Filmora 9 Review: Beginner Friendly Video Editor?

In this Filmora 9 Review, I’m going to review this video editor in every feature with an honest opinion.

filmora 9 review

Filmora 9 Review

This is the best professional video editor that I use to edit the various type of videos and important things so I have good experience with Filmora 9 Video Editor.

What Is Filmora 9?

No need to introduce too much because of its popularity, Filmora 9 is one of the best video editing software services built for Editors who would like to understand the basic functionalities of a video editing software for less time and focus more on their task of making and editing videos.

It is an all in one video editing software with powerful functions and a fully stacked feature set.It makes professional video editing easy with an awesome interface, drag and drop editing and a great range of advanced video editing features.

Filmora 9 Video Editor has Merge, Split, Trim, Cut & Crop Video Clips To Make Them Unique.

It has Free Support & Upgrade. The supported video format is MP4, MOV, MTS/M2TS, VOB, AVI, DVD, M4V, MPEG, MKV, WMV, etc.

How To Get Started With Filmora 9?

It was too easy to get started with Filmora 9. If you choose this as your video editing software, it is very easy to get Filmora 9 full version by its official website. 

Just click on the given link and you will reach on the official website of Filmora 9. You will get the interface as given below.

Get Started With Filmora

Filmora 9 is available for most platforms like Windows, Mac, or Android or iPhone. Just choose your operating system and click on the Download button. 

Filmora Download

After downloading the setup of Filmora, Install the application by clicking on the Filmora setup.

Filmora Install

It will take a few minutes and depends on your device network. After successfully installed the application, you can start the video editing very easily.


Filmora is a wonderful package with so many features. When I used all the features, I was so impressed with all the features of Filmora. 

Powerful Compositing Tools

Filmora Powerful Composition Tool

You can create new worlds by layering clips, applying blending modes and changing your backgrounds with chroma-key(green screen).

Exclusive Video Effects

Filmora Exclusive Video Effects

Filmora has a lot of video effects, that made me so impressed.You can access motion elements, filters, overlays, transitions, animated titles, and royalty-free music through Filmora 9.

Efficient Proxy Workflow

Filmora Effcient Proxy Workflow

Filmora 9 works lower resolution ‘proxy’ clips for a faster editing experience.Your video will still export in full resolution but it makes easy and faster to edit your videos without lagging issues.

Up to 100 Video Track

Up to 100 Tracks In Filmora

You can organize your media in up to 100 full video tracks and create compositing effects.Filmora 9 users can apply filters, transitions and other effects to any track.

Reliable 4K Support

Filmora 4K Support

You can edit your 4k footages in filmora 9 without any issues and problems.

Action Camera Tools

Filmora Action Camera Tools

Filmora 9 users can fix common action cam problems like fisheye, camera shake and effects like slow motion and reverse.


If you are a beginner in video editing, It is a very tough task to understand the interface of any video editor but the interface of Filmora 9 is user-friendly and very easy to understand the work of each tool. 

When you start the application, You will get this interface.

Filmora Interface

You can import your video with this interface.It is very easy to import footages and you can also use keyboard shortcuts to edit faster and save you tons of time.

Filmora Import Media

Filmora 9 is based on the drag and drop method. Just drag the files and drop them in the insert field. 

Filmora Timeline

Just go with Filmora 9 and make your first video.

Filmora Timeline


I faced some process speed problem with Filmora 9 when I was using it on my low RAM & low Memory Laptop

It was irritating. But this problem was fixed automatically with increasing performance of a laptop and new updates of this video editor.

So that the speed performance of Filmora 9 is dependent on your device performance and Filmora 9 version.

If you have good RAM and Memory in your laptop with a good processor, Filmora 9 will perform so impressive.Its import and export file performance is super.

Filmora 9 compresses the video automatically without loss of video quality.

Pros & Cons

Easy To UseNo Major Cons
Proxy To Edit Faster
Affordable Price
Lots Of Video Effects

Pricing Of Filmora 9

Filmora 9 is free with its watermark and limited features.So if you want to but its full paid version with no watermark then you have two options to buy this product.

1.Pricing for individual licenses 2.Pricing for Filmora 9 Business License

Filmora 9 gives you three options to buy individual licenses monthly, annual and lifetime. The pricing board is given below. 

Filmora Personal Plan

Filmora 9 also gives you three options to buy a business license monthly, annual and lifetime. The pricing board is given below.

Filmora 9 Review FAQ

Is Filmora 9 free or paid?

It is a paid software, It offers a full-featured free trial of the software. Free Filmora’s exported videos are watermarked with a Filmora 9 banner. You can remove this watermark and use full features by paying the amount.

Can you use Filmora 9 without WIFI?

Yes, how do you edit your video offline? Well, just edit it like usual. It does not need an internet connection during edit the videos. Of course! If you don’t have a Filmora 9 setup file, You need an internet connection to download and install it.
If you already have the file, It doesn’t require an internet connection.

What can Filmora 9 do?

Wondershare Filmora 9 user can create and edit his wonderful videos with various pictures by spending less time in understanding the features of the software. Filmora 9 supports mostly all types of videos.

Is Wondershare Filmora 9 good?

Overall, Wondershare Filmora 9 is cheaper than other professional video editing software and it is an editor with a lot of features. It works on both MAC and Windows. Wondershare Filmora 9 gives good value for investment, and it can be a good way to get started with editing your videos. 
Surely! if you like the features Filmora 9 has, it can be worth it.

Does the free version of Filmora 9 have watermarked videos?

With Free Version, Mostly all professional video editing software export watermarked videos as well as Filmora 9. Watermarked is the main difference between the free trial and paid version.
If you try the free version, edit a video, and want to remove the watermark, here’s what to do.

What does Filmora 9 cost?

Normally, a Lifetime Personal license for this fabulous video editing tool sells for $59.99 and a Monthly Premium Business license for Filmora 9 sells for $57.99. These are the highest price for Filmora9 for now. Check the latest pricing on its official website.

Can I use Filmora 9 on multiple computers?

If it’s a single user license, you can get it on 2 different computers owned by you, however, at any given time you can use it on one system. You can use the software on a specified number of systems with a Multi-User License.

Can I make slideshow in filmora 9?

Images are a great way to tell a story. In Latest Filmora9, adding, managing and editing images is easy. You can edit various types of pictures easily.
Easy to use editing features and dozens of filters and overlay effects make enhancing your slideshow more intresting.

Can Filmora 9 edit 4k?

Users can easily edit footage with advanced controls and effects.The best part is that it can also assist in the editing of 4K videos.

Do I recommend Filmora 9?

Filmora 9 is one of my favorite video editors and mostly I use Filmora to edit my every video now.

So if you ask my recommendation, I would greatly recommend Filmora 9 Video Editor because of its cost and features. You will get all in one video editing tools and features in Filmora 9.

First, you can use its free version, and get experience with that.

If you buy its paid version and use every feature, You will get each tool and features, those are explained by me in Filmora 9 Review

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