Advanced SystemCare Review – It REALLY Improves Performance?

Advanced SystemCare is pc tuneup software from iobit which helps you to optimize your computer or laptop for better speed and performance in just one click.

advanced systemcare review

Advanced SystemCare Review

Not only that but this software also gives you features like Ads Removal, FaceID, automatic RAM Cleaner and more.


I personally use Advanced SystemCare PRO to optimize my laptop now let’s talk about its features.


The care feature is a very powerful and one-click optimization tool in this software.

You can scan startup items, privacy traces, junk files, invalid shortcuts, registry entries, spyware trackers, internet improvements, system optimizations, registry fragments, system weaknesses, security holes, and disk optimization.

Scanning in advanced systemcarepro

Once the scanning is finished advanced SystemCare shows a summary of problems and issues which need to be fixed.

Summary in advanced systemcare

This tool will automatically fix all problems and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Fixing Problems in systemcare

It takes a little bit of time to scan all of these things on your system and then you can fix it automatically by selecting automatically fix option or you can do that manually as well.

Problem fixed

After fixing all the problem it shows you a detailed report

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There is no defragmentation option in advanced system care pro.

Smart Defrag

you can download smart defrag to optimize your hard disk for faster speed and in the end, it also helps your pc to improve performance.

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Also Read – Smart Defrag Is The Best Defragmentation Tool?

Speed Up

Speed Up feature in advanced systemcare

Speed up is a great feature to increase the speed of your computer or laptop.

Turbo Boost

Inside the turbo boost option, you can find three options work mode, economy mode, and game mode which stop unnecessary programs and release RAM according to your selected mode to speed up your system.

Hardware Accelerate

This option helps your pc to manage drivers and also update outdated drivers in one click.

For that, you need to install software called driver booster which is also a great tool to update drivers in just one click.

Driver Updater In Advanced Systemcare

Whenever I need to update any driver I just open driver booster and click on update driver and it will automatically update it for me.

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Deep Optimization

This tool contains Hard Disk Speedup, Network Speedup, System Speedup and optimizes them.

App/Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar Cleaner help to remove any unnecessary software, apps, and tools to free up more space.

Additionally, to access the toolbar you need to install Iobit Uninstaller but it is worth it.

Iobit Uninstaller In Advanced Systemcare

I also use Iobit uninstaller to manage my all software, apps, and tools.

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Protect feature

Privacy Shield

This option protects your sensitive data from phishing sites, spam messages and also block untrusted programs.

Surfing Protection & Ads Removal

This option gives you Email protection, surfing protection and remove ads.

Browse Anti-Tracking

This option automatically clean your browsing data and disguise your digital fingerprint

Real-Time Protector

This option gives you real-time protection against spyware activity.

Advanced System Care also gives you realtime protection from viruses so If you are currently using any antivirus software then you might be facing some issues with an advanced system.

But if you don’t have any antivirus then you get optimization tools with premium protection tools.

So you don’t need to buy any extra antivirus software.


This option prevents unauthorized access to your computer.

Advanced Systemcare FACEID

You can set your face and if any unauthorized access occurs FaceID automatically captures intruder’s photo automatically in the background and you can find out who secretly access your PC.

Software updater

Advanced systemcare software updater

This tool scans any outdated software and gives you a notification and you can easily update that particular software and also you can enable automatic updates that automatically update outdated software.

Advanced Systemcare gets updates in between 2-3 days so if you set updates to manual then it will be too annoying for you to manually click on update database button but I prefer to set it on automatic so I don’t need to worry about updates.

Advanced SystemCare will automatically take care of updates.

I am talking about Advanced Systemcare Updates but if you want to auto-update other software you can use a tool like software updater which you got with advanced SystemCare with limited features.

If you need a full-featured software updater you need to purchase it.


Advanced SystemCare is a very advanced tool that gives you a lot of tools inside the toolbox.

System Optimizer tools like Startup Manager helps to manage applications and services which automatically start when you start your computer.

Toolbox in advanced systemcare

Smart RAM automatically manages ram usage and Internet Booster which helps your pc to boost internet speed and more.

Security and Repair tools like default program, system control, DNS protector and more

System Cleaning tools like Empty folder scanner and cleaner, large file scanner, disk cleaner and more.

Advanced Systemcare 13 Free

Advanced SystemCare free

Basic Pc Cleaning and optimization to clean up and optimization for your pc.

Monitor System conditions in real-time for better performance and speed.

Basic PC protection with spyware protection and FaceID Protection to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

Also, this tool can Block malicious links and suspicious sender in web emails.

In the free version, you didn’t get that much feature but if you don’t have money, it’s totally okay to use the free version.

Advanced Systemcare 13 Pro

Advanced Systemcare Pro 13

Pro version of advanced Systemcare contains all the features of its a free version and AUTO  RAM Cleaner which automatically releases RAM used by unnecessary programs and processes.

Editor's Choice

Premium PC cleaning and optimization tool to optimize your computer.

Defrag your hard drive data to optimize pc performance in just one click.

Up to 200% faster PC startup by disabling unnecessary startup programs and services.

Keep your personal data away from untrusted programs.

Surfing protection which automatically clear tracking data.

Automatic update to the latest version.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Free VS Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro

You can see the difference between the free version and Pro version in the below screenshot.

Advanced Systemcare Free Vs Advanced Systemcare Pro

Advanced Systemcare Pros & Cons

One-click optimization Need some extra software
Free version available
Increase speed and performance
Easy to use interface

Pricing & Discount

You can download this software for free but if you want more advanced options you need to buy Advanced SystemCare Pro.

The regular price of advanced system care is a little bit higher but if you want some discount offer on this amazing piece of software you can check this deal.

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Advanced SystemCare PRO

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Advanced SystemCare Review FAQs

Is Advanced SystemCare safe?

Yes, Advanced SystemCare is safe to use even I personally use this software in my pc without any issue.

Is Advanced SystemCare Free?

Yes, you can download it for free but if you want more advanced options like Auto RAM cleaner and more than you can go with the paid version.

Does Advanced SystemCare slow down the computer?

No, it does not show down your computer, in fact, it helps to increase the speed and optimize of your computer.

What is Advanced SystemCare?

Advanced SystemCare is pc tuneup tool that helps to optimize, clean up and speed up your system.

Do I Recommend Advanced Systemcare?


I personally use advanced Systemcare to speed up and optimize my laptop and computer.

After installing this software I found that my computer’s overall speed and performance increase and also I like their protection features very much.

If you really want to speed up and optimize your laptop or computer give it try to advanced SystemCare Pro and see how it can help your pc to improve your PC’s speed and performance.

Rating Score

One-click optimization4.8/5
Easy To Use4.7/5
Startup Manager4.6/5
Overall Score4.7/5
Advanced SystemCare
advanced systemcare review

Advanced SystemCare helps you to optimize and speed up your PC with just one click

Price: 19.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Pc Tunupe

Editor's Rating:
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Advanced SystemCare
advanced systemcare review

Advanced SystemCare helps you to optimize and speed up your PC with just one click

Price: 19.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Pc Tunupe

Editor's Rating:
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  • To be honest, I must say that I actually noticed an increase in the response of the operating system, faster in the various operations and especially I noticed a lower latency using speedtest (internet optimization) so as far as I’m concern, I’m happy with my purchase.

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