9 BEST PC Optimizer For Windows 10 Right Now

Newly Bayed PC is super fast and responsive. But after a few times the speed Reduces, the system crashes and hangs, which is due to a lot of Registry storage, Junk files, Malwares, and unimportant Software and files. 

There are thousands of Registries, logs, Browsing data, and Folder which are not possible to remove one by one. In order to do that we need Optimizer to optimize the pc for smoother Systems performance.

best pc optimizer for windows 10
BEST PC Optimizer For Windows 10

Over the internet, there are many windows 10 Optimizers. It provides you several tools and utilities that help you improve your usage Speed.

Choosing the perfect one is a quite difficult job. It is also hard because some of them are paid and paying for something without knowledge is foolish. 

9 BEST PC Optimizer For Windows 10

Glary Utilities Pro 5

It is one of the most popular PC optimizer available on the Internet. It gives a bunch of utilities to boost and repair the PC performance. 

TJ Editor's Choice

It is an absolutely advanced software program with state of artwork functionalities to keep your PC free from crashes and such other issues. 

It also enables you to clear up the mistakes and accelerate the PC. it is portable – you don’t want to put in it, and it really works very smoothly. 

The interface is another power of it – you can without problems browse through its capabilities and use the capability’s interior with no problem. 

It works best in both personal and professional ways and Available in both paid and free versions. Here are some key features you must consider before installation.

Glary Utilities Pro 5


  • There are more than 20 advanced utilities inside the software to optimize and boost the System.
  • It Removes unwanted registries and Fixes the issues of crashes and freezing of software.
  • It includes spyware and provides you with complete privacy protection and secures personal data.
  • It Improves and manages your internet surfing and Browsing also protects web privacy.
  • It scans the whole PC and helps you eliminate the issues in one click.
  • It works on all windows including Windows 10.
All the actions can be performed in just one click.Driver Updater is not that much accurate
You can check on any specific actions to be executed and execute them in one click.
It monitors boot timing and also shows you all the stats and description of the issues.
The user interface is easy and even beginners can perform complete Optimization without issues.
It is free of cost and you can also go premium if you want. 

Learn more – Glary Utilities Pro Review

Auslogics BoostSpeed

Auslogics BoostSpeed Interface

With more than 10 years in the market and recognition in the PC industry, Auslogics BoostSpeed brings together a high set of functionalities to accelerate computer performance.

You can handle a lot of problems, starting, of course, with checking and cleaning. Then, it enables deep disk cleaning, uninstalls little-used applications, defragments disk, cleans the registry, and automatically cleans empty folders.

With this application, you will get access to almost 20 other useful tools for tasks such as cleaning and defragmenting the registry, optimizing the Internet connection, searching for duplicate files, cleaning free space (to avoid recovery), recovering deleted files, among many other tools.

The tool is very easy to use and you can learn more about it if you spend a little time exploring the tool and working through the amazing number of tools. 

Main Features:

  • Registry cleaning 
  • Tweak Windows for the best performance
  • Disable obsolete programs
  • Protect your privacy
  • Modify Windows settings
  • Access to system  and disk drives information
  • Delete confidential documents
Support for all versions of Windows Doesn’t fix all of the identifies issues 
Packed with many features and toolsTake a while to optimize the system
Can improve speed, security, and privacyOnly available for Windows 
Offers a quick solution to most of the PC problems

Advanced SystemCare Pro 13

Undoubting it is one of the best Windows 10 optimizer on the list. Which is available in both paid and free versions? It includes all the features mentioned for other optimizer and also some additional features.

advance systemcare care

It is an entire group for the entirety of your security assurance, framework care, and library cleaning prerequisites. No, be checked what your PC thinks about, this product program takes into account the entirety of your needs superbly. 

The huge number of manual settings was interesting to investigate, nonetheless, very tedious, and there is a sensibly high expectation to learn and adapt

It is an entire package deal. The Free version works fine but obviously for the best service you have to buy the premium. It works best for both personal and professional use. 

Here are some key features you need to take into consideration before installing it in your system.

So it is necessary to get complete information and comparison between any optimizer before giving them the right to monitor and control your System.


  • It monitors and Protects the system in real-time.
  • It provides the most advanced tools to remove registries and malware.
  • It maintains CPU performance and Allows you to Defrag Disks.
  • It provides you with an inbuilt junk cleaner inside it.
  • Most focused protection for web surfing and boosting, like blocking malicious websites and clear browsing.
  • It captures the picture of an invader who wants to access your personal data from your system.
  • It speeds up the startup and improves speed.
  • Advanced looking user-friendly user interface.
It provides you One-click scan and Optimization.There are limitations in installation.
It continuously monitors the health of the system in real-time and keeps showing you the details and recommendations.It also shows ads that might annoy you if you download a free version.
It provides a bunch of Optimization tools and the installation process is easy.Its performance in phishing protection is Average.
It provides you with an inbuilt antivirus shield to protect your data.File Shredder features are separated.
Its Intruder selfie feature that captures the image of invaders. 

iOlO System Mechanic Professional

IOLO technologies one of the products is System Mechanical professional. It is the first choice of many of professionals.

iolo System Mechanics Professional

Here comes the staying repairman for practically the entirety of your PC issues. Regardless of whether you are managing gaming inconveniences or framework crashes, this product permits you to fix them all. 

It comes with a privacy tool to help you change certain privacy-related settings in Windows 10, and it explains all the problems you’ve got along with your PC in smooth to understand language. 

It also includes a Net Booster device that would assist you to boost your net speed. It affords 89% steer startup and fixes over 30,000 PC problems. It includes tons of features and a few of the important that you might consider before purchasing are mentioned below.


  • It scans the whole system and Removes bloatware and malware slowing down the system.
  • Accidentally deleted software and files during Optimization can easily be recovered or retrieved.
  • Boosts web surfing and provides you with full Privacy and Protection. It also manages to browse history and cookies.
  • It protects the sensitive data and wipes out with data wiping technology by IOLO.
  • Antispyware is included inside the software for additional protection.
  • It provides you with gaming Optimization, High-End games can also be played smoothly.
  • It provides you with a feature to online backup the data, to save them from deleting and also to free up disk.
Complete scan and Optimization can be executed in just one click.It does not specify the errors after the scan.
IOLO labs continue to provide you with the latest updates for advanced protection.The customer care service is Average.
It includes Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and also online backup.
It provides you with an Unlimited license after purchase.

Advanced System Optimizer 

Developed by Systweak, Advanced System Optimizer is known for its capabilities to improve the overall system’s performance.

Advanced system optimizer main interface

As the tool minimizes the need for using separate utilities it has become the first choice of IT professionals and home users. Using its various tools and features you can perform almost all the optimization and cleaning tasks. Not only this, but you can also clean junk and duplicate files, the most common reason for cluttering the disk and taking up storage space.


Driver Updater – to update outdated and incompatible drivers the most reason for the blue screen of death.

Antimalware – helps stay protected from malware, spyware, virus, and other malicious threats.

Duplicate file cleaner and remover – accurately detects and cleans duplicate files 

Privacy protector – provides complete privacy and protection by deleting privacy exposing traces

Registry Cleaner and Optimizer – optimizes and cleans all invalid registry entries that slow down the system

Disk Cleaner and Optimizer – optimize hard disk and cleans bad sector that corrupt data

Undo Delete – helps recover deleted and lost data from hard disk

Secure Delete – allows you to wipe data completely making it unrecoverable

Windows Optimizer – lets you use those hidden function that helps boost system performance

Memory Booster – helps free up RAM thereby speeding up processing 

Game Booster and several others. 

Pros Cons
One-click optimizer to scan and optimizer Windows system No live chat available 
Regular database update for malware protectionRegistry scanning is quite confusing as it rarely shows no error found
Backup and restore feature to protect the user from unforeseen situationsLicense is valid for only one system
Driver updater to update outdated driver  
24-hour free trial version 
60-days money-back guarantee 
Quick customer support 

AVG TuneUp

It is a completely Paid software for Optimizing your PC.AVG’s Windows tuning utility, cases to make vintage PCs remain longer and new PCs run quicker. Did a high-quality activity for what it offered, a moderate tuning mixed with thorough Windows protection cleaning. 

avg pc tuneup

In the event that you need a brisk PC to adjust, it performs genuinely well, yet there are diverse advancement applications that will most likely serve you better. 

Here are some Honorable features Provided by AVG PC Tune-up. Keep in mind that It costs you a huge amount but obviously it’s worth the money.


  • It provides automatic Maintenance Tools to Boost performance.
  • It Has a Built-in software Updater that Allows you to update all the software through it
  • It Provides Software uninstaller to remove unwanted software.
  • It Enhances the Battery Performance and provides you with long battery life.
  • It provides you a Browser Cleaner for your Browser to improve internet surfing.
  • Aw well as for windows, It is also available for Mac and Android.
It is Totally Reliable and the User interface is very easy for anyone.You might need to perform many tasks in order to ensure everything is running smoothly and for fully PC clean-up.
Also, it provides you with System repair in just one Click.Sometimes it installs other unwanted software to your system which you might not like.
There is no need to perform the Optimization daily from yourself. It provides Automatic complete computer maintenance.It continues to show you issues every time which might irritate you.
There is no extra knowledge required to perform the Optimization any beginner can also handle it easily.

CCleaner Pro

Piriform Ltd. created one of the best tools for PC Optimization and utilities. CCleaner is a professional software-app utilized by many PC users to optimize for better performance. 

CCleaner Pro

It is developed by Perform, a renowned PC software manufacturer. When it comes to scraping away junk from every corner and corner of the PC, not anything can beat CCleaner.

 It isn’t always perfect to use a software program, but it packs all the features its opposition does and more. 

Many of the features are available for free but to use the advanced features you have to go premium. Here are some of the important features you need to keep under consideration before installing it to your system.


  • It scans the PC and Removes junk files, Bloatware and Malwares.
  • It clears registries and recycling bins also.
  • It includes an Automatic Optimization scheduler which automatically optimizes the PC without human Efforts.
  • It includes software updated inside to keep you up-to-date.
  • It includes software Uninstaller that removes unwanted software from the System.
  • It provides you Privacy Protection, a Browser plug-in, and enhances web surfing by managing browsing data.
  • It Auto Updates itself for advanced protection.
  • It allows you to Defrag Disks, storage management and also includes inbuilt duplicate finders.
  • It creates a backup file before making any change in Registry.
It is small in size and does a very deep cleaning of the system in just one click.The software Uninstaller is Average in performance.
It also provides a portable version of the program for ease of use.
There are 0 spyware or adware inside the program.
It provides you with real-time monitoring and Description of all the Errors.

Norton Utilities Premium

The Norton brand is increasingly well known for its security and Antivirus programming than for utility programming. Yet at the same time, The engineer likewise gives the first-class utility to amp up the speed and working of the PC. 

Norton Utilities Premium

In the event that, in favor of PC’s horrible execution, you are likewise worried about reality protection, at that point that is among the top-notch PC enhancement programming.

It tweaks the system’s functioning and keeps your privateness intact at the equal time. It is also completely paid software. It costs you an amount but also completely worth the money. We now talk about some of its prominent features.


  • It removes or Fixes the common issues that slow down your computer or cause crashes in software.
  • It manages the Browsing History and completely maintains your web privacy and also enhances the internet surfing Performance.
  • It provides you One-Click Optimization for ease of you and saves your time.
  • It Removes Junks and unwanted files also Duplicate files to Free Up your Disk space for better Performance.
  • It also provides your features to retrieve the Deleted software and Files.
It includes the Performance Check tool to check whether your system is in good condition or not.It takes so long in first use so it’s better for you to keep patience.
It is very easy to use and perform Optimization tasks.High in costs and No free version.
Shows you the complete description of all the Problems of your Computer.It Does not Provide you the option for Disk Defragment during the PCs Boot Time.
It also includes the Real-time monitoring service.There are some installation limits.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18

Win Optimizer is a very effective utility tool for Windows system repair and Registry Cleaner. It secures your protection, scratches away repetitive documents, and rushes up the PC. 

It takes out garbage inside a similar way in light of the fact that the cleanser cleans even the scarcest hint of soil. 

ashampoo winoptimize 18

There is a 40-day unfastened trial to test it out and spot if it’s far what you need, however it gives every characteristic that its competition has to offer, and gives extra on top of it. 

If you need a feature-wealthy software program that’s well worth its price, this is the one to head for. And the most important thing that you must consider is its cost. It is available at a very low price in comparison with the other paid utility software.


  • It provides you with the Registry Optimizer to optimize the windows registries.
  • It provides you with the Startup tuner to boost the window’s startup.
  • It includes inbuilt Software uninstaller to remove unwanted software from the system.
  • It Backups everything, so you can redo the settings or retrieve the deleted software and Files.
  • It provides an internet connection tuner to boost Web surfing performance.
  • It helps in managing Browsing data and protects the privacy of the System and also includes the anti-spy modules.
  • It also shows you the complete detailed information of the system.
The system scanning is so powerful and the errors found can be fixed by just one click.The User interface is a little messy which might be inconvenient for some users.
It speeds up the Application launch time and scans them in the schedule.There are tons of features, some of them are unnecessary.
Do not require human efforts every time. It automatically repairs the system.The performance of the software might be slower than the other competitors of it.
You can set the schedule for system scanning which will be executed automatically. 

Wise Care 365

It is easy for those who are less experienced users but also provides an advanced mode for experts to continue their requirements without any flaw. 

wise care 365

This is the one if you’re seeking out the maximum advanced machine optimizer to be had on your Windows computer. It will routinely optimize your system in mere minutes. 

Which is done by deleting all junk files of any application software program on your systems? The user interface of the program is easy to apply as controls are minimal. Also, it does not require understanding in appearing disk clean up. It also provides perfect control over all the utilities provided by it. Here are some key features you must take a look at.


  • It allows you to schedule your Optimization and the process will be executed automatically.
  • It manages your web browsing and maintains your privacy.
  • Disk Defragment can be easily done through it.
  • It fixes all the registries and removes junks and malware from the system.
  • Both User-friendly and advanced mode is available in it for all types of users.
It has the ability to scan all over your system and remove all the malware and junks while others only scan some specific parts.It leaves empty folders with shortcuts during the scans.
It takes your permission while excluding or including for specific folders and files so you do not lose any important data.Do not Provide you real-time monitoring of the junk files in the System.
All tasks can easily be performed by Command-Line.The deleted files can not be retrieved in it, so better look closely during the scan.

Bleach Bit

It is open-source software that provides you with Optimization utility for your system. The main thing about this is that it is completely free of cost. 

It is one of the oldest among all and provides you with plenty of features to tune up your system.BleachBit rapidly liberates the plate region and enthusiastically monitors your security. 


Free store, erase treats, clear Web history, shred brief documents, erase logs, and dispose of the garbage you neglected to perceive changed into there. Also, it securely shreds documents to prevent undelete. It Wipes loose disk space to hide previously deleted documents. And also Automate cleaning in batch files. Here are some important features you must consider before installing it in your system.

Try Wondershare Uniconverter


  • It provides you with an integrated file shredder to shred all the files while scanning.
  • It removes all the hidden junk files, malware, and temporary files
  • It is available in a portable version for ease of use.
  •  It helps in maintaining web privacy and Enhances your web surfing.
  • It provides you with automatic cleaning and other Customization.
  • It works on all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

It can permanently delete any files easily.It does not Provide your Registry Optimizer or any time of Registry utility. This might be Good or bad Both.
You can specify locations for particular scans. You can specify locations to prevent scanning over there.It does not back up the files before deleting, so retrieving data after deleting is not possible through it.
It is completely free of cost and does not charge for any of its features.Like others mentioned above, it does not allow you to schedule the scan. There is no feature of the Optimization scheduler.
The User-friendly User interface to execute all the actions easily.

BEST PC Optimizer For Windows 10 FAQs-

Why Do We Need PC optimizer?

With time the performance of PC Decreases, to regain its speed we can remove junk files, Clean Disk, Remove viruses, Uninstall unimportant software, and many other things. Humans personally cannot access all unnecessary folders and remove them one by one. In order to execute these actions and optimize PCs, we require Optimizer.

What to look for in a PC Optimizer?

There are various aspects you must consider before installing or purchasing any optimizer. The Optimizer must provide utilities like junk remover, Malware, registry, and bloatware cleaning, Driver and Software updated and Uninstaller, Protects from outsider threats, Enhances Battery life, manages Browsing, and Boost up the performance, etc.

What are the simplest steps I can execute to Optimize my PC easily?

The maximum of the PC optimizer provides one-click Optimization. Doing that solves a lot of issues on your system easily. But if you want to manually operate actions then you can :
Uninstall Unused or Unnecessary Software from System.
Operate Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup.
Remove Junk and Registries.
Install Antivirus.
Avoid Too much Multitasking.

Which among them are the best optimizer?

Advance System Pro care and Glary Unities pro are best among all mentioned. These two provide each and every feature to Optimize your PC. Even many special and advanced features to enhance PC performance.

How to use PC Optimizer most efficiently?

There are few easy steps you can follow to perform most efficient Optimization using any PC Optimizer
It is important to have a backup of the important data, in order that your optimizer can’t retrieve deleted items.
Scan the whole computer and fix issues.
Update the necessary drivers and Uninstall Unnecessary Software.
Try Disk defragmentation and Disk Cleanup also.
Reboot System after Optimization for the best results.


I have tried to mention all the important information that you might require related to PC optimizer for windows 10. The above article contains my best selections of optimizer over the internet. After reading the Features, Pros and Cons, and also the FAQs you can easily choose the perfect optimizer for your windows 10 PC. 

Slow speed performance is annoying and Choosing a perfect optimizer can help you change your day to day usage and save your time. If still there are some queries you have them comment section is all yours, feel free to use. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Hopefully, the article was informative for you, Enjoy !!

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