HD Video Converter Factory PRO Review – Best or Worst?

How video quality affects system storage?

Gone are the days when videos used to be recorded in a VGA or any ordinary camera with mediocre quality and resolution. These days you can easily expect a video shot on your mobile phone to be more than your expectations because of the quality and certainly, it takes up lots of storage from your system which eventually isn’t good for the users.

Let’s now talk about professional video clips which are typically shot in a DSLR or any other high-end digital camera which easily is more than a GB or two even a clip of 10-15 minutes.

The numbers are insane when you think of storing the videos as memory or backup because the storage of the system is limited and purchasing external storage devices isn’t cheap these days.

Certainly, you won’t find any preloaded software in your system out of the box to lower the size of the heavy video clips to manage storage space. At this moment you will require a third-party software and WonderFox HD video converter Factory PRO could be the one for you.

So, here is a detailed review of WonderFox HD video converter Factory PRO.

HD Video Converter Factory PRO Review

hd video converter factory pro review

HD video converter Factory PRO is owned by the Wonderfox group which is already a popular company to develop software for basic video editing and video conversion.

If you are well active on the internet and often research about some popular software then you must have come across DVD ripper PRO and DVD video converter which are also owned by the Wonderfox group. So, you can expect the software to be good because now you know that officials are well experienced.

No matter how expensive or good your system is, it is for a fact that it lacks a video converter or compressor software and if you are into professional video making or to be exact YouTube video making then this could be one of the best software for you.

Creators certainly don’t wish to compromise video quality to manage the space in their system and if you are also one of them, thinking of managing space without compromising video quality then this post is surely for you.


The time you open up the software, the first thing you will see a tab which looks quite funky and simple because it has bog toggles which directly indicates what has to be done and also it is quite straight forward for the users.

interface of hd video converter factory pro

Personally, I liked how the UI is because even a naïve user can get the proper idea of what has to be done and what not.

The home screen of the software contains all the options starting from settings, Gif maker, video converter, menu, toolbox and so on. After you choose one of the options from the home screen, another window pops out and takes the user to the chosen category. This approach is quite different but not unusual.

Although once you go on to a particular category you can close the window and also select the other category from the home screen without restarting the software. But, opening 2 categories at a single time is unfortunately not possible.

Overall, it is a decent interface for all the users but some of you might think that it is quite outdated because it is indeed. Still, you can expect this software to perform well.

Settings bar

Once you click on the settings gear you will see a lot of options available there which you can easily modify according to your needs within one screen

Conversion settings

In this section of settings, you will be getting to select the number of tasks at a time allowed then when you see below that you will see an option for switching on or off to convert SD to HD videos which basically allows you to upscale the video quality.

conversation setting in hd video converter factory pro

Download settings

Here, you will be able to set the no. of files that you can download at a time, and also it allows you to select the location to save the file as per the users.

Output location

In this section, you can see all the options available in the converter and you will be able to select the location of each output from each category respectively or change it according to your requirements.

output location in hd video converter factory pro

General settings

In this section, you will see options such as CPU core and CPU priority, this way you can change the priority of CPU towards the application and eventually get your work done faster. The priority can be adjusted from idle, lower, normal, higher to highest.

Installation Process

Just like any other software in the market out there, this software has a simple installation process and you won’t find anything strange while you do.

All you have to do is, visit the official website of Wonderfox and download the file for HD video converter Factory PRO and you are good to go. Also, you can use and after you install to use the software for a lifetime or according to the key’s package.

Special features

  • Audio converter
  • Video Compressor
  • Video converter
  • Variety of resolutions
  • Supports more than 300 formats
  • Ringtone maker
  • Basic video editor
  • GIF maker
  • Screen-Split video maker
  • Photo to video maker
  • Screen recorder

You need to continue reading this post if you are willing to have proper knowledge about the above-mentioned features of HD video converter Factory PRO

The Toolbox option

You will find this toggle on the home screen of the software itself. It will further show four more options to choose from once you click on it and i.e. Photo to video maker, Split-screen video maker, Ringtone studio and Subtitle extractor

toolbox option in hd video converter factory pro

Photo to video maker

This feature lets the user select numerous photos at a time and converts it into a video clip showing all the images accordingly. All you need to do is select the photos from the system, then just click on the “create video” option.

photo to video option in hd video converter factory pro

Screen-Split video maker

In addition to that when you see on the right side, you will notice that there are several settings and i.e. a preview screen, option for adjusting the width and height of the whole clip, selecting the quality of the clip, and lastly the residence time per picture.

Split-screen video maker allows users to collage video clips and convert them into a single clip.

split screen video maker in hd video converter factory pro

When you go on to look at the left side, you will see several layouts which you need to choose and below that you will have options to add the video. Then at the right side you will have a preview screen below that you will have the option to control the quality and last but not the least option to add an audio track into the whole clip.

Ringtone Studio

This is a strange yet useful feature added in a video converter.

ringtone studio in hd video converter factory pro

This feature lets you select any audio clip from your system and trim it as if a ringtone. You can also select device-specific formats in the left side of the window i.e. either Android or iOS.

Subtitle extractor

You must have seen subtitles running down your screen while you watch a movie and what if you wanted the scripts and subtitles?

subtitle extractor in hd video converter factory pro

You need to visit the official website to download. In short, it gets quite irritating. This feature lets you extract the subtitles from the video clip or even from any movie within 1minutes which is quite impressive.

Pros and Cons

Lots of extra feature for a video converterNot available in Mac OS
Refined and simple UI
Variety of file types
Support system
Unique approach
Comes with a free trial version

Huge Variety of file formats

If you are downloading a third party software for video conversion then you should expect any kind of file type available within the software to convert your video into and HD video converter Factory PRO does have more than 300 types which are more than enough.

Huge Variety of file formats in hd video converter factory pro

To be honest, only a few of those file types are useful for a regular user and most of them will be useless for you.

You can also expect formats available in device-specific categories because it makes choosing the file format much appropriate and clear. If you are planning to convert the file only for a particular device then you just have to select the device and you are good to go or else you can also choose the format manually.

Can you edit videos?

Surprisingly, you can edit videos within this software.

This is one of the most beneficial features clustered in a converter because you don’t see it in every other video converter in the market. However, you are not getting a full-fledged editor rather you are getting a basic video editor which can do small jobs for you.

The time when you select the video and proceed with it by bringing it to the window of the converter you will see the options at the central part of the window in the converter option.

edit video in hd video converter factory pro

One can easily choose one of the options and i.e. adding subtitles, trim, crop or applying effects. In addition to all those, you will also be getting a undo button at the top which when made mistakes can be used.

When you purchase this software not only you are getting a basic video editor but also an additional feature to it i.e. to merge videos and that’s quite impressive for a converter to have.

Platform Availability

These days, whenever a developer or a company releases software, they focus on each and every popular platform and two of the most popular ones are Windows and Mac OS.

Unfortunately, HD video converter Factory PRO is only available for Windows users currently and that’s quite obvious because you will see rare cases of video converters available for both of the platforms or licensed for more than one platforms.

Reason being, the software is highly optimized and particularly designed.

Specification requirements

Now you must be thinking, what are the minimal requirements to run this software in the system?

Well, to be exact and short- “not much”.

You can expect this video converter to run in any mediocre system with a minimum of 512mb RAM and any CPU with at least more than 1 GHz of speed with NVIDIA or Intel graphics (it enhances the performance and increases the conversion rate).

Even if you own an outdated system you can easily use this software without any kind of issues.

Here are specifications of my outdated PC where I was easily able to run the video converter without any hassle.

Even if you own a high-end system, you can still use this software and expect it to perform faster because high-end specs will surely make a difference in conversion rate and performance but, you can still rely on your old and outdated computer system for video conversion.

Screen Recorder

This is one of the strange features that you will see in a video converter and i.e. a screen recorder in the home screen of the software itself.

It is not like any ordinary screen recorder that you see every other day, the time you click on the toggle of “screen recorder” from the home screen a small window will pop-up and will suggest to you the mode you want to record your screen on.

screen recorder in hd video converter factory pro

There are basically two modes i.e. custom and full screen. Having these two options gives you somewhat relaxation while you edit your clips, in custom mode, you can choose the particular area from the screen which you want to be recorded and full screen means the whole screen is to be recorded.

Further, when you look at the central part of the window you will see an option that says default, low and high. This option is for video quality and you can change it accordingly for the device you are going to use the recorded clips for but I would suggest you keep it at high quality.

In addition, the software also offers a shortcut to end the recording instantly i.e. “Ctrl=F1”.

Overall this is a good feature embedded on a video converter software.

Gif Maker

Gif is one of the most popular forms of having a conversation or indulging into a conversation between other users in the respective social media platforms.

gif maker in hd video converter factory pro

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format basically it plays a set of images or a video clip in a looping animation conveying a simple message which looks quite attractive to the users.

The foremost reason behind frequent usage of GIF is that people feel much more connected to the animation and it conveys the particular message in a much accurate manner than simple words.

How can you create GIF?

Once you have opened the software, choose the option for GIF maker and go on to select whether you want a GIF from a video clip or set of photos. (in this method I will be explaining video to GIF because most of the users prefer this)

video to gif in hd video converter factory pro

Add the video clip to the program then select the appropriate time you want it to start from and where it has to end in order to get the accurate part you want out of the clip.

You will have several options on the right side of the window, you can let it stay at default or you can easily customize it. The options you will be getting are- resolutions, frame rate, output and at last the toggle to create GIF.

And now you just need to save it and share with your friends to convey your message.

Wonderfox has done a great job developing this particular software because you can just go on exploring and discover new facts and abilities of the software.

Conversion Speed

Now let’s talk about one of the main functionality of this software i.e. the amount of time it took to convert files from one format to another.

conversation speed in hd video converter factory pro
It took me almost 10 minutes to convert a movie of size 2.2 GB to 917 MB

This is the most significant factor to be concerned about because at the end of the day you have paid for this software and you don’t want much time to be wasted in just converting videos.

But, time is not a concern for the users of HD video converter Factory PRO because you can easily expect your work to be done within minutes. Even when you convert UHD videos it will perform above par as compared to other converters out there in the market.

Compression Rate

First, let me explain to you what compression is.

Basically, when you compress a particular file it is converted into ZIP or RAR files which tend to consume very less space in the memory and which eventually results in compression of the file with minimal negligence with the quality.

People often think that compression affects the quality of a file to a larger margin but let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about the compression rate whilst you use HD video converter Factory PRO.

It uses a 5x compression module which does the job with sheer perfection for the users with almost no damage to the quality of the file be it an HD, UHD or even a 4K video clip.

Downloading Of Videos

This is another out of the box feature for a video converter that has been perfectly added in the HD video converter Factory PRO making it much easier for the users to download online videos from the internet (if the link address is compatible).

downloading video

If you are frequently active and want to download your favourite videos from YouTube then this downloader is probably the best for you because once your pasted address link gets analyzed by the downloader. All you have to do is give it a few seconds.

Then there will be a pop-up window which will show all the options available to download the video, you can choose the format whether you need it in an audio or video file and in addition to that you can also change the audio format and video resolutions too.

Audio Conversion

We are well aware of the fact that audio plays a very important role to make the video meaningful and useful for the viewers. One cannot imagine watching a 4K movie or content with patchy or unsynchronized audio.

audio converter

I have tested many of the converters and many of them used to downgrade the audio quality after the conversion of the video which is very annoying.

But, when you look at HD video converter Factory PRO you will notice that the developers have paid special attention to the audio formats and have provided dedicated options for it too which is very beneficial for the users because they can even choose to enhance or downgrade the audio quality manually.

You can easily click on the parameter settings and adjust the audio settings according to your needs.

Support from the Wonderfox

Unfortunately, you will not be getting the option to live chat or any direct phone call regarding your issues rather than you will have to approach the officials through Email and within 24hours you will hear from the officials at Wonderfox which is manageable.

support from worderfox

Although, there are several methods by which you can easily go on and resolve your issues yourself and i.e. visiting the support centre of the software.

Here are the following options you will have:

Content regarding the software

Blogs, articles in the support center of the software tends to provide a sufficient amount of information regarding the usage and abilities of the software.

Just by reading an article or blog for a few minutes can easily resolve your issue and in addition to that, you can also discover new things about the software which is even better.

FAQs on the software

Frequently asked questions have been one of the most helpful ways to resolve issues for the users because most of the time the issues are common amongst the users and by which the developers answer the solution in the FAQ section.

The chances of having a common issue regarding the software are always higher. Hence, if you visit the FAQ section then there is a chance you can resolve the issue by yourself within minutes.

Other than that you will also have all the options categorized in the support centre i.e. order support, product support and so on.

Pricing and packages

They say every good thing comes with a price tag and it is 100% true.

You can never expect free software to perform the way that a paid one does. Anyways let’s talk about the price tag at which this particular software is available and i.e. 29.95$ for 1 year with single system usage, 69.95$ (currently 50% off i.e. 34.95$ because of 10 years anniversary) for a lifetime with single system usage and lastly 59.95$ for a lifetime with 3 systems usage.

So, the decision is totally up to you. Choose the appropriate package according to your requirements and enjoy the features of this software.

HD Video Converter Factory PRO FAQs:

HD video converter is free or paid?

Technically, the free version of the HD video converter Factory PRO is available on the official website of Wonderfox.
But, there is a drawback that you will be missing out on many additional and advanced features in the paid version.
Although, if you are planning to test the software and just want to have a basic overview of the software then you can go for the free version. On the other hand, if you are planning for long term usage then paid one is apt.

Is HD video converter Factory PRO safe?

According to the statistics and claims made by the officials from Wonderfox, there is no issue regarding the security factor while you use HD video converter Factory PRO.
As per my personal opinions, there are no such modules that can hamper or compromise the security factor of your personal data in your system.

How do I use HD video converter Factory PRO?

This software is one of the easiest to use, you can even expect a naïve user to use this software without any issues.
The time when you run the software in your system you will encounter a small window which will consist of several options to choose from and let’s go with the obvious one i.e. converter.
All you have to do is select the video clip from your system, adjust the parameter settings if needed, adjust the quality of the video, and just click on the run button. Next, you will see the estimated time it will take to complete the conversion.
Hence, this is how you will use HD video converter Factory PRO to convert a video clip on the other hand in the home screen of the software itself you can see several options to choose from such as toolbox, recorder, downloader and so on.


As a user, I liked the whole concept of the layout which is not at all complex and getting used to it is very easy, even if you are not familiar with the latest software there will be no issues for you while you use it.

Overall, it could be your daily used software if you are seriously into the video making profession and if you are running out of storage memory.

So, if you liked this detailed review of HD video converter Factory PRO then do share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy storing their memories without any kind of issues.

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