10 BEST Free VPN For Chrome To Access Blocked Content

In today’s world, your data is vulnerable to unwanted or unauthorized access. There are many fakes and scams out there that follow you around and sell your data. Also, there are many companies and websites that might block you to access their site.

The free VPNs are always vulnerable to data leaks, so I have got the best VPNs for Chrome that don’t have a lot of security issues. Hence, you can trust them for your daily use.  

best free vpn for chrome

Many VPNs claim to be the best for Google Chrome. But in reality, finding a good free VPN for Google Chrome is hard, and the wrong choice could be dangerous for you. 

To help you out in this article I have given the detailed list of 10 Best Free VPN for chrome to access blocked content. 

Best Free VPN For Chrome

Having a VPN is essential to access blocked content. Opera Browser has a built-in VPN that’s free to use. But most people, like me, prefer Chrome Browser. Hence, we need a fast and secure VPN for Chrome browser. 

For that, you have the option of using a Chrome extension VPN or software to get the job done. These VPNs let you control them through your browser. Most of them are absolutely free and easy to use. 

Also, If you’re worried about privacy and security, then no worries as these free VPNs are best for security purposes. So, read on to find the 10 best VPNs compatible with Chrome available today. Here we go:

1. Tunnelbear VPN

  • TunnelBear VPN Screenshot

If you want an easy to use and simple Chrome VPN extension then, TunnelBear is perfect for you. 

TunnelBear is a popular VPN provider which is owned by the well-known US-based cybersecurity company McAfee. It has great user reviews and gets a good satisfaction rate from other sources as well. 

The TunnelBear offers both free and paid VPN versions. Both versions come with secure AES-256 encryption. It encrypts your internet connection to keep your online activity private on any network. 

It is very easy to use, just open the TunnelBear app and select a country. Once you’re connected, TunnelBear will work quietly in the background. 

It prevents IP-based tracking and protects your online privacy. The free version of this VPN comes with a data cap limit of 500MB for a month.

This is enough for new users to test out the software, but not enough for anyone looking to browse daily. The download speed of this VPN is impressive; there is not much loss in surfing speed as I noticed in other VPNs. 

One major thing which I noticed is that TunnelBear is not a good VPN for streaming. It does not unblock region-restricted content on Disney+, Netflix, or BBC iPlayer. 

In the end, I would say TunnelBear is a trustworthy VPN that makes a great choice for beginners looking to secure their traffic and hide their IP address but, not preferable, who want VPN for streaming or heavy web usage. 

Features of TunnelBear

  • It protects your online privacy and prevents IP-based tracking.
  • Provides data cap of 500MB of free data per month
  • It can bypass government censorship
  • TunnelBear comes with secure AES-256 encryption
  • It has servers in more than 20 countries.

Free Plan Details

  • Supports only one connected device per user
  • There is no user log policy.
  • It provides a data cap of up to 500 MB.
  • It provides speed up to 52 Mbps.
  • Access to 23 countries.
  • Torrenting is permitted with the free version.
  • You can’t access Netflix and other streaming sites.
  • Only Email & Online Resources support is provided. 
  • No priority customer service. 
There are privacy-friendly logging policies.There are some connection drops
Torrenting is permitted on all VPN serversThere is no live chat feature & slow email support
Very fast local connection speedsIt doesn’t work with Netflix or Disney+
It has a user-friendly interface. Very less monthly data cap that is only 500 MB.
Access to 23 countries.

2. Hide.Me

  • hide.me Proxy Screenshot

Hide.me is a safe VPN with a private logging policy and excellent customer support. It offers reasonably fast speeds and reliable customer support.  

Also, it comes with powerful security including industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. It provides all of the safety features necessary to cover your IP address and protect your data on public networks.

Hide.me keeps a short-lived record of connection data for troubleshooting purposes. It offers good performance with a good download speed on local connections. 

But there’s a speed loss aside from local servers, which implies its speeds do suffer slightly when connecting to a server distant.

If you’re using the free service, you get to attach to a choice of 5 server locations. The premium users get access to over 72 server locations worldwide. 

Whereas, the free VPN service allows you to connect only one device at a time and use a monthly limit of 10 GB data.

Hide.me’s streaming capacity is nearly entirely focused on US streaming. I’d wish to see Hide.me include optimized servers for streaming in other popular locations. The free version of Hide.me also allows P2P activity on three of the five available servers. 

Hide.me’s VPN applications are simple to use and are available with a similarly designed interface to most premium VPNs. It has a good customer network including helpful setup videos and an active online community with 24/7 live chat support.

I am hoping to see improvements to the app’s performance and reliability when it involves user experience. Overall, a good choice as a free VPN for Chrome.

Features of Hide.Me

  • Life-time free VPN, not an attempt
  • P2P supported on all 5 Free locations
  • No registration, no check-in required
  • 10GB data usage per month
  • No speed throttling
  • No ads, no trackers & no logs

Free Plan Details

  • Supports just one connected device per user
  • There is a minimal user log policy.
  • It provides a data cap of 10GB.
  • It provides speed up to 72 Mbps.
  • Access to only 4 countries.
  • Torrenting isn’t permitted with the free as well as on paid version too.
  • You can access US Netflix and other streaming sites.
  • The support is provided as a Live chat.
It is near to zero logsThey have expensive pricing plans
It can work with US NetflixRandom app crashes
There are strong security measuresFaulty kill switch
There are no ads.Unreliable streaming outside the US
It can support IPv6 trafficThe interface can be improved.
Excellent customer support

3. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

kaspersky free vpn

Kaspersky is very popular in the global cybersecurity domain. It is one that comes with plenty of technologies as well as its fair share of the market. 

The user interface is pretty intuitive to use and consistent across all the apps. There is a new standard on & off switch in its center, with a simple country select field. And, it hides everything else behind a menu button in the top-left.

All your data that you send or receive is transferred via an encrypted, secure channel. Also, your location and IP address aren’t revealed. The Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN won’t log your online activities and any records of which websites you visit. 

It has got an excellent and consistent global speed. Also, there is a very minor speed decrease in local connections. 

It provides a data cap of 200 MB per day and 300 MB per day if the application is connected to the My Kaspersky account with the automatic selection of location. 

Besides, it has online resources of technical support rather than live chat. Using Kaspersky VPN for less-restricted platforms like YouTube or Vimeo work great, but we haven’t been able to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer,  or Amazon Prime Video on any of the available servers.

Kaspersky VPN’s fast speeds make it a smart choice for torrenting, and P2P traffic is allowed on all servers, too, which is a must-have. Overall, Kaspersky offers a decent value free VPN to users. 

Features of Kaspersky VPN

  • It Protects you on public Wi-Fi & more.
  • Very minor speed decreases on local connections.
  • Automatic selection of a location in the free version
  • Unlimited number of devices are supported in free version
  • There is a selection of 18 countries for a VPN connection.

Free Plan Details

  • Supports just an unlimited number of devices in the free version.
  • There is some user log policy.
  • It provides a data cap of 200 MB.
  • It provides speed up to 96 Mbps.
  • Access to only 18 countries.
  • Torrenting is permitted with the free as well as on paid version too.
  • You can’t US Netflix and other streaming sites.
It provides strong encryptionThere can be a logging of data.
It has excellent global speedsBased in privacy-unfriendly Russia
Good value for moneyProvides average features
Easy to use software with good UIPoor customer service
Smooth and no connection issues.Very less data cap i.e 200 MB

4. Avira Phantom Free VPN

  • Free Avira Phantom VPN – Unblock Websites Screenshot

The Avira Phantom claims to turn you into an “online phantom,” but is this really possible? Let’s find out. 

The Avira Phantom VPN comes from one of the more famous antivirus companies. It is well known for making a high-quality VPN for its users. It’s a straightforward free VPN that masks your IP address and gives you good levels of online privacy from data theft. 

It uses the AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN protocol. Avira claims that it doesn’t store user logs but in reality, it logs a very minimal amount of anonymous connection metadata whenever you connect to the VPN. 

The free version provides you a monthly data cap of just 500 MB which is very less according to the average usage of a user. I think this VPN is good for test purposes rather than online streaming or net surfing.

Undoubtedly, It is no means the quickest free VPN I’ve seen, but it’s no slowest either. The Avira Phantom’s free users could connect to exactly one location. So, when you open up the Phantom app you’ll be able to connect to the nearest VPN server location. 

The free version is not good for streaming popular sites such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer due to its lack of manual server selection. 

Overall, If you want to use the VPN for testing purposes rather than streaming then you can try this VPN. 

Features of Avira Phantom Free VPN

  • It masks your IP address to avoid tracing.
  • It uses AES-256 encryption and the most secure OpenVPN protocol
  • There is a DNS leak protection and a working kill switch.
  • An auto-connect feature for unsecured wi-fi.
  • Easy to understand user-interface.

Free Plan Details

  • It supports only one device in the free version.
  • There is no user log policy.
  • It provides a data cap of 500 MB per month.
  • It provides speed up to 51 Mbps.
  • Access to only 1 country.
  • Torrenting is not permitted with the free.
  • You can’t US Netflix and other streaming sites
  • There are only online resources for technical help.
Reliable VPN speedsNo manual VPN server choice
No payment info required on signupOnly 500 MB monthly data cap
There is no logging policyIt lacks in features in free version
User-friendly custom appsThere is no live support for free users
There are no adsThere is a room for improvement
Very easy to use VPN

5. ProtonVPN


Let’s begin the list of the best free VPN for Chrome with ProtonVPN. Mostly all VPN providers claim to be best in privacy & security but that’s not the reality.  

Fortunately, ProtonVPN is different though, because the company has a track record in security & privacy. Undoubtedly, it’s users are protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy and data protection laws.

It provides private and secure internet access to all. Also, it follows a strict no-logs policy for its users. Even, it doesn’t collect your true IP address or physical location. 

The Proton VPN Free is pretty fast for a free VPN, and there are no data caps to slow you down either. However, I have experienced slower speeds during peak times of usage. It is a good choice for bypassing the sites to access blocked content. 

This free VPN comes with three server locations which are Japan, the US, and the Netherlands. Also, it doesn’t work with US Netflix or for torrenting. But it is a top choice for those who need high levels of privacy without spending a penny on it. 

However, you will notice a decrease in surfing speed when connected to this VPN. Also, the speed is quite sufficient for smooth surfing. Overall, in my opinion, it is one of the best free VPNs out there for the Chrome browser.

Features of ProtonVPN 

  • There is a strict no-logs policy.
  • To defend against network-based attacks a secure core is provided.
  • They use only secure VPN protocols which are IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN.
  • They use strong encryption for network traffic.
  • It has a DNS leak prevention. 
  • All ProtonVPN servers have at minimum 1 Gbps bandwidth

Free Plan Details 

  • There is no user log policy.
  • It provides an unlimited data cap.
  • Email & Online Resources support is provided.
  • It provides speed up to 60Mbps.
  • Access to 3 countries.
  • Torrenting is restricted with the free version.
  • You cannot access US Netflix.
It has unlimited bandwidth with no VPN data capThere are only three VPN server locations in the free plan.
The VPN kill switch & no IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks.Torrenting is not permitted on any servers.
It provides great short-distance speeds of 60MbpsIt doesn’t work with Netflix or BBC iPlayer unless you get a paid version.
There is no user logging policyFree plan with unlimited bandwidth
User-friendly VPN apps including open-source & audited.There is a performance issue in some locations.
Free plan with unlimited bandwidthUser-friendly VPN apps including open-source & audited.
Sometimes it takes more time to connect.

6. Speedify VPN


Last but not least, I am here with a VPN known as Speedify. It comes with a lot of features. 

Let’s start from the interface, it uses the universal app approach that means it uses the same interface whether you’re on a PC or smartphone. That kind of consistency makes it easier to understand and use. 

To improve reliability, there is a redundant mode that sends all your Internet traffic across both connections. If you have to stream videos whether for gaming or content purposes then, I would recommend this VPN. 

As Speedify’s Streaming Mode prioritizes streams over other network traffic so that you stream smoothly without buffering. It goes perfect for streaming video, video conferencing, and gaming.

It offers both free and paid VPN versions. There are various paid plans according to the number of users. All of them come with secure AES-256 encryption. To keep your online activity private on any network it precisely encrypts your internet connection. 

Speedify also claims that they use techniques to fix corrupted and lost packets before they slow you down. 

In the free version, no account is needed and it will provide you the data cap of 2 GB for a month. I think that’s quite less for daily users. However, despite that, you will get all the same features as the paid ones. 

Overall, a nice free VPN and you can go for this VPN if you don’t mind the data cap limit.

Features of Speedify

  • It comes with secure AES-256 encryption.
  • There is a streaming and redundant Mode.
  • Packet Loss & Error Correction to maintain speed.
  • They don’t share user logs.
  • It can hide your IP from ISP and hackers.

Free Plan Details

  • It provided 2 GB Monthly Data
  • You can use VPN on 1 Device
  • It provides Secure Encryption
  • There is a channel bonding feature for traffic distribution.
  • Streaming Mode & Redundant mode available
  • Packet Loss & Error Correction is there.
  • You can select from various servers Worldwide
  • Streaming and access to US Netflix are available. 
There are lots of features in the free planWindows user interface is built for mobile.
Super secure VPNIt provides poor content unblocking
You can access US Netflix.There are less number of servers
You can view your statisticsVery few settings and controls.
There is a dual-pane mode.There is room for improvement.
Channel bonding can boost speed

7. Windscribe VPN

  • Windscribe - Free Proxy and Ad Blocker Screenshot

Now, Let’s move on to Windscribe. The Windscribe masks your IP address. Windscribe’s free VPN has a lot of features that make it worthy of being on this list. 

This VPN gives you private and unrestricted access to news sites, entertainment, and blocked content in over 60 different countries in the premium version. 

It never monitors your activity and doesn’t personally identify you based on timestamp and IP. The Windscribe will never track you as it encrypts your activity and never leaks your DNS information. The privacy policy is very clear and secure, offering great peace of mind for your data safety.

It allows a data cap of 10GB every month. I think that’s not enough for the whole month. With a free account, you can connect to servers in ten countries. Also, A free subscription gives you access to servers that support P2P file sharing. 

Adding to that advanced security tool, one of them is R.O.B.E.R.T which is a fully customizable domain, and IP blocking tool. The R.O.B.E.R.T. allows you to block specific lists of threats on the Chrome browser. 

Remember, with the free version, your R.O.B.E.R.T. access will be a bit limited to malware blocking and three custom rules. 

I have noticed that using the Windscribe VPN will result in a noticeable speed drop. However, It performs well enough for most users. 

Overall, I would say Windscribe isn’t the fastest VPN but is one of the best among free VPNs. I would really recommend it.

Features of Windscribe VPN

  • It provides 10GB of free data cap per month.
  • Premium security measures at no cost, including no user data logs
  • The free version offers servers in 10 countries
  • Keeps track of cookies that are set, and then deletes them on tab close.
  • There is a clear privacy policy.
  • It can block ads and trackers that follow you across the web

Free Plan Details

  • Only Email & Online Resources support is provided rather than a human live chat.
  • There is no user log policy.
  • It provides data cap up to 10 Gb
  • It provides speed up to 54 Mbps.
  • Access to 10 countries.
  • Torrenting is permitted with the free version.
  • You can easily access US Netflix.
It can automatically pick the best location for you.The kill switch disconnects you from the internet to avoid exposure of your online activity.
It provides safe & secure with no user weblogsIt has slower long-distance speeds
The P2P & torrenting permitted on most serversThere are no human live chat
Instant setup on as a chrome extension.It could be faster. 
Unlimited simultaneous connections.

8. Zenmate VPN

  • ZenMate Free VPN–Best VPN for Chrome Screenshot

Zenmate is one of the most popular VPN in the market. But, is its popularity justified? Let us find out its in-depth analysis. 

ZenMate is also free and unlimited that prevents users from trackers, ads, and analytics. The Zenmate provides the pro-privacy to its users by not collecting user-logs and timestamps. 

Talking about the speed, ZenMate offers very fast speeds on local connections. However, other than local servers there is little speed drop which is fine. But, from the Zenmate community, I got to know that ping drops are high. So, if you’re a gamer you would definitely suffer while playing. 

The best thing I like about this VPN is that it comes with an option to view its servers for streaming. Beyond offering the dedicated streaming servers for geo-restricted content, Zenmate also has dedicated servers for BBC .iPlayer and Netflix

Also, ZenMate has a VPN kill switch feature that stops your real IP address from being leaked by blocking all web traffic. In the free version, the VPN has no data cap for its users, therefore, you can surf and use the VPN as long you want. 

It can automatically change the location with the Smart Location feature, depending on the website you’re visiting, based on your preferences. 

Overall, a very good option among the free VPNs but remember, your features would be very limited in the free version. 

Features of Zenmate VPN

  • Powerful, user-friendly with plenty of servers
  • It allows streaming on various sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • It is usable on up to 5 devices
  • It has Multiple protocols & encryption options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • There is no data cap with free versions.

Free Plan Details

  • Sign Up is required after successful download
  • It provides speed up to 51 Mbps.
  • Access to 4 server locations.
  • Torrenting is not permitted with the free.
  • You can’t US Netflix and other streaming sites
  • It provides 24/7 customer support
  • There is no data cap to its users
  • There is no user log policy.
It provides quick speed VPNThe UI is too basic.
There are no issues in connectionCustomer support lacks live chat.
In premium, Torrenting and P2P is permitted on all serversInconsistent speeds across the non-local servers
Easy to set-up on most popular platformsThere is no kill switch feature in the free version.
Connect securely to 4 servers in free versionMore features can be added to the free version.
Budget price to choose premium

9. Hotspot Shield

  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy - Unlimited VPN Screenshot

In this list of best free VPN, I have another VPN known as Hotspot Shield. This VPN is very famous with a large user base. This VPN is developed and operated by Pango. 

Hotspot Shield is a fast and user-friendly VPN that can easily hide your IP address and access blocked content by establishing an encrypted VPN connection with one of its supported public VPN servers. 

I have noticed that there are lots of features in the paid version whereas very few in the free version. The free version of Hotspot Shield comes with a data limit of 500MB per day and access to only one location(US). 

When you upgrade to the elite version, It will give you unlimited bandwidth and access to servers in 82 countries. 

Talking about security, The Hotspot Shield’s VPN is safe in terms of encryption strength and security. The free and premium versions use secure AES-128 encryption and leak protection to secure you from data theft. 

It is compatible with platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. There is only SD streaming in the free version with no torrenting & access to US Netflix. 

In the end, I would say it is one of the best VPN as you will get a decent data cap and security features.

Features of Hotspot Shield

  • You only have access to a single server with Hotspot Shield Free.
  • It uses secure AES-128 encryption and leak protection to secure you.
  • With the free version, you’re limited to 500 MB of the data cap.
  • Its network consists of 3,200 servers covering 82 countries around the world.
  • Dedicated team for live support.

Free Plan details

  • There is only a US server. 
  • There are inbuilt ads. 
  • You will get 500MB per day with a speed limit of 2 Mbps 
  • Slower than usual speeds
  • Premium Payment Wall will be displayed when you stream video content
  • No dedicated support for free users except online resources.
  • Torrenting and streaming are not allowed.
  • You can only see videos in SD quality
Impressive download speedsFree version shares information with advertisers. 
Apps are free of IP, WebRTC & DNS leaksNo identity theft protection in free version
The user interface is quite goodVery fewer features in free version
Good-sized VPN server network in 82 countriesUser-friendly VPN apps for popular devicesDisconnection problem due to only one server in free versionNo customer support for free users
There is budget friendly elite version

10. BetterNet Free VPN

The next one in our list of best free VPN for chrome is BetterNet VPN. Betternet offers a devoted browser extension for Google Chrome that’s easy to navigate. 

According to the Betternet website, millions of users use it. But, I never take the number as a sign of quality or security. Betternet’s custom VPN apps for desktop and mobile devices are very easy to put in and use.

With Betternet, you get 500MB of free data that resets daily, which is enough for about eight hours of browsing the net or checking your social media. It’s not enough data for streaming.

Betternet is a free VPN service that suffers from unreliable speeds, DNS leaks, and an absence of basic features like a VPN kill switch. 

It limits you to only one free US virtual location, so it can unblock some websites available within the US but nothing else. If you reside far away from the US, you would possibly see issues with your connection speed

Betternet adds a layer of security with perfect forward secrecy. This ensures your encryption key changes regularly to avoid data thefts. Betternet logs quite a lot of data about its users like Originating IP address, Your approximate geographical location, and ISP, VPN connection timestamps

Overall, I would say you must only choose this VPN if your usage is low and just need a quick solution.

Features of BetterNet VPN

  • It provides 500MB of free data cap a day
  • There is a perfect forward secrecy
  • Only the US is available for country selection..
  • It is easy to use VPN
  • Works with YouTube, Kodi, etc.
  • It encrypts your internet connection to browse safely.

Free Plan Details

  • Supports only one connected device per user
  • There is a user log policy.
  • It provides a data cap of 500 MB per day.
  • It provides speed up to 7 Mbps.
  • Access to only one country i.e US. 
  • Torrenting is permitted with the free version.
  • You can access Netflix and other streaming sites.
  • The support is provided as only online Resources
No need to register before usingNo customer support for free users
It is very easy to use this VPN.Only one VPN server location i.e US
It gets connected easilyUnreliable speeds which are 7 MBPS
Torrenting is permittedUnreliable for streaming
There is perfect forward secrecy for extra security.Lacks basic security features like a VPN kill switch

It logs some user data
There are ads.

Best Free VPN For Chrome FAQ

Which is the best free VPN for Chrome?

There are many best free VPNs for Chrome which you can use. In my opinion, some of the best ones are :
TunnelBear: It prevents IP-based tracking and protects your online privacy.
ProtonVPN: It provides an unlimited data cap with no user log policy.
Hotspot Shield: Easiest and Most Reliable content Unblocking.
Windscribe: It provides a good choice of Server Locations
Speedify: It comes with a lot of features. 

Is free VPN extension  safe?

Truly speaking most of the VPN extensions are not safe and breach user’s data. There are many VPNs which are involved in exploiting users and leaking their private information. 
But, no worries there are still some of the VPN extensions that provide you the maximum security. These are the VPNs : Hotspot Shield, TunnelBear VPN, Avira Phantom VPN and Hide.Me FreeVPN.

What is the safest free VPN for chrome?

There are many safest VPNs for Chrome which you can use. In my opinion, some of the safest ones are :
Zenmate VPN : No user logs policy & masks user IP.
TunnelBear : It prevents IP-based tracking and protects your online privacy.
ProtonVPN : It provides an unlimited data cap with no user log policy.
HotSpot Shield : Easiest and Most Reliable content Unblocking.
Windscribe : It provides a good choice of Server Locations
Speedify : It comes with a lot of features. 

Does Chrome have a built-in VPN?

No, Chrome doesn’t have any built-in VPN. But, you can install Chrome extensions or software for it. I have provided the best and safest VPN in this article.

If you are looking for better PAID VPN solution then you can go with NordVPN or ExpressVPN.


In this article, I have listed the Best Free VPNs for Chrome that you can use to access blocked content. All of them are best, It depends on your data usage and purpose of using a VPN. 

Some of them allow torrenting and streaming while some of them don’t. Not only for accessing blocked content but, they also protect your data from unauthorized access. Hence, VPNs are useful for data protection too.

Overall, I would say, all the Free VPNs in the list are worth your time and are one of the perfect choices among the free VPNs.

I hope you like this article. Share this article with your friends and in case of any queries or doubts feel free to comment below.

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