8 Best Browser For Windows 10 That Gives You What You Need

Browser is one basic but an innovative tool that has brought up the usage of search engines effectively. It is an application through which various websites, links can be viewed.

best browser for windows 10
Best Browser For Windows 10

Hence, it just not covers the professional aspect but also provide an opportunity to browse links of entertainment like for listening to songs, watching movies and even television episodes, 

Besides, browsing, it also opens the path of communication through electronic emails (e-mail) and Video chat. 

Best Browser For Windows 10

As time passed by, the advancement in technology rose up the level of creativity and so multiple browsers are being introduced. On the same, let us discover the insight of various fastest and best browsers for window 10.

1. Brave Browser


Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers for windows 10. We all get inspired by amazing technology nowadays.

It is a free browser that blocks ads & website trackers. It comes with great features & benefits which makes it unique from the others. We all want to save our time for optimum utilization.

Let’s walk through the critical features of Brave Browser which makes it as the Best Browser for Windows 10:-

Loads pages 6 times faster- We all want to save our precious time to achieve the best out of it. Brave Browser loads pages 6 times faster than the other browsers. It also gives you the best search engine in one go to search your favorite sites. You don’t need to open the alternative tabs for your search. This is not all, you can certainly use keyboard shortcuts to save plenty of your time in search engines.

Resume the tasks from where you left- Isn’t a cool feature to resume the task from where you left? Well, besides saving your time, it also gives you the comfort to start on just one single click. That’s not all, you can add extensions & bookmarks of your choice for ease & comfort. This is one of the best browsers for windows. It also allows you to use DuckDuckGo for private search on a single tab. 

Support amazing sites- Brave Browser also supports your favorite sites, like- Facebook, YouTube, etc. on a single page for your ease. You can also customize the tabs & sites as per your wish list & requirements. This browser maintains your browsing history private & keeps it to yourself only. It gives you the same speed no matter which sites you search for.

World-class security & privacy- There is no apprehension that Brave Browser is one the safest browser in terms of security & privacy. It secures your search data in the “Do Not Track” mode to avoid any data sharing online. It also provides you the best private tab to make it more secure & safe.

Let’s take a glance on Pros & Cons of Brave Browser:-

Fast & Prompt Result while searching in the engineIt supports all extension but they promote crypto that is the disadvantage
Rewards system for publishersConsume more ram because based on chromium
Block video ads as wellSome times brave shield brake site
Inbuild Powerful ads and tracker blocker
Protect your online privacy
Tor for Private browsing 

2. Firefox Browser

This is one of the favorite browsers which comes with several benefits & features. It is supported on Windows, Linux & Mac. Millions of people use this browser day in & day out. Firefox is the only open-source web browser among the other browsers which is more advanced & user friendly. This is one of the first browsers to support HTML5 & CSS3. Let’s glance at the critical features of the tool:-


Search Engine– Whether you know the complete address of the site or not, you can just start typing the name & Firefox will do the rest. It pops up the automatic suggestion in the search box to make your life easier. It guides you lie your mentor or best friend basis in the recent search & the interest you have shown on the sites.

Tab Management-Tab management is one of the amazing features of Firefox. It manages your favorite tabs efficiently in one go. Whether you need to customize the tabs or create a new one, Firefox is always there for you to make it possible. 

Security– You can now browse the sites without anyone tracking you. Firefox has a feature of pop-up blocker, anti-phishing & malware which prevent unwanted links & sites while you focus on your work. Hence, you don’t need to worry about security & privacy while you browse on Firefox.

Add-Ons-This feature is a seamless touchpoint for the users. You can add several add-ons & extensions of your preferred choice to experience the all-new feature of Firefox. It also gives you a way to change the look of the browser & interface by several Personas.

Let’s have a glance at Pros & Cons of Firefox:-

Great security features make it more in demandCompatibility issues are seen in some of the cases
Several Add-Ons & Extensionsdoes not resume automatically from where we left
User Friendly interfaceconsumes a lot of RAM

Firefox is one of the best & fastest browsers for windows 10. You can certainly experience the interface as per the Pros & Cons.

3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the prominent browsers used by millions of people. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS & Android. This is completely synced with Google & promises a world-class experience to its users. It comes with advanced features & benefits which are likely to be seen in this specific browser only. It was officially launched in 2008 with its first version & keeps on updating the same as per the need of the hour.  


There are several features of Google Chrome which makes it the best browser for windows Let’s take a look:-

Task Manager– Google Chrome has its own task manager which allows you to track the usage as per the performance. You can simply open it by pressing Shift & Esc key & track how much memory is being used. It allows you to stop the unnecessary tasks which are exhausting the CPU memory so that you can focus on critical tasks only. 

Search Engine-Google Chrome has separate input boxes for the search bar & the address bar which saves a lot of time for the users. You don’t have to type the complete address in the search box, rather it will automatically appear the moment you start tying. This seems similar to the other search engines, however, its robust suggestion built system makes it unique.

Upgraded Tabs- Isn’t it interesting to work around the tabs on a single click? Well, Chrome gives you the feature to drag a tab into its own window & drag it back to the main window. This Dynamic Tab saves a lot of time & is user friendly. These tabs are fully functional with respect to the outcomes.

Incognito Mode- Chrome has a great feature of Incognito mode which allows you to search privately without storing any history, cache, and cookies. This has been used by a lot of people who do not want any search track in their system. 

Don’t forget to walk through the Pros & Cons of Google Chrome:-

Quick Tab Switch while browsingBrowser skin & the theme is not available by default
Better syncing across devicesConsume a lot of RAM
User Friendly
Excellent Search Engine

All in all, Google Chrome is a highly recommended browser for browsing. Indeed, one of the fastest browsers for Windows 10 but consumes a huge amount of ram as compared to other browsers.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a “Game Changer” in browsing. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS & Android. It promised better productivity, privacy & value to your browsing. You can expect the fastest speed in this specific browser which syncs the data up to maximum optimization. That’s not all, it is highly secure & advanced while browsing your favorite content. 

Microsoft edge interface

Here are some critical features of Microsoft Edge which makes it more unique:-

Speedy Performance- With Microsoft Edge, speed is the ultimate feature that you can expect without any hiccups. It allows you to browse through several windows with the speed intact. The world-class technology makes it more prominent & in demand. 

Safe & Secure- We all want our data to be secured & private. When it comes to the safest browser, Microsoft edge takes the guard & promises for 100% safe & secure data. It provides more control over the data to customize as per your needs & requirements. 

Better Productivity-Wonderful & stylish tabs which ensure better productivity & output. You can expect a great output through the best search engine. That’s not all, it provides several tabs to switch the work at an easy pace. Don’t worry about the complex searches, Microsoft edge takes care of all.

More Value– Give It Bing is a new way to help others by searching on Bing & earn reward points. You can always donate those points to the cause of your choice & become a helping hand by just browsing. Isn’t a cool idea to sustain the knowledge & cause in one go?

Although Microsoft Edge is one of the best & the fastest browser for Windows 10, still you may want to go through the Pros & Cons of the same.

Fast & user-friendly interfaceMicrosoft feed shows you un relevant news
Safe & Securefewer extensions support
Reading ModeNo history search
Best Tab Organization tools

Indeed, there are several features of Microsoft Edge which makes it unique from others. It also depends on the user to user as per the Pros & Cons mentioned. 

Let’s take a look at our new browser.

5. Opera Browser

Opera browser is a freeware web browser for Microsoft, Android, IOS, Mac & Linux. It gives you the facility of free VPN which reduces online tracking & protects your data. This is also one of the fastest browsers used for windows 10. 

opera browser

Switching to Opera would get you the best speed, ad blocker & safest browsing experience. Let’s take a glance on the top features of Opera:-

Fast Browsing- Opera provides you the world-class browsing experience by its built-in ad blockers that help to load the pages faster in comparison to other browsers. It helps you to save your precious time to optimize in other critical tasks.

Securing your privacy- Opera VPN helps you to be relaxed in risking the data. It reduces online tracking & protects your data efficiently. It holds the most advanced feature of security which runs the data & protects like a shield.

Customized Tabs- Customizing the tabs in Opera is just a click away. You can customize Opera with dark & light themes & add a lot of shortcuts in a go. Don’t worry about the bookmarks & favorites; Opera is there for all your needs in browsing.

Workspaces-It is difficult sometimes to manage all the tabs single-handedly. Hence, Opera gives you the way to manage the workspace as per the severity of the task or work. The smartest way to bifurcate critical & important under one roof.

Here are some Pros and Cons to understand the core strengths & opportunists:-

Fast & Responsive feature makes it a “Game Changer”less used by web-development organizations
Huge Community support Hard to find the built-in extensions
Integrated protections with proven capabilitiesToo many choices create apprehension among the users

Opera has signified a benchmark in browsing over a period of time, however, some Cons are still taken into consideration while anyone goes ahead with Opera. Hence, a good browser which can be considered for windows10.

6. Opera GX

A good lot of youngsters like to play Gaming. Undoubtedly, Gaming requires a lot of great tools which makes the experience more promising. Opera GX is a special version of Opera Browser built specifically for Gaming. It is compatible with Windows & Mac. It offers a good platform for Gamers with exclusive features & benefits. 

interface of operagx

Let’s take a glance on critical features of Opera GX:-

Amazing Built-in Controls- We all know that whenever you play a game in any browser it slows down the RAM & hence impacts your Gaming experience all the way. Opera GX provides GX Control which sets a limit to RAM & network bandwidth while you enjoy the Game. 

Messenger App- Making things easy for Opera GX is always in the legacy. Whether it’s connecting your friends via chat or social app, Opera GX provides you the sidebar to connect with your buddies in real-time. Isn’t it a cool feature to interact in a game with your buddies? 

Customization options- A cool customization is what it takes to make a futuristic browser. Well, Opera GX gives you the option to change the look as per your likes. These appeals to a lot of Gamers to customize the settings as they want. 

Video Pop-out Controls- Opera GX gives you the option to watch your favorite videos on YouTube or other online videos while you are already in the Game. That’s not all, you can always tap on your favorite section of videos & come back when you want to take a pause in the Game.

Indeed, Opera GX is one of the best browsers for windows10, especially for Gamers.

Let’s take a glance at Pros & Cons:-

Customization TabsBit dark themes which results in average user experience
Twitch IntegrationGood for gamers only
RAM & CPU limitations

Well, if you are really a Game lover then Opera GX is highly recommended for you as its advanced features are incredible & winning hearts of millions.

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7. Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is a fast, secure & advanced browser that blocks the ads & trackers. The same has been designed by Opera to build the other version. Whether it’s about security, speed, or privacy, Vivaldi Browser is always the choice of millions of users. No doubt, it comes with great features & benefits which make it more prominent in the league.


Here are some top features of Vivaldi Browser:-

Inbuilt Tracker blocker- Vivaldi browser blocks sites that track you around the world. It ensures your security & privacy in the utmost priority. No one wants to share their data on the cloud nowadays. Vivaldi Browser solves it all in one go. 

Takedown notes- You can always take down the notes on the slide bar & capture in the form the text or screenshots. Isn’t an easy way to capture the critical notes for your reference? The Vivaldi browser keeps everything ready for you. 

Managing Tabs effectively- Many tabs can be managed in one go with the Vivaldi browser. You can get quick access to your favorite chat apps, news sites & other apps on a single window. Besides tabs, you can also customize the themes as per your interest. 

Go dark with Vivaldi Browser-With Vivaldi Browser, you can always take the benefit of Dark Theme which is completely customized. You can choose your style, bar, theme, interface & position to give a new look all the way.

Don’t forget to go through the Pros & Cons of Vivaldi Browser.

Speedy browserBookmarks can’t be exported in Vivaldi Browser
Notes feature is amazing 

All in all, Vivaldi browser is one of the fastest browsers for windows10. It is highly recommended for an individual to experience this specific browser provided with its Pros & Cons.

8. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is a freeware web browser that provides faster web experience. It is compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mac, etc.

It is one of the best browsers for windows10. Maxthon serves great security & privacy features along with dual speed. There are several versions like- Maxthon 3, Mathon 4, etc. which keep on building the legacy of Maxthon.

Maxthon Browser

Let’s take a glance on the top features of Maxthon browser:-

Magic Fill- We can’t keep handy of all the credentials in one go. It seems a bit complicated. Well, the Maxthon browser provides the same solution. It manages your credentials securely & perils the same whenever you ask for it. 

Multi Search- One of the unique features which allows you to customize search across Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can add an option to the tab of Multi-Search in case you would go for optimum search.

Mouse Gesture-We always hunts to get the shortcuts on common actions, like- refresh, back, forward, close, etc. Mouse gesture provides you the best option to perform these common tasks by hovering or clicking the mouse. You can always customize the features of Mouse gestures whenever you want.

 Ad Hunter- The idea is pretty simple. Ad Hunter provides you the option to block the advertisement in your own way. No one likes annoying ads while working on the tasks. Hence, Ad Hunter hunts all the possible ads & gives you the choice to refrain or accept the same in the future while visiting the site.

Let’s have a glance at the Pros & Cons of Maxton Browser.

Automatic Sync with phone & computer browserFewer extensions in comparison to other browsers
Optimum Surfing speed
Safe & Secure

All in all, the Maxton browser can be considered as one of the best browsers for windows10. 

We have noticed that technology has changed over a period of time & its application too. Hence, it becomes more crucial to understand what are the best tools in terms of a browser that can navigate us to the door of knowledge. Many of the individuals prefer to use the browser as per their needs and requirements. It is imperative to say that you can use any of the browsers for your task considering their Pros and Cons. 


All in all, the above tools are promising enough to bring the revolution in the browsing framework & help an individual using the best browser to the optimum level. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s build another story & share the knowledge by surfing the best browser for windows 10.

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