LastPass Review – It Is a Good Option To Save Your Passwords?

In this LastPass review, I am going to review LastPass in each and every aspect.

This is a password manager that I personally use to manage all of my passwords and important things so I have good experience with LastPass.

lastpass review

LastPass Review

I am writing this LastPass review after using LastPass for 1 year and still using it.

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Most people use the same password [email protected] etc on every social media site but it’s very dangerous and easy for hackers to hack this kind of passwords using a dictionary attack.

So it is very important for you is to create secure passwords.

We also don’t want to take the headache of remembering all of those long complicated secure passwords so that’s why a password manager like LastPass comes into the picture.

What Is LastPass?

It is a password manager tool that helps you to save and manage all of your passwords in one place and auto-fill passwords for you whenever you required that password.

How To Get Started With LastPass?

Want to get started with LastPass you need to create your account on it and create a master password.

Get Started With LastPass

After doing that add your accounts and passwords so you can all of your passwords in one place.

Now let’s talk about its features in a review of LastPass.

Features of LastPass

Lastpass gives very powerful features.

Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator

You can generate up to 128 length passwords on mobile devices and using the extension you can generate a password up to a length of 99

Auto fill

Autofill Passwords

Whenever you required to log in on any website or app which you saved in LastPass.

This tool automatically fills up details for you. 

Auto Sync

Suppose you saved your password using your android device then it will automatically show up on your other devices due to auto-sync.


You can upload your important documents and attachments that you want to don’t lose.

Notes In Edit Password Tab:


When you add your login id and your password there are one notes feature where you can add you’re important things about that account.

I personally add backup codes for an account so I can easily log in if I lost my phone using that backup codes.

Share Item

Lastpass Share Feature

Using share items you can share your password, notes with other people but the receiver must have the LastPass account.

You can give access to your social media account without sharing your password.


Folder helps you to organize your passwords, notes in a better way.

You can add your social media account to the social media folder and banking related account to a baking folder like that.

Popup For Saving Password

Lastpass popup for saving password

When you generate your password for your account using password generator one popup appears which asks to save your password and just save it and your password automatically saved into LastPass password manager.

My LastPass Vault

Lastpass vault-

This is the place where you can manage all of your passwords, notes and other things which you saved on LastPass.

Security Of LastPass

In this Lastpass review, let’s see their security options and features.

It uses AES 256 encryption and PBKDF2 hashing with 100,100 rounds.

LastPass Security Explained

They also provide you one of the best security features like 2fa, OTP, email for new device login and more.


You already know what is 2-factor authentication.

I like this feature personally when I am going to log in using any new device it asks me for 2fa which adds additional security.

You can set up 2fa using the LastPass authenticator app plus enable OTP based verification for as alternative to 2FA.

Remember For 30 Days

multifactor authentication remember for 30 days

When you click on to remember for 30 days option this option will remember your device for the next 30 days and don’t ask you for your master password for the next 30 days.

Email For New Device Login

Lastpass Email for new devices

When you are trying to login using any new device first LastPass sends you mail to accept a new device login and then you can log in to your account.

So if someone knows your master password and OTP which is not possible but let’s consider that but still they can’t able to open your account because of the new device login needs email verification which is a super awesome feature.


There are two types of plans available for Lastpass.


In a personal plan, there are three types of options free, premium and families

Lastpass personal plan
LastPass personal Plan

But if you are doing business then they also have different plans like Teams, Enterprise, MFA, and Identity.

Lastpass business plan

LastPass Authenticator

Its app like google authenticator using this tool you can add an extra security layer for your password manager.

Whenever you are going to log in on your password manager account you need to enter LastPass authenticator code.

Lastpass Authenticator Enable

You can enable this option by going to your vault>settings>multifactor authentication>enable LastPass multifactor authenticator.

Platform Availability

Lastpass password manager is available for almost all platforms.

Android App:

  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot

Their extensions are available for chrome, brave, opera and firefox and safari.

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager Screenshot

Lastpass is also available for Windows, Linux, and macn

Lastpass Free Review

In the free version of you get auto-sync, password generator, pop-up to ask for saving the password.

OTP and LastPass authenticator based verification support.

Sharing options, autofill and one to one sharing options.

There are some limitations in free version like you didn’t get priority support,multi-factor authentication and one to many sharing options.

Lastpass Premium Review

I already told you about pricing so you can choose which plan is suitable for you.

If you buy a paid license of LastPass you will get a lot of additional benefits like priority support, advanced multi-factor authentication and one to many sharing options

Lastpass Pros & Cons

Easy To Use No major cons
Great Security Features
Sync available in free version also

Lastpass Review FAQ

What Is a Master Password?

It is the main password we use to access all of the other passwords.

Is LastPass safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use because they use 256 encryption and PBKDF2 hashing with 100,100 rounds so it is difficult for a hacker to hack it.

Is LastPass Free?

Yes, there is a free version available for LastPass if you are just started you can use their free version.

Is LastPass trustworthy?

Yes, I personally use LastPass from the last 1 year and I didn’t face any difficulties and issues with it.

Is LastPass premium worth it?

If you want of additional benefits like priority support, advanced multi-factor authentication and one to many sharing options go with LastPass premium.

Do I recommend LastPass?


I definitely recommend this password manage because I use this tool from the last 1 year and I didn’t face any security issues with LastPass.

It helps me a lot to manage, remember and create a secure password.

I also save my important thing in this password manager so if you haven’t tried yet LastPass password manager you should try it.

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Rating Score

Secure Password Generator4.9/5
Easy To Use4.5/5
Overall Score4.6/5
lastpass review

Lastpass is easy to use and powerful password manager tool to manage,create and save your passwords

Price: 3

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows 10","Android","iOS","macOS"

Application Category: Password Manager

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