6 Ways to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Error (Easily & Free)

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is nothing but a regular process that is performed by the system to verify the accuracy of data on the disk drives in the system and the CRC Error occurs when there is a mismatch or any kind of corrupted files in the disk drive.

Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

So, this might seem to be a regular error but it should be solved as soon as possible because it might lead to system failures in the future. Hence, below are a few of the methods to get rid of the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Error.

1. Acknowledging Error and Actions

This can be done from the event viewer in the system by reviewing the actions or errors that are occurring while you are running the system or opening the particular disk drive. Below are the steps to check the system log.

event viewer


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Event Viewer” and open it
  3. Then look for the “Windows Log” folder and expand it
  4. Further click on “System
  5. Now you can view and acquire all the currently running actions or errors that have occurred recently or occurring.

2. Changing Drive Letter

Alteration of drive letters also results in resolving errors of such kind so why not give it a try. Following are the steps to do so.

Change drive letter


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Create and Format hard disk partitions” open it
  3. Look for the particular disk
  4. Right-click on it
  5. Click on “Drive letter and paths
  6. Now change the drive letter if visible 
  7. Or add a new drive letter if any drive letter is not shown
  8. And done

Data Recovery

There are further methods mentioned where you might have to format the disk drive of yours so, this method is all about recovering the data that you are unable to access on the particular disk with errors. For this, you will have to install a 3rd party app that is free of cost as of now i.e. Recuva

Using Recuva you can take back-up of all the data in the drive and format the drive to use it further. You can also use Recoverit which is a paid tool to recover data. 

recuva home or UI


  1. Insert the SD card in the system and make sure it detects
  2. Now, after installing the tool open it
  3. Press “Next
  4. Select “All files” in the “file types
  5. Click “Next
  6. Select the drive or the SD card
  7. Check box on the “Deep Scan
  8. Click on “Start
  9. Now it will start scanning
  10. Then, select all files or the files which you want to recover
  11. Click on “Recover
  12. Now allocate where the backup file you want to store
  13. Once you have selected the location click “Ok
  14. And you are done

Then, head to the next to begin the actual method.

3. Format Drive Using Rufus

So, in this method, you will again have to use a 3rd party tool i.e. Rufus. You can forcefully format the drive or external drive and make it functional using this software. Following are the steps to format the drive.

format rufus


  1. Download and install the software
  2. Open it
  3. Select the particular device to be formatted from the drop menu
  4. Look for “partition scheme” and select “GPT
  5. Look for “File system
  6. Change it to FAT32 or exFAT accordingly (Select FAT32 if the memory device is less than 32GB and if it is higher then select exFAT file system)
  7. Now, simply click on the Start button and you are done.

4. Use Command Prompt to clean Disk

There are times when just formatting the drive won’t do the job for you and in this case, you will have to go through a more manual process i.e. using the system commands to forcefully deep clean the drive. To clean the disk drive follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

clean partition


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Command Prompt or CMD
  3. Right-click on it and Run it as administrator
  4. Type “diskpart” and enter
  5. After entering DISKPART type “list disk” and enter
  6. Then type “select disk (disk number) ” and enter
  7. Type “clean” and enter
  8. Type “create partition primary” and enter
  9. To format type “format fs=ntfs” and enter (if you face size issue error then there will be no volume selected shown in the CMD)
    Note: FAT32 does not allow copying files of a size more than 4GB. Also for storage of more than 32GB use exFAT and the rest FAT32. 
  10. And Finished.

This should’ve done the job and resolved the error and if not head to the next one!

5. Repairing Using CHKDSK


This method basically will repair all the minor errors that are encountered in the particular drive. Hence, to repair the disk drive from the command prompt below are the steps.


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Command Prompt or CMD
  3. Right-click on it and Run it as administrator
  4. Type “chkdsk /f drive letter:” and enter
  5. Now the repairing process will begin and it will be done after a few seconds or so and you are done.

6. Use Disk Cleanup

Cleaning up the disk directly from the C drive or This PC could also solve the error but there are consequences to this process i.e. it might result in crashing of windows after clean-up of disk drive due to unwanted changes in the disk drive. So, if you are willing to go through and try this process, make sure to do it at your own risk.

disk clean up


  1. Plug the memory device in your system and make sure it detects
  2. Open This PC
  3. Right-click on C drive or the drive with system occupancy
  4. Go on to “Properties
  5. Look for the “Clean up” button and click on it
  6. Then, check the box for “Temporary files
  7. Now, just proceed to clean the disk and you are done with the method.

But, as mentioned above there is a chance of windows crashing so make sure.


How to Fix Data Error?

You can directly format the disk drive in which you are getting the error or just repair the drive using the command prompt i.e. mentioned above. 

What causes a cyclic redundancy check(CRC) error?

Any kind of corrupted file contents in the disk drive or any kind of failure in system files in the particular drive causes CRC error. 

How do I format a drive with a cyclic redundancy check?

You can use a 3rd party tool to do so or can also format the disk drive using the command prompt as mentioned above. 


So, the above were some of the best methods to resolve the CRC error within a few minutes and with minimal effort. Hence, If you found this article useful or think it might be useful to any of your friends or family, share it with them.

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