24 BEST Free Software For Windows 10 That Cost You Nothing

best free software most of the windows users like me need some freeware software to save our money. Sometimes freeware software is very powerful and featured as compared to so costly paid software.

BEST Free Software For Windows 10

Best Free Software For Windows 10

So here is a list of the top and best free software for pc.

Brave Browser

Brave Home Screen

Most of the people using google chrome but you noticed google chrome consume too much ram in your pc.

Also if you are serious about your privacy and protection you need to use Brave Browser because this browser always provides you https version of any sites if https available on that site and you can also block script to automatically load when you open any webpage.

Best features of that browser you can block third-party cookies.

If you noticed you can not block ads on google chrome without any extension but in the brave browser, you can easily block ads and this browser is three times faster than google chrome.



Grammarly is the best grammar checker software as well as an extension to minimize your grammar mistakes which typing.

This software automatically gives suggestion for your typing error and also correct automatically for you, you just need to click on that correct text.

You can also install their extension on your browser and use it to increase your productivity and save your ton of time.

In our list of best free software, Grammarly is a must-have software for every user.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Pro 5

Glary Utilities is the best software in the list of best free software for your pc to make your pc faster.

This software helps you to fix your pc errors, crashes, and freezes.

The free version gives you 20 tools to maximize your PC’s performance.

Download: Glary Utilities



In today’s world, we have multiple social media accounts, finance-related accounts, and other online accounts so it becomes extremely important to have a stronger enough password which cannot easily hackable or crackable.

We all are human beings so we can’t remember a strong password like this djhlJ^@jdsgh2dgs2DgqA.

No one can easily guess this type of password or crack them so LastPass can create this type of passwords and also remember for you.

When you need to login on that site LastPass will automatically input your email address and password for you.

You just need to remember one master password and the rest of the done by LastPass.

Download: LastPass



CCleaner is the best free software for Windows users to clean unnecessary files like junk files, temporary files from your windows.

This software also helps to speed up your PC’s performance.

You can also uninstall software quickly from CCleaner and also you can manage the extension of your browsers like chrome, firefox, opera using CCleaner.

When we start our windows some software automatically starts so you can disable startup apps or software from the cleaner.

Download: CCleaner

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is an awesome free alternative for the Microsoft office suite. This one is the best free available office software to view, edit or create docs file, ppt file, Xls files.

WPS also supports pdf so no need for pdf manager software also.

If you want you can write a document, presentation, and spreadsheet and customize them professionally.

Download Brave Browser

Download: WPS Office



Some times we accentuate delete our important date in such a case it is very hard to recover data using free tools but Recuva one of the best free data recovery software which can recover your data in the original form.

You can also perform a deep scan to recover almost all of your data.

If you want only music files to recover you can do that and if you want only photos to recover you can also do that means you can also decide which data you want to recover.

Download: Recuva



Bitdefender is one of the software in the list of best free software.

I already tried so many free antivirus software like avast,avg, Kaspersky, etc but I found Bitdefender is the only one that gives me a lot of security for free and also Bitdefender consumes less ram and resources on your windows.

Bitdefender also gives you online protection and offline protection as well.

This software automatically updates if any update available so just install it and you are secure in today’s online world.

Download: Bitdefender

Free Download Manager

Free download manager

Free download manager helps you to download and manage your all downloaded files in one single place.

You can stop particular downloads or limit any download using their three types of limit mode.

There are a lot of features that’s why I suggest you replace your browser downloading method with this free download manager.

Download: Free Download Manager



Anydesk allows you to send files from one device to another device and you can also mirror your screen from one device to another device.

This software is completely free for personal use so don’t worry about pricing.


Audacity | Best Free Softwares

Audacity is a great piece of software for audio editing and mixing. It’s completely free and open source.

I personally love audacity because you can remove background noise from your audio very easily and also if you want you can give some bass and treble to your audio with this free software.

Audacity gives you a number of features and tools which you can use which audio mixing and editing and you can also download additional plugins from Google to increase features of your audacity software.

Download Driver Booster For FREE

Download: Audacity


7-Zip | Best Free Softwares

7-zip is a great freeware software and also the best alternative for WinRAR zip manager.

This Zip software provides a better compression ratio as compare to WinZip or Pkzip because 7-zip uses LZMA and LZMA2 compression.

Most of the compression software has an outdated file manager but 7-zip comes with a powerful file manager and a powerful command-line version.

Download: 7-Zip


VLC Media Player

VLC is free and an open-source video player software. VLC supports a wide range of video formats like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, etc.

You can also play videos from webcams, streams, disc.VLC looks a bit outdated but you can also customize a skin with vlc skin editor.you can also download subtitles for your favorites movies and vlc has great synchronization with your clip and subtitles.

Did you know you can use vlc as video to mp3 converter and you can also use VLC media player as a screen recorder.

Download: VLC Media Player

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Blender | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

Blender is open-source and freeware software for multi-purpose like VFX, Modelling, Video Editing, Simulation, Game Creation and more.

You can also make short films using blender open-source software.

I personally feel blender is a bit hard to learn but if you learn it properly you gonna rock in today’s world because you have knowledge about one software which can do a lot of things as I mention above so I recommend you to learn about the blender.

Download: Blender


GIMP | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

Gimp is GNP Image Manipulation Software which is completely freeware and open source and best alternative for photoshop.

You can create or make awesome graphics, thumbnails, channel art for free in gimp.

Download Advanced SystemCare For FREE

You can also add plugins to your GIMP Image editor just google best gimp plugins and you found lots of plugins that you can use to improve your gimp software’s features.

In this list of best free software, gimp is a very useful software for YouTubers like me to make a thumbnail for youtube videos.

Download: Gimp


InkSpace | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

Inkscape is the best free vector graphics software for windows.

This one is a powerful and free graphic design tool which gives you flexible drawing tools, powerful text editor tool and more.

If you are a designer inkspace is for you.

Download: Inkscape


AegiSub | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

Aegisub is the most advanced and free subtitle editor software for windows.

The best and easiest way to add subtitles according to your voice in your video is using Aegisub subtitle editor.

You can also create karaoke type videos using aegisub free software.

Download: Aegisub


HandBrake | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

Handbrake is the best free video converter software for windows 10.

You can convert your video from one format to another without losing video quality.

This is a useful software to compress your video size and save some space on your hard drive.

Download: Handbrake

Olive Video Editor

Olive video editor is also a FREE and open-source video editor for windows.

I also use an olive video editor to edit my youtube videos and I found this video editor is fast and less leggy as compared to so-called paid video editings software like adobe premiere pro and DaVinci Resolve.

This video editor is currently in development mode so you will found some bugs or issues but trust me this video editor is great to edit your videos.

Download: Olive Video Editor

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MusicBee | Best Free Softwares ,Freeware Softwares

If you don’t like the look and feel of windows media player or groove music you can try Musicbee free music player for windows.

Fast, simple and free music player and you can also try beautiful skins and themes in your music Musicbee player.

Musicbee only consumes around 20 to 70 MB RAM which is very low so this player is very lightweight also.

Download: MusicBee

Flashback Express

FlashBack Express

If you are are searching for the best free screen recording software for windows you need to try Flashback Express.

The free version of Flashback Express gives you lots of features.

Download Filmora SCRN For FREE

You can also save your recording and whenever you want you can export your recording in video form which consumes fewer resources of your windows.

Flashback Express gives you awesome video and audio quality recording which most of the paid screen recorders can’t give you according to me.

In our list of best free software, I added flashback express because it comes with a very good quality screen recording.

Download: Flashback Express

Photo Scape

Photo Scape is the best free image editor for windows.

I know I already mention gimp as best photo editing software but if you want to quickly edit your photos you can try photoscape.

Suppose on some website you need to upload your passport size photo and signature in such a case you can quickly customize your photo according to size mention on that site using photoscape which is very useful.

Download: PhotoScape


Lightshot is amazing screenshot capture tool that you can use on your windows pc.


You can also customize your screenshot according to your requirements and you can also upload that screenshot on the light shot server and generate a link that you can use to send it to your friend.


Picasa | Best Free Softwares, Freeware Softwares

If you don’t like the default photo viewer you can try Picasa. I added this in a list of best free software because it gives a very amazing photo viewing experience.

I personally like Picasa which gives you a smooth and awesome experience which viewing your photos and also you can create collages, short video from your photos.

If you want you can retouch photos using Picasa free photo viewer.

Download: Picasa

Best Free Software FAQ

What software you need on your computer?

You need 7-zip to zip and unzip files, Brave browser as your internet browser, Glary utilities to speed up your computer, VLC media player to play videos and Eagleget to speed up and manage your download.

What is the most important software program?

According to my knowledge and experience antivirus software, internet browser, and video player is the most important software program.

Download Iobit Uninstaller For FREE


In today’s world the number of free software available as an alternative to paid software so if you don’t have to want to invest your money in paid software you can try this best free software for your windows.

I personally use all of this freeware software and you can too.

If you like this article please share with your friends and let them know about this awesome free software.

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