6 Best Free Video Editor For Android Phone To Edit Videos

A video editor for Android phones can come in handy when you have to edit video on an urgent basis and don’t have your system with you. With the efficiency to edit the videos on the go, the best free video editor for Android phones can be beneficial. 

Best Free Video Editor For Android Phone

Best Free Video Editor For Android Phone

In this article, I will be listing the six best free video editor for Android Phone to edit videos without any watermark. 

Video Editor And Video Maker- Inshot

Video editor and video maker by Inshot can be a very useful editor that can meet your basic needs of video editing. If you are looking for the best video editor to meet your requirement of basic video editing on the go, you can go for this one.

With basic video editing features like splitting video, trimming video, cutting, merging your video, cropping the aspect ratio, rotating the video, you can edit your videos from your phone like a pro. 

Not only this much but when you merge video, you can add the transition to it as well to make your video look good. The features of the video editor not only ends here, but you can also add custom text to the video you have edited with stickers and custom animation. Moreover, it allows you to add overlaying images to the video. 

Apart from being a video editor, you can go on with editing your images using this app. Using this video editor and video maker app by Inshot, you need not have a dedicated photo editing app to get your photo the final touch. You get the feature to zoom in and zoom out to change the size based on the platform on which you will be uploading the video.

Moreover, you can edit the aspect ratio of the video you have edited. Also, you can set the custom resolution of the video when you are editing your video. You will get the option to add music to the video, which can be imported from the library of the app or the file manager.

There’s no watermark in the final edited video, but when you are exporting an edited video, you will have to watch a 30-second ad to get the video exported. If you do not watch the ad, then you will see a watermark on the final image.


  • Trim and cut video
  • Merge multiple video tracks
  • Allow cropping of videos
  • Add music track to your video
Support Hd video editingYou will have to watch ad to export video
Add music to your video
Crop your video

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor
Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot
  • Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor Screenshot

Next on the list is Adobe Premiere Rush, which is also one of the best free video editors for android phones. I prefer using this because it gives you most of the features of a video editor, that too, without having a watermark in the final video. 

The only thing that you should note is that the app is not supported on a low-end phone. Only if you have a high-end phone, then only you will be able to use it. This app makes video editing a lot easier and quicker. 

The app is not heavy on your device, and it does not take much time to render a video. Adobe premiere rush allows you to trim video to your desired length, merge your videos, and add a custom soundtrack. 

When creating and editing a video, the sound does play a significant role in determining the quality of your video. With this video editor, you can add custom soundtracks to enhance the sound quality of your video. 

Adobe premiere rush offers multiple timeline editing using which you can easily add effects to your video, without losing track of your main video progress. Also, there’s a picture in picture mode to help you have a watch over the video you are editing. 

Premium access is required for the app to unlock some more features. Adobe premiere rush allows you to edit videos across multiple platforms, which means you can complete your leftover editing on your PC from your phone. But this feature is only available to premium members.

Syncing to the cloud, make all the videos available at your fingertips. You can always sync your raw files and edited videos to the cloud and access them no matter where you are. 


  • Features offered while editing
  • Motion graphic template
  • Add sound effects
  • Edit videos using multi-track timeline
  • Added features with the premium version
  • Cloud syncing available
Cloud syncing featureOnly works on high end devices
Multi-timeline editing 
Customized motion graphic template


Developer: SNOW, Inc.
Price: Free
  • VITA Screenshot
  • VITA Screenshot
  • VITA Screenshot
  • VITA Screenshot
  • VITA Screenshot
  • VITA Screenshot

This is the best app to use if you are looking for a video editor to edit videos like professionals. Vita does provide users with all the features of a basic video editor. 

It provides basic features, but there’s a lot more you can do with the video to get pro like video effects. The feature that I liked on this one was the video template. You can select from hundreds of video templates to give your video a final shape. 

Video templates can come in handy when you do not have much knowledge about video editing or have just started. You can add effects and text to the video. The text you add will not be plain, but you can add more to them. The text you add is customizable, with which you will be able to add animation, outline, colors, and design to your text. 

You can edit and create HD videos with this editor, and your device will not lag at all. This video editor allows you to add custom music, which you can select from your file manager. You can download stickers that you can add to your video as well.  

Moreover, with the ability to adjust playback speed and volume, create dynamic videos. Vita allows you to adjust the playback speed of your custom clips and the clip’s volume to add dynamic effects to your video. 

Moreover, you will not see any watermark on the video that has been edited. With most video editors, the issue is that they add watermark to the image, but with this one, the same won’t be an issue at all. 

It is to be noted that you will need to have a stable internet connection to get started with editing. Using effects require you to have internet, some will be available offline else you can download them. Also, custom templates are available to help edit your video.


  • Edit full HD videos
  • Select music to be added to your video
  • Create a video using the template
  • The app allows you to adjust the playback speed
FHD video editing availableTakes time while exporting video
Video templates to add effects to your video
Easy to use interface


If you are looking to go for a video editor that can render the videos for your Youtube channel, then Vlogit is what you should prefer. Being one of the best free video editors for Android phones, Vlogit allows video editing without any interruption. 

With Vlogit you can create amazing intros and outros for your videos and the thumbnail for your Youtube. Well, this is one of the best features which I liked about this one. Having Vlogit installed on your mobile phone, you need not have any photo editor to make a thumbnail, Vlogit does it all. 

As Vlogit is a free video editor, it does not add any time limit to the video you are editing. Also, Vlogit does allow you to export video in FHD resolution that, too, without any loss in the quality of the video you are editing. You can shoot videos from within the app and can also import any video already present on your phone. 

Moreover, you can also click images using the app, which can later be used as a thumbnail for the youtube channel. What else features does this video editor offer its users? Well, there’s a lot more this video editor offers to its users. With variation in speed control options, you can adjust the playback speed to give your videos a pro-like dynamic effect. 

This video editor allows you to edit in pip mode through which you can preview and edit the video in real-time. With reverse mode, you can reverse the video clip. Whereas hovering over to the app’s filter mode, you can change the colors of your video. From within the option, you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the video. 

Additional features allow users to take screenshots, crop the video, rotate, volume control, and Ken burn tools. 

You need to make sure that you have a sign in to the app using your Facebook and Google account to benefit from some of its basic features. If you do not log in to the app, then some features might not work for you, such as you will not be able to export HD videos, and you might see a watermark as well.


  • Add customizable intros to your videos
  • Allow you to design your custom thumbnails
  • Import photos from your social media profile
  • Add stickers to your video
  • Custom music and sound effects can be added to the video
Intros and outros for videosIssue with exporting videos of high resolution
Create your own custom thumbnailsCan show issue of delayed audio
Add sound effectsCannot export videos in HD without login

Youcut-Video Editor And Video Maker

With Youcut, you can not only edit videos but also make a stunning presentation using the app. The app is designed while keeping in mind the basic usage of this phone. Even if you are a novice and learning to edit, you won’t be facing any problem while using the app. The interface of the app is easy to use, which makes it suitable for beginners as well. 

Video trimming made easy with this app. You can cut, trim, and slice video at an instance using this app. Adjust the speed of the video with which you can slow up the speed and make it fast. You can use features such as merging multiple videos and adding a custom photo to the editing video.

 Moreover, you can add music to the video from the Youcut library or can import your custom music too. Adding a glitch effect is fun, and Youcut allows you to do so. Adjust the color contrast of your video to adjust it according to your scenario. 

With the app, you can adjust and crop the video to change the default aspect ratio of the video you are editing. There is an option to flip video to up and down or right and left, and from within the app, you can share the video to whatever platform you like. 


  • Allow you to make a slideshow
  • Split, cut and trim video
  • Does the task of a basic video editor
  • Add music to your video
  • Control the speed of the video
Adjust playback speedTakes time to render video
Trim video
Easy to use interface


If you are looking for a video editor to be compatible with even the low-end phones, I recommend you to go for this one. Make and edit videos with ease using this app. ActionDirector allows you to edit videos just after you have recorded the video. 

Add regular customizable effects to the video you have edited. You can edit videos by adding your music by selecting it from the library of your music album. Trimming and cutting the video clips allow you to focus only on the video shots that you want to in your video. 

Adding text to the video is another feature that can come useful when editing videos. The feature is not limited to adding text, but you can also add animation to the text, such as adding the borderline and shadows with some 3d effects. 

Moreover, you can also edit your videos like that of an action movie. You can mix the music you are adding to your video and rewind it by highlighting the video. 

The features of this editor not only end here; there are dozens of transition effects to choose from when editing the video. Transition effects help manage the gap between your video.

When adding the transition, you can set the time limit from default to your own set time.

You will have to watch an ad to export the video without having any watermark.


  • Add custom effects to your video
  • Ability to trim video with ease
  • Add text and titles on the video
  • Add animated video stickers
  • Share videos with your friends
Animated stickers availableEncounters bug while adding sound effect
Option to share videos
Add custom titles to the video


Which is the best free video editing app for Android?

All the apps mentioned above are good for video editing if you are using an Android phone. Moreover, being a free video editor, they come in very handy while you edit videos. Also, they won’t be having any watermark for the edited videos.

Which free app is the best for video editing?

If you are looking for the best app for video editing, then I would personally recommend you to go for Video editor and video maker by Inshot or Vita. 

How can I edit videos for free on Android phones?

In some phones, there is an option to edit the videos using the default video player. If your phone does not have that option, you can use a dedicated video editing app on your Android phone. 

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