7 Best Browser For mac OS To Supercharge Your System

The ecosystem of software has been evolving and surely advancing to a better future for the better experience of the users over time and believe it or not Internet browsers are indeed one of the most used and important software in an electronic-smart device be it any platform.

Best Browser for mac

Best Browser for Mac

So further in this post, I will be listing the top 7 Best Browser for Mac OS because I was not quite sure which was the Best browser, the reason is probably there is so many deserving software that shortlisting is quite difficult.


Just like Chrome browser in the Windows, Safari is the most preferred and indeed the most popular and the Best mac OS browsers of all, that users prefer which is quite obvious because it is specially designed and developed for MAC OS and specifically for Apple devices which makes it much more compatible with MAC OS, powerful and eventually superior when compared with rest of the browsers in the MAC market.

Safari Browser For mac

Hence, now you know that it is specifically developed by Apple for generating the best performance out of the MAC devices which is just great. The security feature is also quite impressive with enhanced tracker blocker, Ad-blocker and so on which is just more than enough for users.

Also, when it comes to performance it does all kinds of jobs with perfection and with zero effort. Be it a light browsing experience or a heavy with highly loaded pages, it just performs well by optimizing the browser as per the system by almost zero negligence regarding whole performance.

Just like any other good browser in the market today, you can also expect it to be loaded with plenty of extension options which is quite impressive, but yet the update has to come for Safari because there are not many options for users to choose from. 

Everything is just perfect for Apple devices in this particular browser, one can control or manage iCloud to store bookmarks, passwords and all within the browser which is great. 

Overall, the browser is pretty easy to use and eventually with frequent customization and themes you can personalize it with your own needs and all which is impressive too.


  • The simple reader mode which allows you to read contents in your MAC device with minimal effort.
  • It is too good for MAC OS and Apple devices.
  • Very less battery consumption.
  • The UI matches with the MAC OS perfectly.
  • Decent memory consumption with good performance.
  • Handles heavy workload easily.
  • Versatile customization features accessible within the browser.
  • Not highly secure but does the job for MAC users.
  • Handled by Apple developers, so issues are less.
Consumes less memoryLack of extensions
Incredible performance
Perfect for MAC ecosystem

2.Brave Browser

Brave is indeed one of the most newly arrived browsers in the market but surely is not the one to be ignored because it has some of the best features packed in it and let me tell you that it is absolutely impressive. There are features that are beneficial for users.


Yes, you heard it, you are also getting an option of brave rewards which you can enable from the browser and earn rewards or we can say crypto-currency or real money by watching Ads which is another impressive quality of the browser.

In the whole, the browser will never fail your expectations when it comes to the UI because it is perfectly designed and refined too which also results in ease of usage for the users or even if you are a naïve or a new user of the internet then you will surely begin to enjoy using Brave browser

All the toggles and options are easily accessible and clear there is no complexity in the design of the browser which as a user you are going to love if you are one of the users who is used to simplicity. When it comes to Ad-blocker in the Brave browser, you can expect it to work extremely well and eventually block all the popups and Ads as well, without any issue most of the time.

The brave shield is one of the features which has all the options at one place regarding security, privacy, and protection which allows the user to switch it on or off without even searching for a particular option. 


  • Probably the most optimized UI.
  • Features enhanced and very strong security system.
  • Some features yet to be added in the MAC version.
  • Great control over all the features in the browser.
  • Rewards users through crypto-currency or from other forms.
  • Users can contribute to creators.
  • Powerful Ad-blocker, in-fact blocks Ads in YouTube videos.
  • I can assure you that the brave browser is one of the most secure ones in the market currently.
Powerful Ad-blockerDysfunctional Sync
Incredible security featuresNo-inbuilt VPN
Works incredibly with the heavy load
Rewards Users

3.Mozilla Firefox

Here comes another classic and powerful browser or we can say it as one of the most popular browsers in the market for all the platforms because it has been in the highlights forever just like the Chrome browser. It has been in the highlights for a very long time and eventually has made a name in the market of browsers which is great. 


It has been highly consistent over the time when it comes to offering great performance and has been consistently popular as well which is just great for any of the users.

 In addition, one can also expect to have great options regarding extensions and themes, just like the Chrome browser because everyone loves extensions and to work with few customizations within the browser. It also features a download manager where you can easily go on to manage all your downloading or to be downloaded files, especially when you are on a limited data plan because managing internet data is quite difficult without a proper download manager.

The best feature one can find is the UI i.e. clean and perfectly optimized for an optimal performance with minimal overload in the CPU which is great for any of the computer systems because no one wants a browser to eat much memory while they do different work. 

When it comes to security and privacy factors then you can rely on it without any hitch because it has some of the best features like tracker blockers, Ad-blocker and even site verification which is good enough for any of the users who tend to visit many 3rd party websites on a regular basis.


  • Very light-weighted browser.
  • Simple and highly optimized UI.
  • Consumes less battery and memory as well.
  • Dysfunctions sometimes when the workload is heavier.
  • Highly secure and resilient customization.
  • Some other main features are tabbed browsing, spell checking, and incremental find.
  • Live bookmarking, Smart Bookmarks, private browsing (incognito mode), and geo-location. 
  • Hence, if you are in search of a light browser and expecting it to perform phenomenally then this is the one. 
Speedy performanceDysfunctions with some websites
Versatile customization
Light-weight yet great offerings 

4.Google Chrome

If you are one of the users who is using internet and computer or any other smart device for a long period of time then you already know almost everything about Chrome browser because it is one of the best or it is the most popular browser and we can also call it as one of the oldest browsers which is not at all a problem.


The best part about this browser is the classic and good old Extension feature which is just amazing because who else will not love to have the applications in their browser to access it within the browser.

 However, if you are used to the so-called Eco-system of the Chrome browser then surely you won’t have any kind of issues regarding any features or usability because it is almost similar to that of windows apart from some of the features which need payment like Extensions access. 

Also, when it comes to security norms and all the factors Chrome browser is not the best at all especially when it comes to MAC OS because Google watches you the whole time. But, somehow they are better than any Chinese company who tends to exploit your info.

When it comes to Ad-blocker in this particular browser then you need to compromise regarding Ads because that is where Google earns money and eventually Chrome won’t block any of the Google featured Ads which are somewhat optimized but at some point of time it is annoying so Ad-blocker feature is quite a weak link when it comes to Ad-blocker.


  • No Ad-blocker (shows Google Ads frequently).
  • Optimized and easy to use UI.
  • Frequent updates to resolve issues.
  • Not quite secure but trustworthy indeed.
  • Lots of options for extension and versatile customization.
  • Eats plenty of memory and battery which can be irritating.
  • Make sure and use accordingly because somehow someone is watching you from Google.
  • Availability of themes, adjustment of background pictures and all are just perfect for customization.
Incredible extension supportMemory consuming
Versatile featuresBattery consuming
Easy and simple to useNot quite safe

5.Microsoft Edge

You might be thinking how come Microsoft Edge is in this list. Well, it is here and it has made it down to the list by proving itself which is more than enough. 

Microsoft edge interface

If you are one of the people who are unaware about the Microsoft Edge then let me tell you that you know nothing about the PC ecosystem because it is indeed one of the best browsers in the market one can find for both Windows and MAC as well. Also, it is developed by Microsoft especially for Windows but somehow they have tried to bring it to the MAC OS which is a decent practice.

However, one can totally rely on Edge when it comes to privacy because it does a great job protecting you from trackers and eventually also from websites which are not quite trustworthy.

When it comes to extensions in this browser, then you can’t expect it to deliver the performance with perfection because Edge is specially designed for Windows and it is for an obvious reason that all the extensions won’t perform the way they should.

 One of the most acknowledged and popular features is the immersive reader mode in the browser which just removes all the unnecessary contents from the web page to give you a clean and simple page to read through which is amazing. 

When it comes to memory consumption, it is very less and even after the consumption is less as compared to most of the browsers in the list, it gives an excellent performance which again results in less battery consumption in MACbooks which is great.


  • Immersive reader mode. 
  • Plenty of extensions but not much.
  • Optimized UI and well performing.
  • Highly enhanced security system.
  • The security and privacy factors are good enough for a regular user.
  • The search engine of the browser is already set default to Bing search engine. 
  • When it comes to features like web page settings, bookmarks, password manager, each one of them is good enough for a regular user. 
  • Despite being a newcomer, it has proven its worth in the market.
Highly optimizedThe default search engine is Bing
Supports most of the extensions
Highly Secure
Handy features

6.Opera Browser

This is indeed another old competitor and has also been one of the most known internet browsers in the market for a long period of time. With ups and downs Opera has been not quite consistent when it comes to satisfying the users because of obvious reasons.

opera browser

Somehow or other, the browser has started gaining the reputation these days after few changes and upgrades which is good because all of us “the users” get to choose between browsers which are not bad at all.

While you browse or watch videos in the browser, you basically can’t text in any of your social media handles but with Opera browser it is possible. This particular feature might consume a plenty of Ram because the offerings are too high. 

Just like any other browser Opera also features extensions for its users but it’s not similar to that of the chrome extensions. Rather the browser has its own Opera extension stores which will generate problems for users who are planning to upgrade from any Chromium-based browser.

The sync feature is also quite great which allows the user to sync their Opera account with another Opera browser in a different platform to acquire the data from other platforms as well like bookmarks, customized pages and so on.

VPN (virtual private network) this is not a feature anymore rather it is a necessity for the users and what’s better than an inbuilt VPN. There will be no need of downloading another VPN for daily usage. At times when you need to visit certain websites which are blocked by the government of your country, this feature will help you get through with the blockage.


  • Focuses highly on multi-functional abilities.
  • In-built VPN.
  • Versatile Add-ons and extension support.
  • Impressive sync feature for different devices.
  • Decent privacy and security features. 
  • The users can play videos from twitch and YouTube while browsing or doing other works in the browser. 
Inbuilt VPNNot apt for heavy performance
Handy tools
Impressive Add-ons

7.Vivaldi Browser

This could be one of the most underrated and underestimated browsers of all because it is not that bad as users see it to be which is quite unfair because the developers should get the fair results of their hard work. Also, this browser is developed by one of the Co-founders of Opera, so expecting good is quite obvious from this browser.


This is another browser which is based on Google’s open-source code Chromium, so you can expect it to be snappy and offering a lot of features at the same time which is great for any of the users.

Basically, we can call this as a merge up between Chrome and Opera because it seems more like that. The sidebar which allows you to access social media platforms just like Opera, just click the sidebar and login with the specific platform and just go on to use the messengers without disturbing the flow of your work in the browser. 

The tab management is just overwhelming in the browser where you can just hover through the tabs and click on the appropriate one to access the tab. This is one of the features which surely most of the users would like because it is “Cool”.

 When we talk about UI, you will find that the control over the UI through customization is great which is impressive like applying themes, changing the background colour, fonts and all is great in it to give it the personalized touch.

In addition, it also features a shortcut within the browser so that you can easily control and give commands just by using a few keys and mouse which is great, there are features like a snapshot that comes in as a handy tool to edit and save screenshot within the browser.


  • Merge-up of Chrome and Opera with additional security features.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Handy tools and shortcuts to get good control.
  • Not manageable while the load is heavier.
  • Tab management is way too impressive.
  • It also has a sidebar which features to contain some of the social media messengers 
  • When it comes to privacy and security features, this browser stands strong.
  • Frequent customization of browsers for a better experience.
Lots of featuresQuite buggy while heavy load
Smooth experience
Fascinating tab management

Best Browser For macOS FAQS

Is Chrome better than Safari on Mac?

No, not at all which is quite obvious because both of the browsers are designed differently and handled by the two best developers. But, in this scenario, we are talking about MAC OS so Safari is way too ahead of Chrome because of all the features and compatibility with the MAC OS.
Also, there are features in the Chrome browser which most of the users don’t like such as paying for extensions, the fragility of privacy, and security which is way too out of the line for any user.

Which is the best Web browser for Mac?

It has to be the most offering and probably the most popular browser among MAC users i.e. Safari browser and when it comes to the reasons then you can find it to be quite obvious because Apple is one of the developers of Safari so you can expect it to perform perfectly for MAC OS without any kind of issues. Be it the compatibility, privacy factor, speed and so on, Safari has to be the most popular and indeed the best browser for MAC OS. 
Even when you compare it with other browsers regarding battery and memory consumption, Safari tends to consume less by providing the perfect performance which is even better because Safari comes preloaded with all the MAC devices. Still, there’s a browser and i.e. the Brave browser which also holds a good position when you compare on an overall basis.

Is Chrome bad for Mac?

No, I won’t say it is bad for MAC rather I would say that there are better options for users than Chrome Browser for MAC OS, such as the Brave and Safari browser.

Which is the safest browser for Mac?

I would say Brave is the safest browser for MAC and the reasons are quite obvious as well i.e. the features which it offers such as HTTPS upgrade, tracker blocker, cross site verification and so on which is just more than enough for your security.
But I would also mention Safari because it is handled by Apple and you can expect strong security features from it.

What is the fastest browser for Mac?

Well, the fastest one is also Safari because it supports almost all the required plug-in with great compatibility and with very less memory consumption it offers great performance which further results in it to be the fastest of all in the MAC ecosystem

Which browser uses the least memory on Mac?

Well, the answer is Mozilla Firefox because it is a lightweight browser which provides decent performance as per the power and memory consumption. Also, it supports almost all the Extension s and Add-ons which is just perfect. If you are looking for a browser which eats less memory then surely Firefox is the one.

What is the safest browser to use?

As per my knowledge and research, it has to be the Brave browser because the claims and features available in the browser regarding security factor is just amazing. The chances of getting tracked or hacked is almost impossible with this browser which is great.
 Also, I would say that it is based on Google Chromium so you can expect pretty much a lot from the browser in the future and totally rely on the privacy and security factors.

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