4 Ways To Properly Install Google Camera In Android Phone

If you are searching for how to install Google Camera in Android phone or trying to figure out if your smartphone is compatible with Google Camera or not? Both queries will be answered here.

how to install google camera in android phone

I am going to walk you through 4 ways through which you can install GCAM on your smartphone.

Google Camera Support Level

Before we go any further discussing ways to install GCAM we need to check that our smartphone is compatible with Google Camera or not. A smartphone will be GCAM compatible if it has Camera 2.0 API enable.

Camera2 API Probe
Camera2 API Probe
Developer: March Media Lab
Price: Free
  • Camera2 API Probe Screenshot
  • Camera2 API Probe Screenshot
  • Camera2 API Probe Screenshot
  • Camera2 API Probe Screenshot

So, you need to check the availability of Camera 2.0 API and then if it is enabled or not. To do so we need a third-party App named Camera 2.0 API Probe. When you run this app, you will find an interface as in the image below.

There in the camera 2 API window, you will see the Hardware support level, which will have four options Level_3, Full, Limited, and Legacy all four different support levels.

Camera 2.0 API Probe interface

Level 3 means you will be able to install GCAM and can use its extra features very smoothly.

Full means you will be able to install GCAM but you will not be able to use the extra features which come with it.

Limited means your device will struggle and you will have a hard time running Google Camera.

Legacy means there is no way you will be able to run Google camera as the smartphone only supports Camera 1 API features.

How To Enable Camera 2.0 API in Your Device

If you are one of those users who has Legacy as a Support Level in your smartphone then first, you have to enable the Camera 2.0 API Features. All you need is your smartphone Data Cable and Laptop. Then, you should search on the internet and follow step by step process to enable Camera 2.0 API on the smartphone.

Ways to Install Google Camera on Android Phone

1. Install GCAM IN your Phone with Google Search

The first and simplest and easiest way to install Google Camera on your smartphone which is compatible with your smartphone is by searching in google regarding your smartphone model number.

For example, I have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with an A30 model, then I would type the query in the google search bar as “Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A30” and then navigate through websites and download it.

The most common and only problem that arises is due to the compatibility factor for different smartphones and that is the availability of camera 2.0 API features.

2. Install Google Camera Using Gcamator App

If the above method doesn’t work for you don’t worry. In this method, you should try to download and install Google Camera from the Gcamator GCAM database.

Developer: GranTurismo
Price: Free
  • GCamator Screenshot
  • GCamator Screenshot

In this method, you need another third-party app named Gcamator. When you run the Gcamator app it will first check if Camera 2.0 API is enabled or not.  If yes, then in the next step it will automatically recommend the Google Camera App based on your smartphone support level and you can install it very easily.

install GCAM using Gcamator

The recommended GCAM app has worked in most cases but if it still doesn’t work you can look into the GCAM Database in the app and search for the Google Camera App based on your smartphone model, which may work in your smartphone. 

install GCAM from Gcamator database

3. Directly Install Google Camera App through Link

In this method, I will provide you two website links that host the hundreds of Google Camera Ports (APK) customized for respective smartphones.

The first One is the GCAM Port Page which has hundreds of ports hosted on their server. You can search as per your smartphone model name and download the APK. These APKs are modified by the different developers for the different smartphones.  

GCAM Ports Page

The second Website is the XDA developer GCAM Page which has Google Camera APKs categorized based on different smartphone manufacturers. All you have to do is find the category as per your smartphone name and look for the APKs as per your model no. install it and you are good to go.

XDA developer GCAM Page

4. Use XDA Developers Website Search Feature to Install GCAM

In this method, you need to go to the official website of XDA developers and click on the search icon on the top. There you will find two other search options as News Portal Search and Forum Search.

XDA Developer forum search

Click on Forum Search then on the new window click on the search icon and type in the name of your smartphone with the model number and click search.

XDA Developers category device

Click on your smartphone name with the category name as Device from the search results. It will lead to the next page, where you will find a section of Themes, Apps, and Mods. In that you find a separate section for Google Camera there you may find links if GCAM is available for your smartphone and you can simply download it.

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How To install Google Camera on any Android Device?

You can install GCAM by simply searching in google for Google Camera APK with your smartphone model name and can download and install it. There are alternate ways through which you can install like visiting the XDA developers GCAM page or using the third-party app Gcamator. 

Why is Google Camera not compatible with my phone?

To run Google Camera on your device you need to have Camera 2.0 API sensors available and enabled. If your device is not compatible with GCAM then you are lacking the requirements. You can use the Camera 2 API Probe app to check the support level of your smartphone for your Camera.

Why is Google Camera so good?

It is said that Google Camera is best because it is backed by powerful software. Unlike other smartphones which are counting on increasing lenses, Google Pixels is improving its software. 

Is GCAM available on the Play Store?

No, Google Camera is not available on the Play Store because now it is only supported on Google Pixels Devices. There it comes preinstalled and the user need not worry about it.


After trying all the above methods if you are still not able to install and run Google Camera on your smartphone then it’s time to accept that GCAM is not available for your device. You have to go with the normal camera which you get from your smartphone.

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