5 Best Ways To Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise – Really Works

You must know that fans on the rear side of the laptops are one of the most important components of the laptop because it helps the heat inside the system to exhaust out which helps the system to perform better. 

Why laptop fan makes noise in most cases

The laptop or computer fans make noise because there are parts that generate heat inside the system be it a laptop or a computer system. 

So, when the heat is generated inside the system, the fans move faster to eliminate the heat and in this way the sound or noise is generated because of high speed fans.

Following ways can be used for both laptops and desktops so make sure to go through the methods carefully and thoroughly.

1. Cleaning

You can easily open up a CPU yourself but when it comes to laptops I would recommend you to be much more careful and cautious because one bad move and you will break the laptop. 

So, make sure to have a proper tool kit or you can easily consult a professional or watch any video on YouTube to open up your system without damaging it.

So, once you have opened the system or the laptop. Take a soft piece of cloth and gently clean the fan and make sure you don’t have to do it by applying pressure or it might break. 

Also, you can use a wind blower to remove the dirt particles inside the fan but I would still recommend you to use a piece of cloth and clean it with your hands.

Only just by cleaning the fans manually, you should notice that the laptop fan sound problem is reduced up-to some extent. So, this was the hardware related method and head on for more software related methods.

2. Limit CPU Usage

So, in this method you don’t have to do anything with the fan but you will have to make some alterations in the CPU performance or the Performance. 

Basically, you will have to limit the CPU usage or sacrifice the full extent of processor performance.

Following are the steps to limit CPU usage:

  1. Right click on the battery icon in the laptop, in the computer system just head on to the control panel and search Power Options.
  2. Click on “Change Plan Settings”
  3. Click on “Change advanced power settings”
  4. Look for “Processor power management”
  5. Click on “Maximum processor state” and change the performance percentage according to your minimal needs.
  6. Now, you will have to restart the system so that the alterations can be applied.
  7. If this didn’t work then make the settings as it was earlier or just click on restore defaults.

So, if you didn’t notice any difference in the laptop fan making noise then just head on for next methods.

3. Thermal Paste

thermal paste

So, thermal paste is basically a cooling solution that is applied to a processor before installing it. But, you can apply it on different parts because it allows the heat transfer to be frequent and easier which just does the job for the fans and eventually eliminates heat with ease.

So, you can apply the thermal paste on the heatsink processor, hard drive, cooling fan and memory. But, make sure to apply in a limited quantity and not spell it all over the system or part. After applying thermal paste in the appropriate areas you will notice that the noise is reduced because

4. Use this laptop stand

Laptop stands do amazingly well when it comes to eliminating heat because it basically lifts the whole system up which results in natural and free air flow all over the rear side. 

laptop stand 1

Also, you can adjust the laptop stand by adjusting the positions for better viewing angle and typing angle which is very important as well, but most importantly you can work longer in your system with decent performance and heat which is good for you and for the system as well.

5. Fix Alignment Of Laptop fan

So, things get old, and eventually, it doesn’t function well which is quite obvious and in this case, it’s the fan of the laptop that gets old and makes noise. 

Basically, every rotating part has a proper alignment to it and after a certain amount of time the alignment is damaged or gets detached which automatically generates a sound which is quite irritating. 

So, all you have to do is carefully open up the laptop and if possible repair the fan, but I would recommend you to buy a new one because old ones can create problems further.

So, just search for the fan by exactly typing the model number of your laptop and attach it in the appropriate area and make sure you have done that in an accurate manner otherwise you can face more problems further.


Why does my laptop make a noise when I tilt it?

There is no problem if the noise is usual but you hear it because the fans move fast to exhaust the heat generated by the whole system. So that’s why your Laptop Fan Making Noise.

Why is my laptop making a rattling noise?

In most of the cases the noise is from the fans in the rear side when the fans’ alignment is damaged which is quite obvious because things get old and so does the functional ability is reduced or damaged. Or when you work for a longer time in the system then, the system gets overheated the noise begins.

How do you fix a noisy laptop fan?

Well, the noise might be from the fans on the rear side. If that is the case then 1st you will have to clean the system or fans manually or just limit the performance to reduce the heat which will result in less noise made by the fans.

Can I turn off my laptop fan?

No, you can’t literally or manually turn the laptop fans off because it works automatically when the system is turned on or booted.


So, if you found these above-mentioned methods useful then do share them with your friends and family so that they can also get rid of laptop fan making noise issues to use the laptop with peace and without any irritating noise.

I hope you like my article regarding laptop fan making noise. If you have any doubts or queries feel free to drop a comment in the comment section 

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