14 BEST Video Editing Apps For YouTubers To Edit Videos Faster

Editing the videos before you share on YouTube is important because the raw video needs to be ordered and cleared of mistakes if you want your videos to attract the attention of millions of viewers. Among these best video editing apps for YouTubers, some of them are the best choice for YouTubers to edit videos and also, some of them are for professional video editors too. 

best video editing apps for youtubers

So, in this article I have introduced Best video editing apps for YouTubers for a faster and easier way to edit your videos. 

Best Video Editing Apps For Youtubers

Here, In this article, I have compiled the detailed list of Best video editing apps for YouTubers.

1. FilmoraGo

The Filmora Go is a very popular video editor app that is liked by Youtubers for editing.  All the basic functions like cutting, adding themes, trimming, music, etc. can be easily performed. Not only for videos, but You can also make square 1:1 videos for Instagram, 16:9 videos for YouTube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, and add texts to beautify your video.

FilmoraGo has got some in-app purchases for additional features, but most of the cool features are available for free. You can either save the videos in your gallery directly or share it straight to any social media. It displays a watermark at the end of the video, but you can remove it after the upgrade.  You can also create beautiful animated graphics with the help of titles & text library. Also, it allows customizing the color, size and position of the fonts. 

Additionally, you can change the timeline and motion of the title, and even add multiple titles to your video. To make your video more attractive you can also add classic transitions such as Wipe, Split, Dissolve, Shutter, and Zoom out to combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly on the app. Overall, the app is loaded with all the features that make it one of the best free video editing apps for YouTubers.

Features Of FilmoraGo

  • The videos can be previewed in real-time.
  • Videos and photos can be imported from social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • It has an extensive collection of effects and templates.
  • Has a set of professional editing tools.

2. PowerDirector

If you’re not satisfied with your current video editing app that offers mostly trimming functions and nothing else, then PowerDirector ensures you’ll have rich editing experience. In the list of best video editing apps for YouTubers, I have got PowerDirector, which is another great app to edit your YouTube videos. 

There are other apps which you can choose from Google Play Store, but none of them comes close to matching its various set of tools for creating professional-level videos through a mobile device. The best thing is, it is an Ad-free and distraction-free app. The unique feature of this app is that it is one rare mobile video editing app that can produce video output in 4K quality. Also, you can create attractive double exposure effects from video overlays and blending-modes too.

It can smoothly do speed adjustments like to produce fast-forward or slow-motion videos. Undoubtedly, PowerDirector is the perfect mobile editing app for content creators and YouTubers.  Its intuitive app interface provides you a smooth and easy video editing experience. 

Features of PowerDirector

  • You can edit and export videos in up to 4K quality.
  • Allows creating picture collages and videos with PiP overlays.
  • You can upload directly to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  • It can combine video and picture in one clip using the multi-timeline.    
  • You are allowed to add voice overs recorded on your smartphone’s built-in editor.    
  • It can stabilize shaky camera footage with a video stabilizer.

3. KineMaster

The KineMaster is a versatile video editing app that allows you to edit videos on multiple layers. It is combined with a well-designed interface along with unique features hence, Kinemaster is a convenient video editing app for youtube creators. It offers good levels of control over the editing tasks to create tough professional videos quickly. You can add different types of transition in between video segments, or insert blocks of subtitles or texts.

The best part of this app is that it allows you to work on multiple layers of video in a project that means you can add many elements in a single frame without messing up. For any additional effects, you can find them through an in-built KineMaster Asset Store. This store grants you access to various effects and elements. In that almost all the assets are free and you can simply tap on the download button to get them.

Undoubtedly, KineMaster is a powerful video editing app for YouTubers  and you can find yourself creating professional projects with ease. The interface is simple yet stores a lot of tools, and as it’s free it’s definitely worth checking out.

Features of KineMaster

  • It has precise volume control and effects for the video or sound.
  • You can Add and combine multiple layers of images, video, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting.
  • The color adjustment tools help to enhance videos and images,
  • Has a keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers.
  • There are blending modes to create startling & beautiful effects to the video.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor
Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot

The Adobe Premiere Rush is Adobe’s popular cross-device video editor.  Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to edit any video right from your mobile device quickly. It is quick and fun to use. The best feature about this editing app is the automatic video creation capability, that is the app can automatically create videos for you with any clips or photos that you choose. 

You can also easily resize videos from landscape to portrait to square according to the requirements. Besides, You can also create your videos with various video editing features like trimming, cutting, adding transitions, filters,  music,  effects, etc. Additionally, you can access many built-in templates.

The use of its advanced tools powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence for noise reduction, sound balancing, and auto-ducking. The cool thing is that it is free to download and does not display any ads. It also has direct video sharing options for sharing videos on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. These features make it one of the best free video editing apps for YouTubers. 

Features of Adobe Premiere Rush

  • All the editing progress is automatically synced to the cloud
  • The auto Mix feature smoothly balances the background music in clips.
  • It also allows you to select a thumbnail and publish it to various social sites right from the application.
  • The industry-leading software for professional video editing & film making.
  • Easy to manipulate the speed of the video.
  • You can stock and add to videos with no watermark.

5. InShot

InShot app is a visual content editing app. It is an app by which you can create videos, edit photos, and create thumbnails for your videos. The app is loaded with plenty of features. In this, you can change the speed of your footage, trim clips,  and add filters, music, and colorful texts too. Also, you can rotate and flip the footage, which is a unique feature that many other apps don’t have. The multiple ratios for your videos are supported. The app adds unique features in its frequent updates.

InShot app is very simple to use and has everything you need for your content creation. This app is perfect for creators who want an android app that does editing without any professional knowledge. Besides all, if you’re making a video you can also add music, glitch effects, text, stickers, and even blur background for depth effect.

You can adjust video speed in fast or slow motion with various video effects. In the latest versions, it has got a new feature known as Freeze special moment. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best video editing apps for YouTube creators for the tremendous editing experience.

Features of InShot

  • It is a video maker with trim features, allowing you to cut videos to the length you need.
  • Has lots of stylish collage layouts.
  • It has colorful backgrounds, Unique filters & blur backgrounds.
  • It supports multiple ratios for videos.
  • You can also extract music from videos or clips

6. ActionDirector

The Cyberlink’s Action Director is a video editing app that is with the Editors’ Choice tag.  However, this app does not support layers, but it still covers the basics like cropping, trimming, controlling the speed of video clips. Also, you can reverse the videos too.  There are features like transitions, titles, stickers, and the option to add audio to make the video more attractive. All of that, the app is liked by many of the YouTubers due to its easy to use interface. 

From this video editing app, you can even record video and edit them. Simply create video from the app with the helping tutorial guide that makes ease in editing. It allows you to add music to video to create your own soundtrack and share edited projects on social networking sites and apps. 

You can even add repeat and rewind video effects to your videos to create a professional video. ActionDirector supports Ultra HD 4K quality that lets you edit videos on your android device just like you would edit on a desktop. Overall, this app is worth using it for editing your videos.

Features of ActionDirector

  • The slow-motion and fast motion let you highlight the clip segment with precise speed controls
  • You can add and mix your own background music.
  • Edit video color and apply brightness or contrast to your videos.
  • Add text and titles with border, gradient, and shadow.
  • You can also add animated stickers.

7. Vlogit

The Vlogit is a powerful video editing app for YouTubers & content creators which is free with no trial watermark. This is a video editor app that is loaded with lots of editing features With the help of this app making a video with music and effects is quite easy. You can create custom thumbnails with your text or markups for your videos.

It allows to import videos and images from social accounts like YouTube or Instagram, and export edited videos directly into YouTube & other platforms from the app in 1080p HD quality. It’s one of the unique features is that it allows you to create your own soundtrack using Vlogit’s built-in music library and songs from your device. 

Also, you can easily merge, trim, split and duplicate video clips and photos. It’s perfect for those who create and edit videos for their channel. The app has got international language support hence, available in more than ten languages. In the end, I would say it is a good video editing app for YouTube creators. 

Features of Vlogit 

  • Vlogit’s social stickers and emojis will help you to attract more subscribers
  • It is completely free with No Time Limit and No Watermark
  • Allows to trim clips easily and see an instant preview of your video.
  • You can speed up or slow down, reverse clips for creative time-lapse, or extra effects.
  • Edit your videos with lots of sound effects.
  • It has a customizable animated intro, outros, and social stickers.

8. Quik

In the list of best video editing apps for YouTubers, I have got an editing app named as Quik. It is a video editing app developed by GoPro, making it a good choice for people who are editing clips from their GoPro camera. But, it can edit videos from any source giving you a professional feel in editing.

It is one of the good choices from free video editing apps for YouTubers. The best thing about this editing app is that it can manage up to 75 photos and video clips in one project without any mess. It helps you make smart editing decisions based on what the app detects in the video clips. Just select any of your favorite video clips or photos to make your own stories with Quik. 

The unique feature of Quik is that it comes with automatic video creation options. You can do basic tasks like add effects, crop videos,  texts, and quickly sync everything to the beat of any music.  It can handle time lapses to panoramic pieces and can manipulate your content in lots of creative ways. The app has more than 20 in-built themes and supports eight common file types for your edited content.

Features of Quik

  • The transitions in clips are automatically synced to the beats of music
  • It is compatible with GoPro as well as other sources too.
  • You can add GPS Stickers to show how fast you were going. 
  • Edited Videos can be saved in 60fps for smooth playback. 
  • Simply adjust the filters, fonts and graphics to fit your style.

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9. VivaCut

The VivaCut might mostly be used by the content creators, but you can use it to edit and create a smooth and professional-looking video. The app has a multi-layer timeline and chroma key features that work together to help you create premium videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other video platforms. You can add a lot of elements, that are floating tags from other individual elements. 

In my opinion, VivaCut is the perfect option if you want to start with basic video editing functionality, with the opportunity to get more advanced as you use further. The app is perfect for YouTubers but can create audience-ready videos for other platforms too.  

It allows adding a background if you like, though I think it’s pretty cool to have an overlap of images that looks quite attractive to viewers. It has a clean and intuitive editing interface with zoom for frame by frame precision in editing. I think for beginners, it is the best video editing app for YouTubers.

Features of VivaCut

  • Allows to create stunning with cinematic overlay video editor with transition effects
  • and various tools.
  • You can combine many videos together to create double exposures and attractive YouTube videos for free.
  • After an edit, export videos in 720p, 1080p and 4k quality.
  • A simple and clean tool for a better multi-layer video editor for YouTube.
  • Customize layers with options such as blending and opacity.

10. Wonder Video Editor

This is a top Video Editor on Google Play with an average of 4.4 ratings. I have included this app because Wonder Video Editor is simply a premium video editing app best for beginner, professional and casual users. Anyone can learn to use this app, regardless of their skill level and the end results are quite fantastic. It has everything you need to make high-quality clips. 

The main screen of the interface provides complete control over your project. You can edit your videos on a timeline. All the features and tools like adding transitions and texts, applying filters, and exporting can be done from the main window of the interface. You can learn to use this app in just a few minutes, whereas, other apps can take hours.

When you’re done editing your video, you have a number of ways to get it out into the world. You also have the option to upload your edited video directly to video sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook, which is a great time saver for regularly posting your videos to social media sites. The app is well suited from beginner to pro. Thus, a great video editing app for YouTube creators.

Features of Wonder Video Editor 

  • Simply one-click creation of special styles of video.
  • Crop and edit personalized outro, intro, and music to your own video on your requirements.
  • You can combine and edit photos and multiple videos to make a whole story
  • Enhance the video by using different kinds of video filters with unique scenes.
  • It has 3D wave art transformations and color distortions.

11. VideoShow

The VideoShow has got numerous awards and is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for YouTubers for Android users. It is completely available on the PlayStore for free with high positive reviews. VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. due to its user-friendly interface. 

Apart from the essential editing features, you can also edit your video by adding effects, music, text, and sound effects or perform live dubbing too. In this app, there are around 50 different themes available and it also allows you to reduce the size of your edited video by compressing it. The clips do not lose any quality and have no video duration limits to use. 

This is a great editing alternative app that has support for almost all Android devices. Because of all these features, this is professionally used by video producers who want to add a bit more creativity to a vlog series or their videos.  You can also Zoom in and out to let your audience focus on the region you want them to see in your video. Simply Use fast or slow motion to adjust the speed of every video clip that makes the videos more interesting. 

Features of VideoShow

  • There are 50 unique themes to beautify videos, slideshows, and vlogs.
  • You can also blur the background and have options to adjust audio speed and voice enhancements in it.
  • The multiple background music can be added to a clip
  • The soundtrack of a clip can be converted to mp3.

12. YouCut

YouCut is a great video editing app for YouTubers and content creators who don’t have a formal video editing experience. It combines photos, video clips, music, text, video effects, and filters to assist you to make an attractive video without much effort. Just select one or more clips and music for the soundtrack, these are just enough to get a basic level edited video from this app. 

It is a really premium editing app that allows you to edit your clips and make them look professional without making it too hectic for you to understand. The best thing is that all exported videos are watermark free.

This is a great app that analyzes the clips and chooses the most interesting fragments to get edited and usually produces an impressive result in video making. It also has some in-app purchases for extra tools and features. It is the perfect solution to all your video editing problems and is simple to use. So in my opinion, if you want to start from basic then this is a perfect choice in free video editing apps for YouTubers.

Features of YouCut

  • It has excellent editing features
  • Has a direct option to share videos on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo and other social media sites.
  • You can split your videos at any part.
  • There are no watermarks so, making the video seem more original
  • It allows you to add FX effects to the clips along with sound, animations, and texts.

13. Filmigo Video Maker

Filmigo Video Maker is a powerful video editing app for YouTubers.The Filmigo video maker has a user-friendly UI with all essential features right at your fingertips. Once you start editing a clip, you can either choose a pre-adjusted song and template to get into the real editing. This video editor for Android users has many stunning editing options, such as adding several songs in a single video, stickers, adding subtitles, GIFs, etc. The content creators can even doodle on their videos as well.

The app also offers a separate music segment where you can add music from the vast library. Once the video is edited, users can export the video to different social media platforms right from the app. Not only editing you can also create intros and outros from this app with the help of text styles and fonts.

While the app features several editing tools, It has voice enhancement and blurred background features that make the video and slideshow more appealing. With this free video editing app, you can almost do anything in a personalized and creative way.

Features of Filmigo Video Maker

  • It provides 720P/1080P HD quality export with no duration limit and no quality loss.
  • You can pick all the trendy music for your video.
  • It has various free themes and unique transitions.
  • This app has no ads and watermarks.
  • Allows duplicating your video clips.


Video Editor
Video Editor
Developer: WeVideo Inc.
Price: Free+
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot
  • Video Editor Screenshot

In the list of best video editing apps for YouTubers, I have included another creative app known as WeVideo. It has got its place due to its simplified interface and the ability to export videos in 4k quality. This app is best suited for beginners, who have recently started their channels and have less experience in the video editing domain. 

You can simply start by adding a green screen to the screen for a big-budget look without the difficulty and then start adding your elements to it. The WeVideo’s free video editor for YouTubers makes it convenient, easy, and fast to create and share amazing clips. You don’t need to be a pro to create great videos for your channel. Just edit videos with zero upload wait time and choose multiple formats to stand out on YouTube and other platforms.

In this, I have noticed a unique feature that is multi-device cloud storage which is available in some handful of editing apps. The WeVideo has a commercially-licensed stock library that offers unlimited use of over 1 million pieces of stock media, including images, videos, and music tracks. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best free video editing apps for YouTubers that provides them an easy and flexible way to edit videos.

Features of WeVideo

  • You can publish your edited videos in up to 4K Ultra HD quality.
  • Add your own music or you can use a stock library for a soundtrack.
  • Simply preview, trim and edit music and video clips.
  • Supports cloud-based storage for unlimited storage and access.
  • Very simple user interface.

Best Video Editing Apps For YouTubers FAQs

What apps do YouTubers use to edit their videos?

There are no compulsory apps that YouTubers use, but you can use premium apps like FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, KineMaster and Inshot to edit your videos.

Which application is best for video editing?

There are some well-known apps which are best for video editing. Some of those apps are Kinemaster, FilmoraGo, VivaVideo, Vlogit and InShot.  


If you are working as a YouTuber or want to start a career as a YouTuber then you will definitely need an app to edit your videos professionally. So, In this article I have listed the Best video editing apps for YouTubers that you will easily find on the PlayStore. I suggest you choose any of these editing apps that suits you and your needs.

I hope you like these Best video editing apps for youtubers article. Share this article with your YouTuber friends and help them create some stunning edited videos. 

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