13 The Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows 10 (2019)

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want to make better and awesome videos fast and free? check out this top 13 best free video editing software for windows in 2019 to edit your videos now!

Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows

Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows

are you searching for free software to edit your videos? then you are at the right place I just tested and made a list of 13 completely free video editing softwares.

1. Blender

If you are searching for free editing softwares for windows I think you need to give try to blender.

Blender is an open source video editor and 3d computer graphics software but you can also edit your videos.

Blender includes features like live preview, audio mixing, keyframes, transitions, and you can add up to 32 slots for adding video, audio, images, mask, effects and more.

Blender needs at least 2GB RAM,1280×768 display and graphics with 512MB RAM and you can use blender in windows vista, windows 10, Windows 8 etc.

Blender gives you very limited video editing options and very limited resources are available to learn video editing with blender but if you want you can check out this amazing ultimate blender tutorial.

Download: Blender

2. HitFilm Express

Best professional video editing software for windows is HitFilm Express.

Hitfilm Express gives you features like Unlimited tracks, Audio Hard Limiter, Audio Mixer,3D Video support, keying, green screen and more.

This software needs windows 10 64 bit or windows 8 64 bit and with minimum 4GB RAM, 2GB Graphics card.

This video creation software gives you the power to make something cool and awesome but hitfilm is an advanced video editing tool but you can easily learn hitfilm even if you are beginner using this video training.

Download: HitFilm Express

3. Shotcut

One of the best open source video editor is Shotcut. Shotcut is open source so no need to pay.

Shotcut support 4K Video preview and features of shotcut like 3 point editing, drag and drop files, keyframes, powerful audio editor, reverse a clip and more.

Shotcut software needs windows 7 or Windows 10 with at least 4 GB RAM.

Best free video editing software for windows 10 with no watermark.

I think you need to watch this basic tutorial for shotcut video editing software.

Download: Shotcut

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4. Lightworks

Best video editing software for windows 10 for free is Lightworks.

Lightworks supports a wide range of video formats and this software having easy to use and simple interface.

Lightworks works on windows 10,8 or 7 with minimum 3GB RAM,1GB graphics card.

Lightworks change 4k footage with low-resolution proxy so you can edit your videos without facing any lag.

Check out this beginner guide on Lightworks.

Download: Lightworks

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5. Openshot

Openshot is free movie editor with a simple interface and advanced features.

Features of Openshot includes unlimited tracks, audio mixing, and editing, video transition with real-time preview, drag and drop support, speed control and more.

Openshot works on windows 10 ( 64 bit) or Windows 8 (64 bit) with 4GB RAM and 500MB minimum space required in your disk.

You can learn more about Openshot here:

Download: Openshot

6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is another great featured best free video editing software for windows.

Features of Davinci Resolve includes advanced color correction,multicam editing, speed effects, timeline cure editor and more.

This is most advance software and davinci is used to make hollywood and bollywood movies too.

Davinci Resolve needs 16GB RAM, 4GB graphics card and works on windows 10 or windows 8.

If you need to learn the basics of Davinci Resolve you need to check out this video :

Download: Davinci Resolve

Brave Browser

7. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is free windows 10 video editing software.

VSDC comes with very powerful features like color correction, audio editing and more.VSDC needs 20MB free space and 128MB RAM to run this software.

Check out VSDC Free Video Editor beginners tutorial here:

Download: VSDC Free Video Editor

8. VideoPad Video Editor

Top free video editing software for pc if you are going to use it for personal use.

VideoPad gives you more than 50 visual and transition effects to give your videos professional look.you can also edit your 360-degree videos in this video editing software too.

VideoPad works on 64-bit operation system like Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7.

Learn more about VideoPad :

Download: VideoPad Video Editor

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9. FlashBack Express Recorder

FlashBack Express Recorder as the name suggests this one is video recording software but not just video recording software, you can edit your videos in this software too.

If you are looking for a Best free video editor for windows with video recorder you can use Flashback Express Recorder.

Additionally, you can record your face using your webcam too and edit in FlashBack Express.

Learn more about this software :

Download: Flashback Express Recorder

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is another best free video editing software for windows 10.

This is online video editor just open a new project and then add media files to start the editing process very easy to learn and it’s free.

Learn more about clipchamp :

Download: Clipchamp

11. TopWin Windows Movie Maker

If you want to turn your photos into videos or you want to edit your videos you can easily do with TopWin Windows Movie Maker.

You can add effects, transitions, filters and more in your videos with this free software. Works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and on windows 10 too.

Learn more about TopWin windows movie maker:

Download: TopWin windows movie maker

12. Avidemux

If you are a beginner to video editing this one is Best free video editing software for windows.

Avidemux comes with very simple and easy to use interface.you can perform basic video editing tasks like cutting footage, merging two footages and more.

Beginners guide for Avidemux :

Download: Avidemux

13. Machete Video Editor Lite

If you are looking for free video editing software for windows 10 no watermark you can try Machete Video Editor Lite.

The main disadvantage of this software is we cannot edit audio in Machete Video Editor Lite but you can still edit your videos very easily and fast in this.

Learn more about Machete Video Editor Lite:

Download: Machete Video Editor Lite

Conclusion :

Watch videos before downloading any video editing software because it helps you to learn more about that particular video editing software.

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