10 Best VPN For Windows 10 To Unblock Everything

Are you troubling to access blocked content? If yes, then you probably need a reliable VPN. Not only this, but VPN can also do a lot more. 

Also, In today’s tech-related world your security and privacy are always under the threat. If you want your data to be safe, you must take advantage of a highly secure and private VPN service.


Honestly, there are countless VPNs available for Windows and many of them claim to be the best VPN for Windows 10. But in reality, finding the best VPN for your PC is hard, and the wrong choice could be dangerous for you. So, picking the right one can be a difficult task. 

But no worries, To help you out in this article I have given the detailed list of 10 Best VPN for Windows 10 to Unblock Everything

Best VPN For Windows 10 

I have personally made sure that each VPN for Windows 10 works seamlessly. I’ll discuss all VPNs in detail, but before you start I want you to have a quick overview of each VPN given below:

NameMoney Back GuaranteeServersCompatible Streaming ServicesDevices Allowed
NordVPN30 Days5413 servers in 59 countries.Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer6 Devices
Express VPN30 Days3000+ servers in 94 countries Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and YouTube5 Devices
Surf Shark30 Days1700+ servers in 63 countriesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and HuluUnlimited
CyberGhost45 Days6292 servers in 89+ countriesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and HBO7 Devices
Private Internet Access30 Days2555+ servers in 47 countriesNetflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime and  HBO GO10 Devices
Hotspot Shield45 Days 3200+ servers in 80+ countriesNetflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTubeand BBC iPlayer5 Devices
IPVanish30 Days 1,500+ VPN servers in 75+ locationsNetflix, USTV Go, HBO,  BET, VH1 and ShowtimeUnlimited
Hide.me30 Days1800 servers in 72 locationsNetflix, Disney+, HBO, and Amazon Prime10 Devices
VyprVPN30 Days700+ servers in 64 countriesNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC, Disney+ and HBO5 Devices
Zenmate 30 Days 3500 servers in 73 countriesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now Unlimited 

Most people, like me, tend to surf a lot on the web. Hence, having a VPN is essential to access blocked content and to maintain privacy. If you’re worried about privacy and security, then no worries as these VPNs are best for security purposes. 

So, read on to find the 10 Best VPNs compatible with your Windows 10. Here we go:

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN in the world. It is well known for its safest, fastest, and most reliable VPN services.

Talking about the interface, It is very clean and simple. There is an interactive map to choose your server. You can set the NordVPN app to start up automatically whenever you turn on your PC. 

Many users tend to use a VPN for streaming and torrenting purposes. Luckily, this VPN works with all popular streaming services. Also, there are super-fast servers optimized for P2P traffic to provide a fantastic VPN for torrenting. 

I would really say this VPN is incredibly reliable and powerful enough for smooth torrenting, streaming, and effortless browsing experience. 

With this VPN, You’ll get its robust security on your network. It comes with the top-notch VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 and super-strong encryption like AES-256 with no user logging policy. 

Besides, there is a Kill Switch feature for Windows that allows you to specify which apps should be shut down if VPN connection drops. 

There’s nothing you can’t do with NordVPN – it can unblock everything, You can access to Netflix effortlessly and torrenting is also permitted on the majority of its servers

In my opinion, NordVPN is one of the best VPN if you’re looking for peace of mind when you want your online activities to be private and to get the best user experience. 

Features of NordVPN

  • There are more than 5400 servers available in 59 countries.
  • Turn-on CyberSec to avoid malware and ads.
  • There is a Kill switch feature for Windows.
  • No-logging policy
  • It provides unlimited data-cap
  • Ultra-fast and secure internet connection
They have Zero-Log policyThe UI can be improved 
There are no IP and DNS leaksTorrenting supported in specific servers
Availability of a wide range of serversSpeed gets slow in some servers
Block malware and ads with CyberSecThe Maximum number of servers are in Europe
It works with Netflix
Torrenting and P2P are allowed


2. Express VPN

The next one is ExpressVPN which is a popular VPN used by millions of users worldwide. It does almost everything and meets all of the criteria including fast strong security and global speed.

This VPN is capable of hiding your IP address and encrypts your network data so no one can see your online activities. Its Windows software is the simplest option for those who want something that just works seamlessly without any interruptions. You need just one-click, and you’re protected.

Talking about the security, the ExpressVPN doesn’t collect any user activity logs. You can trust this VPN as it has an extremely secure VPN service that uses the highest standard of encryption to keep your data secure and private. 

By default, its apps use the combination of OpenVPN protocol and AES-256 bit encryption.

ExpressVPN offers 3,000+ high-speed servers in more than 90 countries with enormous global coverage. 

So, you’ll get a wide range of server options. Also, with just a single subscription you can use ExpressVPN on five different devices simultaneously.

Truly speaking this VPN is one of our top recommendations for streaming. It works with Netflix, as well as other streaming services like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube with fast speeds and minimal buffering.

The best thing is that the torrenting and P2P traffic are allowed across the entire server network with no bandwidth limit. 

Overall, combined with strong security and zero-logs policy with great speed, this makes ExpressVPN an excellent choice as the best VPN for PCs.

Features of ExpressVPN

  • There are no user logs
  • Strong security with AES-256 bit encryption
  • It has 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Secure browsing by IP address masking 
  • Streaming and torrenting is allowed
  • Great device compatibility
It has Zero log policyNo VPN kill switch on iOS
Strong security & AES-256 bit encryptionThere are occasional connection drops
There is a Kill switch feature for windows.Slightly more expensive than rival VPNs
Easily unblocks streaming sitesThe interface can be cleaner
It allows unrestricted torrenting & P2P
It provides 24/7 live chat support

3. Surfshark VPN

SurfShark VPN

Surf Shark is a younger VPN but secured its place among the best VPNs in the market. It is well known for its high-quality VPN service to its users. It’s a straightforward VPN that masks your IP address and gives you good levels of online privacy from data theft. 

Surfshark has got all of the essential security features you would expect from a top-tier VPN service. This includes robust encryption with a selection of secure protocols. 

It uses the AES-256 encryption with the OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols. The Windows apps also allow you to choose between TCP and UDP OpenVPN connections.

The main highlight of this VPN is that you can protect an unlimited amount of devices at the same time. This is useful if you’re a member of a large family, operate a home office, or want to secure multiple devices from a single subscription.

The most curious thing is that it excels at unblocking region-locked content. This VPN is an excellent VPN for accessing blocked content on Netflix and other streaming websites. 

Also, It allows for torrenting. The strong encryption and sensible privacy policy help to hide your P2P activity from your ISP. Undoubtedly, your all online activities would be private. 

It has also got some advanced features like cleanweb technology, by which you can surf with no ads, trackers, or malware. Even it allows specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN. 

Thanks to all these features, Surf Shark is a secure and reliable VPN for users. If you’re looking for unrestricted streaming and torrenting with great speed then, then it is excellent value for money. 

Features of Surf Shark

  • You can connect unlimited devices
  • MultiHop mode to connect via multiple countries 
  • It follows a strict no-logs policy
  • Kill switch feature for Windows
  • It supports torrenting and streaming
  • CleanWeb feature to avoid ads and malware.
It Supports torrentingSlight delay connecting to servers
Lots of advanced featuresLess info about Surfshark ltd.
It supports unlimited devicesWeak Social Media Presence
Budget-friendly VPNA relatively small server network
Great Customer Support
Strict no-log policy

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4. CyberGhost


Now, Let’s move on to CyberGhost. This VPN is a popular Romania-based VPN service with over 10 million users.

It is very famous with a large user base. You’ll find a light and simple VPN with a well designed and intuitive interface across all platforms. This makes it a great VPN for beginners as well as experienced too.

Talking about the user experience, It is very easy to use, just open the CyberGhost app and select a country. Once you’re connected, it will work quietly in the background. It’s easy to use and set up and it has got almost all of the advanced features that the user seeks from a VPN provider.

It never monitors your online activities and doesn’t personally identify you based on your IP. The CyberGhost will never track you as it encrypts your activity and never leaks your DNS information. The privacy policy is very secure and clear, offering great peace of mind for your data safety.

Cyberghost VPN offers an impressively large network of over 6,500 VPN servers located in more than 89 countries. Undoubtedly, it is more than most of its competitors.

It uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to establish a connection with the VPN server, and there is also a choice between TCP and UDP connections. 

This VPN is also a great VPN if you’re looking to stay safe while torrenting. You will be able to access various streaming sites too. 

Overall, I would say it is one of the best VPN for Windows 10 that comes at an affordable price range. So, CyberGhost is worth trying.

Features of CyberGhost

  • It uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption.
  • They have a zero-log policy.
  • It has an automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS & IP Leak Protection
  • Supports streaming and torrenting
  • Allows 7 devices to connect.
Very huge server networkNo unique features
Use of strong encryptionLimited payment options
Great 24/7 customer supportUI can be improved
Supports torrenting & P2P sharingSlower long-distance speeds
Unblocks streaming sites
It has a zero-logs policy

5. Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access lets you browse anonymously with a private IP address. It enables strong encryption to protect yourself from public WiFi networks and your ISP. This VPN has a lot of features that make it worthy of being on this list. 

This VPN never keeps any records of the user’s online activities. Therefore, You can rest assured knowing you have complete protection and privacy. All it takes is just 1 tap or click to get connected and your data will be encrypted instantly.

If you are a team or large family, then no worries as with just a single subscription you can connect on up to 10 devices at the same time.

Moreover, It is one of the best VPN providers for streaming. The VPN makes streaming easy by unblocking geo-restricted content. Also, it is one of the safest choices for torrenting due to its zero log policy, lots of security features, and fast uploads and downloads.

It’s not just a name – Private Internet Access is a truly safe and secure VPN, with lots of advanced features in place to make sure your data and browsing activities are kept as private as possible. 

This all can be accomplished by the latest and most advanced protocols like PPTP, Wireguard, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec. The best thing, It also has a VPN kill switch for Windows to keep you safe during connection drops.

In my opinion, This VPN is secure, fast, and reliable. It is quite affordable that it’s almost impossible to ignore. So, It is one of the great choices for the best VPN for Windows 10 PC.

Features of Private Internet Access 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Fast Download Speeds
  • You can block ads, trackers, and malware
  • Support for 10 simultaneous devices
  • They use strong encryption for network traffic.
  • There is a strict no-logs policy.
Very easy to use.Limited live support
Torrenting is allowedFree trial no longer available
No-user log policyLack of advanced options
Ad-blocking is there.Design & UI is too basic
It works with streaming sites
It uses the most advanced protocols

6. Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield

In this list of the best VPN for Windows 10, I have another VPN known as Hotspot Shield. This VPN is very famous for its large user base. This VPN is developed and operated by Pango. 

Hotspot Shield is a quick and user-friendly VPN that can easily hide your IP address and access blocked content, It establishes an encrypted VPN connection with one of its public VPN servers. 

I have noticed that there are lots of features in the paid version whereas very few in the free version. So, It’s wise to go for a premium one. When you upgrade to the elite version, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and access to servers in 82 countries. 

Talking about security, The Hotspot Shield’s VPN is safe in terms of encryption strength and security. It uses secure AES-128 encryption and leak protection to secure you from data theft. 

Hotspot Shield doesn’t use standard VPN protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, or L2TP. Instead, it employs its own unique protocol called Catapult Hydra, which maximizes security and speed.

If I talk about Torrenting and streaming then luckily, it is fully permitted and unrestricted on all Hotspot Shield servers. 

There are no dedicated VPN streaming servers however, you can easily have access to various streaming sites. You’ll also get free access to Robo Shield which is a spam call blocker. 

In the end, I would say it is one of the best VPN. It offers incredibly fast speeds with a wide international server network and a super-simple interface. So, it is worth your time and money. 

Features of Hotspot Shield

  • Military-grade encryption and security
  • Connect 5 devices under 1 account
  • Unlimited data for browsing and streaming
  • Use its own proprietary protocol called Catapult Hydra
  • No browsing activity logs
  • Access to Robo Shield, a spam call blocker
It blocks malware and phishingNot a single server in Australia
24/7 live support via chatLimited payment options
Free access to Identity GuardMore features can be added
No user-log policyUnreliable torrenting in some servers
It has an excellent speed
Wide server network

7. IPVanish


IPVanish is a US-based VPN provider that claims to provide you with a simple solution for online privacy. It prevents IP-based tracking and protects your online privacy.

The IPVanish Windows app looks complex at first but in reality, it is very simple to use. You can pick a server to connect to or just press “connect” to automatically use the best servers available. It goes well to both VPN beginners and more experienced users. 

If I get into the security, I would say it provides top-notch security with no-logging policy. It uses industry-standard encryption protocols like IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN.

The connection speeds are quite fast, and there is an impressive list of added features including a kill switch, split tunneling, and IPv6 leak protection. It is one of the VPNs to use a Tier 1 network which means it owns all of its servers rather than renting physical or virtual servers to others.  

Talking about Torrenting and streaming, It is great for torrenting but just average for streaming. IPVanish works to unblock Netflix on most of its US-based servers. 

Although, It can take a while to load them, and some servers won’t work with streaming services at all. So, You have to search for servers that work fine with streaming as there are no dedicated servers for streaming even, your streaming options would be less. 

Overall, it’s a reliable VPN that is easy to use and perfect. It has great user reviews and gets a good satisfaction rate from other sources too.

But if you need a VPN especially for streaming then, I’d recommend choosing a different VPN instead.

Features of IPVanish

  • It provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • There is 256-Bit AES Encryption.
  • Anonymous Torrenting can be done
  • It comes with multiple VPN protocols
  • Unlimited devices allowed
  • No user-logging
Torrenting is allowedInconsistent access to Netflix
Zero user loggingPrevious logging controversies
It has strong encryptionSome servers don’t work for streaming
Unlimited devices allowed Unreliable with many popular streaming sites
24/7 customer support The interface can be more interactive
Fast connect speed

8. Hide.me

Hideme vpn

Hide.me is an extremely safe VPN with a zero-logging policy and high speed. It also offers reasonably active and reliable customer support.  

Also, it comes with powerful security that includes 256-bit AES encryption. It also provides all of the safety features necessary to protect your IP address and secure your data on public networks. 

This VPN has added support for all protocols including IPsec, OpenVPN, SoftEther, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP in both plans. Now, you can switch between different protocols based on your needs. 

Hide.me keeps a short-lived record of connection data for troubleshooting purposes which has no connection with privacy. So, you can use this VPN without exposing your online activities. 

It offers good performance with a good download speed on local connections. But there’s a speed far from local servers, which implies its speeds do suffer slightly when connecting to a server distant.

Moreover, streaming is basically focused on US streaming. I’d really wish to see Hide.me include optimized servers for streaming in other popular locations too. Also, this VPN allows torrenting and P2P sharing on its servers. 

The VPN applications for Windows 10 are simple to use and designed very precisely according to the user’s needs. It has a good customer network including helpful setup videos and an active online community with 24/7 live chat support.

In the end, I would say this VPN is quite good however, I am hoping to see more improvements to the app’s performance and reliability during the streaming experience. Overall, a good choice as a VPN for PC users. 

Features of Hide.me

  • It has IP Leak protection
  • Split tunneling is also there.
  • Able to watch global IPTV
  • It establishes the encrypted connection
  • Able to bypass internet censorship
  • AES-256 encryption for Windows 10
Strong security featuresRelatively small server network
Excellent customer supportRandom app crashes
It excels good featuresIt has a faulty kill switch
Minimal logging policyUnreliable streaming outside the US
It is an Ad-free VPN
It can support IPv6 traffic

9. VyprVPN

vypr VPN

VyprVPN has been in the market for a long time. It belongs to the Swiss-based company, which seems to be focused entirely on the privacy & security of its users. It has got 2 million users around the globe. 

You can connect with 5 different devices at the same time, so VyprVPN is one of the good VPN options for family or office. 

Talking about the interface, It has a central “Connect” button, with a country selection button just above. At the bottom of the interface, there are three tabs which are: connection, customize, and servers. This is simple and easy. It has just everything we want from a VPN app for Windows.

Like most of the VPNs, VyprVPN has its No-Logging policy. To ensure safety and avoid data theft, it also owns and operates its entire server network. 

Undoubtedly, It is one of the most secure VPNs on the market. It comes with the top-notch VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 and super-strong encryption like AES-256. 

On top of this, there is a kill switch feature that stops your traffic from being exposed during disconnection. 

A good VPN can help you access content on streaming and torrenting. Fortunately, it works well with Netflix and other streaming sites too. 

But, there are no dedicated servers for this so, you have to search the servers that work. Moreover, It also allows torrenting and P2P sharing on its VPN servers and works smoothly. 

Overall, VyprVPN is a great VPN service that offers its customers access to top-notch security. It is one of the best VPN services in the market.

Features of VyprVPN

  • IP Address Protection
  • It allows 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Audited No Log VPN
  • There is a High-End Encryption/ NAT Firewall
  • It supports torrenting and streaming
  • It comes with a Kill switch feature
Solid zero-logging policyRelatively small server network
It comes with a kill switchNot the fastest VPN
Provides strong security featuresSlow connections
Allows up to five simultaneous connectionsStreaming allowed in very few servers
Torrenting & Streaming is allowed
Good UI and design

10. Zenmate

zenmate vpn

Last but not least, I have got Zenmate for you. It is one of the most popular VPNs for Windows 10. It claims to provide you 360° protection for you and your family from online data breach or theft. 

ZenMate offers both free and unlimited plans that prevent users from ads, trackers, and analytics. The Zenmate provides top-class security to its users by not collecting user-logs. There is OpenVPN protocol inbuilt within the app and alongside with IKEv2 and L2TP protocols too. 

It also has a kill switch feature, which stops your true IP address from being leaked by blocking all web traffic whenever you get disconnected for any reason.

Talking about the speed, ZenMate offers very good speeds on local connections. 

However, other than local servers there is little speed drop. Also, from the Zenmate community, I got to know that ping drops are high too. So, if you’re searching VPN for gaming I suggest you go for NordVPN or Surf Shark.

The best thing I like about this VPN is that it is quite handy and easy to use. There is an option to view its servers for streaming. Beyond offering the dedicated streaming servers for geo-restricted content, Zenmate has dedicated servers for BBC iPlayer and Netflix too. 

Torrenting traffic has always been permitted on every server and it also offers several dedicated servers for P2P.

Overall, I would say if you are searching VPN for torrenting or streaming then its a must-have VPN for you. 

I would not recommend this VPN for gaming as the ping would be high in long-range servers.

Features of Zenmate VPN

  • There are dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting
  • It is usable on up to unlimited devices
  • It has Multiple protocols & encryption options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • They have a strict no-logs policy
  • Powerful and user-friendly VPN with plenty of servers
Easy access to NetflixInconsistent speeds across the non-local servers
Kill-switch featureMore features can be added
Torrenting is allowedThe UI is extremely basic
Supports unlimited devicesPoor customer support
Good server range
Logs no user data 

Best VPN for Windows 10 FAQS

Does Windows 10 have built-in VPN?

Windows comes with a built-in VPN service. You can connect to VPN on your Windows 10 PC, for this simply go to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection.
But, remember Windows VPN has a lot of limited features as compared to other third-party VPNs. Therefore, It can be only used for occasional purposes. 

Is there a totally free VPN?

Unfortunately, No VPN provides you the free service however, some provide a free version that comes with very limited features and security concerns too. 
I would recommend you to opt for a low-cost premium VPN for better security, speed, and data-cap. 

What is the best vpn for windows 10?

There are many safest VPNs for Windows 10 which you can use. In my opinion, some of the best ones are :

NordVPN: One of the fastest and safest VPN.
ExpressVPN: Excellent value with great performance.
Surf Shark: All rounder VPN service with incredible speed. 
CyberGhostIt provides a super-secure VPN service.
These all are value-for-money VPNs that one can opt for.

Are free VPNs good?

Truly speaking most of the VPN services are not safe and breach user’s data. There are many VPNs which are involved in exploiting users and leaking their private information. 
So, I would recommend you to opt for a low-cost premium VPN for better security, speed and data-cap. 

How do I connect to a VPN on Windows?

You can connect to VPN on your Windows 10 PC, for this simply go to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection. 
Then, enter the connection details for your VPN. After all, click OK and Connect. Once you’ve set up a VPN, you’ll see it in the network menu next to your Wi-Fi networks.

How do I set up a VPN on my PC computer?

You can setup VPN Windows 10 PC, for this simply go to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection. For VPN providers, choose Windows (built-in). 
Also, You can choose a third-party VPN service for better features and security that requires just a single-click for connection.


In this article, I have listed the Best VPNs for Windows 10 that you can use to access blocked content. Moreover, they are also useful for data protection too. All of them are best, It totally depends on your data usage and purpose of using a VPN. 

However, Some of them lack performance during streaming and torrenting. So, for this, I would recommend you use NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surf Shark. These are an all-rounder and provide top-notch security and speed. 

I hope you like this article. Share this article with your friends and in case of any queries or doubts feel free to comment below.

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