4 Best Free Download Manager For Android

A download manager is required to help download the files, which might be difficult to download with your phone browser. Download manager helps download the big files by dividing them into small chunks, making it easier for them to download it quickly and without any error. 

Best Free Download Manager For Android

When downloading files using your browser, the download may get interrupted due to slow connection, and maybe the download can stop at the very end of the process. I had too faced this problem when I was downloading big files, and it gets stopped at 99% due to bad networks. 

Best Free Download Manager For Android

Also, features like download later on your scheduled time make these download managers for Android users. In this article, I will be listing out some of the best free download managers for Android, which you can try using to speed up your download. 

1. Free Download Manager

As the name suggests, the download manager is free to use for everyone, and you need not pay anything to get the features enabled on your smartphone. I used this download manager for the features it offered. You will be able to schedule your download easily with this download manager.

If internet connectivity is the problem to you, you can also set the speed to continue with a particular download. You will be able to set the limit for a particular download. Your file will be downloaded at a constant speed even when you are doing your work, not facing any internet connectivity issue. 

Also, with file priorities for download, you will set what files to download first. You will be able to stop downloading it to download it at a particular time and will also be able to set download for Wifi only. This can be a very useful feature if you want to set your download over the Wifi only and not over the data connection. 

Though the internet speed might be slow, the downloading will be faster than expected because it creates multiple connections to download the same file. You can pause your download anytime you want to and resume it whenever you have a stable internet connection, making it one of the best free download manager for Android you should try using. 


  • Downloading the file is easier with this download manager
  • Increases the speed of your download
  • You will be able to organize your downloads
  • Schedule and prioritize your downloads
  • Option to continue over Wifi only available
  • Download torrents without requiring any dedicated torrent downloader
  • Browser to search and download files
Resumes broken link downloadingUnable to download files from youtube URL
Support for downloading magnet link
Easy to manage files that are downloading

2. Advanced Download Manager

The advanced download manager is another free download manager you can try using. The download is free to use, but you might see some ads on the interface when downloading files. If the ads aren’t a very big issue for you, you should try to use it to download your files. 

The features offered in this Advanced download manager can be very handy when downloading very large files on your Android phones, even for people with a slow internet connection. With the help of this advanced download manager, you will be able to download three files simultaneously. 

The download will never stop even if you close the app, and will always continue in the background. Also, with the auto-resume feature, you need not worry about the download getting failed. With this feature, the downloader will resume the file even if it has failed due to some unknown circumstances. 

With changing your files’ speed to be downloaded, you will be able to save your data. You can also enable downloading over Wifi, so your download will only resume when your device is connected to Wifi. Unlike most of the download managers for Android, there’s no limit to downloading a file no matter how large its size may be. 

You can anytime customize the theme and interface of the download manager. Also, you can select the custom path for your file to be downloaded, be it your phone storage or in your SD card. The advanced download manager also takes care of your battery and stops the process if your battery is low, which will resume again once you have charged your phone. 

You can also schedule the download for the particular file to save your time in resuming the download again and again. Moreover, you will also be getting a torrent downloader within this Advanced download manager, with which you can download the torrent and manage the seeding. 


  • You can download three files simultaneously
  • Download boosted to speed up the process
  • Pause and resume anytime you want
  • Add a widget to your home screen
  • You can change the download location of the file
Download files in the backgroundAds on the interface
Loader for images, audio, video, and documentThe browser is basic
Change speed of download

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3. IDM

IDM is also another free download manager you can try using on your android phone. There’s also a paid version available to it, offering many more features than that of the free version, one of them being an ad-free interface. Yes, you will notice some ads in the free version, but that won’t be a problem if you are looking for the best free download manager for Android. 

The best part about this download manager is dividing your download file into 32 parts to help accelerate the download process. No matter how big the size of the download, the download process will always be faster. 

You will also be able to pause or resume the download if your download was stopped due to some error. Also, the RAM usage on the app is low, so you need not worry about RAM consumption even if you are using a low-end phone with less RAM. 

IDM is known to be having a smart error handler with which your download will never be failed due to a failed internet connection. The features of this download manager not only end here; there is a unique feature with which you will be able to encrypt your downloaded files from within the app. 


  • It supports downloading torrent 
  • You can change the language and theme of the app
  • It has an incognito mode for private browsing
  • Accelerates download even with slow network
  • With an error handler, the file never stops downloading due to some unknown error
Download upto 5 files simultaneouslyAd banner at the bottom of the screen
Download torrents using the magnet links
Custom themes to customize the app

4. Loader Droid Download Manager

One of the reasons I prefer using this download manager is the support for all the file extensions. Your download will never stop due to some unknown file extension that is not supported. 

With the notification bar progress interface, the download manager will keep your updated with the download progress, and you will know when your download is completed or started. 

The download on this download manager stops when the connection is lost so that the download will not fail due to network connectivity issues. Also, the file will automatically resume downloading when your connection is stable again.

You can also schedule your file to be downloaded when you want it to download. With the link replacement feature, you can replace the expired links or outdated links for downloading your file. 

Moreover, you get the feature to set the download connection for each file. For instance, you can set your mobile data connection for a particular file, and for the other one, you can set it to be downloaded using Wifi only. 

The app is stable enough to be supported by all the Android devices, no matter how old your device might. Loader Droid download manager is one of the best free download manager for Android phones that you can try using, if you are looking for one to be supported on your low-end device. 


  • File downloading with this download manager is easy. 
  • You can replace links that have expired
  • Save your data with the ability to schedule your downloads. 
  • It automatically pauses and resumes your download when the network is lost. 
Downloading gets acceleratedNo share option available
Schedule your download
Link replacement for outdated link
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