10 Ways To Fix Headphone Icon Stuck On Android (FREE)

The headphone jack works as the connector between the earphones and the phone. Whenever the phone detects something connected to the earphone jack, the earphone icon appears on the notification bar.

Headphone Icon Stuck On Android

In this guide I am going to show you 10 different possible ways that you can use to fix your headphone icon stuck on your phone’s notification bar easily.

This trick works on all types of android smartphones.

1. Remove Dust And Carbon

Having dust and residue pile up inside the headphone jack can cause issues in the working of the connection between the headphone and the phone. This can be the reason for the headphone icon being stuck in the notification bar. Cleaning the headphone jack in such cases can be an easy way of solving the issue related to the headphone jack.

To get rid of this problem all you need to do is, use a Q tip or an earbud to clean the inside of the headphone jack. If you don’t have an earbud around, you can use some cotton and a matchstick as well.


Just wrap some cotton on the match stick and then use this to clean the inside of the headphone jack.

Doing this will clean the carbon collected inside the headphone jack and solve the headphone icon appearing on the notification bar.

TIP: Try and keep your phone away from the dust flying around. Because this can cause the dust to enter your phone through the headphone jack and cause further problems.

2. Remove Water Using A Blower/Vacuum Cleaner

There are chances that some water has seeped inside the headphone jack. Water entering your phone can cause it to malfunction, such could be the case if water goes inside the headphone jack of your phone. This can be the cause of the issue with the headphone jack.

In such cases, it is necessary to remove all the water out of the headphone jack. You can use a vacuum cleaner or blower to dry the headphone jack.


Remember to use some cotton and a matchstick to absorb and remove the excess water inside the headphone jack before blowing air into it. Blowing air directly inside can push the water inside even further.

3. Quickly Plugin And Then Slowly Plug-Out Earphone

 It is also possible that the icon is stuck on the notification bar because of some software malfunctioning and has nothing to do with the headphone jack as such.

earphone -HEADPHONE

If this is the case, take your earphones and then connect them to the earphone jack. And then remove them quickly. The rapid connecting and disconnecting of earphones will get the phone to refresh the earphone connection cleaning any software issues that might be there.

4. Use Application To Enable And Disable Earphones

Another way of getting rid of the headphone icon problem is by installing a third-party application to enable or disable the earphone mode of your phone.

What this application does is, it will temporarily turn off the headphone jack of your phone. Because of this, the phone will not show any headphones connected to it.

This method should also help you if because of the headphone being active, you are not able to use the phone speakers. Using the application will disconnect the phone’s headphone jack and thus; the audio will start playing from the phone speakers.

After the application is installed on the phone, open the application. You will see a switch showing speaker mode and earphone mode on top and bottom respectively.

To use the earphone, drag the switch down; and the earphone mode will be activated. To use the speakers drag the switch upwards and the audio will start playing from the speakers.

Make sure you don’t close the application and instead let it run in the background.

TIP: Keep in mind not to remove the earphones out of the headphone jack while there is any audio or video playing. This can also be a reason for the headphone icon to be stuck in the notification bar.
So, always pause the video or audio playing before you disconnect the headphones from the phone.


5. Use A Needle (Metal Stick) To Clean 3.5 mm Jack 

 Just like we used cotton and a matchstick to clean the inside of your phone’s headphone jack, you can use a needle as well. 

Make sure not to use the pointed end of the needle as this can harm the inside of the headphone jack. Instead, use the head side of the headphone jack.


Using a needle can help over using cotton as this is thinner and can remove residue from spots the cotton could not reach.

6. Special Trick For redmi Users

If you have a Redmi phone, there is one additional method you can use to solve the issue of the headphone icon stuck in the notification bar.

Go into the setting of the phone, inside the settings you will have to go into the sound and vibration settings of the phone. 

Inside this, go into the additional settings page. Inside the additional settings, you will find headphones and audio effects. Here you will find the options of many different types of headphones(earphones), like mi earbuds and etc.

redmi headphone and effects

Out of all the available options, choose any one of the earphones, and then try connecting and disconnecting the earphone. If this does not work, try the same process with all the other available options as well.

7. Restart Your Phone

If none of this works, restarting your phone will make the phone system start again which can get rid of any software issues that the phone might be having.

android phone

Restarting your phone should automatically solve the problem with the headphone icon being stuck in the notification bar.

8. Clean All Cache Files

If a simple restart does not solve the problem on your phone, you can try and clear all the cache files of your phone. This will remove any issue generating file or temporary data that might be saved in the cache folder of your phone.

To clear all the cache files of your phone, you will have to switch off. Once the phone is switched off, turn on the phone in recovery mode(this can be done by pressing the power button and the volume down key together while turning the phone on. Remember recovery changes from phone to phone.)

Note Please take backup before doing this I can not give you guarantee for your data.

wipe cache partition

Once the phone is turned on in recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu, and select the Wipe cache partition option available.

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9. Reset Your Phone

If clearing the cache files didn’t work on your phone as well, you can reset the phone completely to get the phone back to its original state and settings.

Remember to back up all your personal files on the phone. This includes the contacts, the media (photos, videos, music), documents, and all other files you might have saved on the phone.

Once you have a backup of your files ready. Go into the settings and navigate through to the factory reset option available on the phone (changes from phone to phone).

Resetting the phone should solve the issue with the headphone jack or the headphone jack icon stuck in your phone’s notification bar.

10. Vist Phone’s Service Centre

If none of these steps works for you, the only alternative left for you is to go to the phone’s service center to get it checked by a professional.

Headphone Icon Stuck FAQs-

How do I get rid of the headphone icon?

If you want to get rid of the headphone icon problem then you can use matchstick with cotton to clean dust from your headphone jack I personally tried this trick and it also helps me to fix this issue.

How do you get your phone out of headphone mode from water damage?

You can use a blower to remove/clean water from your headphone jack to get out of headphone mode from water damage.


I hope one of the tricks works for you and you repaired your headphone icon stuck on notification bar problem in your android smartphone.

If not then do let me know in the comment section I am happy to help you and also share this article with your friends so they can also fix this issue on their phone as well.

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