52 The Best Free Android Apps For Android User (2019)

best free android apps for you in 2019 to speed up your photo or video editing, improve your productivity, make your work easier and simple and more 🙂

If you are searching for free android apps for your android phone then you are at right place. I tested and finally made a list of free and very useful android apps.


Best Free Android APPS

best free android apps

If you want to download any app You can easily download any app by just clicking on the app icon.

1. Nova launcher

Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Nova launcher is a free launcher app for Android user.

This launcher app is very lightweight and fast as compared to another launcher app on play store.one of the best free android app for your smartphone.

2. Evernote

Price: Free+

Evernote is the best free android app to manage all notes, documents at one place.

Evernote also has paid plan but free plan is enough for most of the users.

You can download their chrome extension and Windows software too. the best part of Evernote is you can sync your notes and documents between a different device with a single account.

3. Applock

Price: Free+

Applock is the best free available app to lock your Android app very easily.

You can also lock your incoming calls too. best app to protect your Android apps.

4. Feedly

Feedly is a free android app and an RSS reader app.

You can read an article from your favorite sites at one place just you need to select your favorite website and add that sites in your Feedly list.

5. Google News

Google News
Price: Free

Google news is best free news app for Android smartphone.

This app gives you up to date news for any industry like Technology, Business, Cultural, Country wise and more.

6. Camscanner

CamScanner is the world’s no1 documents scanning and sharing app.

Using CamScanner you can easily scan your documents, create a pdf file of your own documents and more.

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7. Google Translate

Google Translate
Price: Free

Google Translate is a very useful app to translate any word or phrases from any language to your desired language.

8. Truecaller

Truecaller help to identify unknown calls, block spam calls, block spam SMS and also record important calls.

9. Secure VPN

Secure VPN is the best free VPN app to secure your privacy.this android app gives you super fast VPN service.

10. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy voice recorder is the best free app to record crisp and clear quality audio.

I like this app because you can record HD quality audio using this Easy Voice Recorder. One of the best free audio recorder app.

11. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is free Authenticator app.

This app generates 2 step verification codes on your phone.2-step verification provides you with stronger security and save you from hackers.

12. 30 Days Fitness Challenge

30 days fitness Challenge is the best free app for fitness.

In this app, you need to complete the daily task for 30 days and you can also select different levels from easy to hard.

13. Open Camera

Open Camera
Price: Free

Open camera is a great app to record videos on your android phone.

You can also control ISO, Exposure, Video resolution, focus and more. best free android camera app for you.

14. Google Drive

Google Drive
Price: Free+

Google drive is one of the best free apps to store your photos, videos and documents to cloud storage.

You get free 14 GB online storage when you sign up for a new Gmail account.

15. Pixellab

Pixellab is an awesome app to edit your photos with 3d text.

You can also create thumbnails, banner or logo using this app.

16. Picsart

PicsArt is best free android apps for photo editing.

Using PicsArt you can make an amazing and creative picture.

17. Du screen recorder

Du screen record is best free android app for screen recording.

Using du screen record you can directly go live on YouTube and you can able to make money using du screen record too(after latest update of du screen record).

18. Youtube

Price: Free

YouTube is an app where creators upload Videos and viewers watch that videos using the YouTube app.

You can also use the YouTube app to learn new skills and knowledge.

19. Todoist

In this Todoist app, you can add your daily tasks which you want to complete.

After completing that task you can remove those tasks From a Todoist list that sounds bad but very effective and helpful app for everyone.

20. Files Go

When on your phone you have duplicate songs, images or videos you can easily delete them using Files Go.

This app analysis all files very smartly and then give you data about duplicate files.

21. Mx Player

MX Player
Price: Free

Mx player is the best free video player app for Android smartphone.

No other video player app supports all Video format but Mx Player is the only one which supports most of all video format.

22. Gboard

When it comes to typing Gboard is best free keyboard app for android.

Using this app you can increase your typing speed very fast and this app also gives you very accurate suggestions for spelling and words.

23. Dashlane

technicaljayendra recommanded3


If you are one of them who are frustrated by remembering password don’t worry Dashlane remember passwords for you.

You can add up to 50 passwords in Dashlane.one of the best free android app to manage all passwords at one place.

24. Google Duo

Google Duo is the best video calling app.

Duo gives you HD Quality video calls.

25. Es File Explorer

ES File Explorer is the best file manager for Android smartphone.

Using ES file explorer you can hide important folders too.

26. Xender

If you want to share photos, videos, songs or apps from one phone to another xender is the best free app for file sharing.

27. Grammarly



If you want to minimize your typing errors you can use Grammarly keyboard app.one of the best free android keyboard app for your phone.

28. Gmail

Price: Free

Gmail is an official app from Google to manage your all emails at one place.

You can also add multiple accounts in Gmail app too.

29. GoogleGo

GoogleGo is my favorite free android app.

This app is a very light version of original Google App.you can do a voice search, image search, gif search and more.

30. Google Maps

If you are love traveling you need Google Maps to find your desired location or place.

Google maps also give you details about how much traffic on road, distance between two places and more.

31. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a free android app which helps you to push notifications, links or files between android phone and chrome browser.

You need to install chrome Extension on your chrome browser.

32. Google Docs

Google Docs
Price: Free

If you love writing like me you need this app because this app helps you to save your written content on your Google drive so you can access your written content anywhere with the help of your Google account.

33. Vlogit

Vlogit is my personal favorite free video editing app for Android phone.

Vlogit never adds watermark to your videos. As a YouTuber, I personally recommended you to use this app for video editing because this app is easy to use and this app is completely free.

34. WPS Office

If you are one of them a person who deals with Words, PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, Docs and Note you need to install WPS office.

You can easily convert your PDFs, edit your PDFs and more.

35. Pocket

When you have no time to read any blog or article you can save that article in a pocket app to read later.

36. Snapseed

Price: Free

Snapseed is the best and completely free photo editing app for Android smartphone. You can also edit your DSLR photos with the help of the Snapseed.

37. Quora

Price: Free

Quora is question answering app.if you have any kind of question in your mind you can ask your questions on Quora and people will give you answer to your question.

39. Google Fit

If you are very serious about your health you need to install Google Fit app on your phone because using this app you can track how much your calories burn and how many kilometers you walk or run.you can do a lot with Google Fit.

40. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the best music player app for Android phone.

You can directly play music from google play music and you can also play your offline songs.

41. Microsoft News

Microsoft News
Price: Free

Microsoft News also gives you very good news and latest update same as Google News.

42. Shazam

Price: Free

If you are hearing a song somewhere and you want to find a song name or you want to directly play a song on your android phone you can use Shazam to do that.

43. Android Auto

Android Auto also best free android app which helps you to control maps, media, message which you are driving.

44. PayPal

If you love international transaction PayPal help you do that.you can send, receive and access your money and it is very secure.

45. Contact

Price: Free

You can easily backup your contact and access them from any device.

46. Dropbox

Price: Free+

Dropbox also clouds storage app like Google Drive.

You can invite your friends and get some free cloud storage.

47. Pixabay

Price: Free

If you need any kind of free noncopyrighted photos you can use Pixabay app to find free images for any purpose.

48. Datally

Datally helps you to save your data like the Data Saver Chrome extension.

This app is from Google but consumes your battery too much.

49. Musixmatch

If you need lyrics of any song you can get it with Musixmatch.

You can turn on this app and when you play any video on YouTube or song from your music player this app give you lyrics for that song.

50. Trello

Price: Free

Trello is a management app for Android.

Using Trello you can create boards, you can assign a task to co-worker or yourself, you can customize workflows for different projects and more.

51. Google Earth

Google Earth
Price: Free

Google Earth is an amazing free app for android users.

You can explore the whole world with a 3D view or satellite view. One more cool thing about google earth is you can set a point and see what is around that particular point in 3D.

52. Tik-Tok

Price: Free+

I think no need to explain about tik tok because everyone knows about tik tok but for those who don’t know Tik Tok is one kind of social media app where people can make videos around 30 seconds in this app and also apply a ton of effects and filters and more.

People can follow, like, share and comment on other’s videos too.

Let me know which app is your favorite in the comment section and If you love this article please don’t forget to share this article on your social media because it takes too much time to create awesome articles like this.


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