7 Steps To Know How To Download Large Files Faster On Android

Nowadays, many of you wanted to know How to Download Large Files Faster on Android? This question arises because downloading large files can be very challenging in the case of mobile phones due to various factors like slow speed, connection disturbance, network errors, etc. 

Download Large Files Faster On Android


1. Restrict Other Apps to Access Data

restrict background data using FDM

The main reason for slow internet speed or data loss in android phones is the app that uses mobile data in the background even when they are not running. Nowadays almost all the apps required intent for their function.

To stop that, what you need to do is put restrictions on the app, so as not to consume data in the background except Free Download Manager so that it could run in the background and continue to download your files.

You can do it manually, or you can use a third-party app “Net Guard” which provides a one-click option to restrict background data for all apps on both Mobile data or Wi-Fi.

2. Use Free Download Manager To manage Downloads

First of all, I would recommend downloading a third-party app Free Download Manager to manage all your downloads effectively. 

Downloading large files on android in one go is nearly impossible unless you have a very stable internet connection. So, downloading them in smaller chunks is a very effective way to retain previously downloaded data if you encounter any network error.

But Free Download Manager will download the large files in small parts so that it can retain the data and in case of any network failure, the downloading will start from the point it has stopped.   

You all have noticed that if any network failure arises and due to this if a downloading error is encountered, browsers will start the download from the beginning.

It is effective even in case of downloading link expiry. All you have to do is create a new downloading link and add it to the download manager. It will start the download again retaining your previous data.

3. Schedule Large Files for Downloading

schedule your downloads uisng FDM

If you want to know How to Download Large Files Faster on Android then one must have noticed while using your android phone that there are certain hours in a day when Internet speed will be fast and stable and there are certain hours speed will be slow. You just have to take advantage of the time and download your large files.

And for that, you can download or even schedule your downloading files to that particular time slot using Free Download Manager to get maximum in less time.

Scheduling your downloads is very easy, but before you schedule,  please make sure that it is not in battery optimization mode otherwise the downloads will not start automatically and will close on their own.

4. Do Speed Test

Speedtest by Ookla
Speedtest by Ookla
Developer: Ookla
Price: Free+
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot
  • Speedtest by Ookla Screenshot

The above step was related to a particular time slot, this step is about a particular place in your house where there is very less network interference and downloading speed is stable. To find that place you can run a speed test to all the places where you have noticed the stable connection and good speed.

do internet speed test

You can use an app like the “Speed Test” to perform the test. After the discovery if possible, just leave your phone there while downloading to achieve maximum results.

5. Increase Downloading speed using call

If you use JIO prepaid or postpaid sim cards. You can try out a simple calling hack while downloading your files and also there will be no calling charges otherwise it will cost you a lot. Many of us have noticed that while calling, JIO shows better and even stable internet speed. 

Take another phone, you can use someone from your family and call that number. Put it to your tested places which provide good and stable downloading speed.

6. Downloading large files in parts

As I have said earlier downloading large files in parts is an effective way to retain your downloaded data if any network problem or download error is encountered. This facility is not provided by any browser. But any of the Download Manager for Android automatically does this. You will not lose any downloaded data in case of any network issue.

Certain files come with a link expiry duration of mainly 24 hrs. This means if you are unable to download data in that 24hrs the downloading link will expire and you have to create a new link again.

Just create a new link and copy-paste to the Free Download Manager, the download will start again from the same point.

For a more simple way, you can even use an inbuilt Free Download Manager browser for searching and adding files for download.

7. Deselect Mobile Data to Download Files

deselect mobile data for downloading in FDM

In all the above steps we have talked about how you can download large files faster on android but downloading them on mobile data is inconvenient as we have limited mobile data for each day.

 So, it is better to deselect your mobile data connection and opt for a Wi-Fi data connection for downloading large files.

This way whenever you are connected to the Wi-Fi download will commence and your mobile data will be preserved for important use. So these were the ways to know How to Download Large Files Faster on Android.


How can I download large files on android?

If you want to know how to download large files faster on android so, I would say you can use Free Download Manager to download large files on your android, and as far Internet speed and stability is concerned. Also, I would recommend that you avoid mobile data and opt for a Wi-Fi connection while downloading.

How can I download files larger than 4GB on Android without failure?

First, you must find a stable source of internet connection, because unstable internet is the main cause of downloading failure. For downloading a large file, you must use any download manager as the browser doesn’t have good downloading features to support your downloads.

Can I download large files on Android?

Yes, you can very easily download large files on android. You just need to check a few things before downloading like you should have a stable internet connection, or a download manager which will ensure no downloading failure while downloading large files on android devices.


Many of you want to know how to download large files faster on android. Obviously, Downloading large files on android can be very challenging as mobile data is not very stable and enough for downloading large files.

Although you can download large files on Android by connecting it to a Wi-Fi connection or if using mobile data restriction background data for better speed and using a good download manager for effective management of your downloads.  

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