2 Best Ways to Fix Action Center Missing In Windows (Easily)

Action center is one of the most basic, yet one of the most essential components in a system. Basically, there are times when by mistake some of us remove it or it gets removed because of some unwanted bugs or unwanted mistakes. So, this post is all about how to Fix Action Center Missing In Windows 10. 

Best Ways to Fix Action Center Missing In Windows 10

1. Restart Windows Explorer

This method lets you solve the errors regarding the icons too. It restarts the Windows Explorer and resets every setting to default and eventually solves all the errors with the windows explorer and system.


  1. Right-click on the taskbar and open task manager
  2. Or just use the shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” button and open the task manager
    (Make sure the “My PC” window or any window is opened otherwise the windows explorer won’t show)
  3. Now look for “Windows Explorer” right-click on it
  4. Now, restart it
  5. And you are done

This should have solved the issue and if not then move to the next method.

2. Enable Action Center From Icon Setting

So there are times when the settings to view an icon are adjusted or changed, you can try that to bring back the Action Center icon from the icon settings by enabling it.


  1. Click on the windows search bar
  2. Search for “Icon
  3. Click on “Turn System icons on or off
  4. Look for Action Center 
  5. Check whether it is enabled or not
  6. Turn it “on” if it is turned “off” 

So, this method should most probably do the job. 

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What to do if Action Center Icon Is Missing From Windows 10 Taskbar?

If your Action Center is missing from the taskbar. You can just try and restart the windows explorer (refer to method no.1) or just head to the icon settings and enable the Action Center icon if it is disabled.

How do I fix Action Center not opening?

Try restarting the windows explorer (refer to method no.1).

What is action center in Windows 10?

Action center in Windows 10 is where you will find all the notifications, quick action toggles to manoeuvre and many more toggles to operate and bring changes to the system. Basically, it is an essential feature without which life could be quite difficult for windows 10 users while they operate.


So, these were the 2 best ways to Fix Action Center Missing In Windows 10. Hence, if you found this post to be useful then do share it with those who might find this useful too. 

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