10 Free Useful Websites That You Don’t Know

There are billions of websites on the internet some provide knowledge or information some provide online services, some provide digital products, etc. But as the options increase, it becomes difficult to choose which one should you use, which website is useful? Which one is a safe website? And Which one is the best website for you?

Free Useful Websites

Free Useful Websites

So, in this article, I am going to provide you a list of Top 10 Free Useful Websites That You Don’t Know, that can help you in a lot of things.

1. Filehorse

If you want to download any software on your PC and search for a genuine website that provides genuine software without any harmful content. Filehorse can prove to be a very useful website for you. It provides free downloadable software with very fast downloading speed.

filehorse home page

 A very safe website even for children and comes with an easy to understand user interface. Everything is well organized and the latest software is handpicked, categorized, and listed very nicely.

The best part of this website is that it provides reviews and ranking which gives you enough ideas about the software you are about to download about its quality and reliability.   

2. Dictation.io

 If you hate typing or in some cases where you need to write a long comprehensive document but you are only carrying your mobile, then dictation.io could be your best friend. It is the best free useful website that lets you type text through your voice.

dictation.io home page

It will type the word as you speak and it offers multiple languages, around 100+ languages which are fully supported. It is the best online free speech recognition website. With this tool, you will be able to dictate and write emails, documents, fill out forms, etc. with just your voice.

The only down part of this website is that it doesn’t support Grammarly, but still you can copy-paste to the Grammarly website and get the most out of it.

3. Remove.bg

Many times when we are editing photos, we need to remove the background of certain images so that they can be mixed or placed on other images.

 But the problem is not everyone knows photoshop or any advanced editing tools through which they can remove the image background. So, in this context remove.bg a free and useful website that offers an online image background removing tools.

remove.bg home page

All you need to do is upload the image to the website which you want the background to be removed then click on remove background, and the rest is done by the tool. The best part is that unlike other online tools it provides the best accuracy, means you will get a clean-cut image after the background is removed and you will be able to download to your PC for your use.

If you are a content creator or a designer then this free useful website can save you a lot of time and effort while creating thumbnails, logos, etc.

4. Pexels

Nowadays if you want to use an image from the internet, you better be sure about the copyright through which they are protected, as every image on the internet is copyrighted in some or other way.

You can buy an image online and use it for your personal and business purpose else you can visit pexels.com a very useful website that offers stock photos and videos related to almost every category.

pexels free stock photos home page

You can download them in different sizes and formats, use it according to your needs, and for everything they are offering they charge you nothing. 

This free and useful website offers free stock images, videos which are free from copyright and you can find images related every category that you can think of whether you want to create thumbnail, or you want to use them in your videos or projects, or you just need images for mobile or desktop wallpaper you will get everything.

5. Mixkit

If you are a video creator or a business this site can prove to be a very helpful website. Mixkit offers copyright free stock videos and music which you can use while creating your videos for free and boost your video quality to the next level.

mixkit free stock videos projects

In the stock video categories, you will get videos related to business and tech, city life, nature, animation, transport, etc. You will also find free after effects templates that you can use in your videos for better engagement.

The biggest drawback of this site is it doesn’t have a search bar, you will have to find best-suited video from the pile of videos. 

6. Lightshot

Lightshot is a very useful website if you want to share photos or screenshots from your computer to others through links. 

Lightshot lets you upload photos in their cloud base and after that, you will get a sharable link of your images which you can share as per your desire. It’s a free website which can prove to be very helpful for those lots of screenshots or have lots of photos to share.

lightshot home page

You can even use their software to capture the screenshots, and share them directly by uploading to their database. It also offers some additional features through which you can add additional information to your images.

7. Geeksforgeeks & w3schools

As I have said earlier some websites offer knowledge, so here I am with two very useful websites that provide informative tutorials around the computer science field like a programming language, computer concepts, web development & design, database, etc.

geeksforgeeks home page

On visiting these websites, you will find well-organized and detailed tutorials on various categories that you can learn and improve your skills.

w3schools home page

Geeksforgeeks offers tutorials on various computer-related topics whereas w3school is entirely dedicated to web development which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These two websites are free and can prove to be very useful for those who want to know and learn new skills in the computer science field.

8. Virustotal

We visit a number of websites that offer a number of resources to download. We download various files and software which may contain some kind of computer virus that can harm our system. But how could we know that if a file or a website contains a virus so we could avoid damage to our PCs? 

virustotal home page

For that, you can use a free and useful website virustotal.com which lets you scan Files and URLs and show if they contain any kind of computer virus and malware. You can even scan your local stored files by uploading and scanning.

This free useful website can save you from being the victim of unwanted virus contained files.  

9. Fakespot

If you are a one who buys a lot of products online then fakespot can save you a lot of time and money that you waste while searching for the products online. It ensures that you get the best product, from the bestseller, and at the best price.

fakespot.com home page

Fakespot is an online data authentication platform designed to prevent fake and misleading content for consumers. It can help you spot fake reviews that are given on amazon and other sites, you can even compare two products side by side and see which is good and worth buying.

Fakespot can be a very useful website as it can provide the authenticity of the seller from whom you are buying the product. So, keep your strong eye pointed as there are a lot of fake reviews that lead to wastage of money.  

10. Privnote

This is the secret message sending website which lets you send self-destructing messages or notes to your friends. This means if a person has received and read the message that you have sent using privnote then it can no longer be accessed again.

privnote.com home page

It is a safe website and encrypts all the messages so that no one can read it except the receiver. This way you can send notes, emails, and other messages to your friends and co-mates and they will self-destruct after being read.

The process or sending these self-destruct messages are simple, just head over to privnote.com and type whatever you want to send, if you want you can enable the notify me option when the message is read. After all, click create note and just share that link to the person you want your message to be sent.

All the websites are free useful websites and they are best in their own way, which one you are going to use immediately after this article let me know in the comment section? 

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