Android System Webview: Did You Know This?

If you are one of the modern Android users, you must know a few system functionalities of certain applications or system apps that you should keep track of and always make sure to keep them updated. Android System Webview is one of the most essential system apps which plays a vital role in enhancing the users experience in-app. 

Android System Webview

In the post, I’ve also mentioned what to do and what not to do with Android System Webview. Hence, read ahead and enlighten yourself!

What Is Android System Webview?

Android System WebView
Android System WebView
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Android System WebView Screenshot
  • Android System WebView Screenshot

Android System WebView is the official Google application that provides web viewing functions in an app. It allows any application to display a web page without switching to a web browser or a different application. 

It is thanks to this system that you can open web links in any application without leaving it. Android System Webview is a mini-browser (based on Google Chrome) that operates within various applications installed on your Android device. 

The fact that Android System Webview is a lightweight browser, improves the displaying and loading speed of web content. This tends to be faster, as it uses a lite version to view content with minimal quality degradation. 

Can I Uninstall Android System Webview?

It is an Android system application so you cannot uninstall it like other apps. If you do, you will have issues with the running and functioning of apps and would eventually refuse to work. However, you can uninstall updates, which will just roll back the app to an older version.

Android System WebView is a free and mandatory application for mobile devices having Android OS, it updates directly from the Google Play Store. Note that sometimes not updating Android System WebView can cause crashes in some of the applications. So first make sure that it is always up to date.

What If I Disabled It?

disable android system webview

Disabling it will only cause you more trouble and eventually will degrade your experience with the smartphone. Numerous system functions might crash and even worse can happen.

In addition, you won’t be able to open an external link in-app; rather, you will be redirected to the browser which somehow is time-taking. Further, the dysfunctionalities of few system apps and even 3rd party apps are even possible when Android System Webview is disabled. Hence, it should never be disabled. 

Benefits Of Android System Webview 

  • The first and foremost benefit is direct for the user i.e. one can access an external link or web page within an app without even accessing a proper browser. 
  • This eventually opens up the web page faster than the browser as the web page is subsequently a lite version.
  • Regularly updating Android System Webview keeps the user experience smooth and bug-free mostly in the 3rd party apps.
  • Overall, it will enhance the Android experience and make things easier for a regular user.

Can I Uninstall Android System Webview And Rely Google Chrome 

However, Android System Webview is based on Google Chrome but disabling it to rely on Google Chrome is not at all relevant, both are different functional apps. Fortunately, even if you wish to uninstall the Android System Webview, you won’t be able to do it.

Somehow it can be disabled, but there is no logic behind disabling it because it will only create more trouble for you. 


How do you turn on Android system WebView?

It is a pre-installed app provided by Google and all you have to do is update the app if/when required.

What if I disable the Android WebView app on Android?

You should be foolish enough to do this, but it will lead to the crashing of apps and many more issues with the regular functions in an app will arise.

What is the use of the Android WebView app on Android?

As mentioned above, it allows users to access an external web page within a specific application.


Therefore, above is a brief article on Android System WebView, its functionalities, and the Dos/Donts related to it. As it is one of the system apps, you should never attempt to disable the Android System Webview in any circumstances. Hence, if you found this post useful or informative, share it with your friends and family. 

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