13 The Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows 10 (2019)

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Do you need the best free photo editing software for windows? To edit like PRO without wasting too much time I found this amazing photo editor only for you.

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows

best free photo editing software

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows

If you are looking for the best free photo editing software for windows 10 you are in right place.

I recently tested all photo editing softwares and found some amazing free and best photo editing softwares for you.


I found Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is free photo editing software like photoshop.this editing software is open source so you can use it for free.

A feature of Gimp is photo enhancement, color correction, digital retouching and more.

Gimp is very easy to learn and you can also use photoshop brushes and patterns in Gimp and just google it about photoshop brushes you found some free brushes which make your work too easier and faster.

If you need help to learn gimp learn more with this awesome beginner editing guide on Gimp:

Download: GNU Image Manipulation Program

2. Photo Pos Pro

You can convert any image into a masterpiece with the help of Photo Pos Pro.

Photo Pos Pro is also free software to edit your photos.

The easiest way to remove, replace and erase the background, raw file support, awesome extensions to help you with photo editing, great text effects and more.

If you are beginner learn more about Photo Pos Pro photo editing:

Download: Photo Pos Pro

3. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is another great software which I use to make my work simple and easier.

With the help of Photoscape, you can create animated gif, face search, raw to JPG converter, batch editor and more.

I personally use Photoscape to give a touch to my photos and convert my RAW photos to JPG and this one is Best free photo editor for windows 10 pc.

If you are a beginner to photo editing learn more about photoscape editing:

Download: Photoscape

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4. Paint.NET

Best free photo editing software for windows 10 pc with simple and easy to use interface.

Paint.net supports plugins to enhance your editing and features like red-eye removal,3d rotation, image manipulation tools and more.

I think you need to know more about Paint.NET:

Download: Paint.Net

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5. Pixlr

If you are looking for free picture editor you need to give try to Pixlr.

Pixlr is online photo editing software just upload your photo and start editing.

In Pixlr photo editor you get features like Image retouching, color replace, Photo collage, brushes and more.

If you are a beginner to photo editing you need to try this photo editing software.

Learn more about Pixlr with this awesome guide:

Visit : Pixlr X

6. Picasa

If you are looking for a basic solution for photo editing you can try Picasa.

You get all basic photo editing features and additionally you get movie maker feature so you can make a movie using your photos, picture collage, remove low-quality photos from your pc and more.

I like Picasa because Picasa having great image viewer and you can use this as default image viewer which is a lot more better than windows photo viewer.

Learn more about Picasa in detail:

Download: Picasa

Brave Browser

7. Canva

Canva is free professional photo editing software (website) which you can use to edit your photos, create banners, logos, channel art and more.

Canva is very easy to learn and they also give you a free template so you can make your work faster and more effective.

I personally use canvas to edit and make a thumbnail for my blog post featured image(thumbnail).

Best way to Learn more about Canva is in a video form:

Visit : Canva

8. Fotor

Fotor photo editing is same as canva in this you get ready-made template which you can use in your project.

Fotor gives you different types of features like 1 tap enhancement, photo retouching, AI photo effects, teeth whitener, HDR and more.

Learn more about Fotor easily with this guide:

Download: Fotor

9. InPixio

Best free photo editing software for windows 10 is InPixio with some limitations.

In the free version of InPixio you get 100+ filters and effects,100+ textures and frames and more.

Need to learn more about InPixio check out this video:

Download: InPixio

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10. RawTherapee

Enhance your photo editing with RawTherapee.

Features of this software like copy and paste editing parameters so you can copy settings of one image into another, parallel editing help you to edit multiple photos at a time and more.

Learn more about RawTherapee photo editor with this video guide:

Download: RawTherapee

11. BeFunky

BeFunky is an online photo editing tool.

You get the ready-made template in Befunky for any occasion. You can use free photos directly from pixabay.

This tool is very easy to use and provides you with great features with the free template.

Learn more about Befunky is video form:

Visit : Befunky

12. PhotoCat

If you are looking for a free online photo editing tool you need to try Photocat.

No registration required in Photocat just open their website and start editing.

The easiest way to edit your photo, retouch your photos and create a collage from your photos.

Photocat provides you features like cool effects, texts, frames, template, smooth screen and more.

Learn more about PhotoCat photo editor:

Visit: Photocat

13. SumoPaint

SumoPaint is a photo editing tool you can use SumoPaint online or download Sumopaint software for offline use.

Sumopaint offline software gives you 30 days free trial but you can also use it online for free.

Sumopaint having more than 300 brushes, shape tools, gradient editor, layer effects and more.

Learn more about SumoPaint in this video:

Visit: SumoPaint


Before installing or trying any software or tool please see what’s your requirement and according to your photo editing requirement choose right and best free photo editing software for windows.

I hope this article helps you please share with your friend on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and let me know which one is your favorite photo editing software in the comment section.

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