16 BEST Free VPN For Chrome To Access Blocked Content

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I just tested and make a list of all awesome the best free VPN for chrome. 100 % really free VPN which gives you unlimited bandwidth, highspeed servers.

best free vpn for chrome

need some awesome and free VPN extensions for chrome? I tested and found some secure and free VPN for google chrome.

BEST Free VPN For Chrome

VPN stands for a virtual private network which helps you to access blocked content likes any websites or apps.

VPN also hide or mask your IP address with another IP so no one can track you easily.


TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN
Developer: tunnelbear.com
Price: Free
  • TunnelBear VPN Screenshot

Most popular VPN service but with very limited features with a free version.

You get only 500mb per monthly so use it wisely.

This VPN helps you to hide your IP from hackers and trackers cannot track you anymore.

Download: TunnelBear

 Hotspot Shield

Very popular vpn extension called Hotspot shield.

This extension not only provides you VPN service but additionally, Hotspot shield gives you ads blocker which helps you to block ads on any sites.

You can easily bypass firewalls with virtual locations all over the world.

This vpn gives you 500MB daily data.

Very easy to use extension just you need to click and access all blocked content without any limitations.

This extension also featured on big sites like Forbes,cnet.

Download: Hotspot shield


WindScribe is a well-featured VPN for chrome because this VPN not only give you VPN service but also give you services like an ad blocker, link shortener, whitelisted sites.

This VPN gives you 10GB free VPN data but you need to confirm your email address.

With the help of ad blocker, you can block ads on any site and you can also add sites in whitelisted sites if you don’t want to disable ads on those sites.

Link shortener helps you to create shortener link and you can earn money from those links like adf.ly and shorten.st.

Download: WindScribe

Avira Phantom

Everyone knows about AVIRA antivirus and they also provide free VPN extensions called Avira Phantom.

This VPN app is better than a proxy app because this app also offers data encryption and helps you to bypass firewalls.

Like the above extension, this also gives you free and unlimited bandwidth.

Download: AVIRA Phantom


If you want to access blocked content on any sites DotVPN is another extension that you can use to do that.

A free version of DotVPN gives you 80% features for free but if you want more you can go with a paid version.

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No need to do any further configuration just one tap and you can access any blocked content easily.

Download: DotVPN


HOLA VPN is free and easy to use vpn.

This VPN sends minimal required information through a tunnel and rest information is sent directly for the fastest unblocking.

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You can access blocked websites in your country easily.

Download: HOLA VPN


TouchVPN is 100% free VPN for google chrome.No needs any information like a credit card.

Really unlimited vpn with no speed and bandwidth limit. Just one click and you can easily connect to proxy service

Download: TouchVPN


Unblock the internet with the help of Zenmante VPN.

Zenmate has 30+ servers worldwide and this also free and unlimited VPN without any limitations.

If you need to protect your privacy use this and you can enjoy all content with Zenmate VPN for free.

Download: Zenmate


Most of Vpn extensions need registrations but Betternet does not need any kind of registration and no need to fill up details of credit or debit card.

Some VPN extensions saved the log from a user but Betternet never saved the log from any user according to them.

Just one click and you are ready to use VPN for free.

Download: Betternet

INinja Proxy

Ininja Proxy is the best free VPN chrome extension and best VPN for chrome.

If you are traveling to a foreign country like China where Facebook is blocked so your VPN can help you to access facebook.

Download: Ininja Proxy

Setup VPN

SetupVPN - Lifetime Free VPN
SetupVPN - Lifetime Free VPN
Developer: SetupVPN
Price: Free
  • SetupVPN - Lifetime Free VPN Screenshot

Setup VPN is a great VPN app for your google chrome browser. This VPN extension is free with no limitations.

100% free VPN servers to connect and no bandwidth and speed limit with this extension.

setup VPN is the best free VPN for chrome users.

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Download: Setup VPN


Hoxx VPN Proxy
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Developer: hoxx.com
Price: Free
  • Hoxx VPN Proxy Screenshot

The easiest way to hide your location and encrypt your connection with the help of HOXX.

Hoxx is free for everyone to hide their IP and access blocked content all around the world.

Download: HOXX


PP VPN is a free Chrome extension for google chrome users.

No further configuration required and no need to registration.this app hide your IP address and show pp vpn IP address.

This vpn app helps you to surf the internet privately and securely.

Download: PP VPN


uVPN also bests free VPN for chrome users.

Never save your log files and no need for registration and no need to fill up credit card details.

Download: uVPN

Browsec VPN

If you want to protect your data from sniffers Browsec VPN is a great extension to do that.

With Browsec VPN you get 1mbps per sec with the free version if you want more speed you can go with a paid version.

You can surf anonymously on the internet with the help of a Browsec VPN.

Now I put some of the popular VPN extension for chrome last in our list of best free VPN for chrome because they have some limitations.

Download: Browsec VPN


If you want to bypass firewalls to browse without any limitations you can use SurfEasy.you get just 500MB per month only.

If you refer SurfEasy to your friend you get 500 MB per month and your friend also gets 350 MB per month.

Download: SurfEasy

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Best Free VPN For Chrome FAQ

What is the best free VPN for Chrome?

If you want free vpn for chrome to try Windscribe that provides 10GB/month for free, Tunnelbear that provides 500MB/Month free.

Does Chrome have built in VPN?

No there is no inbuilt VPN in your chrome browser but you can use vpn extensions to access blocked content.

Does TunnelBear give free data?

Yess TunnelBear provides 500MB/Month for FREE

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