20 The Best Android Apps For Youtubers (Today)

If you are looking for android apps for youtubers then are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to see the top and best apps every youtuber should have.

Best Android Apps For Youtubers

android apps for youtubers

android apps for youtubers

1. YouTube Creators Studio

YouTube Studio
Price: Free

If you are youtuber you need to install YouTube creators studio in your android phone.

This app helps you to analyze your daily views, revenue, which keyword gives you more traffic and more.

Features of YouTube Creators Studio :

  • Monitor your channel and videos with advanced analysis
  • You can respond to comment or filters comments
  • Get a notification when something happens with your channel
  • An easy way to manage your playlist
  • Download thumbnail or change thumbnail
  • Real-time views count

In our list of android apps for youtubers youtube studio is must have android app for youtubers.

2. Animated Text

Animated Text is the best android app for youtuber.

You can make intro or outro for your Youtube videos using Legend app.

Very easy to use and simple app.

This app isn’t available in play store but you can download this app from below link.

Features of Animated Text:

  • You can create short intro or outro
  • Different text styles


3. Canva

One of the best app to make thumbnail, poster, logo and more.

If you are looking for the best app to make a thumbnail for youtube videos you can try this app.

I personally use canva to make my youtube video thumbnail.

Canva gives you lots of templates, free images to use, elements and more.

Features of Canva :

  • Free and unlimited templates
  • Easy to use interfere
  • Free and unlimited texts
  • Cool stickers and awesome elements


4. Pixellab

Pixellab is an android app for youtuber.

Today most of the youtubers use Pixellab to edit and make their thumbnail.

In past, I use this app to edit my thumbnail for my YouTube videos.

Features of Pixellab :

  • Make your text in 3D
  • Save your current project
  • Add your own fonts in thumbnail
  • Engaging stickers to get more click on your youtube video

Learn more about Pixellab:

5. Adsense

Google AdSense
Price: Free

Adsense is a necessary app for youtubers to check their CPC, clicks, and analysis your earnings.

Features Of Adsense :

  • Report of Ad units
  • Clicks tracker
  • Click through rate checker
  • Estimated earning

6. Easy Voice Recorder

When it comes to record audio using your android phone for youtube I just love easy voice recorder.

Every youtuber should have this voice recorder for android phones.

Features Of Easy Voice Recorder :

  • High-quality recording
  • Noise suppression
  • Echo cancellation
  • Automatic gain control

7. Tubebuddy

I highly recommends you to use a tubebuddy android app.

Price: Free+

One of the best android app for youtuber.

If you are youtuber and you need to grow your youtube channel faster in 2019.

Tubebuddy helps you to find low competition keywords and related keyword to that main keyword to increase chances to rank higher on youtube.

Features of Tubebuddy :

  • Live subscribers count of your youtube channel
  • Tag Finder
  • Related tags
  • Channel milestones to encourage you to be productivity
  • Youtube videos SEO stats

Tubebuddy also must have app in our list of  android apps for youtubers

8. Todoist

I use the Todoist app each and every day because this app is a task manager app.

Just add your tasks to todoist and complete them on time.

I add my video topics and other tasks and after completing them I just remove those tasks from my list.

Features of Todoist :

  • Capture and organize your tasks
  • Your productivity tracker
  • Remember you to complete a task via email and push notification

9. Google News

Google News
Price: Free

If you are tech youtuber like me or any other youtube creator you need to up today the with latest tech news, daily news and more.

Google news is an awesome app to get all latest news, business news and more.

Features of Google News:

  • Latest news in any category
  • Subscribe your favorite news sites with google

10. Youtube

Price: Free

No needs to say anything because if you are youtube creator you know what youtube is but here is one pro tip for you.

Type your topic name or keyword on youtube app and see what people are searching then copy that search queries and put on Tubebuddy to get more awesome keywords idea.

You can also discover new content using this trick

Features of Youtube :

  • Find videos you love
  • Browse personal recommendation on the homepage
  • Save videos to watch later
  • Upload or edit your videos

11. Quora

Price: Free

Quora is an online question and answer website where other people ask a question and you can give answers to those questions or vice versa.

You can also discover new content by searching what people ask and you can make a video on that topic and additionally you can also promote your content by answering those questions.

Features of Quora :

  • Ask a question and get helpful answers or vice versa
  • You can follow topics and get quality content
  • Answer questions and share your knowledge with others

Quora is a great app to grow fast on youtube and this is also must have app in our list of android apps for youtubers

12. Pixabay

Price: Free

Pixabay is an app used by youtubers to find free and noncopyrighted photos.

You can use pixabay’s photos to make a thumbnail for your youtube videos.

Features of Pixabay :

  • Free stock images
  • Search by your interest
  • Multiple download options
  • Upload your own photos to contribute

13. Evernote

Price: Free+

Evernote is a great app to manage your all youtube videos topic at one place.

I also use Evernote to manage and organize my content for my youtube videos.

You can also save your important documents and files to Evernote.

Features of Evernote :

  • Sync across all devices
  • Organize your notes with tags
  • Save documents, photos, and notes


14. Pocket

If you are reading an article like this and you don’t have time read it now you can save an article to pocket to read later.

This app you to save you topic related articles and then read all of them and make your youtube video.

You can also save youtube videos in the pocket app

Features of Pocket :

  • Save article to read later
  • You can save youtube videos too

15. Youtube Gaming

YouTube Gaming
Price: Free

Youtube gaming is a great app for a Gaming channel.

You can directly live stream your gameplay in youtube using youtube gaming.

If you want you can record your gameplay using this app.

Features of Youtube Gaming:

  • Record your gameplay
  • live stream your gameplay
  • You can watch others live stream

16. Vlogit

Vlogit is a free video editing app which helps you to edit your youtube videos in just a few minutes.

You will get lots of filters, effects and text animation for free.

Vlogit never adds watermark in your videos but you need to register to export your videos in full HD.

Features of Vlogit :

  • Awesome Filters
  • Social stickers
  • Easily trim, cut and duplicate clips
  • Add music, sound effects, and voice-overs to your video

17. Tag You

Tag You
Price: Free+

Tag you app help you to find tags from other youtube videos.

Just copy URL from youtube and share on Tag you this app shows you tags used by that video and add some of them in your video to get more views on youtube.

Features of Tag You :

  • Show tags of any video
  • Give some keyword ideas
  • You can see top tags of the day

18. Du Screen Recorder

If you are looking for android screen recorder Du screen recorder is one of the best apps to record your android screen.

Du screen recorder is an app used by youtubers to make money as well as record their android screen.

This app is watermark free you need to watch one ad to remove watermark from du screen recorder.

Features of Du Screen Recorder :

  • Powerful built-in video editor
  • Screenshot taker and image editor
  • Convert your video to Gif
  • Full HD or above screen recording depending on your device
  • Brush tool to draw on the screen

19. Open Camera

Open Camera
Price: Free

Best camera app to record your youtube facecam videos.

Open camera is a freely available app for android phone. You can also stabilize your videos while recording using OpenCamera app.

Customize settings according to your requirements to get the best result while recording your youtube videos.

Features of OpenCamera :

  • Stabilize your videos
  • Lock exposer to maintain the same exposer during recording
  • Amazing video filters

20. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is another great app to edit your youtube videos.

Many youtubers like TechnicalJayendra, TechnicalDost, Manojdeyuse PowerDirector to edit their videos.

This app adds watermark in your videos but you can purchase PowerDirector if you want but need some free solution to edit the videos you can use Vlogit.

Features of PowerDirector :

  • Great Effects and Filters
  • You can animate and customize your text
  • Powerful tool to cut, trim, merge your video clip and photos

This all are best  android apps for youtubers.

Conclusion :

If you are very serious about youtube you need to install all these apps to be more productive, improve your video and audio quality, higher ranking on youtube.

I hope you like these android apps for youtubers.

Share this article with your youtuber friends and help them to grow on youtube fast.



20 The Best Android Apps For Youtubers (Today)
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