do the job for you
  8. Now, restart the smartphone

If you are still facing issues then head on to the next method which will probably work for you. 

6. Format SD Card Automatically

MiniTool Partition Wizard has the highest probability to fix all the issues regarding the external device also, formatting of memory devices gets easier and is done within a few steps mentioned below.


  1. Open the tool
  2. Look for the disk
  3. Right-click on the particular disk
  4. Click on “Format
  5. Click on “File system
  6. Change it to FAT32 or exFAT (Select FAT32 if the memory device is less than 32GB and if it is higher then select exFAT file system)
  7. Click “ok”
  8. Click on “Apply” and confirm 
  9. Now the formatting will begin and will be done within a few seconds.

So, this should have resolved the issues with your SD card error in the smartphone.


Why is my memory card not showing on my mobile?

There must be an issue with the memory card slot or the memory card itself, at times there are issues with the software part of the smartphone which is rare but yes, these are the three most relevant reasons.

Does a faulty memory card damage a memory card reader?

It might affect the smartphone temporarily but it can cause issues if the virus or corrupted files are intentionally stored in the SD card to damage the smartphone otherwise most of the time the errors and corrupted files are relevant to the system which cannot hamper the device.

How can I recover data from a memory card that asks to format?

You can use various 3rd party software like Recuva, Recoverit and so on. 


Hence, these were some of the ways to overcome the error regarding SD card detection. So, if you found this post to be useful then do share it with those who might find this useful too.

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