22 Best Free Software for Windows 10 To Unlock Super Power

If you are Windows 10 user and if you are not able to afford some of the premium and paid software to meet the quality of the content then surely this post is for you.

Further, in this post, I will be mentioning and describing Best Free Software For Windows 10 that will surely help you out to minimize the expense and at the same time, you can expect the functionalities to be perfect for a professional which is even better. So, let’s begin!



1. Free Download Manager

Free download manager

There are times when you wish to download files which are quite large in size and also at times your downloaded files get interrupted which annoys and eventually results in wastage of data especially when you are on a limited data connection it gets quite irritating.

Especially, these days downloading a particular file is very difficult because of some legal norms but let me tell you that Free Download manager does the job pretty perfectly without any hassle and also with great control over the internet, all you have to do is just paste the download link and you are good to go without any kind of worries regarding interruption.

Basically, what this download manager does is decreases the chances of interruption while you are downloading any kind of file and even if the download is interrupted, the user can easily restart the download without any issues by starting the download from the place where it was interrupted or stopped.


  • Snail mode- it is a mode that allows the users to manage the downloading file in a much-advanced manner. Basically, this mode allows the user to limit the internet speed which guarantees you that you can still perform all the other works while you are downloading stuff in the download manager.
  • Also, you can get to see that the download server of the particular can be altered with another sever if the download speed is slow which is very impressive.
  • There are extensions available for almost all the browsers in the market currently and it runs perfectly in all the browsers be it Chrome, Brave, or Firefox.
Excellent way of managing downloadsNone
Proper control over bandwidth
User-friendly UI
No Ads are seen 

All you have to do is download the extension for browser and application both in your system and you are good to go.

2. Only Office Editor


You must be thinking that is there any alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. Let me tell you that there is one and it is Only Office. Basically, this is quite identical to that of Microsoft Office which is quite obvious because the Office Suite has set the bar and eventually all the other applications need to get up there otherwise they won’t be recognized.

As we all know that Microsoft office is quite expensive when you aim to access all the features i.e. 150$ for a one-time installation but on the other hand Only Office doesn’t charge you any amount of money when you install it. Besides all the facts this is the perfect alternative if you are searching for a free and good application in place of the office suite.


  • Yes, it does when you go on to access the cloud storage or multi-user package which indeed is better priced than Microsoft office for sure.
  • The features in the only office editor are refined and well-optimized which allows the users to use it easily without wasting any time.
  • Also, you will notice that all the toggles are well managed with all the options in the right place.
  • When it comes to UI, you will see that it is not quite similar in looks to that of Microsoft office but when it comes to the base of the application you can notice that it is similar to that of Microsoft office which is quite good.
  • Also, people can also use it for their businesses by acquiring the cloud package which is even better but you will have to pay so make sure.
Refined and simple UINone
Identical to Microsoft Office
Plenty of options to customize and edit documents
Can have own cloud server (paid)
Consumes less memory as compared to Microsoft Office

3. Hand Brake


Basically, when you compress a particular file it is converted into ZIP or RAR files which tend to consume very less space in the memory and which eventually results in compression of the file with minimal negligence with the quality.

People often think that compression affects the quality of a file to a larger margin but let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about the compression rate whilst you use Hand brake. The time when you run the software in your system you will encounter a window which will consist of several options to choose from such as converter, compressor and all its options which is quite obvious.

When we go on to talk about the UI of the software, I would say it is average because of so many features loaded into the software the UI has gotten pretty much messy which is quite obvious when you are using software that is offering a lot without charging you any money.


  • Compression can be done very easily without any hassle.
  • Saves you a lot of time and in addition you can expect to choose among hundreds of file format.
  • The software also resolves all the bugs in the video automatically while you convert or compress which is another impressive feature.
  • Also, it allows the users to edit videos which feature- adjusting of frame rates, cropping the clips, adding basic effects and so on. 
  • You may find the editing option to be clustered in a different or a complex manner but is quite usable.
Offers more than your expectationsThe UI is not quite friendly
Time consumed is quite lessThe editing option is not well optimized
Users can also edit videos

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free


Antivirus is probably the most important software you should have in your system if you are simultaneously connected to the internet because most of the viruses come from the internet itself. There are times when we don’t have enough money to purchase a paid antivirus and in most of cases, the antivirus applications are quite expensive too.

In this condition, all you have to do is download Bitdefender Antivirus Free which is basically a free version but does the job quite impressively by blocking away and scanning all the viruses in the system or from the web.

There is also a paid version but we will be talking about the free version in this post because of obvious reasons.


  • When it comes to the UI of the antivirus you are going to love it because all the options and features are at the right place which will create absolutely no confusion for the users when they wish to have a scan or go through features.
  • Even a naïve user can get through all the features and operate it quite effortlessly.
  • When you open up the antivirus, you will see a black dashboard that is very attractive and for sure there will be options for web scan, system scan, and an option for scanning a particular file separately. 
  • There are times when antiviruses just annoy users because of updates but this antivirus updates the software automatically with minimal use of the internet when the system is idle.
  • Also, there is an extension called Traffic Light which will show you all the viruses and malicious components present on a website when you visit one. This extension belongs to Bitdefender so you can expect optimal results and functionality.
Simple and perfect UI Removal of malware are quite difficult
Very easy to get used to
Provides optimal recognition of viruses
Consumes less memory 

5. Photo Scape


PhotoScape is basically a photo editor, however, this doesn’t describe the software entirely, there is significantly more to it than basic customization of photos. It also has an image viewer and many more features by which editing of photos can be done pretty perfectly without paying a single amount of money.

You can’t say it as a probable replacement of Adobe Photoshop because it contains all the basic features that a good editor should have. I would also not say that is anywhere equivalent to or better than Photoshop, even when compared on the basis of pricing.

We can say that this is the best software to begin the editing because you don’t have to pay for it and also you will get to learn a lot because the features and editing options are quite versatile on its own. 


  • You can easily go on and stitch various images into a panorama or composition, customize or create GIFs, convert raw images, make slideshows, print photos utilizing various layouts and so on. 
  • You can easily notice that it has some basic toolbar and UI which resembles to a typical photo editor which is quite obvious but it is not a typical one. 
  • With all the features loaded into it, it will surely blow your mind because you are getting so much without paying any money.
  • However, with such versatile features you can expect some flaws and one of them are- the confusing layout and placement of the tools which is quite manageable in the same time, after all, it is free software.
Lots of options and toolsComplicated UI
Additional photo viewerCan’t be mastered overnight 
Beneficial for newcomers

6. OBS studio


If you are a YouTuber or a mainstream gamer who uploads or plays the game online while streaming in different platforms like YoutTube or Twitch then this is a must-have software because it offers a lot of features which surely benefits the streamers recording while they are playing high-end games.

You must have come across few of the screen recorder software which basically leave a watermark in every single record or clip and at the same time it also limits the time to record the screen which is a great disadvantage but with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) you can expect no watermarks in your clips and unlimited recording which is just amazing.

When we go on to talk about the UI of the application, it is also quite good but there are surely imperfections which you will have to get used to otherwise, you can face issues while you are doing a live stream and in this case, I would like to suggest you practice the software then use it in full fledge. 


  • It records HD videos in 60 FPS and you can frequently expect upgrades in all the features in the near future. 
  • Also, when it comes to sync between video clip and audio it is perfect, which is another good thing for the streamers and content creators. 
  • The best part is that not only the creators will be able to record games and other stuff in their screen but at the same time they can record themselves in the webcam with perfectly synced audio which makes it even better.
  • Because there is an editor too which you can use quite perfectly after you are completely used to the software. 
  • UI of this software may confuse you because of so much options and features but once you are used to it, it is the best. 
No Ads and watermarksMastering the software is a bit difficult
No time limit for recordingFew bugs while recording (but can be easily tackled with basic knowledge)
Easy management of audio and videoUI is a bit complicated(for beginners)
Hotkeys available for different functionalitiesLayouts need improvement

7. Grammarly


Writing Emails, essays, assignments for your college or schools is a need today and most of the time users tend to use a computer which is quite obvious and at the same time people do make mistake while writing anything, be it a post for any kind of website or just an assignment there are mistakes made almost every time.

Basically, the functional ability of the software is literally the name of the software i.e. “Grammarly”. What it does is rectifies or we can say suggests better sentences or words when you go on to scan it with the Grammarly tool and further it will suggest you few of the corrections and better wordings for your document or writings.

But there is also an issue which is quite annoying and i.e. some of the suggestions are not quite optimal and they seem to be awkward which is quite obvious because you surely can’t rely on a particular software to correct all your grammatical mistakes. 

When it comes to the UI of the software it is pretty basic and user friendly which allows the users to get used to it but honestly, there is nothing to get used to because it is that simple. 


  • Also, users can spin or rewrite articles in the software which is another good quality. But, I would not recommend it because being authentic is always good.
  • There are extensions available for your browsers and also for Microsoft office where you can see a small section which will show you all your mistakes according to the software while you go on and write stuff in the office.
Well optimized UISome bugs
No Ads and free of costPicks up unwanted words and sentences
Several options(software, extensions for browsers and Microsoft office too)
Totally user friendly

8. LastPass Password Manager


Management of passwords has been a headache over time and you can expect that there are more hackers these days which increases the danger for your accounts because in this era or century personal data is the foremost thing for a particular person. You might not know but your personal information is worth way more than your expectations in the dark web.

People store passwords in the note pads, mobile phones, contact diaries, and so on but what if there is a better, secure, and digital form of storing passwords and all. Isn’t it amazing? Well, LastPass is the one and only software that ensures you perfect storage of Ids and passwords.


  • Basically, it has one of the best security protocols or norms in the whole world which is also used by some of the military departments i.e. encryption of end to end using 256bit AES technology. 
  • Even if there is a breach in the system then the whole database automatically transfers to a different server which ensures total security of all the data.
  • There are features like auto-login, one-touch sign-in, password sharing, biometric scanning for a master password and so on, 
  • When you go on to pass it to your employee then you just have to enter the master password or biometric data which is quite impressive. (In case you are using the paid version)
  • However, there are many kinds of packs but if you are going to use it individually then the free version of the software is enough but if you run a business and want to distribute the account among the employees then it will cost you around 8$ a month which is fair enough.
User friendlyIs quite expensive when it comes to opting between packages
Refined UI
Highly secure
Easy management of passwords and accounts

9. Anydesk


Basically, this is an application which allows the users to control a system through another system or even mobile phones or vice versa, which is a great thing because there are times when you need to guide someone through some functionalities and in this time if you are not present in the particular place then this software will surely help you out when you have to do something with your system or be it anybody’s system.

So, now you know why it is used for, here I will tell you how it can be used and what are the key features of the software. Basically, if you are willing to connect your phone which you have it with you and your computer system near you then all you have to do is connect the hotspot of your smartphone in your PC then go on to acquire the address of the mobile phone and enter it in the computer system (in the remote address bar of the software), then you will be able to control your phone through the system.

If you are willing to do the opposite then just enter the address of the computer in the mobile and you are done.

In this case, there is no use of the internet so you can’t see any kinds of latency but when you are willing to connect a device far from you then you will need a good internet connection on both the sides, otherwise, there are chances that you will face some latency or lags while you function.


  • When it comes to the UI of the software it is pretty basic and you can expect it to be very simple which is good. 
  • In addition, you can also share files from any side of the connection without any issues, all that matters is the connection type or internet speed.
  • Connects with the devices instantly which is great.
Easy sharing of filesNeeds strong internet connections
Easy connection
Basic yet effective UI

10. 7-zip


First, let me explain to you what file compression is?

Basically, when you compress a particular file it is converted into ZIP or RAR file type which tends to consume very less space in the memory and which eventually results in compression of the file with minimal negligence with the quality of the file or we can say no compromise regarding quality at all.

People often think that compression affects the quality of a file to a larger margin but let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about the compression rate whilst you use 7-zip because it does the job for you in a perfect manner which is quite impressive

Eventually, when we go on to look at all the features in this particular software we can’t really say it a typical compressor. Overall, the software is a must if you deal with huge files and in addition if you are short on storage which you must be.


  • Converts file into or from several formats such as  BZIP2,7z, RAR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, FAT, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR, Z and so on.
  • It has a dedicated file manager for your compressed or to be compressed file, also you can encrypt certain files there for better security.
  • This software doesn’t limit the archiving of compressed files which is another good thing because you can easily store your private files by compressing it in the 7-zip and access it through zip file manager which is a great feature.
  • This software is most useful for YouTubers because they really make content or videos which is sized 2-8 GB which is huge and by using 7-zip content creators can really manage their files easily.
Excellent file type optionsOutdated UI
Easy customizationsGetting used to will take time for beginners
Lots of features loaded

11. Brave Browser


You can say it as a probable replacement of the Google Chrome browser because it is indeed better than Chrome and the rest of the top browsers in the market.

Just like any other browser, this particular browser is also based on Google’s Open source i.e. Chromium. So, you can expect the whole browser to be much more similar to that of the Chrome browser. 


  • In whole, the browser will never fail your expectations when it comes to the UI because it is perfectly designed and refined too which also results in ease of usage for the users or even if you are a naïve or a new user of the internet then you will surely begin to enjoy using Brave browser.
  • All the toggles and options are easily accessible and clear there is no complexity in the design of the browser which as a user you are going to love if you are one of the users who is used to simplicity.
  • I can assure you that the brave browser is one of the most secure ones in the market currently.
  • The brave shield is one of the features which has all the options at one place regarding security, privacy, and protection which allows the user to switch it on or off without even searching for a particular option. When it comes to ad-blockers in the Brave browser, you can expect it to work extremely well and eventually block all the popups and ads as well without any issue most of the time. 
  • In addition, you are also getting an option of brave rewards which you can enable from the browser and earn rewards or we can say crypto-currency or real money by watching Ads which is another impressive quality of the browser.
Extensions compatible with chrome storeMicrophone is not usable
Frequent customizationBrave shields blocks away few websites
Highly secureSome extensions are not compatible
Pleasing UISync is dis-functional
Multiple ProfileNo inbuilt VPN
Highly SecureNo snapshot gesture
Can earn rewards only while browsing

12. Recuva


You can call this software as a savior because that is what it does. Well, we can’t call it as a lifesaver but indeed one can call it as a data saver or savior because it can really recover data which are lost or corrupted be it in your system or any other external storage which is fascinating.

There are times when you will notice that you have stored a huge amount of data and files in a single storage device or drive and somehow it gets corrupted, unfortunately, in this time this software will surely get you out of that situation by recovering the data from the corrupted storage devices or from the system itself. 


  • Also, at times when you mistakenly delete some files from your system and want to recover it within few hours or so then Recuva can do the job for you and easily recover your file. 
  • But, there are still conditions and one of them is that you should have installed the software i.e. Recuva before you have deleted the file mistakenly otherwise it is quite not possible if you go on and install the Recuva later on.
  • In addition, there is a feature which you will like up to some extent (honestly, it depends upon the results). This is a feature in which the user can perform a deep scan in the Recuva app, basically, it shows off all the files which can be recovered which is great because sometimes it can also show some files deleted before you have installed Recuva, also it shows hidden files which are good if you are not finding the hidden files.
  • There is also a paid version for businesses and organizations but the free version is more than enough for personal usage.
Successful scans most of the timesOutdated UI
Consumes les memoryTime-consuming
Chances of recovering data from drivers (mostly external ones) is higher

13. GIMP


So, here I am with another free photo editor, you might be thinking why did I mention two photo editors. Well, you are going to find out the reason and as well as the difference between both the editors.

This time you can say it as a probable replacement of Adobe Photoshop, because of all the features present in the editor. Basically, when you go on to compare it with the mainstream editors which are priced heavily you can find out that this particular software offers the same features by charging absolutely no money.

Well, when it comes to the UI of the software then you can easily notice that it is one of the best in the market when compared with free versions or even compared with Adobe Photoshop.  


  • Combining images, editing raw images, making a composition or slideshow of different images, all can be done here without any issue if you are good at using software like Photoshop.
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) comes up with a lot of options for customizing the UI of the particular software as per the users. 
  • In addition, you can expect the software to be preloaded with lots of animation packages and you can also see that all the plugins that are necessary for editing the photos in a professional level are free to download. 
Supports all kinds of image typeConfusing UI (mostly for beginners)
Lots of optionsHard to master
Free plugins

If you are planning to use this as your primary software then I would surely recommend you use the basic editors such as Photoscape because until and unless you are not used to the basic ones you can’t literally use these kinds of software. 

14. IObit Uninstaller


There are times when there is unwanted software in your system and somehow or other you want to get rid of the particular software. Well, you can do this by going into the control panel and just uninstall it. But, on the other hand do you know that the additional files are not removed some times and probably it sits in your drive for eternity.

Yes, this happens with almost all of us, when we go on to uninstall a program or software all we do is just uninstall the software and do not bother about the files in our drive.

Basically, what IObit does is that it scans up all the software in the system after you have installed the IObit uninstaller software and lists out all the installed software in its manager, further you can also make some adjustments like sorting and all.

Overall, it is a handy software which is quite useful and eventually will save a lot of time for you.


  • It has different kinds of views or sorting order such as date installed or software size.
  • Well, when we go on to talk about the UI it is quite refined which is a good thing and in addition, there are no Ads which is quite impressive as well. 
  • So, when you choose a particular application to be uninstalled all you have to do is press the uninstall button in the IObit uninstaller and then it will run the process for uninstalling the software later it will also go on to search and wipe out all the related files which is another good thing but you need to select that particular option from the beginning itself.
Removes the software completelyOnly one software can be uninstalled at a time (free version)
Pretty basic UI and easy to use 
Quite flexible options to categories software

15. Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is probably the best application for you if you are starting a YouTube channel or just learning how to edit videos and get better with it. Even if you are naïve at editing videos, Davinci Resolve can easily make you better with practice and time. 

With almost zero complexities, Davinci Resolve could be the application for your daily usage if you are into video making business or to be specific if you are into creating YouTube videos. Although competing with software like Adobe Premiere is quite difficult but when you go on a keep both the software side by side surely Davinci will excel.

To be specific, Davinci Resolve comes with a dark background and simple UI which will surely help you focus while you edit your videos. You can easily find the operations and option toggles at the right place while you are editing because sometimes complex operations are not much beneficial for the editors while they do.

Overall, you are getting a free package which offers a lot without charging any money.


  • There are plenty of features by which you can easily go on and edit videos like a professional does which is extraordinary because I would say it is probably the best video editing software in the market which is absolutely free. 
  • Also, when it comes to audio editing you can find plenty of options which is another good feature of the software.
  • There are different kinds of filters, animations available by which you can edit videos which would surely look much better than our expectations. 
  • Once you have mastered the software it is just too good for your work because you can surely find all the features which are required or present in pro video editing software.
Fast exports of fileNo direct import from camera
Easy and frequent editing of audios, animations and so onGetting used to is a bit difficult
Customizable and attractive UI

16. Audacity


It is one of the applications which you should have as a content creator or to be specific a YouTuber. Basically, this software can be used to edit any kind of audio clips or record audio clips. 

It is one of the best open-source software in the market which can really compete with all the premium grade and paid audio editing software, with versatile features you can expect this software to work perfectly once you are used to the UI of the software.


  • When you go on to use this software then you will feel the worth of using a perfectly managed software.
  • The UI is quite decent although when you dive into the features of the software everything just fades away because there are a lot of offers when you compare it with free software in the market.
  • This software can also record the audio from your external microphone, playback from the system or device or both which is quite good for the creators these days because gaming has been prominently growing and people love to watch gaming videos, so this software could help.
  • Also, if you are quite under the budget and you can’t afford a microphone then you can easily refine and adjust the audio clips in this software to make it sound better and it does it with sheer perfection. 
  • In addition, this software also features special effects, changing the voice nodes, treble, bass and the list goes on.
  • It also supports plenty of audio files which is good, you will also see that this software runs pretty well in any of the devices and eventually doesn’t eat up the memory of your system which results in fast exports and no lags.
Lots of plugin supportDifficult to master
Easy to use
Vast options regarding audio editing

17. Driver Booster


What if you have a downloader and updater as well for all the drivers in your system. Yes, life would become so easy because all you have to do is set the time in the driver booster and then connect it to the internet connection and eventually it will update all the drivers in your system which is just mind-blowing.

Driver Booster 7 is a useful and simple to-utilize driver updater for Windows clients to keep drivers and game components intact. Moreover, Game Boost and System Optimize highlights guarantee clients the best gaming experience and maximum system potential so that there will be no disappointment while you are gaming at high graphics.

Driver Booster 7 offers multiple numbers of advanced features to help clients backup the respective drivers, restore the system, and fix the bugs in the programs like unsynced audio, network issues, and gadget error. 


  • IObit’s Driver Booster scans your PC for obsolete drivers and updates them for you. It can examine naturally when you open up a program or when you connect a gadget. 
  • You can set a fixed time for scans and update drivers individually or at the same time within a click. 
  • Driver Booster comes with quicker downloads and new UI with skins which helps the user to customize the whole software according to their needs. 
  • It can refresh and fix obsolete/defective/missing drivers with only 1-click. In the new version i.e. the Driver booster one itself, the database is expanded to 3,500,000.
  • In addition, Driver Booster offers auto driver update administration which comes with automatic driver download and update norms which can be performed automatically while the system is idle, which basically saves a lot of time for the users. 
  • The software is a bit of gaming-centric this time.
Accelerates the potential of the systemThe notification system needs to be improved 
Easy downloads and updates
Refined UI and game-centric

18. Lightshot


This is another small-sized software or you can say it as a tool, yet it is one of the most useful ones. It lets you take a screenshot with one click which is pretty awesome.

Basically, it is the premium and much better version of a tool for taking screenshot which is important for me but it totally depends upon you whether you choose to select a hotkey according to your compatibility from the light shot or you go with the regular windows shortcut.

The time you install the tool in your system it automatically creates a shortcut in the right side of your taskbar from which you can control or adjust the tool such as left-clicking once on the icon will let you take a screenshot and provide you with all the options to edit whilst you take a screenshot.

Then when you right-click on the icon, you will see all the options such as signing-in, adjusting formats and quality, also you will have an option to customize the hotkeys which are quite an obvious feature.


  • Easy customization of hotkeys to take screenshots.
  • These days sharing a screenshot is quite difficult because whenever you share it via online, the depletion of quality is a must and that is not quite good for the receivers. So, what light shot has done is provided users to share the screenshot via uploading it to the cloud then sharing the link of the screenshot to as many as persons you can also the depletion of quality is also minimal almost zero. 
A useful and handy toolNone 
Plenty of customization of hotkeys
Sharing is very easy

19. Authy Desktop

Auyhy Twilio

Identity is likely to be the most significant thing to people because once it is leaked on the web. You can’t simply predict or think about what could be done with you and your information that is leaked. It may be utilized for illegal does or numerous illegal bank transactions and so on which isn’t exactly good for you because you will be the one getting the blame. 

You are well aware of the hackers who are just waiting to get into your account and perform illegal deeds and these days hacking has been quite easier because the technology is developing and so are the hacker. In addition, if you are a website owner or content creator then this is surely a must-have software. 

When it comes to the UI of the software, you can say that it is well optimized but honestly, there is nothing to learn and get used to. If you are a regular user of computer and internet then you already know how to use it.


  • There is no limit to adding accounts and platforms into the authy software which is good because these days an average active guy has more than 5-6 accounts in different platforms which is quite common. 
  • Whenever you try to log-in to one of the accounts which are added in the authy program, you will receive a one-time password which is valid for a certain amount of time for obvious reasons and then you enter the OTP and further log-in to that particular I’d. 
  • So, this is the process which ensures and increases the security level of all your accounts and enables 2 Factor Authentication. This software is available in all the platforms so there won’t be any issue regarding availability.
Highly secureNone 
Simple and basic UI 
Easy to use

20. VLC media player

Developer: ‪VideoLAN‬
Price: Free

This is one of the most used or we can say one of the most popular software of all time and when it comes to the list, it is probably the oldest and the most downloaded software among all those 22 software. If you have never come across this particular software then let me tell you that you are missing out a lot of features on your video player.

Yes, it is a video player and probably the best in the market. Basically, it is just like any other typical video or audio player in the market, it is just that this one is way better than all of its competition. When it comes to features of this video player, there is not much to talk about but I will surely mention some of the main features.


  • So, wherever you go on and play the video the player opens up quickly and you can expect it to be smoother because it consumes way too less memory than any other media player which is a very good thing.
  • You will be getting different options and aspect ratios to watch videos, which is another good feature and also there are many shortcuts by which you can fast forward or rewind the video clips.
  • It features an HW+ decoder option which enhances or makes the audio of the video louder than it is. 
  • In addition, it also supports many video types which you may not have even encountered until now. 
  • Obviously there will be no Ads which is another advantage for the users because they can have a smooth and uninterrupted experience, the demand for this software has been increasing and surely will never decrease at any cost because it is free as well.
Easy to useNone
Best in class media player with so many features
Supports almost all media file types 

21. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Pro

Browsing on the internet, playing high-end games, editing videos, and other activities slowly eat up your PC as your operating system and hard drive fill up with unwanted components from the activities. As a result, your once-snappy and smooth machine may take longer to boot-up, crash with greater frequency, or experience an increased number of bugs or lags. 

If I go on to conclude, basically when your system gets old the functional abilities of the system gradually decrease which is not optimal but with Glary utilities, you can help yourself.

Basically, this is a software that will clean up your system to provide you with full-fledged experience of your system. Although it comes with a package of different and very useful features and some of them are- disk cleanup, registry repair, and so on but unfortunately you won’t be getting these features in the free version. 

However, the free version of this particular software is also worth using because it shows all the background running programs that are unwanted and lets you stop it which eventually results in frequent and smooth usage of the system.


  • Not only it just deletes or stops the unwanted components from the system but also it provides satisfactory information about the components that are being removed or can be removed which allows the user to be much informed about their activities in the system which is quite impressive.
  • Also, the UI of the software is quite good and you can expect yourself to get used to it easily without any hassle.
Pros Cons 
Ease of use and no complexitiesUsers would have loved it if the features in the free version is a bit more
Refined and simple yet effective UI
Great features offered



As per the stats and all the official claims one can easily notice that indeed Proton VPN is one of the best VPN applications that features a free version which eventually doesn’t provide many choices among servers but will surely make sure that none of your data is being tracked. With the appropriate encryption of IP addresses, a user can easily rely on this VPN without having second thoughts.

This is the best you can get in today’s era when it comes to the free version of a VPN because most of the best in class VPNs are paid ones, you can’t really expect a lot but in this case, you can expect plenty of features which really will let you stick with this particular free version.


  • Proton VPN also doesn’t pass any of the information to any third party, as per the claims. Often VPNs saying no logging includes the tracking of session logging, but here there are no casualties until and unless the matter is illegal, there is zero percentage of any kind of logging, but there’s a limit as well.
  • The UI of the VPN is quite impressive, with dark accents all around the software, it looks attractive, and obviously there will be no Ads in the software. 
  • But, when it comes to choosing servers you can notice there are only a few because of obvious reasons i.e. Because of the free version.
  • However, you can also switch to paid ones and enjoy options of several servers and access to different content. Also, just like any other VPN connection, you can expect some downfall in internet speed which is obvious.
Refined and friendly UIA decrease in internet speed
Immensely safe and secure
Plenty of server options

Best Free Software For Windows FAQs

What is the best free Antivirus software for Windows 10?

It has to be Bit-defender because the number of features this antivirus poses is too much for the free software version. Also, antiviruses these days are quite expensive so you can surely go for the free version of Bit-defender and surely you will be satisfied with the service and features it offers.

What are the best software for PC?

Brave Browser, Davinci Resolve, OBS Studio, GIMP, Audacity, and Proton VPN. These are my favorites and probably the best software you can get today at absolutely no cost, also these are must-have software for a PC especially for a content creator.

What is the best free VPN software for windows 10?

With appropriate encryption of IP addresses, a user can easily rely on Proton VPN without having second thoughts. I personally am using this VPN and I found it to be nicely optimized, there are no ads, minimal depletion of speed and plenty of servers to choose from. 

What is the best free video editing software for windows 10?

It has to be the Davinci resolve because it provides you with all the features that a professional and expensive video editor poses. However, it can be quite complex and difficult for some users who are new to the software or editing, once the user is used to the functionalities it is the best.

What is the best free download manager for windows 10?

Well, the answer is in the question itself i.e. “free download manager”. It is probably the best ones in the market even if you compare it with few of the paid ones. It also features minimum interruption and various advanced features which can provide you with more control over the downloading or the to be downloaded files which are great. 

What is the best free screen recorder for windows 10?

There are many when it comes to screen recorder but when you go on to search for the best one it has to be the OBS studio because it tends to poses all the features a content creator wants. Especially, the features like simultaneous screen recording with no watermarks, perfect sync between audio and so on make OBS studio the best screen recorder in the market. However, it surely needs the practice to be mastered.

What is the best free PC optimization software for windows 10?

Without any doubts and second thoughts, it has to be Glary Utilities because it does the job perfectly without any complexities and charges.
Browsing on the internet, playing high-end games, editing videos and other activities slowly eats up your PC. As a result, the smooth machine may take longer to boot-up, crash frequently, or experience an increased number of bugs or lags. “Glary utilities” helps you out to make the system how it was earlier. 

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