14 Best Google Chrome Extensions That You Need To Install

 An extension in the Browser, as I always say, is the ‘working force of the browsers’. They are like other software that can integrate with your browser and extend its features. We can be using the extensions for a lot of different purposes like adding additional features to the browsers, integrating other services within the browsers, etc.

Best Google Chrome Extensions
Best Google Chrome Extensions

 Having your browser perfectly armored with great plug-ins and extensions helps you save time, be more productive, and generally make your work much, much easier. The below list of 14 best Google Chrome extensions that you can install will show you how to achieve it.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

1. Todoist

Ever heard of improving your productivity by managing your task. Yes, you can achieve a great length of productivity through managing things. Todoist Chrome extension will help you manage your task from the browser. You can add any task, schedule it and you will be notified. Todoist also provide app support where you can signup and access your task manager from both devices

  • Todoist for Chrome Screenshot

Why use Todoist ?

  • You can access Todoist from all devices:

The main problem faced with the task managers is that they mostly provide single device support. This is not the problem with the Todoist, you can signup and can access your task and manage it across all devices whether it’s your mobile or PC. 

  • You can Schedule Your task:

Todoist is the all in one time management and task management tool you can equip your browser with. Within Todoist you can schedule your task as per your need and manage it at the same time.

  • Easy to Use Tool:

Todoist comes with an easy to use interface where you can add or remove your tasks very easily, you can even add website or article links as a task for later completion. 

  • You Can add multiple User and Manage Task:

With Todoist extension you can add multiple members and assign tasks or schedule different tasks for each of them.

2. Grammarly 

If you want to remove and improve your content writings then this tool will get you there in no time. Grammarly is a free grammar checker tool that you can integrate within your browser and use it as a safe hand for any content related work. It’s a free tool that you can use to improve your grammar and punctuation and a lot more. 

  • Grammarly for Chrome Screenshot

 Why use Grammarly ?

  • Improve your writing by removing errors:

The main reason to use Grammarly is to improve your writing style and remove grammatical and punctuation errors from your content. Grammarly checks your writing for various points of grammar and provide suggestions if any to improve the content that you have written  

  • It’s a free tool :

Grammarly is a free tool that you can use within your browser. It provides an extension that you can integrate with the browser that will keep on checking for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors whenever you write anything. 

  • Easy to use:

Grammarly is very very easy to use. All you have to do is add the browser extension and start writing. Whether you write an article in google docs, completing an assignment of your college or you are composing an email for your boss you will have the best tool checking you and guiding you to the correct and better way of writing.    

3. LastPass

You always want to use a good and strong password for your online accounts, but remembering them all is a real deal. Every time you reuse a password you are providing a safe passage for the hackers to your accounts. So you need to use a strong and unique password for each of your accounts and as far as remembering the password just leave it to LastPass. It is a password manager tool that not only saves the password of your accounts, it also provides recommendations for the strong password.

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager Screenshot

Why use LastPass ?

  • No need of remembering the password:

With the LastPass password manager tool, you do not need to remember the longtail strong passwords of your accounts. All your passwords will be saved within the  LastPass.

  • You can use Strong Password:

Every time you create a new account it asks for a good and strong password. With LastPass, you can use the strong password recommendation that you will get from the LastPass each time you create a new password.

  • It’s a Proven Secure Password manager :

LastPass is recognized as one of the most highly secure password managers available nowadays. LastPass does not store users’ master passwords or authentication keys locally or on its servers. So no one, including LastPass, can access a user’s encrypted data remotely.

The LastPass platform encrypts all data from end-to-end using 256-bit AES encryption, and also uses advanced Transport Layer Security to prevent itself and the user from in-transit attacks.

4. Honey

Want to save money while shopping online using Honey. It’s a browser-based extension that will provide the best deals and coupons present whenever you try to buy anything online. 

  • Honey Screenshot

Why Use Honey ?

  • You can save Time and  Money:

With Honey, you will get the best price for an item and will be able to get coupons for any e-commerce store. With that, you will be able to save money while shopping.

What this extension does can cost you a huge amount of time if you do it manually. 

  • Free tool:

Honey is a free tool that does the most important job, finding the best deals and coupons for your shopping without any charges.

5. Traffic light By Bitdefender

Secure Web Browsing is all we need nowadays to protect us from all the unwanted and harmful things out there on the internet. For that, you can use an antivirus, but when opening a website how you are going to check that the website is secure or not, for that you can use Trafficlight by Bitdefender Browser extension that will check the sites before you visit it and warn you about the harm it can do.   

  • TrafficLight Screenshot

Why Use Trafficlight by Bitdefender ?

  • It comes with a link scanner:

Through this extension, you can scan your link whether it is protected or not. This way you will be safe from visiting all the unsafe links protecting yourself from malware. 

  • Protect against Phishing Attacks:

Trafficlight By Bitdefender malware scans will filter and scan for any malware present and will protect you from the phishing attacks.  

  • Free Tool To do Safe Browsing:

Traffic light By Bitdefender is a free browser extension that you can integrate with your browser and it will help you experience the safe browsing. It will let you scan the current web page for any malware or the scripts that can harm your PC. 

6. Loom

If you want to record your screen on a Mac or Windows 10 computer but don’t want to spend any money then loom chrome extension can be the best option for you. Loom is a screen recorder tool that also provides browser-based extension through which you can record your screen very easily.  You can install the extension from the chrome web store and start the recording instantly.

Loom for Chrome
Loom for Chrome
Developer: loom.com
Price: Free
  • Loom for Chrome Screenshot

Why use Loom ?

  • It’s free:

Not all the users want to do a lot of recordings and have additional features, they just want simply to record their screen and get their things done. And not all users have the budget to go for the expensive video recording tools. So Loom comes with all necessary features that can be used by any individual for free. 

  • No Restrictions:

Being a free software Loom also doesn’t restrict you from how much you can record with the extension. Providing unlimited recordings and saving. 

  • Can share directly through links:

Loom also stores your videos on its online portal, for a limited number, protecting you against crashes and other problems. Through their portal, they provide sharing options using which you can share these videos through links, saving you from the hassle of downloading and uploading the videos to the streams. 

  • Very easy to use:

It has a simple, easy to use interface, which allows you to alternate between recording styles depending on whether you want your voice, your face, or both. You don’t need to be an advanced computer user to use Loom and create good videos.

7.Extension Manager 

Number of times we face problems due to the install browser extensions. We all need something through which we can manage all our extensions and disable or enable it whenever needed with ease. Extension manager extension is a good choice for managing all the extensions within the browser using a popup window.

Extension Manager
Extension Manager
Developer: Extension Manager
Price: Free
  • Extension Manager Screenshot

Why use Extension Manager ?

  • Easy to Use:

It’s a very easy to use extension which comes with a clean and simple interface. 

Using this extension you can easily filter all the installed extensions, enable and disable whenever you need.

  • Can Manage all extension at one place:

This comes in handy when an extension is causing issues with a website by disabling each extension one at a time. 

8. PushBullet

Doing work on the PC or Mobile and moving back and forth between them for Transferring data can be frustrating. I am sure you have used email to transfer the items between your devices, but doing this you are wasting a lot of time. With PushBullet you can bridge the gap between your devices. Whether it’s a link or a file or text with a Pushbullet you can share information and file among all your devices very easily. 

Price: Free
  • Pushbullet Screenshot

Why Use Pushbullet ?

  • Share links:

With Pushbullet you can easily share links of your favorite articles among your devices with just a click of a button. If you want to send a page Pushbullet will fill the link and title for you and all you have to do is push the push button to view it on other devices. 

  • You Can Share Files:

Using Pushbullet you can even share files like images, videos, documents, PDFs, etc to the other devices that you work on very easily.

  • You can share maps location:

If you are working on a PC and want to share any Map Location to yours or someone else’s devices you can use Pushbullet to share it. On opening these locations it will directly lead you to the Google Maps App.

  • You can sync your clipboard:

With Pushbullet you can use a universal copy and paste clipboard for a very time-saving work. All you have to do is turn on the sync option on the device that you want to sync and boom, you can copy here and paste there with very ease. Make sure you don’t copy your accounts passwords or credit card info that may lead to something bad. 

9. Free Download Manager

The all in one download manager that you can integrate with your browser to save yourself from the various problems faced while downloading any large files from the internet. This extension provides lots of features like it also work as a virus checker, download accelerator, download scheduler etc. Supporting all types of files and with its clean and simple to use interface this extension is best among the free download managers available on the Chrome web store. 

 Why Use Free Download Manager ?

  • Easy to Use and Free:

This extension comes with all the features and doesn’t even cost you a dime. Its interface is user friendly and easily understandable for any user. You can manage, add or delete your downloads within this browser extension. 

  • Download Accelerator and Virus Checker:

The all in one download manager will integrate itself with your installed PC antivirus and protect you from any malware or viruses by continuous checking the download files.

It will also accelerate your downloads by splitting your files into multiple parts and downloading them, making your downloading faster.

  • Support Torrent and Magnet Links:

 If you want to download a torrent file there is no need to go to some other tools or software to download it, Free Download Manager comes with Torrent support and it also supports torrent magnet links through which you can download your large files. 

10. Google Translator 

Whenever you are browsing you must have come across contents written that you were not able to understand. This might be a problem for many people out there knowing a single language. With the google translate extension, you can solve this problem. Google Translate helps you translate the content to various other languages that you might know or understand.

Google Translate
Google Translate
Price: Free
  • Google Translate Screenshot

Why use Google Translator ?

  • Easy to use:

Google translator lets you translate any paragraph or content without even changing tabs. All you have to do is highlight the content that you want to translate and right-click to translate. 

  • Free Tools:

With Google translate you can do a lot more without even investing a single rupee.

11. Feedly 

Want to manage your RSS feed among all the devices and you want to save the time that you spend looking for your favorite article. Install Feedly mini chrome extensions. With Feedly, you can save your favorite article or website feed and each time the website uploads new content you will find it in the Feedly. This way you will be well informed about the things happening all around you.

Feedly Mini
Feedly Mini
Developer: https://feedly.com
Price: Free
  • Feedly Mini Screenshot

Why Use Feedly ?

  • You can manage your feeds very easily:

The best part of using Feedly is you can manage your feeds and articles very easily and effortlessly. And even a large amount of feeds can be categorized and managed very easily.

  • You can add multiple Devices:

Feedly also provides Android support, you can download the app and sync it so that every RSS feed can be accessed through any device at any place. 

  • It’s simple, Minimalistic and can be Customized:

The Feedly Chrome Extension is free and very simple to use. It can be customized as per your requirement used easily. 

12. Save To Pocket 

Save to Pocket Extension is very useful to organize your saved content. Every time we find something worth on the internet we tend to save it but where to save it is the main problem. To save your favorite article for later use you can use Save to Pocket Extension which will let you save and keep your saved article organized and in one place. 

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket
Developer: getpocket.com
Price: Free
  • Save to Pocket Screenshot

Why Use Save To Pocket ?

  • You organize your saved article at one place:

With Save to Pocket, you can Organize your saved article in one place. Whether you want to save an article or you want to read your saved ones you are just one click away. 

  • Offline Support:

Save to Pocket extension will save and download your favorite article and make it available offline or even if the content gets deleted. 

13. Stay Focused

As the name suggests it will help you to stay focused on your work rather somewhere else. If you’re one of those users who spend and work on a computer most of the time, that Stay Focused extension will be an important tool for you. With this extension, you will be able to restrict your time on websites that decrease your productivity. 

Forest: stay focused, be present
Forest: stay focused, be present
  • Forest: stay focused, be present Screenshot

Why Use Stay Focused ?

  • You Can increase Your Productivity:

Using Stay Focused you will be able to restrict your time wastage by doing unnecessary surfing on the websites which provide no value. with this, you will be able to stay focused on your important areas and tasks.

  • You can set limits to the website uses:

With this extension, you will be able to set a time limit that will define how much time you want to use a particular website and after the limit is reached the site will be blocked and you will be asked to focus on your work. 

14. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is the best and useful chrome extension for those who spend a lot of time on the internet and that too in the night. staring on the screen for a long time can harm your eyes. Dark Reader used dark themes at night and daily browsing. It inverts bright colors making them high on contrast which lets you read easily without much strain.

Dark Reader
Dark Reader
Price: Free
  • Dark Reader Screenshot

Why Use Dark Reader ?

  • Save you from Eye Strain:

Dark readers used dark and customized themes for your night and daily browsing. This way it protects you from eye strain 

How to Stay Safe While Browsing

Privacy is our most important asset and nowadays each tool and plugins that we use, track us and store data and information based on that. We need Something that will let us use these extensions without compromising our privacy and security.

In that context, you can Check out the Brave Browser which protects you from all the third-party trackers and will help you keep your privacy intact. The all-new brave browser comes with strong security features and provides Tor level security through its incognito mode. It helps in saving your data and time through blocking ads with its strong inbuilt adblocker. It is a chromium-based browser so there is no worry of extensions, you can add as many as you want from the Chrome Web store.  


Best Google Chrome Extensions FAQs

What are the most Useful Chrome Extensions?

A browser equipped with the best and useful extensions can save a lot of your time and effort. Some of the most useful Chrome extensions are Grammarly, Pushbullet, LastPass, Stay Focused, Feedly, Todoist, etc. these extensions will surely make your life easy while working through your browser.  

Are all Google Chrome extensions safe?

Yes, all Google Chrome Extension is safe to use and they don’t harm your PC in any way. Although all the tools and plugins collect information based on your online activity, you can stop this by moving to a more secure browser Brave Browser.


All the chrome extensions above are very useful and they are surely going to help you with their excellent features. They all are free and easy to use and even very easy to integrate with the browsers. Within a few days, you will get the hang of them and they will start serving you and improving your productivity.

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