33 The Best Free Chrome Extensions For Google Chrome (2019)

Best top 33 amazing free Google Chrome extension for especially for you in 2019 to increase productivity and save your ton of time.

if you are searching for the best chrome extensions to increase your productivity, save your time, secure your data online and improve your google chrome browsing experience then you are in the right place.


Best Chrome Extension for Google Chrome User

best chrome extension

If you want to download any app You can easily download any app by just clicking on extension icon.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best extension to improve your productivity.

Using Grammarly you can minimize your error while typing because this extension gives you accurate suggestions whenever necessary when you make any kind of silly mistake with your typing.

I like this extension so much and my personal favorite extension to reduce my spelling mistake.

2. Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler
Price: Free

Tab Wrangler is a very smart extension to management multiple tabs.

As the name suggests Tab Wrangler this extension helps to close inactive Google chrome tabs very smartly.

If you want to restore closed tab you can find in tab Wrangler’s history tab. Very simple extension but very useful to save your ram consumption.

3. Facebook Toolkit

Toolkit For FB
Price: Free

Facebook Toolkit is so awesome tool for Facebook lovers.

If you are also Facebook lover this tool is for you. By using this extension you can invite your all friends or selected friends to like your page, you can accept all friends request with one single click or reject them.

You can do a lot more with Facebook Toolkit.

4. Buyhatke

Price: Free

Buyhatke is an awesome extension to compare the price of the product on shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm.

I like this extension too much when I am going to purchase anything on shopping sites because this extension also gives you high and low in the price of the particular product.

This extension also gives you suggestion whether this product is good for you or not.

5. Dashlane

Dashlane is my favorite tool to save the password for any website.

You can save up to 50 passwords with the free version.

This extension also gives you auto login so no need to remember more password. Additionally, You can create an awesome unhackable password with Dashlane.

6. Extension Manager

Extension Manager

Extension Manager is a great extension to manage all installed extension on your Google Chrome browser.

I personally like this extension because I have more than 35 extensions installed on my chrome browser and I occasionally use some of them so to turn off other extensions I use Extension Manager.

You can also delete extension directly using this extension.

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7. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has noted saver extension for google chrome.

This is the best chrome extension for students, teacher and businessman.

You can save your personal notes, documents and more. Evernote also has a mobile app and windows app so you can synchronize your notes, documents and more with free versions but there are some limitations with the free version.

8. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket
Price: Free

The pocket is a very nice extension to save your favorite article from any website.

Pocket also has a mobile app to so if you are reading an article on any website but you don’t have enough time to read that article so you can save by clicking on pocket extension and read later whenever you want.

9. Pushbullet

Price: Free

Pushbullet is a great extension to send messages, photos, and links between your smartphone and chrome browser you can do it with this extension very easily.

I personally like this extension when I want to send a link or anything from my smartphone to chrome browser or vice versa.

You can still send files when your PC turn off or Smartphone is switched off when you power up your device you got that particular file or link.

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10. TrafficLight By Bitdefender

Price: Free

TrafficLight by Bitdefender gives you online protection.

One of the best antivirus extension for chrome whenever you visit any site first Traffic Light check that site if it is safe to visit or not.

If that site contains any malicious virus TrafficLight gives you a warning like not to visit this site.

11. Https Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere
Price: Free

Https everywhere amazing extension because whenever you visit any website this extension provides you https version of that particular site and you know HTTPS sites are very secure as compared to HTTP sites.

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12. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is a great tool to take screenshots inside Google Chrome.

This is the best chrome extension screen capture.

You can edit that screenshot using Nimbus extension too and also you can record video using this extension pretty cool.

13. Checker Plus For Mail

Checker Plus For Mail is an extension which helps you to manage multiple Gmail account at a time.

If you want to check out your mail you can do by pressing on this extension and when you got any mail this extension automatically notify you.

I like this extension because when it comes to managing multiple Gmail accounts this extension very useful.

14. Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest Save Button is a great tool to pin any content from website to your Pinterest profile.

Just install this extension on your chrome browser and you are good to go.

15. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a very helpful extension to find the meaning of a particular word or phrases.

After installing google dictionary you need to just highlight a particular word and right click on it and rest of the work done by this extension.

16. Google Translate

Google Translate
Price: Free

Google Translate help you to translate a paragraph or any word without closing that particular tab.

a very useful tool if you are unable to understand any language you can also select your one language so when you click on any word or paragraph this extension translate that particular word in your selected language.

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17. Bookmark Manager

Bookmark manager extension helps you to manage your bookmark very easily.

You can also organize bookmark inside any folder or files.

18. Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Todoist is a productivity extension which helps you to complete your daily task.

You can install their Android app and sync daily task between your smartphone and Google Chrome browser.

19. Feedly Mini

feedly Mini
Price: Free

Feedly is a great extension to read news or article from your favorite sites.you just need to install this extension and add your favorite sites in this list and when those sites publish new post or article you get notified.

20. App for Instagram

App for Instagram

App for Instagram is an easy way to open and check your Instagram page from your Google Chrome browser.

very good extension if you have huge followers on Instagram to manage your Instagram account fast and effectively.

21. Stay Focused

Stay focused is another productivity extension and this Extension help you to do your work without any distraction and help you to increase your focused as the name suggest.

22. Add to Trello

Add to Trello
Price: Free

Trello is also a productivity and management extension.

This extension helps you to customize your boards, lists, and cards. You can able to manage projects, tasks, and workflows in a very collaborative way.

23. Save To Facebook

Save to Facebook
Price: Free

Save to Facebook is an official extension from Facebook.

Save to Facebook is same as Pinterest save button. using this extension you can save the article, video to watch later, recipes to keep.

24. Pixelblock

Price: Free

Pixelblock is chrome extension help you to disable email trackers.

Pixelblock shows red eyes when this extension found any tracker.

25. LastPass

LastPass also same as a Dashlane password manager.

Using LastPass you can save you all password so no need to remember more password.

26. Instapaper

Price: Free

Instapaper also same as Pocket.

By using Instapaper you can save an article to read later.features are also same as Pocket. Instapaper also has an android app too.

27. Honey

Price: Free

Honey helps you to save your money.

By enabling this extension when you visit any e-commerce Site this extension gives you best deals and coupons for that particular time and site.

28. Avast Online Protection

Avast online protection is also another security extension which shows you that site is good to visit or not and also give you online protection.

29. HoverZoom

Hover Zoom
Price: Free

Hover Zoom as the name suggests when you move your mouse cursor over thumbnail this extension shows you that thumbnail in full size without loading a new page. You can also disable or enable this extension for particular sites.

30. Stylish

Stylish as the name suggest this extension help you to customize any website to your color scheme with just one click.

You can also customize website background, youtube skins, fonts and more.

31. Turn Off Lights

Turn off lights is a very useful extension when you are watching any kind of videos online because the entire page will be fading to black or dark which gives you cinematic experience.

32. PureVPN

PureVPN is a completely free VPN extension for google chrome.

This is best chrome VPN extension.

If you need to increase your privacy which surfing you can use this extension. I like this extension while surfing on the web.

33. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger
Price: Free

Privacy Badger automatically blocks invisible trackers.

This extension removes outgoing link tracking on twitter, facebook and google.

Conclusion :

If you are confused about selecting best google chrome extension for your chrome browser try each and every extension which I mentioned in this list and see which is best for you.

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