13 Absolutely Free Alternatives for Paid Software

There are times when people have the skills to do something with their system but unfortunately, they don’t have the proper resource to access genuine and legitimate software to develop their skills which are quite unfortunate.

Free Alternatives for paid software

At these times people go for cracked versions of the respective tools which I wouldn’t recommend because of phishing and many more reasons.

Free Alternatives For Paid Software

So, below is the list of 12 free alternative to paid software to truly develop your skills in respective categories.

1. Free alternative to Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve

This is probably the best professional video editing software one can find with no costing. Let me tell you that you can easily use it as a professional video editing tool because it is loaded with all the tools and plugins that are needed in a professional level software.

Davinci Resolve

The UI of this software is one of the biggest highlights because it is just perfect for any of the users who are just beginning to learn video editing and wanting to make a future out of video creation or editing.

Whilst you use it, you will surely feel that the speed of rendering videos is quite faster as compared to other video editing software.

You will get incredible control over handling and managing the project, which is very fascinating, it also comprises many advanced features like Multi-user collaboration, GPU acceleration and so on.

Features similar to Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Supports 8K which is incredible.
  • Extraordinary audio enhancements with all the additional plugins.
  • Easy to add 3rd party plugins for additional tools.
  • Quite difficult to master. (I would recommend to practice first)
  • High requirement of computer memory or specs.
  • High-end editing tools. 
  • Auto image stabilization with adjustable frame rates and more.

2. Free alternative to Adobe Photoshop


The program has been improving version after version and usually, Photoshop is highly complex to learn. For this reason, GIMP is usually the best alternative that is totally free and easy to obtain without any complications, and that allows a wide variety of edits to be made on photos.


Combining images, editing raw images, making a composition or slideshow of different images, all can be done here without any issue if you are good at using software like Photoshop.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) comes up with a lot of options for customizing the UI of the particular software as per the users. 

In addition, you can expect the software to be preloaded with lots of animation packages and you can also see that all the plugins that are necessary for editing the photos at a professional level are free to download. 

Features similar to Adobe Photoshop

  • Lots of plugins to choose from.
  • Loads of features for professional editing.
  • Toggles and plugins are always intact.
  • Difficult to master. (I recommend practising basic editing software)
  • Highly memory consuming.
  • Highly battery consuming.
  • Available for all the platforms.
  • Many pre-loaded packs for better usability.
  • Professional and premium level editing of photos.

3. Free alternative to Adobe Audition


Basically, this is a software to alter audio files for better clarity and better sound.


This software can also record the audio from your external microphone, playback from the system or device or both which is quite good for the creators these days because gaming has been prominently growing and people love to watch gaming videos, so this software could help.

Also, if you are quite under the budget and you can’t afford a microphone then you can easily refine and adjust the audio clips in this software to make it sound better and it does it with sheer perfection. 

In addition, this software also features special effects, changing the voice nodes, treble, bass and the list goes on. It also supports plenty of audio files which are good, you will also see that this software runs pretty well in any of the devices and eventually doesn’t eat up the memory of your system which results in fast exports and no lags.

Features Similar to Adobe Audition

  • Difficult to master. (I recommend you go through tutorials)
  • Perfect and descriptive equalizer.
  • Perfectly clustered toggles.
  • Pleasing UI.
  • Lots of options to add additional plugins.
  • Highly memory consuming.
  • Highly battery consuming. 
  • Fast exports and conversion.
  • Vast support of file formats.

4. Free alternative to Microsoft office

Only Office Editor

You must be thinking that is there any alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite? Let me tell you that there is one and it is Only Office. 


Basically, this is quite identical to that of Microsoft Office which is quite obvious because the Office Suite has set the bar and eventually all the other applications need to get up there otherwise they won’t be recognized.

The features in the only office editor are refined and well-optimized which allows the users to use it easily without wasting any time. You will notice that all the toggles are well managed with all the options in the right place.

When it comes to UI, you will see that it is not quite similar in looks to that of Microsoft office but when it comes to the base of the application you can notice that it is similar to that of Microsoft office which is quite good.

Features similar to Microsoft Office 365

  • Supports several document modes and creation.
  • Functions without any Lags or Ads.
  • Much less memory and power-consuming.
  • Easy to use and refined UI.
  • Customizing the UI is not available.
  • Highly advanced tools to customize and edit .doc files.
  • Lots of options to add 3rd party plugins.

5. Free alternative to paid antivirus

BitDefender Free Antivirus

When it comes to the UI of the antivirus you are going to love it because all the options and features are at the right place which will create absolutely no confusion for the users when they wish to have a scan or go through features. Even a naïve user can get through all the features and operate it quite effortlessly. 


When you open up the antivirus, you will see a black dashboard that is very attractive and for sure there will be options for web scan, system scan, and an option for scanning a particular file separately. 

This antivirus updates the software automatically with minimal use of the internet when the system is idle. Also, there is an extension called Traffic Light which will show you all the viruses and malicious components present on a website when you visit one. 

Features similar to paid antiviruses:

  • Separate extensions for web security.
  • Easy scanning and removing malicious content from the system.
  • Very less memory and power-consuming.
  • Easy to use with resilient UI.
  • Updates the software automatically without any hassle.
  • Exceptional web security in the extension. (traffic light)
  • Not much time consuming with optimal results as well.

6. Free Alternative To Premium Adblockers

Brave Browser

This is one of the best browsers one can find in the market currently with zero complexities and with highly loaded features.


Be it the UI, browsing experience, usability, features and so on, everything is just perfect for any group of users be it a kid, a student or even a commercial worker. It is just too good for any of the users with great features.

It provides high security with easy customization, powerful Ad-blocker, multi usability, and so on. In addition, you are also getting an option of brave rewards which you can enable from the browser and earn rewards or we can say crypto-currency or real money by watching Ads which is another impressive quality of the browser.

When it comes to Ad-blocker in the Brave browser, you can expect it to work extremely well and eventually block all the popups and Ads as well, without any issue most of the time. 

Features of Brave browser:

  • Brave Shield (consists of all the security features and options)
  • HTTPS upgrade.
  • Script and Tracker blocker.
  • Powerful Ad-blocker.
  • Brave rewards.
  • Option to give back to the content creators.
  • Perfect UI with multi-user and data sync.
  • Frequent customization with exceptional extension support.

7. Free alternative to Paid VPNs

Proton VPN


VPN is not any more software or a tool, rather it has changed into a need for the active users because every one of the users loves to enjoy content from different countries which is obvious but they also want their connection to be secure which is mostly featured by reputed VPNs such as Proton.

Proton provides a free trial for the new users for a month which is amazing and after it ends one can even use it with limited servers with all the security features enabled which is great.

One can also enjoy torrent and Netflix contents from other countries after connecting to Proton VPN even in the free version which is another good feature.

Features similar to paid VPNs

  • It is highly secure for users.
  • Connection speed depletion.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections with minimal interruption.
  • Encryption of IP addresses and data of the users is always intact.
  • 24/7 customer service available for subscribers.
  • Lots of servers to choose from.
  • Availability in all the platforms.
  • No Logs policy.
  • Certified by many governments around the world.
  • Even the Chinese people can use it to access the rest of the world’s content. 
  • Foreign Netflix content can be accessed.
  • VPN protocols can be altered as per the users.

8. Free alternative to Internet Download Manager

Free Download Manager 

Basically, what this download manager does is decreases the chances of interruption while you are downloading any kind of file and even if the download is interrupted, the user can easily restart the download without any issues by starting the download from the place where it was interrupted or stopped.

Free download manager

One can also easily alter or change the servers in the Free download manager which is a great feature because at times the download speed decreases which eats up a lot of time. Also, one can also use the free download manager in the respective browsers for better and fast downloads which is even better.

One can easily download files by adjusting the Bandwidth which is just great because getting so much control over downloading files is just extraordinary.

Features similar to Internet Download Manager

  • Great control over the downloading or to be downloaded files.
  • Perfectly optimized UI for a better experience.
  • Great downloading speed.
  • Perfect organization of files.
  • Supports Torrent downloads with one click download too.
  • The downloading parallel option is quite efficient and one can expect decent speed too.
  • Great to use with no Ads.
  • Minimalistic yet very useful and optimized UI which is best for the users.

9. Free alternative to Recoverit


Developed by Piriform, Recuva can’t recover permanently deleted files, which have been marked as free space by the system. This free data recovery software works on hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and other storage devices. 

Recuva status

The application works like a premium software that costs nothing but sometimes give you inaccurate results. In short, Recuva is a good choice for both casual users and frequent users who require a robust application for lost data recovery. In short, it is one of the best software in the market currently.

Features similar to Recoverit

  • Deep scan option to scan previously deleted files.
  • Provides automatic updates.
  • Advanced file recovery option.
  • Option to support virtual hard disks.
  • Works exceptional with External devices.
  • Consumes minimal computer memory and battery.
  • Highly accurate with most successful recoveries.
  • Easily available in all the platforms.
  • Compatible with several files formats.
  • Less time consuming with apt results.

10. Free alternative to Illustrator

Ink Scape

Inkscape always appears in the lists of vector graphic design programs and is very versatile and powerful. In fact, it is one of the best free and open source solutions that can be used as an alternative to Illustrator.


It focuses on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) formats but allows importing and exporting of many other formats. Inkscape offers maximum compatibility with several formats (especially AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG).

Inkscape does its job: from the very basics, like creating and modifying complex layered shapes, editing text, and importing images. raster, to create Gif animations. 

The developers themselves, in addition to the large Inkscape community, have included several tutorials to make it easier for you to become familiar with the program. Developers of this software highly believe in practicality so you can expect easy and resilient user experience.

Features similar to Adobe Illustrator

  • The support of file format is a lot.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Perfectly clustered tools and plugins for ease.
  • Lots of features regarding canvas and more.
  • Export and import are a lot faster.
  • Decent memory consumption.
  • Available for all the platforms.
  • Difficult to master. (I recommend you watch some tutorials)
  • Preferred by most of the professionals.

11. Free alternative to Dashlane Password Manager

Last Pass

You might not know but your personal information is worth way more than your expectations on the dark web. It is one of the best software to store all your accounts and its password without any stress.

lastpass Security dashboard

Basically, it has one of the best security protocols or norms in the whole world which is also used by some of the military departments i.e. encryption of end to end using 256bit AES technology. 

Also, a user can expect to share the password one to one without any external source if the user is a LastPass user.

Even if there is a breach in the system then the whole database automatically transfers to a different server which ensures total security of all the data. There are features like auto-login, one-touch sign-in, password sharing, biometrics scanning for a master password and so on. 

Features similar to Dashlane

  • Highly secure and reliable servers with excellent security.
  • Unlimited storage of accounts and passwords.
  • Strong password generator.
  • One-click log-in support. 
  • Easily compatible with several online platforms.
  • Strongly encrypted vault used to store data of the users.
  • Two-factor authentication for better security. 
  • Less memory consuming.
  • Less battery consumption as well.
  • Easy to use.

12. Free alternative to Camtasia & Filmora SCRN

Share X

These days sharing a screenshot is quite difficult because whenever you share it via online, the depletion of quality is a must and that is not quite good for the receivers. 

ShareX Image Edit

However, the recording screen comes in as a handy feature because it hardly consumes memory which is impressive because most of the tools which can’t even run in some of the systems, this tool just does the job without any issues which are remarkable.

So, what ShareX has done is provided users to share the screenshot via uploading it to the cloud then sharing the link of the screenshot to as many as persons you can also the depletion of quality is also none. 

Just like any other typical screen capture tool you can also expect it to provide options to change the hot-keys which is quite basic. It also contains numerous settings which are just great to adjust everything.

Features similar to Filmora SCRN and Camtasia

  • Easy and unlimited sharing of screenshots through the cloud link.
  • Plenty of options to adjust the screen recording.
  • Adjustable frame rates and resolution with speed control.
  • GIF recording.
  • Perfect audio with perfect sync.
  • Minimal depletion of screen-captured screenshots or recordings.
  • No watermarks with unlimited recording and captures.

13. Free alternative to Uni-converter

Hand Brake

You must have read that converting or compressing files into RAR or Zip files can lead to depletion or dis-functionalities which is a kind of a myth because it totally depends upon the software you use to do so.


The hand brake is one of the best converters and compressors which is just too good for any system, it eats a decent amount of battery and computer memory which is efficient enough.

It also has a mode in which it runs the program with a maximum capacity which takes minimum time. One can choose different file formats for different devices. In addition, compression and conversion rate is perfect for any user.

Features similar to Uniconverter

  • Compression can be done very easily without any hassle.
  • Saves you a lot of time
  •  One can expect to choose among hundreds of file formats.
  • The software also resolves all the bugs in the video or audio files automatically while you convert or compress.
  • Users can edit videos which features- adjusting of frame rates, cropping the clips, adding basic effects and so on. 
  • You may find the editing option to be clustered in a different or a complex manner but is quite usable.


So, why go for all the cracked versions of the software when you already got the list of free alternatives for paid software. If you still choose to use cracked ones then always be ready for getting hacked because the chances are really higher when you use a cracked version.

Hence, why not use the free alternative to paid software. So, if you liked this post then do share it with your friends and family.

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