AntiVirus Vs AntiMalware: Which one is Better ?

Surely you have ever wondered what is the difference between an antivirus and antimalware since it is very common to confuse both terms. Many users don’t know about these and sometimes interpret them as the same, which is not true.

antivirus vs antimalware

So, In this post, I am going to explain to you the differences and similarities between them and how some companies are misguiding the users and making them buy their products.

AntiVirus Vs AntiMalware

In order to understand this aspect and discover if an antivirus or antimalware is better, we first have to define the concepts.

What is Malware?

In layman terms, it is basically a malicious code that is capable of infecting your computer and other devices. For its part, malware is a more general term that, in addition to encompassing viruses, also includes other types of malicious software, such as Trojans or worms.

So, it is the bigger term which includes other things like viruses, trojans, worms, etc.

What is Virus?

A virus is a program or code capable of replicating itself and its main function is to enter a computer and damage its entire operating system in different ways. A virus can be attached to another software and can enter your PC when you install the software on your device.

Antivirus vs AntiMalware?

Theoretically, both antivirus and antimalware are two different things. It is a program that protects computers from most viruses that can access and damage a computer system. Antivirus monitors the state of the computer in real-time and, if they detect something strange, they set off the alarm that will tell you that your computer is being attacked so that you can solve it in time. 

An antimalware, on the other hand, is capable of protecting your device from not only viruses but also from other harmful trojans and worms, giving you total protection. So, antimalware can work as antiviruses and can defend your device from other malicious programs as well.

Why is antivirus software popular?

If you ask any average PC user, he won’t know anything about the malware or antimalware. He would most probably go on to buy Antivirus for his PC. Using the same terminology, most big brands in the market promote and sell their products. 

But is it incapable of protecting your PC from other types of malware? I will tell you about that in the next section.

How antivirus provides you protection against malware as well.

If you use BitDefender free, you can say, as the name suggests, an antivirus program. But, if you go inside the protection section within the app, you will notice the ‘Antimalware engine’.

Bitdefender malware protection

So, it can protect you from all kinds of malware, including the virus as well. So, it is not completely true that antivirus can only protect your PC from viruses. 

What is total security software?

Since most users are naïve about antivirus and antimalware, brands try to promote their products like antivirus and include protection against other malware as well. They try to show the audience that their tools can protect any device from any threat.

Some brands also try to promote their antimalware products as total security software, which are basically the same thing. 

How AntiMalware software is promoted?

What some brands do is that they make separate software with the name of antimalware and charge extra for those tools. If any user has a basic idea about the virus and malware, he would think buying an antimalware tool would provide him protection from all kinds of malware including viruses, trojans, and worms.

But as I have shown you above about the BitDefender, most are capable of protecting your PC against all kinds of malware. So was it worth spending extra in the name of antimalware? Probably not.

What do you need to purchase? AntiMalware or AntiVirus?

I have explained to you about them and how they are basically the same tools. Practically anti-virus is capable of protecting PCs from malware as well. You will be getting the same functions in both. So, both will offer the same protection, be it any virus or any other malware. 

But brands, as they want you to spend extra on their antimalware, portray that antimalware is better for total security. Now that you have understood, you won’t fall for the trap again.

There has been a lot of misconception and misinformation on the internet, which I hope would have been clear by now. So, go on and buy any one between antivirus and antimalware, whichever you find cheaper.

AntiVirus Vs AntiMalware FAQs

Can antivirus detect malware?

Yes. antivirus can detect malware as well.

How to protect your computer from malware and viruses?

You can use any good antivirus program to protect your computer from any malware.

What is the difference between malware and virus?

Malware is a bigger term which includes malicious things like viruses, trojans, worms etc. Virus, on the other hand, is a code which damages the entire PC, being a part of malware.

How do you detect malware?

You might start to witness annoying ads, pop ups, computer slows down, crashes, security solutions automatically disabled, can’t access control panel, and unexpected error messages. If you see these on your PC, there’s a high chance that it is infected by a malware.


In this article, I have mentioned all about Antivirus and AntiMalware and whats the difference between them, and why you should have one.

I hope you like my article if you have any doubts feel free to drop a comment in the comment section.

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